Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever Achievement Guide

Guide By: unsoundwarrior, Nevander, bennifer3000
There are 60 achievements with a total of 1205 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 50 (1000)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15-25 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: None (Chapter Select)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: Yes (Cheats that disable achievements are designated by (CHEAT) in the cheat description in the game)
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (They stack)
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

At last we have the great Duke Nukem Forever. The game that all Duke Nukem fans have been waiting for, the game that’s been in development for more than twelve years! It’s been a long wait, but it has been worth every single passing day. There are a total of 50 achievements and are fairly straightforward. Most of them can be obtained simply by playing, but some require more attention.

Step #1: Campaign on Casual
This will allow you to easily clear the campaign and familiarize yourself with the environments and enemy spawns. You should aim to get 47 achievements. Collect all of the collectibles on this run as there is no way of tracking the collectibles other than the EGO points. The EGO points are the most important of these as they increase Duke's health which will be essential for Step #3 the Campaign on Insane. This run will net you the boss kills and the casual difficulty achievements. Get all the weapon specified kills, find the helmets, listen to the phone messages and unlock the miscellaneous achievements such as: stealing some poo, writing on a board, looking through a whole calendar, etc. Also get the mini game wins and high scores in alien abortion, pinball, and air hockey. Keep the golden gun on you through all chapters for “Gunslinger”. Achievements missed can be earned in Step #2 or the Insane playthrough.

Step #2 (Optional): Mission Select
If you failed to max out your EGO it is advised to chapter select on Casual as you will need health to survive Insane difficulty. Your goal is to complete any collectibles, kills or miscellaneous achievements that you missed on the Casual playthrough. It is wise to unlock all of the 47 achievements before starting your insane playthrough.

Step #3: Campaign on Insane
With Insane now unlocked this will be the next chosen difficulty. This run is quite challenging as the enemies will hit hard and there are extreme difficulty spikes. Keep to cover, always be either strafing or back-peddling to avoid fire or charging enemies. Always look for the weapons caches and save items (beer, steroids and Holo-Duke) for tough situations. If you have cleared all 47 of the achievements this Insane run will unlock the last 3 achievements you for beating the game on medium, hard, and insane.

Step #4: Mop Up
If you are still missing kills or miscellaneous achievements it is possible to chapter select for these. This also includes the golden gun which is given at the beginning of each chapter select though there is no way of tracking which levels have been done. If this list includes collectibles you can still chapter select but be sure that you have made it to a checkpoint as it will not save the data. Note: This is not possible for “Party Animal” and “Pescaphobe”.

DLC: The Doctor Who Who Cloned Me

- Offline: 10 (205)
- Approximate time: 5-8 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Minimum of two.
- Cheats: Yes (some disable achievements).

DLC: Step #1: Playthrough on Normal
Playthrough on either "Normal" or "Hard". I'd suggest going through on "Normal" as you can get all of the other achievements easily during your first play through. The difficulty curve will be steeper but you'll know the layout of the levels making things easier on you. Get all the 'Ego Cap' you can using this guide as having more health makes it easier for your Insane run. Completing the Campaign and getting all of the Misc. Achievements takes roughly 4 hours.

DLC: Step #2: Playthrough on Insane
Play on "Insane". Strafe and make good use of the laser traps. You should know where enemies spawn at this point so keep at a distance especially from the feral pig cops. Use the Ripper, Railgun, and Devastator when you can as they are both powerful range weapons that allow you to take down your enemies at a safe distance. Make sure auto-targeting is turned on.

Well, it's been a long wait, and a great game to have waited for. If you’d like, you can try out the multiplayer, but this game's strong point is definitely it's campaign.

[x360a would like to thank unsoundwarrior, Nevander, Toy Story 3 and bennifer3000 for this roadmap]

Kill 50 aliens   (5) 

See "Nuclear Devastation" achievement description.

Kill 100 aliens   (3) 

See "Nuclear Devastation" achievement description.

Nuclear Devastation50
Kill 250 aliens   (11) 

Kill 250 enemies throughout the game; this will come with natural progression and should unlock around the Alien Queen boss battle.

Foot stomp 12 aliens   (10) 

Use the Shrink Ray (white gun with a green container mag) to shrink enemies or find enemies shrunk by the environment. Walk up to them and Duke will stomp them to death.

Shrink Ray Location: The first time you will find the Shrink Ray is on the Duke Burger roof by a dead scientist at the end of the chapter The Duke Burger.

Judge, Jury, Executioner20
Execute 20 aliens   (4) 

When an enemy is near death they will fall to their knees and Duke can execute them by pressing . Use the Freeze Ray (the big yellow gun), freeze enemies then executed.

