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Dungeon Siege 3 Achievement Guide

Guide By: MyPetWorm
There are 54 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 39/44 (945)
- Online: 5/44 (55)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ (Achievement Trading and Cleanup)
- Number of missable achievements: 12
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes see Worthy of Legend for more information
- Glitchy achievements: Yes (Enduring Champion & Merchant of Ehb)
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None
- Is there DLC?: Yes

  • Treasure of the Sun DLC
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 250: 2-3 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None

Welcome to "Dungeon Siege III", the game that should have had a different title, as it is nothing like it's predecessors. Regardless it is a very fun game to play and is a relatively easy game to get the 44 achievements for 1000. This game has what is commonly referred to as “Fable 2 Co-op”. What this means is that when you join someone’s game you play as their secondary characters with their stats and equipment, and most importantly for achievements, at their stage in the game. This can be used to trade almost every single achievement in the game, so make sure you make use of the Achievement Trading Thread!

Step 1: First Play Through
First off it is suggested you just run through the game on Normal, as this is good practice for Hardcore, but you can choose to just use Casual if you'd just like an easy run. If you think you're up to it you can simply attempt Hardcore straight away, and use the save points below to change the difficulty to easy to get the missables, but I highly recommend you familiarize yourself with the game first. As with most RPG's, we all have our own playing styles and thus the best character selection is based of your own playing style. On this play through, you should try to complete every secondary quest, collect over 60 lore and max out your charisma with a character to obtain Perfectionist, Lore master and Maximum Charisma.

Below is a list of places to keep saves at, as you will be able to come back here later to obtain missable achievements that you may not have obtained. The saves before the main bosses can also be used to obtain Two Girls, One Boss or Maximum Bro Fist and I Could Do This Blindfolded.

  • Before making a decision about the Gunderic Manor – One achievement for each decision.
  • Before the fight with Rajani – Rajini’s Rival
  • At level 19 – So you can trade the level 20 achievements.
  • Before the fight with the Dapper Old Gent – Archambaud’s Anathema
  • Before the boss fight in the Glitterdelve Mine - Can be used to trade Royalist Ally if you have done the prerequisites for it.
  • At the Spire Entrance - Liberator
  • Before the second Jeyne Kassynder fight – Moment of Solace
  • Before the Final Boss (Not the auto-save) – Flawless Victory and View From the Top
  • Keep the final boss auto-save - Can be used to trade for the achievements to beat the game as each character.

Step 2: Hardcore Difficulty
Unless you decided to do your first playthrough in this difficulty, it is now your next step. Hopefully after playing through the game, you will have learnt your characters abilities and how to use them to your advantage, as well as how to dodge and block specific attacks. The reason I say this is because unlike a lot of games out now, this difficulty is actually hard.The general mobs in this game aren’t that hard, as you can always run away when needed. The bosses however will be the problem, as you are constricted to their small area. Simply try it a few times to work out a method that works for you, and if it is proving too difficult, you’ll need to go back and level up a bit more to make it easier on yourself. The only boss that I would think is actually extremely hard in this game is the same boss fight many players find themselves stuck at, the first fight with Jeyne Kassynder. Make sure you have the best possible gear from the shop in the East Garden, and are at the maximum level for the time of 27. It took my friend and I around 4-5 hours to conquer this fight using many different methods, so don't give up! It is easy going from then on.

Step 3: Cleanup
There are a few achievements that require simple cleaning up tactics to achieve, such as the conversation ones and Merchant of Ehb. If you follow the achievement guide you should find it easy enough to obtain the last ones. For the other character specific achievements, you can trade them by joining a game either at level 19 or at the last boss respectively as the character you need the achievement as, then just fulfill it. If you need help with them, simply go to the achievement trading thread here at x360a and help out and get help from other fellow gamers! Or if you do not have Live, you can use a playthrough on a second account (Does not need to be Gold or even Silver) as the same character you played through on your main account, and use local gameplay to trade with yourself.

