Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall of Hendon Myre

Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall of Hendon Myre Achievement Guide

Guide By: DarkSephiroth
There are 20 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 16/20 (330)
- Online: 4/20 (70)
- Approximate amount of time to 400: 20+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Dungeons are replayable)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes  (See King's Road)
- Glitchy achievements: Yes (See They shall sing of your valor, glitchy for some)
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Dungeon Fighter LIVE the small console version of Dungeon Fighter Online. It's a game that brings together classic 2D side-scrolling beat 'em up and RPG. It only has 3 Characters and lvl cap of 20 but seeing how big Dungeon Fighter Online is there might be some hope for future DLC bringing this closer to its pc ancestor's level.

Resurrection Stones (Res stones)
Floating Gardens (FG)
King's Road (KR)
From "worst to best": Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legacy, Unique (Still some rare stuff is better than some Legacy stuff)

Warning: Read First
This game has a premium shop that allows you to buy stuff with Resurrection stones. Res stones are also the ones that bring you back to life if you die. AND the worst part is you'll get only 10 res stones when you start and if you want more you need to buy them from premium shop with Micro$oft Points, yep Micro$oft Points. This will probably annoy lots of people but there is a way to get all achievements from this game without getting more res stones but it needs the correct preparations. Read "Roadmap" for more info on this.

Known Glitches
Unfortunately this game has some glitches and freezing issues so I'm trying my best to info you about them. This game might freeze for no reason but here are couple glitches that you can try to fix or avoid.

  • Death Glitch
    Online games only as far as I know. Enemy is defeated but doesn't die and stays on the map. You can't continue because you have to kill every enemy to proceed.
  • Death Glitch Solution
    Always have thunder grenades on one of your hot keys. These get the enemies out of their glitched state.
  • Money Glitch
    Some times when you shop the game glitches and asks you for unbelievable price for something. For me it was 90 000 from item that usually costs 1900. Problem is that if you don't notice this (like I didn't) the game will let you buy it even if you don't have the money and your gold will go to negative example: -24 000. When this happens, everytime you try to open you inventory the game will freeze.
  • Money Glitch Solution
    Always check how much it asks you before buying! But if the game still tricks you, usually everything else works like normal except your inventory so basically go raid those dungeons and sell that loot to get your money back on positive. After that your inventory should work fine.
  • Trading Freezing
    Sometime when trading the game freezes for no reason.
  • Trading Freezing Solution
    It has been stated that multiple trades at the same time might be causing this so in a group, trade one person at a time. This is not 100% fix but it helps.
  • Saving res stones freeze
    Some people like to save their res stones and when they die they quit out of the game and join again. I have had multiple freezes through Floating Gardens where same player quits and joins so many times that at some point, someone's game freezes when one is constantly joining. And the one who freezes, loses all the stuff he/she has collected through that dungeon AND still loses all used res stones. So let's not ruin this game for others and either use res stones like others or wait for the patch.

This game has pretty simple achievements so in this roadmap will tell you in a nutshell how to get 400 without having to buy more things with your Micro$oft Points.

Don't use res stones at all!
Most important thing! All those weapons and armor can be obtained from pots and if you die just replay the dungeon. When you get the hang of the game you should be able to finish story and King's roads (sealed temple can be hard alone) alone if needed. You have to save all those res stones for Floating Gardens.

Your character, most important skills and equipment to get (and reinforce):


  • Gunner (believe me Gunner is the best character for FG when lvl 20)


  • Gatling gun and Flamethrower (other skills are up to you)

Equipment (this equipment makes your life easy):

  • Weapon: Chassepot Musket (use for piercing ability) or Liberator
  • Armor: whole Rock Star set or Buffalo Criminal set
  • Accessories: Cranial Armlet, Goontram, Lala Miss Dragon

You will probably get to lvl 20 fairly easy and then it's pretty much all about grinding for equipment you still need. This is also a good time to get friends for the last challenge. You'll need at least one but I prefer to have at least 2 team mates when going for the final shutdown achievement. More lvl 20 Gunners, the easier your life will be.

Note: You can't use healing items on Floating Garden so don't stack on those for nothing. Only one you can use is Fortune coin which has 50% chance of giving life or taking life but from what I know it can't actually kill you so get a LOT of those. You can use items that cure poison or bleeding etc and you should have them bought for FG because poison and bleeding especially are a problem in FG.

Note: You can't fail this because all the res stones you use are gone at the same second you use them, no quiting to dashboard or anything helps.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find an online party if needed.

