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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Setsuna
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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  • Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
  • Offline: 44 (920 )
  • Online: 6 (80 )
  • Approximate amount of time to 1000: 50+ Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 66 Galaxy Mode characters, 8 Battle Zones , 8 Ultimate Zones , 1 Tutorial, 2 World Tournaments, 60 versus mode battles
  • Number of missable achievements: None
  • Glitched achievements: None
  • Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheat codes.

After a year’s time the sequel to Dragon Ball Raging Blast as finally be released. The last version of the game had many ups and downs that have been somewhat corrected in this sequel. The achievements are no longer frustrating with a tedious "All Ruined" or "Battle Bonus Complete" however collecting all the items and costumes as well as the 100 titles you must earn will still prove to be just as time consuming.

Run through the tutorial just get a feel for the game again. You are given different trails you must accomplish with no time limit. This step shouldn’t take any more than 10 - 20 minutes depending on how fast you can perform everything correctly. During this step you will unlock the following achievements and possibly one other (refer to that achievements description for more detail):

  • Fundamentals are Vital
  • Fruits of Training

At this point you are given the option to pick whichever mode you want to work on next however i recommend following the modes as listed below.

Galaxy Mode

Galaxy Mode Heads Up

  • To avoid grinding for "Humanitarian" i would like to advise everyone to make sure you use each characters transformation during each of their run throughs in Galaxy mode
  • To avoid replaying too many missions it would be best to keep a checklist of the missions you have earned a golden "Cleared" on (Some missions may have silver Clears at the end of each mission which indicates you are still missing something like illustrations or more importantly items from that mission)

In Galaxy Mode you pick a character and fight battles on a grid like field up until you reach the "BOSS MISSION" which is indicated by a glowing dragon radar sphere. As you play through each characters galaxy mode you will unlock limit points to raise the amount of items you can equip to them, illustrations that will help toward "Wonderful Memory", various items that will be of great aid to you in later steps as well as help toward your "Capsule Corporation Founded!", BGM that will help toward "Music Complete" and finally after completing a certain characters galaxy mode or a certain amount of characters galaxy modes you will unlock additional characters. This step is a VERY long step however it will benefit you greatly toward your later steps. During this step you will unlock the following achievements:

  • Fruits of Training (If you failed to in the tutorial)
  • Destroyed a Formidable Foe!
  • First Galaxy!
  • East Galaxy
  • South Galaxy
  • North Galaxy
  • Off-the-charts Warrior!
  • Galactic Domination!!
  • Training Journey
  • Famous Scene
  • Reward Mania
  • Come Forth, Shenron!!
  • Character Complete
  • Denouement


Battle Zone

In battle zone mode you will face in different zones and each zone you will fight a number of battles. You can make the zone easy on yourself by equipping items that benefit you however if you want to earn any stamps toward your "Stamp Rally" achievement then you must fight under difficult conditions that vary depending on the zone. After completing 8 battle zones you will be redirected to an Ultimate zone where you fight in "ultimate" versions of each zone where the difficult raises quite a bit. Much like galaxy mode you will unlock items, BGM and illustrations to help you with the achievements that correlate with them.

Also keep in mind during this step, that there are titles for beating a battle zone with each individual character so try not to use the same character for each zone if possible. You will unlock the following achievements in this mode:

  • Battle Start!
  • Battle King
  • Discoverer
  • First Step to Ultimate
  • Ultimate among Ultimates
  • Stamp Rally

World Tournament

During this step you’re going to play in the World Tournament and the Cell games and to save yourself a bit more time you’re going to set the difficulty to hard. For more information on this step please refer to "W. Tournament True Champ". You will unlock the following achievements in this mode:

  • W.Tournament Champ
  • Cell Games Champ
  • W. Tournament True Champ
  • Cell Games True Champ

Battle Mode

During this step you will complete the 10 1P vs 2P battles and the 50 1P vs CPU victories. This is a pretty simple step just a bit time consuming, you can also use this step for misc achievements you havent unlocked yet. You will unlock the following achievements during this step:

  • Humanitarian
  • The Fight Has Just Begun
  • The Days of Battle Continue...
  • Best Friends
  • Lone Warrior
  • Yamcha's Premonition
  • Farewell to the Proud Warrior
  • End of Everything
  • A Message from Goku

