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Guide By: Korix
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Zen Master 5035
Create a multiplier of 50 or more 

As stated above, Chain Reactions are the only way to keep the multiplier when a path set disappears. Watch the video above to see how the player sets up paths to collectors that extend towards the top of the puzzle before a new set of dials falls down. U-Dials will also be your friend here, creating a new pink droplitz to extend the time the current dial set is on the board and allowing you to do more preparing. These will require patience as many times, even with high skill and preparation, the dials will just not fall where you need them to.

Combo 3515
Create a multiplier of 35 or more 

See Zen Master for more information.

Survive for 2 hours 

The game ends when you run out of droplitz. Playing in Zendurance mode will make these achievements much easier to obtain because the level of difficulty does not go up when paths disappear. You just pick your theme and play at the same pace. It's not as easy as the very beginning of Classic mode, but you're not going for these achievements until you're pretty familiar with the game anyway so the speed shouldn't be something new to you. Although your score will surely increase, the key to surviving is keeping your droplitz reservior full. You do this by creating multiple paths that involve splitting the droplitz. Full Houses, by their nature, can easily double your current droplitz stock because more and more droplitz are being dropped the entire time you're creating it, and the more that fall into splits, the more that get collected and add back to your reservior.

Survive for 20 minutes 

See Adventurer for more information.

Full House10
Use all Droppers and Collectors 

This is not very hard to do but it can't be done all the time. This is easiest done on the very first Classic board. There needs to be a setup on the board that allows both droppers and all 3 collectors to be involved in a path. There is no other requirement; you do not have to cause enough splits that both droppers dump droplitz into all 3 collectors at the same time. It could be as simple as feeding one dropper to one collector, the other dropper to another collector, and a U-Dial to the third. As long as all top droppers and all bottom collectors are engaged at the same time, you'll satisfy the requirement for a Full House. Besides being an achievement, this grants a huge point reward.

Score 1,000,00025
Score 1,000,000 points 

The easiest board to rack up a high score on is the top right board in classic mode. It has the most droppers and collectors with the same short path requirement the very first board had. It is nearly impossible to attain this without having become very skilled at causing multipliers, Chain Reactions, and Full Houses. See Full House to find out more about full houses. Multipliers are gained by activating more paths while previous ones are still going. The only way to carry it over when a path disappears is by creating Chain Reactions, so hitting very high multipliers and taking advantage of them with Full Houses at the same time will take a lot of practice. Below is a video of a player chaining several times to continue his multiplier, even including a full house.

Score 250,00010
Score 250,000 points 

See Score 1,000,000 for more information.

Chain Reaction10
Stack 3 Chain Reactions 

This is another achievement that will happen with chance, but this is also one where it's not that hard to set things up. A Chain Reaction is caused when the dials fall into place and immediately create a new path without you moving anything. This will happen often on its own, but stacking 3 will happen much quicker with planning. The U-dials are key for making this happen, as is leaving one or two collectors with a long but unconnected path when you let another path disappear. Doing this, you drastically reduce the number of dials that have to fall into the correct placement for a Chain Reaction to occur. Using U-Dials, your chances are better since you can create a path from one on top of an existing path and watch it fall into place by your own planning, taking reliance on chance out of the equation. There is a small moment when the old dials disappear and the new ones have yet to fall where you can manipulate dials and still continue a chain.

Unlock all boards in all modes 

This applies to Classic, Power Up, and Infection. Zendurance is just classic on different themes. Each of the 3 games modes has 9 boards. In each mode, the way to unlock another board is to score a certain point value in a neighboring board. So, you can try unlocking all of them horizontally first to keep the difficulty down or go after things vertically to try and go after high score chains.

Unlock all themes 

A theme is the entire color and design scheme of the board and background you're playing on. There are 9 themes. In order to not explain things backwards:

  1. When you create a path, a pink bonus droplitz is created. These will fall from the dropper at the top of the path.
  2. When all bonus droplitz are collected, the dails involved in the path(s) are destroyed and new ones fall into place.
  3. Every 5 times a path set is destroyed, you will progress to the next theme.

This is easily done in classic mode by making only one or two paths, one from each dropper, and not trying to involve other dials to make more paths. Let the pink droplitz fall into the collectors and then work on the next path. This is the opposite as going for a high score.

Easy Street5
Create 40 paths 

Creating paths is the entire purpose in the game and you'll make your first one within a few seconds of starting. The object is to create an uninhibited path from a dropper up top to a collector on the bottom. Paths to U-Dials, the dials that don't go anywhere but instead both collect and drop (depending on their orientation), also count. This achievement is cumulative and may very easily be the first achievement you collect. For help, go into the game settings menu and turn on 'Helper Dots.' Doing so will show a continuous path from a collector up. Keep rotating dials to make a path all the way to a dropper at the top.

Collect 5 Droplitz with no path 

I couldn't even find a description of this that made sense and it doesn't describe anything like this in the How-to-Play section of the game, but the best description I can give is when a droplitz is collected by a bottom collector after the path it came from disappears. Previously, it would have just went into a wall. I'll try for an example: Say you had a path split towards the top and you were able to create paths for both almost all the way down. Now, finish one of the paths but leave the other open even though all you'd have to do is turn a dial or two. Let that first path finish and disappear. All those dials will disappear and you'll have spare droplitz still heading down the incomplete path. Finish that second path and the droplitz collected will count towards this achievement. I got it without even knowing what it was in my first game, so you really don't need to worry about its complicated nature. Just play and it'll happen pretty quickly compared to almost all of the other achievements.

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