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Double D Dodgeball Achievement Guide

Guide By: Blue Radium
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 8 (115)
-Online: 4 (85)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 1-2 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats


Step 1: Getting Started

Start off by getting used to the game. These first few rounds are the best time to get the Ball Master, Line Master, and Arena Master achievements. When you are picking arena options before you start each match, systematically work through every type of ball, line, and arena. You will unlock Line Master first, as there are only two variants. Ball Master will follow close behind requiring 4 matches, using each of the 4 separate ball types. There are 8 different arena types, meaning this is the last "master" achievement you will unlock.

Step 2: Super Shots
By now you should know the game to some extent. This is the best time to try to unlock Finisher, Destroyer, and Double KO. All you really have to know to unlock these achievements is how to achieve a nice catch. Refer to the Finisher explanation for a run down on Super Shots. Start off using the Shooter to unlock Finisher, and eventually Double KO. Double KO might take a few tries, but stick with it. Super Shots are executed in the same way for every character type. Just take out one enemy player with the Super Shot of the Catcher, Runner, Glass, and Normal character types now to unlock Destroyer.

Step 3: MVPs
Now is when you should focus on being the MVP of 20 games. To do so, you must be the player that has the most points at the end of the match, who is also on the winning team. If you are the MVP, you will be highlighted with a yellow circle. Refer to the guide on the best way to achieve MVPs.


Step 4: Party Time!
Strangely enough, Party Time is going to be one of the hardest achievements in this game, purely because getting 8 people together takes more effort than it should. THIS THREAD will be your best friend for trying to unlock this, and every other online achievement.

Step 5: Perfections and Ranked Wins
This is where the actual boosting starts to unlock Perfect Team, Perfect Player, and Ranked Veteran. These achievements are straightforward and shouldn't take too much effort, but the extreme levels of lag can make things annoying. Basically, one team stands totally still while the other team should try to get their achievements. This can be a bit hard due to the opposing computers not being effected by the lag.

If you don't have 50 wins by this point, set up some Exhibition matches. Use some idle controllers to tip things in your favor if you wish, and finish off your 100% completion.

[x360a would like to thank Blue Radium for this Road Map]

Knock out an opponent using a Super Shot. 
To gain the ability to use a Super Shot, you must first get a "nice catch." To get a nice catch, you must first use to catch a ball that is being thrown at you by an enemy player. You will see a flash of light and hear a quiet voice that says "nice catch" if you achieve a nice catch. With the ball you made the catch with, charge up the shot by holding down . Aim at an enemy, and release . If the ball you fired knocks out the enemy player, this achievement will unlock.
Knock out opponents using each character's Super Shot. 
To unlock this achievement, you must knock out an opposing player with the the Super shot of the Shooter, Catcher, Runner, Glass, and Normal character type variants. To learn how to fire a Super Shot, please see the Finisher achievement explanation.
Party Time!15
Play in a game with eight players on Xbox LIVE. 
To begin, the online community of this game is non-existent. I can nearly guarantee you that you are going to need to set up a boosting group to unlock any of this game's online achievements. To unlock this achievement, you must gather 8 human players into a single online game. You must have 4 human players and 2 computer players on each team. Simply play 1 full match with this setup and the achievement will unlock. You can set up a boosting party here.
50 Wins25
Win 50 games in any mode. 
All you have to do is play through 50 matches of any type to unlock this achievement. Exhibition matches are the easiest way to do this. If you want to do this the quickest way possible, set up each team with controllers so that you aren't playing against computers, but rather controllers that aren't being used. Set your matches as 2 vs 2, filling up the opposing team with as many spare controllers as you have. It is fine to have you and a computer vs a controller and a computer, any amount of controllers on the enemy team will make things to faster for you. The games will still go very quickly if it just you vs 2 computers with 1 computer on your team, things will just go faster without the other side having the ability to put up a fight.
20 MVPs25
Be the MVP player 20 times in any mode. 
The easiest way to get this achievement is to set up 2 vs 2 exhibition games. Have as many spare controllers as you have play for the other team if you want to have an easier time. Just do better than your computer friends, which shouldn't be all that hard. Set up everyone, including your friendly AI, as a Glass with you being a Shooter to give yourself an extra boost.
Double KO15
Knock out 2 or more opponents at once using the Shooter's Super Shot. 
The only type of character you can do this with is the Shooter, as his ability allows his shots to knock out opposing players without the shot loosing any power. Use the Shooter's Super Shot to hit 2 of the opposing players with the same shot, and this achievement will unlock. To make this easier, set up your team with 1-3 friendly AIs, with the opposing team having 6 AIs. This way, you will have a better chance at your ball hitting multiple enemies. This achievement is almost completely luck based, but it shouldn't take more than 5 games to unlock. To learn how to fire a Super Shot, please see the Finisher explanation.
Perfect Player25
Win a match on Xbox LIVE without getting knocked out.  
To unlock this achievement, you must play through both rounds of an online game without getting hit in either of the 2 rounds. Note that you must not be hit in either of the 2 rounds, if you do perfect in round 1 but are hit in round 2, you will not unlock this achievement. You are going to need a boosting group to get this achievement. It is best to go for this at the same time as the Party Time! and Perfect Team achievements in 6 vs 6 teams. Before you start the match, decide a team that is going to be getting achievements, and a team that is going to stand completely still. When it is your turn to be on the winning team, try to kill the 2 computer players first. The large amounts of lag will make this difficult, but for the most part just try to stay alive. Being a Runner may make this easier. If you are able to make it through both rounds without getting hit, you will unlock this achievement. Note that multiple attempts are probably going to be needed for everyone in your boosting party to get this achievement. Remember to return the favor to your fellow boosters as well. You can set up a boosting party here.
Perfect Team35
Win a 6 vs 6 Xbox LIVE round without any teammates getting knocked out. 
For this achievement, your entire team must make it through a single round without anyone getting knocked out. This means the computers and the human players. You are only required to do perfect for a single round to unlock this achievement, not both rounds like the Perfect Player achievement. For an explanation on how to boost matches, please read the Perfect Player explanation. You can set up a boosting party here.
Arena Master15
Play at least once on each arena. 
To unlock this achievement, simply play a full match on Vega East, Vega West, Apollo East, Apollo West, Hydra East, Hydra West, Gemini East, and Gemini West.
Ball Master10
Use each ball in a game at least once. 
To unlock this achievement, simply play a match with the Norma, Fast, Heavy, and Glass ball variants.
Line Master10
Play at least once with each line and each ground variation. 
To unlock this achievement, simply play a full match with the Normal and Shock line variants.
Ranked Veteran10
Win at least 5 ranked matches on Xbox LIVE. 
You must be on the winning team for 5 full ranked matches to unlock this achievement. To be sure that you can find players, you should unlock this achievement with the same boosting party that you play with to unlock all of the other online achievements. Once you win 5 ranked matches, this achievement will unlock. You can set up a boosting party here.

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US July 16, 2008
Europe July 16, 2008

ESRB: Everyone 10+
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