Freeze Ray Location: The first time you will find the Freeze Ray is at the very beginning of The Shrunk Machine next to the 3 survivors.

Kill 10 aliens with Trip Mines   (6) 

Press to throw down a trip mine on a surface. After a couple of seconds the mine will activate and emit a laser beam that is triggered by enemy movement. Bait the enemy over the mine to kill the target. Mines can also be attached to the enemy but have a short throwing range. These will first become available at the end of The Lady Killer.

Freeze Well!20
Kill 15 frozen aliens   (8) 

Freeze Ray Location: The first time you will find the Freeze Ray is at the very beginning of The Shrunk Machine next to the 3 survivors.

The ammo will recharge so don’t worry about running out while going for the achievement. Keep the beam focused on the enemy until they freeze and either punch, shoot or execute  the enemy to finish them. Continue until 20 are eliminated.

Road Rage20
Kill 15 aliens with the monster truck   (2) 

At the begging of The Mighty Foot, you will have access to the monster truck. If you run over everyone in your path you should unlock this before hitting the freeway. There are plenty of opportunities to unlock this in the next chapters.

Fork the Pork10
Kill 6 aliens with the forklift   (3) 

At the beginning of The Forkstop: Part 2 there will be a forklift on a ledge. Use the panel to lower the forklift to the ground and drive down the corridor. Ram the enemies to kill them and add to the tally. There should be 7 aliens before you have to abandon the Forklift. If you miss this here you can attempt to do this in the room for "Companion Barrel", but it will be less practical.

See "Companion Barrel" achievement description if you need more kills.

Dead Useful15
Kill 10 aliens with environmental explosives   (1) 

Whenever the enemy is near an explosive hazard container (red barrel, or a gas can/propane tank) shoot or throw it and if the enemy is killed by the explosion it is added to the count. A good place for these kills is in The Duke Cave or the crane ride from Natural Disaster.

Downtown Barrel Beatdown15
Kill 10 aliens with tossed objects   (1) 

In The Duke Cave, you learn how to throw to throw objects at enemies. Dispatch the first enemy and then proceed into the next room. Throw objects from this room at the two aliens to bring your total up to 3. Revert to checkpoint until you hit the ten total kills - you may have to resort to mêlée with the two together if overwhelmed.

Duke Angry, Duke Smash!20
Kill 15 aliens with melee attacks while on steroids   (4) 

When on steroids Duke takes very little damage and does large amounts of mêlée damage. Try to do this when there is a large group of ground units. Good places for this are either the very first time you receive steroids, see "Juiced" and the room with 2 steroids in The Lady Killer: Part 2. You can revert to checkpoint for a boosting method.

See "Juiced" achievement description for the location in Duke Lives.

Eat 10 pieces of food during the SP campaign   (15) 

You are able to eat all types of different foods starting in Duke Lives. After heading down the elevator from your apartment there will be a vending machine on you’re right on the way to the talk show set. Spam the order button and eat the food deposited. If you miss this there is also a large plate of donuts (6-8) that should reduce the work in the long run.

On the Noggin25
Kill 30 aliens with headshots   (3) 

This is easiest to do using the Railgun (a scoped 'sniper' weapon). A good area for increasing the headshot count is Highway Battle: Part 2 as there are plenty of sniper ammo in the area. The pigs also like to go for the turret which should help keep them still for an easy shot. The Pistol/Golden Gun can also be used for this.

Natural Disaster 3x10
Kill 3 aliens at once   (12) 

This is best done with the Pipe Bomb (small and silver) or the map's various explosives (barrels, etc). A good early spot for this is the crane ride at the beginning of The Duke Dome. Time the explosion for when the pigs are grouped together. Multiple explosives can also be used to kill the enemies as long as they die at the same time. 3 aliens can also be killed in Mothership Battle while you are on the turret. Dropships will come down and drop off troopers. If you fire into the ship you can kill all 3 at once.

Get knocked down 10 times   (4) 

You can get knocked down many times throughout the campaign, but the easiest way would be to let the Cycloid in Duke Lives knock you down with his attacks (except for his attack with rockets). Another method that works is during the battle with the Alien Queen. She will do a purple coloured blast attack much like the octobrains. Keep dodging the queens other attacks until you are knocked down 10 times.

! Watch out for the Pregnators that she shoots!

Turd Burglar10
Find and steal a piece of poo   (76) 

As soon as you have finished using the loo at the beginning of Duke Lives, take the path to the right, enter the shower room and open up the two far right toilets. When you find a turd press to pick it up.