Now that you and your team are all set it's time to hit the Floating Gardens. Floating Gardens is basically a 50 floor survival mission with King's road difficulty enemies and bosses. With Gunner you're of course using the range of your weapons as an advantage and staying away from enemies, this also helps you survive those multiple waves of enemies. Some basic tactics are to use Gatling gun on Lugurus and if they get too close you kick them away from you. Use flamethrower a LOT. Flamethrower is pretty much the best weapon to be used on everything and it's the best damage you can inflict on a boss. Remember you can hold the button for flamethrower to be used longer period of time at once.

At some point you'll die and then you should have a tiny moment to think. Sometimes when you get back at bad time even though your invincible for a short period of time you might end up finishing that wave with half of your life already lost again, remember you only have those 10 res stones but also remember that it needs to be done under 45mins not a sec longer!

Note: If you're not that good in the game I recommend going through FG couple times solo to see how far can you go. It's possible for one gunner to clear whole FG alone without dying but the achievement requires you to do it online group. I would say that when going for the achievement, if you die before floor 32 just start over if possible.

Last but not least I don't know if you can get the final shutdown achievement if you're dead at the end of Floating Garden so no matter what happens save one res stone for the last floor and if it comes to that resurrect yourself when the last floor is almost cleared (when you're sure you won't die again). The last floor is the Hell party and let me tell you it can rip you apart in seconds because you don't have healing items so be prepared for it!

Note: The final shutdown can be obtained with any character without using Micro$oft Points but I made this roadmap about Gunner because it's the easiest way possible to get this achievement.

[x360a would like to thank DarkSephiroth for this roadmap]

Dungeon Fighters unite!20
Clear a dungeon with a party of all three characters (Slayer, Gunner, Fighter) on Xbox LIVE.   (2) 

You need to clear any dungeon in a party with all characters. There is only three Characters so it's pretty usual that there is one of each on a group. Easiest and fastest done in the first dungeon: Lorien.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find an online party if needed.

Legacy digger10
Obtain 5 legacy items.   

Don't buy any Legacy Items with your Res Stones if you are NOT willing to buy more of them with Micro$oft Points! 

Legacy items might sound hard to get but you'll be seeing a LOT of them and 5 will come naturally through the game. You will find them from Danjin's and Manjin's Pots. Legacy items have their name always in green.

To the Nines!10
Complete an equipment set by collecting all of its pieces.   

You will need to complete and equip a whole set of armor. There are sets of 2, 3, 4 and 5 pieces and when you equip all the pieces of a set, the game says you got the set bonus. Easiest to obtain  is to buy all recipes from Bucken for Buffalo Criminal set. Also if you're lucky you might find any Legacy set (only 2 pieces) from pots or Goblin Armor set from dungeons.

For whole Buffalo Criminal set you need:

Clear Cube                               x122 (disassemble anything)
Ordinary leather                       x118 (Canna's shop and enemy drop)
Seal Of Keldon Xavi                   x24 (enemy drop on later dungeons)
Ordinary Hardener                     x15 (Canna's shop and enemy drop)
Cinda's forge Shop Pass         x45 (Cinda's shop)
Elemental Crystal                       x43 (disassemble rare or better)

Top of the class10
Reach SSS rank in any dungeon along King’s Road.   (5) 

King's road may be the hardest difficulty but this achievement can be done on Lorien which is the shortest dungeon. Basically you want to get combo around 45-50 to ensure SSS rank, this is easily achieved by a single combo into a launcher () then doing the same to another goblin so basically there is always at least one goblin launched as the combo will be going until the last goblin gets up. I have also noticed that time doesn't factor in ranking but use of healing items might so try not to get hit that often and you should be fine. Can be obtained with a party.

Note: If you're playing with Slayer use Moonlight Slash as it's a better launcher. Put it on one of the hot keys so it's easy to use mid combos for example +. Remember to push  twice while holding your hot key as this skill has two slashes and the last one is the launcher.

With Gunner it might be easier to use Mach Kick than launcher as it has better range but Goblins also get up faster. Try to end a decent combo with a BBQ or Gatling Gun to ensure SSS rank. (I don't put motions in skills because it's easier to use them from hot keys)

Merchant of Hendon Myre20
Exchange an item with another player via Xbox LIVE.   (3) 

There isn't actually an option 'to exchange', only 'to give' and this achievement will unlock after you give something and receive something.

Note: It doesn't have to be same person. I got this achievement by giving healing items to one guy, then we played one dungeon and he left and the next day other guy gave me some stuff and the achievement unlocked.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find an online party if needed.

Skilled for the kill20
Learn 5 new skills with one character.   

Just buy 5 new skills.

You buy skills from GSD with Sp you get as you gain more EXP.
GSD is located one map up from Mirkwood Gate in the city.