Treasure of the Sun DLC

Abbreviated Walkthrough:

The Treasure of the Sun DLC can be started at the Stonebridge Chapterhouse. After beginning the DLC, you will travel through the Causeway system to arrive in the Aranoi Desert. The same tactics that you used during the main game work here.

Seven achievements in the DLC are earned by completing the DLC quest line. You will receive two achievements by journeying to the Abbey. Opening the vault will give you the next three. And completing the final area will give you the final two.

The remaining three achievements are earned for doing various tasks in the desert. To earn The Worm Has Turned you need to defeat a giant worm in the area before the Abbey. The Path Not Taken is earned by entering the fountain in the abbey and paying the 20,000 gold to respec your character. Confirmed Shriner is earned by lighting flames at three shrines throughout the desert. The location of the three shrines are:

  • Near the Giant Worm you killed for The Worm Has Turned
  • Near the beginning of the Crimson Flats area. Go north a short distance
  • Near the Temple of Azunai

If you have trouble finding any of the shrines or the giant worm, there is a side quest for both allowing you to follow a gold line to them.

[XBA would like to thank MyPetWorm for this roadmap]

[XBA would like to thank exit9500 for the DLC roadmap]

You completed your quest, plus all other secondary quests in the game.    (21) 

The secondary achievements in this game can be missed, if you do not do them correctly. It is not that you can easily miss doing them, it is simply that if you do not hand them in before continuing the main quest you can make it impossible to finish it (So make sure you hand them in before continuing the main quests!).

Main quests are not missable. 

Secondary (Location) [Notes]

Ravens Rill 

  • The Widow’s Revenge (Town)
  • Prized Possession (Town)
  • The Fishing Hole (Town)
  • Unlucky Merchant (You will run into him on the way to “The Widow’s Revenge”)
  • Gunderic Manor (After Freeing Anjali)
  • Hiding Out (Ravens Rill Town) [Will get automatically when leaving]

Gunderic Manor

  • A Wayward Soul (Gunderic Manor) [You have to destroy the stone]

East Forest

  • A Loss for words (At the very beginning on a body) [Very hard to miss, you basically walk over it]

Heroes Crypt

  • Heroes of Old (Outside Chapterhouse) [Not missable really, you’ll get talked to]
  • Relics of another age (Outside Entrance)


  • Lost in the Swamp (Royal army camp)
  • Missionary Work (Outside First Peoples camp) [She will be waiting there on your way out]


  • Supply Lines (As you enter town)
  • Mediations (Meister Hall, Fizzlewick, Two Parts)
  • Cryptic inheritance (Outside Crypts of the Sacred Blood)
  • Major Malfunction (Outside Crypts of the Sacred Blood)
  • Proof of sabotage (After Major Malfunction)
  • Uncovering the Past (Meister Hall, Mudgutter) [You can only get this after defeating the Dapper Old Gent]

Crypts of the Sacred blood

  • Stolen Shipments (Found after finding one of the three parts) [They look like scrolls on a box, in the side rooms. After finding one, it will guide you to the other two]


  • Cogs and Wheels (Foundry Entrance)
  • Hostage Situation (Inside) [A man in a cage will give it to you]

Glitterdale Mountain

  • Making an Entrance (Outside)
  • Untamed Mountain (kaari pass)
  • Ibsen's Cave (Kaari pass)
  • All that Glitters (Inside)
  • The Prototype (Inside)
  • Building Bridges (Inside)

Spire Bailey

  • Dungeon Siege (In the gardens) [See the Liberator achievement for details]
Maximum Charisma15
You achieved the highest possible influence with one of your companions.    (9) 

When having conversations, you will get a few options to choose from. Some options will give you positive influence with specific members of your squad, and you will want to aim to fill up the influence of just one of your squad members. You will also gain influence for completing quests with that companion.