I Need a Towel10
Get hit by 10 Pregnator bombs   (8) 

After completing The Duke Dome you will find yourself in a tunnel stage very reminiscent of the Alien quaddrilogy. Look out for scorpion-like creatures that fire white goo at Duke. These creatures come out of pods and should not be confused with the Octobabies. Get hit by their ranged attack 10 times for this to count (not the leap attacks). There is a large amount of this enemy at the end of The Hive: Part 2, don't get too close or they will revert to leaping.

Baron von Nukem20
Shoot down 20 alien fighters   (2) 

These are the alien craft that attack Duke while on the AA gun attacking the mothership in Mothership Battle. Fire the AA gun at the alien craft currently targeting Duke as they will instantly drain the 'Ego Bar'. If you miss the achievement here you can also kill fighters in Crash Course when you are on the turret of the crashed chopper.

I Need a Date5
Look at every page of a calendar in SP   (16) 

At the very beginning of The Shrunk Machine, after you find the Freeze Ray, move on to the corner room with double doors. Once inside do a u-turn and on the wall there is a calendar. Flip through all the pages to unlock.

See "I Am All That Is Man" achievement description for a helpful guide. It's location is #27.

Sticky Bomb Like You!10
Put a Trip Mine on a live alien   (7) 

As mentioned in achievement “Trapper” simply stick a Trip Mine onto the enemy. The ability to use Trip Mines begins in the last room of The Lady Killer: Part 3. The mine does not have to kill the target to unlock achievement. An easy spot is in The Duke Dome.

Big Guns, Big Ships10
Blow up 5 enemy gunships or dropships   (2) 
  1. The first AA sequence in Mothership Battle.
  2. The first AA sequence in Mothership Battle.
  3. The first AA sequence in Mothership Battle.
  4. Fight triggered after collecting the battery for the crane in The Duke Dome.
  5. After the AA section in Crash Course.
  6. At the very start of The Mighty Foot you will have to eliminate the ship to land.
  7. During Highway Battle: Part 2 while crossing the mine you will come across a crashed ship and will come under attack (after the pig rush).
Win air hockey with a score of 7-0 in the strip club   (44) 

In Duke Nukem's T*tty City head through to the game room and head over to the air hockey table and press . Beat the opponent without losing a point to get the achievement.

Note: Leaving the table resets the score.

Balls of Steel25
Earn a 1,000,000 pinball score in SP   (72) 

The first pinball machine is located in The Duke Cave. After you are taught how to throw objects, look to the left corner of the gym. Obtaining a million points playing naturally is pretty much impossible, but there is a VERY simple way to obtain this. The basic concept is to obtain a combo multiplier, and then get the ball stuck on the top left corner flipper by holding down . Release , then press again quickly to gently pop the ball at the panels above that same flipper. If the ball falls toward the right, tilt the machine left by . Do this only once every 5 seconds or you will tilt the machine and lose.

Flagon of Chuckles5
Drink a beer in SP   (4) 

Find a beer and drink it to unlock. The first beer is in The Duke Cave when you enter the gym.

Save the beer until you find the steroids to unlock "Substance Abuser."

See "Substance Abuser" achievement description.

Take steroids in SP   (1) 

Find steroids and use them to unlock. In the same chapter as the first beer (The Duke Cave) you will have to power up a system with 3 power cores. Once in place, a steroids bottle will emerge.

Save the steroids until you have beer to unlock "Substance Abuser."

See "Substance Abuser" achievement description.

He's Got a Hologram!5
Use a Holoduke in SP   (9) 

The first Holoduke in the game can be found in the same place as the Shrink Ray on the rooftop in Dukes Burger Bar: Part 3. It is stored inside a crate in the building on the roof.

Press to activate Holoduke.

Doodle something on the whiteboard in SP   (15) 

Right after unlocking “Turd Burglar” in Duke Lives, head out of the shower room to the locker room and three EDF soldiers will be standing near a whiteboard. Interact with the board to draw a line to unlock this achievement.

Substance Abuser10
Drink beer while on steroids or vice versa in SP   (5) 

When you have both beer and steroids in your inventory take them both, one after the other and the achievement will unlock. This is an easy achievement if you saved the beer from the gym and used both after finding the steroids. Both can be found in The Duke Cave.

See "Flagon of Chuckles" and "Juiced" for locations within The Duke Cave.

I Am All That Is Man40
Discover all Ego cap awards    (24) 

There are many Ego cap awards, which are given to you for interacting with the environment and defeating bosses. These are the actions in each mission that boost Duke's health level. There is a tracker in the chapter select screen to check how many in each chapter you have.