Single Player Mop Up

During this step you’re going to run back through Galaxy mode and Battle Zone mode to finish unlocking the remaining items, BGM and costumes you need. The first time around you didn’t have to play EVERY battle in each characters galaxy mode however some of them may hold materials you need and so at this time you will return there and finish off all those fights. It is recommended to this last so you don’t overload yourself with too much Galaxy mode the first time around. The achievements that you will be aiming for at this step will be the following:

  • Fashion Complete
  • Capsule Corporation Founded!
  • Music Complete
  • Wonderful Memory

Xbox Live

During this time is highly recommended that you have a boosting partner otherwise this step could take quite a bit of time. Your primary goal will be to fulfill requirements for the 100 titles and as you aim to fulfill those requires you will probably unlock the other online achievements along with them so theres no need to worry about them. To find a boosting partner please refer to this thread: Achievement Trading Thread

You will unlock the following achievements during this step:

  • I Wanna Fight Someone Stronger!
  • Title Collector
  • Title Seeker
  • Title Hunter
  • Power Level...of 5...
  • Please go Easy on Me

Overall this game is pretty simple compared with its previous game however much like its previous game it is still fairly time consuming. It’s a pretty easy 1000 so long as you put the time into it

[Thanks to Setsuna for the road map]

Raging Blast0
Obtain all the achievements. (2) 

Congratulations you have proven yourself worthy under Goku's presence and have earned this awesome 0 that Vegeta will never earn.

Ball Master5
Shoot off as many balls as possible in mini-game. (28) 

This is a pretty random achievement, during the loading screens of the game it displays a row of inputs, for this achievement you must hit a LARGE AMOUNT of successful inputs from those rows. This achievement probably won't unlock for a very long time, just keep hitting the inputs correctly during each load screen until it pops up. Also keep in mind having your game installed to the hard drive may reduce the time you have per loading screen to hit the inputs in so it is recommended that you keep the game uninstalled until you have unlocked this achievement.

Come Forth, Shenron!!15
Summoned Shenron for the first time. 

To summon Shenron you must collect 7 dragon balls from Galaxy Mode. A dragon ball is given to you after complete a character's "BOSS MISSION". Once you have obtained 7 dragon balls, exit out to the menu and it will display "Sheron" at the very bottom, select it and he will appear alongside your achievement.

Summoned Porunga for the first time. (6) 

Porunga is summoned the same way as described in "Come Forth, Shenron!!" however he is a random occurence and there are not any factors to help influence his appearance more, just continue on with Galaxy Mode and he will surely be summoned during one of your summonings. He is a rare occurence because you get 3 wishes opposed to 1 from Sheron.

Character Complete35
Unlock all characters and forms. (7) 

You will unlock all the characters naturally by completing galaxy mode, the forms will unlock together with them. There is however one other character that you must unlock a different way: Hatchiyack.

You can unlock him at anytime, simply go to the Musuem and select View Movie, in there you should see Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans; it's a short 30 minute OVA which is a remastered version of a DBZ movie that was not publicly released, after watching the OVA and credits finish the character will unlock.

Fashion Complete35
Unlock all costumes. (6) 

Please refer to "Wonderful Memory" for more information.

Use every form of every transformable character at least once. (9) 

For this achievement you must have had control of each form of each character at one point. So you can use base Goku during a Battle Versus mode and if you were to transform to Super Saiyan , Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3 in that battle then it will all count towards this achievement. You will probably have played as a majority of the characters as you complete everything for "Galactic Domination!!" so after you have unlocked that simply go into versus and use each character you think you didn't transform with, worse case scenario you will have to pick each transformable character and transform with them.

For recommended item customization to make the process faster please refer to "The Days of Battle Continue..."

Training Journey10
Fight on all maps. 

For this achievement you must start a fight on each map in the game. Going into Versus, a number of maps are unavaiable to you and must be unlocked through Galaxy Mode and given to you through wishes from Sheron, however, if you simply play through Galaxy Mode you will eventually unlock this naturally.

W.Tournament Champ35
Win the World Tournament. 

Please refer to "W.Tournament True Champ" for more information.

Cell Games Champ35
Win the Cell Games. 

