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Double Dragon: Neon Achievement Guide

Guide By: Shiftie
There are 30 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Online: 0 (offline only for the time being)
-Approximate amount of time to 400: 20-30hrs
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4 (Normal, Dragon, Double Dragon solo +Co-op)
-Number of missable achievements: No (Replayable levels)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheat codes
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes, Double Dragon mode required for 2 achievements
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? : Second controller for Co-op

Double Dragon: Neon, brings back the old school '80s side scrolling fighting game, with updated graphics and gameplay mechanics to entertain a new generation of gamers. The primary player will play as Billy, who is on a quest to save his kidnapped girlfriend from the clutches of the evil (and lonely) Skullmageddon. The chase will take you through 10 levels, divided into 6 distinct regions, before the final, epic confrontation between the Lee brothers and Skullmageddon.

Normal Playthrough
The first playthrough must be on the lowest difficulty in order to unlock Double Dragon. During this time you should try and collect all of the mix tapes for "Audiophile", complete a level without taking damage for "Mr. Perfect" (and "Misters Perfect" if you're doing co-op). You should also work on finishing the game without using a Sosetsitsu for "Tone Deaf". Be sure to get "Fuzz" face out of the way, and also as much progression as you can toward getting all of the songs, saving your $50,000, and kicking the necessary people into pits for "A Boo Boo" and "Is That a Quarter?". Play through all 10 levels, beat the boss and exit to the main menu after the credits are done for the "Cultured" achievement in the concept gallery. By the very end of your first playthrough, you should have between 150-200 roughly, depending on how much time you spent on doing the extra stuff. Whatever you don't finish will carry over to your next playthrough(s).

Dragon Playthrough
Work on finishing all of your unfinished achievements at this point. "You Did What?" should finish during this run, if it hasn't already, and depending on how you're spending your points, you may be able to finish up "High Fidelity".

Double Dragon
By this point, you will hopefully have upgraded your favorite abilities that help your playstyle. You should also have an understanding of how enemies attack, and be a veteran of using to gleam and counter attack enemies effectively. You can always go back to previous levels/difficulties to farm for songs or Mythril if necessary to make the ordeal a bit easier.

Double Dragon Co-op
"Bro-merang", "Misters Perfect", "Double Dragon" are what you're looking to complete during Co-op. Other than that, it's the same deal as Double Dragon.

Clean up
Beating Double Dragon will allow you to effectively grind out level 2 for some great Mythril drop rates, and also go through the other levels to find the remaining songs that you need to find/purchase to finish off "Max Fidelity".

[x360a would like to thank Shiftie for this Roadmap]

Skullmageddon's Curse1
Nyah ha ha! Now finish what you have started! (13) 

This will pop the first time you start the game up after purchasing it.

Bone to Pick5
Hit Skullmageddon with a hair pick (2) 

Near the end of level 2, you'll enter a building that'll turn out to be a rocket. After the cutscene, move right and smash the trashcan () to reveal a hair pick. Continue right to start the fight with Skullmageddon. You may want to get close to him before throwing it, otherwise you might miss and you only get one chance (restarting the level starts all the way back in the alleys).

A Boo Boo5
Knock Abobo into a pit (1) 

See "Is that a Quarter?"

Befriend everyone's most favoritest helpful character! (3) 

In level 6 you'll reach an arrow where there are constant arrow volleys landing around you and two Abobos spawn. Take them out, use the arrows to help you out, and then continue to the right until you see two small stone pillars right next to eachother (from here you need to climb a ladder to progress, but dont'). Move to the area between the pillars and keep pressing dodge () to basically keep stomping on the ground until your new best friend spawns.

Metal Head5
Upgrade a song at the Tapesmith 

See "Max Fidelity"

Put Your Heads Together5
Grab two enemies at once! 

In the second screen in the game with enemies, they will first appear on the right side of the screen, both jumping and landing basically in the same spot. As soon as they appear, run up to them and kick them with once they are both stunned, move closer until you're right on top of them and tap to grab both of them and bash their heads together.