Boss battles also increase the total Ego so the achievement will unlock after killing the Energy Leech if you follow the guide. Provided is a guide/checklist of "Ego Cap" locations to go along with the video. Items listed by appearance.

To save "Ego Cap" - you must reach a new Zone (Lady Killer -> Lady Killer: Part 2). Not just a save checkpoint!

Credit: Lordacris

Duke Lives [3]

  1. Mirrors - Admire.
  2. Toilet - , Pee.
  3. Play Pool - (Pot all balls on the table)

Damn! It´s late [1]

  1. Microwave Popcorn - Pick-up popcorn and place in microwave.
  2. Autograph - or to Sign. (Counts but was not included in the guide)

The Duke Cave [6]

  1. Dumbbell - to Pick-up, to Curl.
  2. Bench Press - to Pick-up 100Lb weights, to Place on workout bench, to Use and Tap to complete a rep.
  3. Punching Bag - to Punch.
  4. Speed Bag - to Punch.
  5. Basketball - to Pick-up, to Throw into hoop.
  6. Pinball Machine - Beat the high score.

The Lady Killer [1]

  1. Slot Machine - , Play any Slot Machine until you win.

Vegas in Ruins [1]

  1. Defeat the Battlelord Boss.

The Duke Dome [1]

  1. Photocopier - to Photocopy your behind.

The Hive [1]

  1. Alien Wall Breasts - to Slap.

Queen B*tch [1]

  1. Kill the Alien Queen Boss.

Duke Nukem's T*tty City [6]

  1. Glory Hole - (Men's Toilet).
  2. Tip the Stripper - (End of runway/catwalk).
  3. Porno Tape - to Pick-up, to Place in DVD player (Main Office).
  4. Poker Machine - ,  Win one hand of Poker (Game Room).
  5. Alien Abortion - to Hit, Win one game of Alien Abortion, 850+ Score (Game Room).
  6. Air Hockey - , Win one game of Air Hockey (Game Room).

Crash Course [1]

  1. Frisbee - ,  Three can be found beside a Sports Bag on an outside ledge.

The Duke Burger [2]

  1. Cigar - , At level start - Turn 180 and climb over the tentacle, run round the corner and go through the Red Service door, found on the Shelf.
  2. Porno Magazine #1 - , Found in the First Toilets before shrinking yourself.

The Mighty Foot [2]

  1. Binoculars - , Found overlooking the Canyon (Left 1st Fuel Stop).
  2. Computer Porn - on Keyboard, found in Security Office (With "Gas").

Ghost Town [1]

  1. Porno Magazine #2 -  Found in Church under broken seat (during driving segment before town).

Dam Top [2]

  1. Kill the Battlelord Boss.
  2. Paper Airplane - , , Found in back of School Bus on the Dam Top.

The Shrunk Machine [1]

  1. Calendar -  After collecting the Freeze Gun, enter the room and reach the Back Office.

The Forkstop [2]

  1. Porno Magazine #3 -  Found at the Start of the Level, behind the first opened door.

Generator Room [1]

  1. Kill OctoKing Boss.


  • All unique "Ego Caps" done previously.

The Clarifier

  • All unique "Ego Caps" done previously.

Blowin' the Dam [1]

  1. Kill the Energy Leech Boss.

The video shows the earliest points to earn the Ego.

Carry the gold pistol through the whole SP campaign    (51) 

Toward the end of The Duke Cave you are given a the pistol after fixing the generator by inserting the three power cores. You must have the pistol on you throughout the entire game to get this achievement (levels before this point do not count toward the achievement). Multiple users have reported it is ok to drop the pistol as long as you have it when you advance (checkpoints can cause the pistol to be deleted when lying on the floor). This is possible on your first run-through to get it out the way. Also, it is possible to do this achievement by chapter select if you have lost the pistol during your playthrough.

Piece of Cake20
Complete the SP campaign on Easy Difficulty     (8) 

See "Damn, I'm Good" achievement description.

Let's Rock30
Complete the SP campaign on Normal Difficulty      

See "Damn, I'm Good" achievement description.

Come Get Some40
Complete the SP campaign on Hard Difficulty      (2) 

See "Damn, I'm Good" achievement description.

Damn, I'm Good50
Complete the SP campaign on Insane Difficulty    (79) 

Complete the entire campaign (all levels) on Insane difficulty. This setting is only unlocked once you complete the game once on any other setting. If you complete the game on Insane you will unlock the other lower difficulty achievements also. It should also be noted that when duke performs an execution his 'Ego Bar' is instantly filled and may be helpful in some of the more hectic firefights when there is no time to get behind cover.