Please refer to "W.Tournament True Champ" for more information.

Capsule Corporation Founded!30
Collect all items. (4) 

Please refer to "Wonderful Memory" for more information. When obtaining items from the Battle Zone, your last one should be "18's Kiss" so when you have obtained that the rest will be in Galaxy Mode awaiting you. To check how many you are missing you can press at the item customization screen for a complete list of the titles you have and that you don't have

This may very well be one of your last achievements, you must complete routes in the Battle Zone multiple times, missions in the Galaxy Mode multiple times and you must complete all the perfect actions as well in Galaxy Mode. In Galaxy Mode after you finish a mission if the word "Clear!" flashes gold it means you have completed everything in said mission however if it flashes silver or bronze then that means there are still items left to unlock there.

Music Complete20
Get all of the game BGM. 

Please refer to "Wonderful Memory" for more information.

Also keep in mind you have a BGM you must receive from Sheron.

Fruits of Training15
Obtain Rank S++ for the first time. 

You can obtain S++ in two different modes: Tutorial and Galaxy Mode. In Tutorial it will give you a rank depending on how quickly you finish the tutorial batttle, and in Galaxy Mode it gives you ranks depending on the following statistics in battle:

  • Battle Clear
  • Energy Bonus
  • Time Bonus
  • Dispatch Bonus
  • Hit Bonus
  • Damage Bonus
  • Perfect Action Bonus

You will probably unlock this naturally and much easier through Galaxy mode.

Destroyed a Formidable Foe!5
Complete battle in Galaxy Mode for the first time. 

This will unlock after you finish your first fight in galaxy mode under any character.

First Galaxy!20
Complete "BOSS MISSION" in Galaxy Mode for the first time. 

"BOSS MISSIONs" are indicated by a glowing dragon rader on a character's grid in their galaxy mode, simply win the battles before it to reach it and finish it.

East Galaxy10
Complete more than 10 characters in Galaxy Mode. (3) 

Please refer to "Galactic Domination!!" for more information.

West Galaxy10
Complete more than 20 characters in Galaxy Mode. 

Please refer to "Galactic Domination!!" for more information.

South Galaxy20
Complete more than 30 characters in Galaxy Mode. 

Please refer to "Galactic Domination!!" for more information.

North Galaxy30
Complete more than 40 characters in Galaxy Mode. 

Please refer to "Galactic Domination!!" for more information.

Off-the-charts Warrior!40
Complete more than 50 characters in Galaxy Mode. 

Please refer to "Galactic Domination!!" for more information.

Galactic Domination!!50
Complete all characters in Galaxy Mode. (2) 

To complete a character in Galaxy Mode you must finish their "BOSS MISSION" which could take from 3-5 battles to reach, depending on the character. Simply play through it as quickly as you can and take the shortest route possible (if any other given). If you're having trouble in your fights, try playing around with the Ultimate Customization until it suits your preferences.

Fundamentals are Vital5
Complete Tutorial until the end. (2) 

There are 9 stages in tutorial mode, 2 that unlock as you progress through the other tutorial matches. Simply complete them all to unlock this.

Battle Start!10
Complete the first Battle Zone. 

The first Battle Zone will be "Lozenge Zone." After completing it you will unlock this achievement. This zone only contains a short 4 battles.

Battle King20
Complete all of the Battle Zones. (3) 

There are 8 Battle Zones in total all of which unlock one after the other:

  • Lozenge Zone
  • Spherical Zone
  • Square Zone
  • Spiral Zone
  • Circle Zone
  • Liner Zone
  • Triangle Zone
  • Final Battle Zone

After completing the Final Battle Zone this achievement will unlock as well as a new option to go into Ultimate Zone.