There is a glitch almost at the very end of the game which you can use to max out your influence with one or all of your squad. After defeating Jeyne, you will end up back at the Legion chapter house. After travelling down stairs and towards the East Forest, you will be greeted by a cut scene of some burning debris falling behind you to prevent you from going backwards. You will be standing next to a save, and will have two doors in front of you that you must go through to get outside. Save the game and then travel through the doors, to which you will be greeted by kind words from your companion and gain influence with them. Head back to the save and save again - reload it and head through the door again, making sure to spam  so that it closes and opens again. Save again and repeat until you have full influence with your companion.

MyPetWorm Credits: PS3 player Frogcat.

Show Off25
You've paraded about in nothing but rare items.   (6) 

There are 4 different types of items;

  1. White – Common
  2. Green – Uncommon
  3. Blue – Rare
  4. Orange – Ultimate

Just make sure every item you are wearing is Blue or Orange, including a ring and amulet. You will probably get this without realizing it later on in the game, but if you don't, there are plenty of shops later on that sell lots of rare and ultimate equipment.

Worthy of Legend100
You completed Dungeon Siege III at the highest difficulty level.    (61) 

This is the hardest achievement in the game. The simplest way to get this is to find a friendly gamer who has a save at the end of the game on this difficulty and beat it with them. Overall, this just requires some dedication to beating it, and accepting that it will take you many hours. The only battle that I consider “Near to impossible” is the first fight with Jeyne, as you get overwhelmed way too quickly. Practice, practice, practice! Remember to level up if you are finding something too hard.

We Are Legion10
You have gathered a full party of Legion descendants.    (9) 

You will get this achievement after getting your last party member in Stonebridge. The first two characters will be obtained auotmatically. To get the third, when you are in stonebridge get all of the quests from the Meisters. One of them will be to deal with the Krug in the prision in the same bulding, do this quick quest and the third member will appear. This will not work if you have people playing in your game as characters you haven’t gathered yet.

Circle of Friends15
You achieved at least one level of influence with all three of your companions.    (3) 

You should find you unlock this achievement after just playing through the game. If you haven’t got “Friend” status with a certain character, then use them as your companion to gain more influence with them. It shouldn’t come down to that though in an overall playthrough.

Archambaud's Anathema20
During your fight against the Dapper Old Gent, you destroyed 50 of his Automatons.    (2) 

This is very easy to achieve. He will continually spawn these automatons over the whole battle and they are very easy to destroy. The achievement unlocks after defeating him, so just make sure you’re well over 50 before you finish the battle.

Moment of Solace20
Force Jeyne to flee before defeating her handmaids.    (1) 

During the second round with Jeyne, you will fight her with two of her handmaids. All you need to do is go for Jeyne until she flees, without killing the other two first. This is very easy to achieve when you’re going for it. You will get the achievement the moment she flees.

Rajani's Rival20
You bested Rajani without needing to heal yourself.    (14) 

This is the first major boss battle that you will encounter. My advice is to level up first on enemies to make the fight easier overall. 

For Rajani's rival, health regeneration triggered as Anjali via Talents won't void the achievement and you can be revived by the AI. Just don't heal yourself with +

View From The Top50
You have achieved the maximum level.   (7) 

Maximum level in this game is 30. If you are quite far away from it by the last boss, then simply continue to save and reload at the last save in the East Forest. This will cause the enemies to continue to spawn, and you can just defeat them, save and load over and over until you are level 30.

Merchant of Ehb5
You sold over 100,000 coins worth of items.   (12) 

Easiest way to do this is to wait until you are later on in the game. Simply head over to a merchant, unequip yourself and sell everything. Then buy it all back, sell it, buy it all back over and over until it unlocks. Don’t worry about gold, you buy it back at the same price you sell it for, so you can just continue until you have unlocked it.

Lock, Stock, and Invocation15
You have completed the main quest as Katarina.    (2) 

Note: This achievement can be won by defeating the last boss on someone else's game while playing as Katarina.

The Calculus of Victory15
You have completed the main quest as Reinhart.    (2) 

Note: This achievement can be won by defeating the last boss on someone else's game while playing as Reinhart.