Helpful tips:

  • Like any shooter, remember to take cover when shot at and take your time moving through.
  • Use aim assist, it helps a ton when getting rushed and during the turret sections.
  • Stick to the Pistol, Shotgun, Shrink Ray, and Freeze Ray.
  • Pipe bombs and Trip Mines become a tad useless at this level.
  • Save Beers, Holodukes, and Steroids for boss battles/tight spots.
  • Use the Freeze Ray trick for the later levels. This is done by activating the extra game setting “Duke 3D Freeze Ray” and using it until you run out of ammo, then disabling the setting to regenerate ammo. This works well against everything near the end.
  • Make sure to start from the first chapter, not a new game. Starting a new game will erase your EGO and make it literally impossible.
  • Lastly, make sure to have maximum EGO before starting.

Steps to beat the final boss:

  1. To start off, keep taking out the Pig Cops that drop out from the dropships until there are about 30 or so RPGs laying on the ground. This is very important.
  2. Once you have a ton of RPGs laying around, let one Pig Cop remain for the fight. If you don’t kill him, NO other enemies will spawn. It will just be you, the Cycloid, and that one Pig Cop.
  3. For the first and second stages of his health, use all those RPGs and Pipe bombs that the Cop Pigs dropped.
  4. Soon after the third stage of health begins, your Devastator will be dropped off, with two ammo crates. Now it’s time to kick some butt.
  5. Keeping dodging all his attacks, which are basically the same as the first Cycloid, while unloading on him. He should go down easily after a few ammo re-stocks.
  6. After you down him the third time, be ready to hit again after his eye comes out. Then hop on the EDF ship that swoops down and you’re done!

Be sure to have collected all the 'Ego Cap' available to increase health levels for this Insane playthrough.

See "I Am All That Is Man" achievement description for a guide/checklist/video for 'Ego Cap' locations.

Special Thanks5
Watch the credits all the way through   (21) 

After the final boss is dead, the credits will roll. Let them play until the extra cutscene starts.

Bucket Head30
Find all 3 helmets in the SP campaign    (45) 
  1. Master Chief's Armour - Vegas in Ruin, at the chapter start there is a soldier standing next to a delivery truck. He will be part of a joke about green power armour, jump into the EDF truck to find it.
  2. Issac Clarke’s Helmet - The Hive Duke will make a comment when opening one of the fleshy doors. After passing through turn left and crouch into a hidden area. Duke will say something about a Dead Space marine.
  3. Borderlands Psycho Head - Blowin' the Dam, you will swim past a man with concrete shoes. From the next airvent you should see a dead body in the distance with a torch/flashlight. Swim toward the body than turn left to see a disk shaped structure with an opening in the bottom. Swim in and you will find the head of a Borderlands Psycho.

Call Waiting25
Listen to all phone messages    (18) 

There are 14 in all, here are their locations:

Duke Lives
1. Inside the bathroom stall right after starting the game.

The Duke Dome
2. In the building you have to enter to turn on the gates power. (Pig Cops attack)

Duke Nukem's T*tty City
3. On the desk after the opening conversation.
4. To the right of the CCTV control panel.
5. In the office behind the bar. (4768)
6. On the desk of the women in front of the stairs to the end of the level.

The Duke Burger
7. At the start of the level turn around and follow it round till you find the figures.

The Mighty Foot
8. In the building where you grab the first fuel can.
9. Other side of the room.

Shrunk Machine
10. On the desk in the same room as the calendar for “I Need a Date”.

Generator Room
11. After getting out the elevator on the wall next to the drinks fountain.

The Clarifier
12. On the desk of the room with the exit blocked by for boxes.
13. After moving the ledge with wheels, on the desk of the room you drop into.
14. On the wall on the stairs that take you to the second floor of the electric water room.

Party Animal10
Drink all of the beers in the strip club    (24) 

Checklist/guide for beer locations within the club:

  1. From the monitor room where you can scan through the security cameras, open the door on the left and head down. The beer is to the right, on a stack of crates.
  2. On the side in the mens toilet.
  3. In the fridge behind the bar.
  4. In the fridge behind the bar.
  5. Behind the bar (keypad 4768), beer is on the table.
  6. In front of the strip pole.
  7. In front of the slot machines on the way to the game room. (stool)
  8. On the side next to the air hockey.
  9. After you have all 3 of the items to bring to the stripper head to the room where you are supposed to sit down. There will be a beer on one of the metal chairs on the right.