Discover a hidden route in a Battle Zone. (4) 

Hidden routes occur when you meet special conditions in one of the battle zones; the hidden route will reveal itself during the first or second person of the zone. Here is a list of the known hidden routes:

  1. Spherical Zone - Stage 2 - Defeat Android #14 with a Super Attack.
  2. Spiral Zone - Stage 3B - Defeat Kid Trunks while in Raging Soul.
  3. Circle Zone - Stage 2 - Defeat Recoome with the Ultimate Attack.
  4. Triangle Zone - Stage 4A - During your fight with Cell land a combo of at least 20 hits.
  5. Ultimate Lozenge Zone - Stage 3 - Defeat Frieza with the Ultimate Attack.
  6. Ultimate Spherical Zone - Stage 3 - During your fight with Dore land a combo of at least 20 hits.
  7. Ultimate Spiral Zone - Stage 3A - Defeat Super Trunks with a Super Attack.
  8. Ultimate Circle Zone - Stage 1 - Defeat Teen Gohan with the Ultimate Attack.
  9. Ultimate Triangle Zone - Stage 3B - Defeat Goten while in Raging Soul.
  10. Ultimate Final Zone - Stage 3 - Defeat Bardock with a Super Attack.


  • A and B refer to which route you have to take, A being the left and B the right.
  • Items, score, health, and the time taken to finish the fight do no count toward unlocking the hidden routes.
  • For the zones, requiring the combo to unlock the hidden route, the combo can be done anyway possible at any point during the fight, how you finish the fight is irrelevant.
Stamp Rally20
Earn 300 Challenge Stamps in Battle Zone. 

Challenge Stamps are unlocked by fulfilling various conditions in the battle zone, these conditions favor your opponent. 2 of the challenge stamps in each battle will always be:

  • Super Attacks Unused
  • Stat-bonus item Unequipped

However, as you progress through the battle zones the amount will increase and all of them involve you equipping items that hurt you statistically.

First Step to Ultimate15
Complete the first Ultimate Zone. 

The Ultimate Zones will unlock after you complete all the Battle Zones. The first zone is an "ultimate" version of the first battle zone with 4 battles.

Ultimate among Ultimates30
Complete all of the Ultimate Zones. (9) 

Ultimate Zones are all Ultimate versions of the Battle Zones as listed under "Battle King," however it is much harder in comparison, and fighting them under the Stamp Challenge conditions will not be an easy task.

Trivia King10
View all character profiles in the Museum's Character Encyclopedia. 

After unlocking all the characters and earning the achievement "Character Complete," go to the Musuem and select Character Encyclopedia, click on any character and select Profile on that character. From there just continuously hit / until it does a full lap of the characters.

Famous Scene10
Collect more than 30 illustrations. 

Please refer to "Wonderful Memory" for more information.

Reward Mania20
Collect more than 100 illustrations. 

Please refer to "Wonderful Memory" for more information.

Wonderful Memory30
Collect more than 250 illustrations. (3) 

Costumes, items , BGM and illustrations are given to you throughout Galaxy Mode and Battle Zone after successfully winning a battle. For illustrations you need to win the battle while fulfilling certain criteria. For Galaxy Mode, aim for high statistics in the post-game results, pictures are distributed depending on how well you do. For the Battle Zones you must clear the stage with at least 40% health; all Battle Zone Stages have a picture except for the Stage 1 of each Zone, with the exception of both Final and Ultimate Final Zones - on these, all Stages have pictures. Pictures you obtain from the Battle Zone take up about 25% of your gallery. Here's a checklist for the illustrations you can unlock from the Battle Zone:

Battle Zone Picture Checklist

I Wanna Fight Someone Stronger!20
Earn 30 victories in Xbox LIVE. (38) 

This will probably be unlocked naturally as you are boosting with a friend to get "Title Hunter."

Title Collector10
Collect 10 or more titles. (2) 

Please refer to "Title Hunter" for more information.

Title Seeker25
Collect 50 or more titles. 

Please refer to "Title Hunter" for more information.

Title Hunter30
Collect 100 or more titles. (26) 

To unlock this achievement you must have access to XBL, otherwise you will not be able to unlock this. About 70 of the titles are for completing a Battle Zone with each individual character as well as completing all the Battle Zones and Ultimate Zones. The rest involve fulfilling different online conditions, the title requirements are given to you in the Title list in the online menu. For an easy way to get all 100 titles following this guide displaying the easiest online titles: fast and easy online titles.

Power Level...of 5...5
Earn 5 losses in Xbox LIVE. 

This will probably be unlocked naturally as you are boosting with a friend to get "Title Hunter" or if you are impatient you can join or host a couple of rooms online and let the opponent destroy you. Hardly an achievement, but hey.

Please Go Easy on Me5
Fight in an Xbox LIVE battle for the first time. 