Tossin' on Air5
Grab an enemy out of the air 10 times (1) 

This can be done by timing you grab just as an enemy that is flying toward you is about to hit you (such as Williams' flying kick), also you can uppercut enemies into the air by doing your combo (5 or so hits) and quickly tapping as they enter the air to grab them and throw them across the screen.

Is That a Quarter?5
Knock Williams into a pit 

Immediately after your first fight with Abobo near the end of the very first level, you'll go through a hole in the wall to reach a room with an orange moving walkway. Move to the right until some enemies spawn, and then move toward the front of the room so you are on the narrow side of the area next to the moving walkway. What you want to do is either kick an enemy into the pit, or stun them so they fall into the pit. Do this for any of the normal enemies that spawn, and Abobo, for the two achievements.

Weapon Master5
Use every weapon once 

There are a number of weapons that can be dropped by enemies, or found in the environment, and picked up using to change your primary attack ( ) to a weapon attack. You can enter a level and exit after using the weapon to still receive credit for using it (credit to MetalMania 2313 for confirming.)
In relative order of weapon appearance:

Baseball Bat - Dropped by Williams' (the standard enemy) from level 1+, later becomes a metal bat
Whip - Drop by Linda from level 1 on
Gold Key (May or may not count, required for an achievement either way)
Hair Pick - Frequently found the hair of Afro Williams, from level 1+. Also found in trashcans from time to time
Knife - Used by Williams'
Barrel - Several are found in level 2, and every few levels after
Explosive Barrel - Also found in level 2
Robot Arm - Found in the environment of factory levels, level 3+
Throwing Fan - Dropped by any Ichisumi from level 3 onward
Throwing Dagger - Dropped by Shun (ninja girls) level 5+
Boomerang - Found on the ground frequently in levels 5 and 6
Sickle - Found on the ground in levels 5 and 6
Shuriken - Found laying on the ground in level 6 (one is where Fuzzface spawns)
Grenade - Frequently used by the red Lindas in the last half of the game
Spike Ball - First seen in the level 6 Killacopter fight on the ground, seen on the ground several times after as well
Pipe - Found on the ground in level 7
Acid - Found on the ground in level 7
Pistol - Found on the ground, or used by Scientist Williams in level 7
Eye Club - Found on the ground in level 9
Zombie Head - Found on the ground in level 9
Scepter - Found on the ground in level 9
Sai - Find on the ground, and weapon racks, in level 10
2x4 - Found on the ground in a couple of spots in level 10
Sword - Found in destructible objects/weapon racks in level 10

Catch a boomerang thrown by your bro! 

Your very first boomerang can be found early in level 5. Load up a co-op game on level 5 and have one player pick up the boomerang and throw it, then have the second player move between the first player and the boomerang to intercept it.

The Key to Victory5
Defeat an enemy by unlocking his potential (4) 

Shortly after beginning the first level, you'll come across a gold key item that you can pick up with . Continue right (without using the key) and you'll see two enemies spawn, bring them to the point where they're almost dead, and preferably stunned, and use the key on them by tapping to finish them off. Throwing the key does not work. Be aware that the animation is quite long, especially if it doesn't kill them.

Expose the twin bulbs simultaneously 

During the level 8 boss fight you will have to attack and destroy two bulbs (attached to the boss), in order to damage the boss. The come close together quite often during the fight, but otherwise try and rotate between the two until both are flashing very fast, and then finish off one, and quickly go to finish off the other one. Despite the achievement description, you don't have to destroy them at the same exact time, just have both of the bulbs exposed at the same time, so they're both doing their more powerful attacks. This is actually a VERY simple fight on the lowest difficulty thanks to all the health that drops (that you don't even really need), so don't fret too much about getting killed by one exposed bulb while going to expose the 2nd one.

Gleam On!10
Dodge and get the Gleam 50 times 

Pretty soon after starting the game, you'll learn that using duck () just as an enemy is about to attack you, will cause you to dodge the attack and "Gleam", increasing your damage for the next few seconds.

Mr. Perfect10
Complete any level without taking any damage (1) 

See "Misters Perfect"

View all pages of the concept art gallery 

Upon completing the game the first time, the Concept Art button appears in the main menu of the game. Enter that and then just scroll through all 97 images to get the achievement.