Kill all the catfish in the underwater level    (23) 

This part of the game is naturally very dark. Use this checklist/guide for a rough description of the locations. The catfish can be killed by any means.

  1. Right after you have finished turning the first wheel look behind it in the weeds for the first fish.
  2. As soon as you swim out of the first structure look to your right
  3. Swim to the right toward the treasure chest. (left of the chest near the vent)
  4. Above the container that the Octobrain comes out of.
  5. Directly left of 4 next to the crashed cruiser. (boat)
  6. Above the first bomb placement. (next to the pipes)
  7. Right of the car after the next air vent.
  8. To the right of the man weighed down by concrete.
  9. Just right of the pipe on the wrecked car.
  10. By the boat left of the next air vent.
  11. Directly above the next turn wheel.
  12. Forward and left of the second air point first wheel turn.
  13. At the next air point, swim up and look left.
  14. In the ammo re-supply on the right.
  15. Go right of the second bomb plant and look behind the weeds. (may run out of air)

Sunday, Black Sunday5
Shoot down the blimp above the stadium   (7) 

During the boss battle in Duke Lives look up in the sky and spot the blimp flying about. Use your Devastator to bring it down. You may have to aim ahead of the blimp due to the rocket's travel time.

Nobody Likes a Whiner5
Knock out the talent at the talk show   (13) 

In Damn, It's Late, After leaving the set of the 'Very Late Show' you will come across an actor harassing a microphone man that has ruined his performance. Head up to the whiner and Duke will raise his fists so you can punch him down.

Lots of Whacking25
Win a game of Alien Abortion in the strip club   (14) 

In Duke Nukem's T*tty City head through to the game room and go to the Alien Abortion machine and start the game. Aliens will pop out the machine and you press to whack them. The machine has 5 waves which increase in speed. To guarantee the achievement hit all the aliens and the achievement should pop at the end of the 5th round.

The score to beat is 900.

Companion Barrel10
Unlock the secret closet at the end of the Forkstop   (27) 

At the end of Forkstop: Part 2 you will come across another forklift. Once the room is cleared of enemies extend the prongs to the highest level. Drive the forklift to the railing on the walkway opposite to the one you need to take. Get out and climb the forklift to access the walkway. The barrel is located down the corridor where the enemy spawned from. Take the barrel with you and climb up the other side of the room toward the end of the level. On the left there will be a pink heart drawn on the floor, drop the barrel on the heart and the door will open unlocking the achievement and a large stock of supplies.

One-Eyed Freak10
Defeat the Cycloid    (2) 

This is the boss from the first mission in the game.

  1. Circle around the pitch hitting him with the Devastator.
  2. When you run low on ammo look for the red flares that are dropped from the air as they signal supply drops.
  3. When his life bar is empty get close and perform the interactive scene to finish him.
Pit Champion25
Defeat the Battlelord in Las Vegas    (3) 

You will meet this boss toward the end of Vegas in Ruins.

  1. Drop down into the pit and grab an RPG.
  2. Take out all the Pig Cop squads, then prepare for the fight.
  3. Just like the Cycloid, strafe to dodge his attacks and lead him in a circle around the middle debris pillar.
  4. Make use of Pipe bombs and trip mines to lay waste to him.
  5. After a few refills of ammo and explosives he should go down with no hassle.
  6. If you seem to be taking too much damage run around the central column to break the boss’s line of site and block his attacks. Once he has taken enough damage head in for the kill.
Not Bad for a Human40
Defeat the Alien Queen    (15) 

This is the boss for the chapter Queen B*tch.

  1. Make sure to have an RPG and a Shotgun as your two weapons.
  2. At the start, head to either the left or right corner, doesn’t really matter.
  3. Use the blue bounce pads to launch Pipe bombs behind the Queen.
  4. Once she is stunned, unload your RPG, refill ammo and explosives, and then head back to a corner.
  5. The bulk of her attacks can be dogged by keeping to the sides of the ledge.
  6. Watch out for Pregnators during the beginning of the fight, and Octabrains during the end of the fight.
  7. Use the RPG to take out Pregnators and the shotgun for the Octabrains.
  8. After a while she will stop shielding your attacks and you can abandon the Pipe bombs and focus on her with the RPG.
  9. Keep hitting her with missiles, after about thirty shots or so, her head will fall to the deck.
  10. Go to the head to finish of the boss.
A Good Dam Fight25
Defeat the Battlelord on the Hoover Dam    (7) 

This is the second Battlelord you fight in the game during Dam Top.