After you have completed your first online battle this will unlock whether you win or lose.

Reach your 50th Xbox LIVE battle. (3) 

This will probably be unlocked naturally as you are boosting with a friend to get "Title Hunter." You will unlock this whether you win or lose those 50 matches.

The Fight Has Just Begun10
Win 20 times in 1P vs. CPU battle. 

Please refer to "The Days of Battle Continue..." for more information.

The Days of Battle Continue...20
Win 50 times in 1P vs. CPU battle. (1) 

For this you must win 50 1P vs CPU battles. You can set the difficulty to VERY EASY as well as make tweaks to your characters in Ultimate Customization to speed up the process. Pick one character of yours and give him an item like the following: (whichever you can fit onto your character)

  • High Tension Start

Next pick a character you're going to beat up on and give it items such as the following if you have them:

  • Super Health Power Down

Doing this you can one hit kill your CPU opponent with one Ultimate Attack and end the matches quicker.

Best Friends10
Fight 10 times in 1P vs. 2P battle. 

For this you must complete 10 1P vs. 2P battles. You cannot simply press "restart" in the menu like in the previous game. Please refer to "The Days of Battle Continue..." for tips to speed up the process.

W.Tournament True Champ40
Champion of World Tournament on Hard Difficulty. 

This isnt as hard as it seems; you can even do this with a uncustomized character. Go into the World Tournament option and select World Tournament; at the option screen afterwards set the following settings:

  • Tournament Participants: 4
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Entry Requirements: None (It doesn't matter)
  • Number of players : 1
  • Rule Arrangement: None

Afterwards it will let you select your characetr and the 3 other characters participanting in the tournament. For this you can select characters with customized items simliar to ones under "The Days of Battle Continue..." to make the tournament easier for you.

Cell Games True Champ40
Champion of Cell Games on Hard Difficulty. (2) 

This is the same as "W.Tournament True Champ," however, it is played on the Cell Games map.

Secret Achievements
Watch Credits Roll. (7) 

As soon as you finish your last character for "Galactic Domination!!" and unlock that achievement, exit out to the Galaxy Mode map and it will automatically play the credits and you will unlock this achievement.

Lone Warrior15
Using Android #17 and Android #18, win against Super Saiyan Future Gohan with Team Super Attack. (11) 

Before you can unlock this achievement you must unlock Future Gohan from Galaxy Mode. Go into Battle Mode and select a Team Battle, on your team you will have Andriod #17 and Andriod #18, and on the opposing team it will be only Super Saiyan Future Gohan. You must first reduce his health to one bar, then hit up on the and it will perform a Team Super Attack instead of Power Volley and it will unlock this achievement during the animation.

Yamcha's Premonition15
Win against Yamcha with the Saibamen using the Ultimate Attack, "Saibamen Bomb". 

Go into Battle mode and select Saibaman and Yamacha. Weaken Yamacha to maybe a bar and a half of health and then charge up into high tension and press down on the and you will unlock this achievement during the Ultimate move animation so long as it kills him.

Farewell to the Proud Warrior15
Using Majin Vegta, win against Majin Buu with Ultimate Attack, "Final Explosion". 

Before you can unlock this achivement you must unlock Majin Vegeta from Galaxy Mode. Go into Battle Mode and select Majin Vegeta and Majin Buu. Weaken Buu a little bit and then charge up into High Tension and press down on the and you will unlock this achievement during the Ultimate move animation so long as it kills him.

End of Everything15
Using Super Saiyan Goku, win against Full Power Frieza with Ultimate Attack, "Angry Kamehameha". 

Go into Battle mode and select Super Saiyan Goku and Full Power Frieza. Charge up into High Tension and press down on the and you will unlock this achievement during the Ultimate move animation so long as it kills him.

A Message From Goku15
As Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan, win against Perfect Cell with Ultimate Attack, "Father-Son Kamehameha" (4) 

Before you can unlock this achievement you must unlock Teen Gohan from Galaxy Mode. Go into Battle Mode and select Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan and Perfect Cell. Charge up into High Tension and press down on the and you will unlock this achievement during the Ultimate move animation so long as it kills him.

Game Info
Spike Chunsoft
Namco Bandai


US November 02, 2010

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