You Did What!?10
You got 50000 on Double Dragon!? (7) 

You need to have $50,000 or more at one time. So if you spent $1200 on something, you will need to find a total of $51,200.

High Fidelity10
Max out a single song to level 50 

See "Max Fidelity"

This Channel Sucks10
Break all of the Skullmageddon monitors in the Rocket Dojo 

The Rocket Dojo is level 3 (Space Lair, level right after you first face Skullmageddon), and level 4 (Airlock).

There are a total of 12 in level 3 (you need to use Bomb Toss to reach the one under the walkway with all the Geishas later in the level, will void Soseitsitsu achievement), and 9 in level 4 (fireball helpful for a couple), for a total of 21 monitors that must be destroyed.

Grand Slam!10
Defeat 4 enemies with a single bat swing! 

What you need for this is a very high Weapons Up skill. The level you need varies by the difficulty you're on (though you can always go back to Normal difficulty from the main menu), but really the higher the better and eventually you'll be able to one shot most enemies with a bat.

Are You Awake?10
Win an airlock battle without attacking (1) 

The best place to do this in my experience is the second airlock in level 4. You'll have a key that you'll want to hold on to anyway, but the bomb robots will help you clear out the enemies a bit easier. Just note that you cannot attack anybody in anyway, and you cannot get sucked out of the airlock even once. The best method in my opinion is to roll in front of the door, a few rows away from the door, and then move up to the glass on either side of the door so the enemies are roughly in the middle of the room and moving toward the door just as it opens. ALWAYS stay out of reach of the door yourself, you just want to take advantage of how enemies follow you in this game.

Note: If you pickup a weapon (even without using) it will void the achievement for you even if you do everything else properly, so don't pick one up. (Credit to MetalMania 2313)

Pick a Winner!15
Nail all enemies with the hair pick (1) 

The pink hair pink can either spawn randomly on the ground/ in trashcans and stuff, or on certain enemies (in their hair, obviously) who will drop it when they die. The hair pick is a single use item that is thrown with either or so make sure you hit (don't need to kill) someone new each time you find a pick, if possible. Most of the following enemies have a number of different visual styles after you initially encounter them, but they still count as the same enemy (just watch how they attack to decide what enemy they are).

Linda (Dominatrix)
Skullmagedon (Required for "Bone to Pick")
Hover Bizzle (Hover Bots)
Ichisumi (Geisha)
Mecha Biker (On foot)
Shun (Serious Shinobi)
Roxy (Jet packs)
Jiang Shi
Bao Boshi

Defeat Skullmageddon! (2) 

At the end of the 10th level you have your final confrontation with Skullmageddon. When you're fighting him, make sure to kick Evil Marian if you see her casting a powerful spell, other than that the first fight is relatively straightforward. Once he flees, you'll follow him and encounter him again in his Gigaskullmageddon form. For this fight, on all difficulties, I recommend being very cautious of attacking him for too long, and generally do everything possible to avoid his attacks. His attacks change around quite a bit, but once you get the feel of the fight you'll know what to expect. There will be at least 2 points in the fight where he stops in the middle of the area and food and a free life drop from the sky. Be sure to grab the free life before it despawns! Once he is defeated, he'll move over to the ledge, be sure to grab the Mythril that drops before you go over and kick his metallic butt off the cliff.

Collect one of each mix tape song 

Songs can be dropped randomly from enemies throughout the game, and each successive song after the initial one, helps to level up that skill. Simply collect one of each different song to get the achievement.
In relative order of appearance (and divided by song type):

Knee Drop $900 (Lv 10)
Spin Kick $900 (Lv2)(Lv5)
Song Snatch $900 (Lv5)
Fireball $900 (Lv2)
Dragon Swarm $1100 (Lv2)(Lv8) (Flying knife enemies, lvl 10)
Bro Dozer $1000(Lv3)
Bomb Toss $1000 (Lv3)(Robo Bizzles)(Lv8)
Healing Touch $1000 (Lv8)(Mission 9 zombie enemies)
One Inch Punch $1000 (Lv5)(Shuns)
Lightning $1100 (Bao Boshi)(Lv10)
Stunner $1200 (End-game Lindas)(Lv10)