  1. All you need is an RPG and Pipe bombs.
  2. Clear the top of the dam and then the Battlelord will spawn.
  3. Stand next to the edge looking to the left. As soon as you see the boss start to climb out of the water run to the far end of the dam where you first climb up.
  4. Grab the RPG on the left and open up on the battle lord.
  5. Don't worry about the assault troopers, they don’t bother you during the fight
  6. If you made it to this end of the dam quick enough the boss will mostly stay at the opposite end of the dam making the first stage a breeze.
  7. For this fight, just simply keep unloading your RPG into him while heading back to the start of the dam where you came from.
  8. Use the EDF van for cover, the Battlelord will get stuck on it and can’t kick it around.
  9. Fire from behind the van over it and to his head.
  10. This, with a combination of Pipe bombs, should take him down fairly quick.
  11. During his second stage of health, just use this same strategy.
  12. Feel free to use a Beer if you have one. Don't bother with Holodukes, he can tell it's fake. I've tried.
Defeat the Octaking    (12) 

This is the hardest boss in the game and has two encounters. You face him first during The Forkstop and then again for the last time in Generator Room.

First encounter:

  1. Clear all barrels by dumping them in to the water.
  2. Leave one Pig Cop until you are ready for the fight.
  3. Use the turret and auto-aim assistance to take out all the Octabrains.
  4. When the Octaking comes, unload on him with the turret.
  5. If you come close to dying, drink a beer if you have one and continue fighting, or jump off the side of the fence to the left of the turret and get in that back corner behind the fence. His main attack will barely hurt you here.

The main battle:

  1. Make sure you have a Beer, Holoduke, and a Shrink Ray from the previous level. Refer to the "Companion Barrel" video for locations.
  2. During the ride to the boss himself, use any gun to take out all the Assault Troopers.
  3. Once the Octaking appears, stay behind the glass window encasement on the right for cover.
  4. Use the Shrink Ray on the Octabrains and then take the whole group out with a Pipe bomb.
  5. Then, unload your entire Devastator clip into the boss.
  6. Rinse and repeat step #4 until the boss changes attacks.
  7. Once he starts throwing items, leave the cover and head out to the middle.
  8. Drink a beer if you need to, or just try to dodge his attacks. The Octabrains will have stopped spawning at this point.
  9. Once he’s down, be prepared to unload at least three more clips of Devastator into him as you slowly move toward him, or else you will instantly die.
Beating the One-Eyed Worm35
Defeat the Energy Leech    (10) 

This is the underwater boss of the game and is located in the chapter Blowin' The Dam.

  1. You will only need your RPG for this one.
  2. Basically, just strafe left and right to dodge pretty much all of his attacks.
  3. Keep an eye on your oxygen as well as remember to keep refilling RPG ammo.
  4. After a few minutes of strafing and shooting, he should be easy prey.
  5. Swim over to him and insert the bomb to finish him off.
DLC: The Doctor Who Cloned Me
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 10 Points: 205
Bubble Buster10
Kill 10 expanded enemies with melee attacks   

You'll get the Expander gun in Going Down. Shoot them with the Expander gun then get in close for a melee then retreat. Rinse and repeat. There aren't enough guys in this area but you come across the Expander later again in Teleportation Spire to finish off this achievement. 

Kill 3 enemies within 3 seconds with the Impregnader   

In the level Me, Myself and I you will play through a Portal-esque section of the game that consists of 3 challenge rooms. You'll get the Impregnator gun during the last challenge and many alien impregnators will show up. You can try to get it here but it's easier to wait until the floor section opens up and you crawl through the vents. Follow the vent and turn right, melee the vent cover. The Duke clones should be watching some mammaries on the screen. Don't drop down unless you feel inclined as they'll all look at you and basically stand together. Shoot the Impregnator at them and keep spamming shots until the achievement unlocks.

Bloody Red Rover10
Kill 30 enemies with the moon rover   

Run over every enemy you see on the last level Duke Side of the Moon

Earn a 1,000,000 pinball score on the Scientits pinball machine   (32) 

This pinball achievement is far easier than DNF's original "Balls of Steel" pinball achievement because this pinball machine is far less crowded than the other one. You can also use slow motion to help if you like cheating.

  1. You want to try to first get a x4 or x6 combo before even attempting this. Makes it go way faster this way.
  2. Try and get the ball, once you have a good combo, around the right side of the table.
  3. Keep the ball on this right side and cycle the ball in a triangle shape so that you hit the four panels, the bell at the top (which seems to bring the side panel back to place so you don't lose a ball) and land back on the bottom right flipper.
  4. Keep repeating this and don't forget about tilting. You can tilt like 3-4 times on this table without it locking, but be wary.