Note: You can NOT max out all the skills so think carefully what you want.

Requiem for a Goblin20
Defeat 100 Goblins.   (1) 

Should unlock with natural progression.

You will defeat thousands of Goblins when playing through the game so don't worry about this.

Reinforce the message20
Successfully reinforce a +5 weapon or armor.   

You must have Gold and Ryan Cokes to reinforce a weapon in Loton's machine.

Loton is located two maps left from Lorien gate in the city. Easy  way to get this is to get lvl 1 weapon and reinforce it 5 times.

The final shutdown10
Clear the final dungeon in under 45 minutes with two or more players in your online party.   

Final dungeon is not the Sealed temple, but the floating gardens that appears after you have beaten every dungeon on King's Road. It's basicly 50 floors of enemies and bosses on King's road difficulty and you can't use healing items. You can use items that cure poison, bleeding etc but not the ones that give you hp or mp. Only hp item you can use is fortune coin which has 50% chance to give you life or take some of your life but it won't actually kill you.

In this game you have res stones that bring you back if you die BUT the game only gives you 10 of them and if you wan't more you have to buy them with microsoft points. The reason I say this, is because this is the hardest achievement to do and you should save all the res stone you can for this. It's still possible to get 400 from this game without buying more res stones. Check the Roadmap at the start of the guide for this!

Note: If you fail to meet the time even by 1 sec, you can't get back those res stones you used (quit to dashboard doesn't work). So be prepaired!

Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find an online party if needed.

Road plow20
Clear King’s Road of all dubious creatures in single-player or multiplayer mode.   

If you have good equipment and play with gunner you should be able to clear all dungeons solo, sealed temple can be a problem though, especially with Slayer or Fighter because the boss has so crazy regen that it's easier to get one or two players to help.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find an online party if needed.

The tale from start to end20
Complete the campaign in story mode.    

Story related cannot be missed.

Unlocks after last cutscene.

They shall sing of your valor20
Complete all quests for the residents of Hendon Myre and Elvengard.   

After story you unlock three quests for King's Roads and after all dungeons are cleared on King's Road your last quest is to beat Floating Gardens, This isn't tied to the final shutdown achievement so you'll get this after clearing 50 floors whether it took you 20 mins or 2 days.

Remember you have to talk to your quest giver to complete the quest! Very very hard to do alone! Check Roadmap for tips.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find an online party if needed.

Ultimate Dungeon Fighter 40
Reach level 20 with one character.   (3) 

You should get this by playing through the story or at least when doing King's roads.

Advanced Dungeon Fighter 40
Reach level 10 with one character.   

Reaching Level 10 will come naturally when playing through the game.

Hit ′em up10
Destroy all destructible objects at least once.   (1) 

Final object to destroy is a black chest on later dungeons.

Before that just make sure you break everything at least once.

King of Combos10
Successfully rack up over 20 hit combos.   (1) 

This isn't as hard as it sounds and can be obtained in the tutorial or in the very first quest. If you're having trouble remember to use launcher () because when there is at least one enemy launched the combo will be going until the enemy gets up. Easy way is to  enemy then go to another enemy and again do the same combo, keep at least one always on the juggle state and you can keep your combo going.

Double the damage20
Clear the first dungeon with an online party of two or more players.   

Easiest to be done in the first dungeon; Lorien. Can be done on any difficulty and on any dungeon.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find an online party if needed.

Make the old new again 20
Disassemble a piece of equipment to get new items.   

Just go to Loton's machine and disassemble anything.

Loton is located two maps left from Lorien gate in the city.

I am a blacksmith20
Craft an item using a recipe.   

When you get recipe you can see what you need to craft the item by going to your inventory (), into fourth slot, select any hot key slot and roll down the list to find your recipe (recipes are always purple) and then press  to see what you need and if you have all you need just press to craft it. 

First recipe you'll probably get is from Bucken as he tells you how to use them:

Recipe: Novice Warrior Breastplate

  • Blue cube x5 (disassembled uncommon)
  • Ordinary Bone x4 (Canna's shop and enemy drop)
  • Seal of Lady Shannon Myre x1 (enemy drop)
  • Linus's Blacksmith Pass x2 (Linus's shop)
  • Elemental Crystal x1 (disassemble rare)

DarkSephiroth Credits: o0Raven0o for the exact ingredients!

The dawn of a Dungeon Fighter40
Complete your first quest.    (2) 

Story related cannot be missed.

Unlocks after the very first quest after the tutorial.

Game Info


US July 13, 2012

HDD Space Required : 394.65 mb
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