Balanced $1100 (Lv2)
Training Wheels $900 (Lv2)
Rage $1300 (Abobos)(Lv8)
Weapons Up $1100 (Lv5)
Power Gambit $1200 (Lv5)
Magic Gambit $1200 (Lv3)
Successive Strikes $1200 (Lv3)(Lv10)
Desperation $1200 (Lv3)(Lv8)
Absorb $1300 (Military Williams')(Lv 10)

$ = Purchasable (Lv#)

Shop (Lv3) Hidden in a vent, near the beginning of the level. Look for the caution tape above it
Shop (Lv5) After the Killacopter fight, you'll climb down a ladder. At the bottom, head to the left.
Shop (Lv10) One of the falling platforms you walk across around midway through the level is actually an elevator of sorts. There is an arrow pointing down next to the correct platform.

Misters Perfect20
Complete any level in co-op without taking any damage... with friendly fire enabled! 

It will most certainly be easiest to get this once you've finished a considerable amount of the game, as high level Magic Gambit and Dragon Swarm will make this considerably easier. Load up level 1 and just play through normally in Co-op; you don't even need to play both characters, just focus on your primary and have him clear out every area with Dragon Swarm while your second controller is out of harms way.

Later Ro-bros!20
Beat every level as a Ro-bro (3) 

You'll need to first unlock the level select screen by beating the first level. After that, head to that screen and press + + + + + + + all at once, at which point you'll hear a sort of robotic sound and you will now be playing as Ro-Bro. If you forget this at any point after beating the game, just head to the last image in the concept art gallery.

Tone Deaf25
Complete the game without using any Sosetsitsu! 

Once you start collecting Sosetsitsu tapes, just make sure you don't press to equip then, and thus allow yourself to use them in combat for the duration of the campaign. The achievement will pop after the credits are done rolling. If you happen to equip a Sosetsitsu during the game, just keep your fingers away from the and you should be ok.
Alternatively, you can level up your character to a point where you don't need to use Sosetsitsu, and just replay the game on Normal (stance songs are ok).

Double Dragon40
Finish every stage cooperatively on Double Dragon difficulty with friendly fire enabled! 

The first thing to note is that you'll definitely want a very high Healing Touch level, especially if you plan on trying to do this alone. It would be easier to play Co-op with a friend, if possible, however having the second controller play as "Shadow Bro" when starting the game will allow you to use all of your primary character's abilities on either character so you can more effectively keep player two alive, and also deal reasonable damage with both characters. Note that the secondary player will not be able to save or get loot when playing as "Shadow Bro".

Max Fidelity50
Max out every song to level 50!! 

Although you can first upgrade your songs at the Songsmith in level 2, however you won't have the required Mythril (gained from defeating bosses) to upgrade anything yet. Upgrading songs costs 2, 6, 10 and 12 Mythril for each respective level, requiring a total of 30 Mythril to max out each song, and 600 Mythril total. That may sound like a lot, however farming level 2 on Double Dragon can net you a lot of Mythril for each time you successfully defeat Skullmageddon, also be sure to use Song Snatch while you're fighting him for even more Mythril.

For the sake of helping get all the songs you need a bit easier, you may want to level up Song Snatch first, to increase the chance of songs dropping from enemies.

Single Dragon50
Finish every stage solo on Double Dragon difficulty! 

By now, hopefully you know how to gleam using , and you have very high level abilities that fit your skill set. You should also have a good idea of how each boss works, as well as the more difficult enemies (which will of course be even more difficult now), as those will be your primary problem at this point in the game.

Secret Achievements
A Foot Face?5
Become the hidden idol! (2) 

Level 7, just as the mission starts you'll be in a glass room with a punching bag. You need to punch the bag EXACTLY 87 times, until you hear a chinging sound. If you punch it even on more time, you'll need to start the level over again. Once you've hear the sound, wait a moment and you'll appear in a new room. Once you're in the new room, navigate the gauntlet of enemies and traps (use your attack and jump attack to make it through the flying knife part). Once you reach the door and are sent back to the punching bag, the achievement will pop.

Game Info


US September 12, 2012

HDD Space Required : 2.24 GB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $9.99USD
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