See Duke Nukem Forever (1000) "Balls of Steel" achievement description for more guidance.

Heart to Heart20
Finish Doctor Proton    (2) 

Your old nemesis Doctor Proton is alive but alas, not for long. In "The Doctor Is In" use the Devastator to take him down. Run away from his laser attack and replenish your ammo from the box when you need it. He'll go to one of the 4 stations to regain his energy. When he does press the red button and the balls will interrupt the energy transfer. Stay out of the way, focusing your Devastator on the good Doctor by attacking his weak point for massive damage.

Another Piece of Cake20
Beat The Doctor Who Cloned Me campaign on Easy Difficulty     (1) 

See "Damn, I'm REALLY Good" achievement description.

Let's Rock Out30
Beat The Doctor Who Cloned Me campaign on Normal Difficulty      

See "Damn, I'm REALLY Good" achievement description.

Come Get A Little More35
Beat The Doctor Who Cloned Me campaign on Hard Difficulty      

See "Damn, I'm REALLY Good" achievement description.

Damn, I'm REALLY Good40
Beat The Doctor Who Cloned Me campaign on Insane Difficulty    (1) 

Complete The Doctor Who Cloned Me campaign entirely on Insane difficulty. This setting is only unlocked once you complete the campaign once on any other setting. If you complete the game on Insane you will unlock the other lower difficulty achievements also. Your first playthrough should be focused on the achievements and finding all the 'Ego Cap' rewards.

  1. For the boss fight with Proton, before the fight I would drink a beer when the third or fourth wave of bombs come. These bombs are a pain in the ass. Make sure to get the Ripper too, as trying to hit them with a pistol or Devastator is impossible.
  2. For the actual fight with Proton, stay behind the pillars to dodge his MG fire and the lasers. For the pipebombs he throws out, just run to another pillar.
  3. After the boss, when you arrive on the first stop on the hoverpad thing, with the Octabrains, just keep moving and dodging and use a pistol. Worked best for me.
  4. The second stop when you get the Freeze Ray for the first time, immediately pick it up (if you like it) and then immediately run back onto the pad and carefully crouch and get behind the two crates at the edge of the hover pad. Here you take practically no damage and anywhere else the fucking Pigcops either swarm you, throw pipebombs, or sneak behind you and rape you.
  5. The last part I should note is the final boss, when you go back into her *place* for the second time to hit the second ovary, you should have a beer and a holoduke, now is the time to use it since stupid Octabrains come out. A whole beer and holoduke should provide plenty of protection while you take down the second ovary.
I Am All That Is Man - Again!20
Discover all Ego cap rewards in The Doctor Who Cloned Me campaign    (8) 

There are 19 'Ego Cap' rewards to collect. Follow this checklist/guide to find them all:

Rude Awakening

1. As soon as you enter the room with the broken wall, there is a toilet right in front of you.

Going Down

2. Porno magazine after first batch of enemies.

In Security

3. Hit the keyboard for some computer porn after room with a pregnators and octobabies.

4. There's a bottle to drink right behind computer porn.

The Clone Carousel

5. Porno magazine upstairs and to the right after the battle in the room with turret.

Me, Myself, and I

6. Go left and then right after voice check to find basket ball court. Make a basket.

7. Go across the hall into melee training room. Hit punching bag.

8. Admire self in mirror in the same room.

9. Use pull up bar on mirror in the same room.

10. Beat clone at arm wrestling in same room.

11. From melee skills room take a left and then enter the left room to find weights. Curl a dumbbell.

12. Lift weights in front of the mirror.

13. Add all weights to an empty bar then bench press it.

14. Going into the next room, you will see a glowing reel and switch in the back right corner of the room. Hit the switch and place the reel on the projector.

The Doctor Is In

15. Kill Doctor Proton Boss.

Magic Carpet Ride

16. After your hover platform stops and you ride a little elevator to find a switch to hit, there will be a door behind you. Enter it go to the end of the room and turn left. Throw a dart onto the dart board.

The Burning Bush

17. Get 250,000 points on the pinball machine.

18. Beat the Duke Nukem machine (reminds me of Space Invaders mixed with Galaga for some reason).

Teleportation Spire

Duke Side of the Moon

19. When you're at the part where you take the power cell from the broken rover, search the ground nearby for the American flag. Put it up for your final ego cap.

Credit to Morbious17.

Game Info
Gearbox Software
2K Games


US June 14, 2011
Europe June 10, 2011

ESRB: Mature
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