Fiery Judgment15
You have completed the main quest as Anjali.    (1) 

Note: This achievement can be won by defeating the last boss on someone else's game while playing as Anjali.

Welcome to the Winner's Circle100
You have restored the Legion and saved the land of Ehb.    (3) 

You will achieve this after defeating the Reborn God. You can also achieve this by simply beating the Reborn God on someone else’s game.

Guardian of Ehb15
You have completed the main quest as Lucas.    (1) 

Note: This achievement can be won by defeating the last boss on someone else's game while playing as Lucas.

Guardian Legend15
You reached level 20 as Lucas.   

Simply get to level 20 with this character to achieve this. Easily done by joining someone else’s game at level 19 and getting to level 20 as Lucas.

Two Perfect Tens15
You reached level 20 as Katarina.   (3) 

Simply get to level 20 with this character to achieve this. Easily done by joining someone else’s game at level 19 and getting to level 20 as Katarina.

Archon Adept15
You reached level 20 as Anjali.   

Simply get to level 20 with this character to achieve this. Easily done by joining someone else’s game at level 19 and getting to level 20 as Anjali.

Maximum Bro Fist20
Playing co-op as Lucas and Reinhart, you defeated a boss.   (2) 

This must be done on a major boss – Rajani, Old Dapper Gent, Jeyne or the Reborn God. It takes an hour to rush to the point where you fight Rajani, then you can just use local or online multiplayer to have a second player play as the other male character you aren’t playing as (After 30 seconds of inactivity, a local partner will become AI and follow you just like before, but you will still be in co-op).

Two Girls, One Boss20
Playing co-op as Anjali and Katarina, you defeated a boss.   (10) 

This must be done on a major boss – Rajani, Old Dapper Gent, Jeyne or the Reborn God. It takes an hour to rush to the point where you fight Rajani, then you can just use local or online multiplayer to have a second player play as the other female character you aren’t playing as (After 30 seconds of inactivity, a local partner will become AI and follow you just like before, but you will still be in co-op).

Epic Scholarship15
You reached level 20 as Reinhart.   

Simply get to level 20 with this character to achieve this. Easily done by joining someone else’s game at level 19 and getting to level 20 as Reinhart.

You have discovered 60 lore entries in one adventure.    (6) 

Self explanatory, you just need to find 60 lore items in one save game or be in one that does. Lore comes in the form of Books, Bookshelves and the occasional poster/scroll. As there are 70 Lore in the game, you do NOT need to collect every single one.

See the Lore Location Guide.

Of One Mind5
You have agreed on dialogue choices 20 times in one session.   (2) 

You and your partner need to both pick the same reply 20 times in a single session. You must make sure that player 2 picks first, because as soon as player 1 picks it accepts that response.

You have disagreed on dialogue choices 20 times in one session.   

You and your partner need to both pick a different reply 20 times in a single session. You must make sure that player 2 picks first, because as soon as player 1 picks it accepts that response.

Enduring Champion10
Over your career, you have sustained at least 100,000 points of damage.   (8) 

Contrary to the description, you seem to actually need to do this in one session. Many people have earned the Deed for this, but not the achievement. Best done at the end of the game at the Spire with a friend, just kill everything except the big Ogres, and then let them hurt/kill you over and over while your friend revives you. Takes quite a while to achieve if you’ve managed to avoid damage for most the game.

Another option, if you have time to kill, is to travel to the Glitterdelve mines. Simply find a crack in the ground that spits fire, and stand on it. As you die, your partner will come revive you. This will just keep happening until you have the achievement. Make sure you watch the first death though, as the AI are dumb enough to stand on the fire as well and cause a game over.

MyPetWorm Credits: Cordeirooo for this achievement method.

Flawless Victory25
You defeated the reborn god without needing to be revived by a companion.    (1) 

This is the final boss. It is not that difficult to achieve, as this boss is quite easy. At the start just focus on getting his hand destroyed. When you are up to the next part and he is spawning enemies, just ignore them until he sucks them up again and rests his head on the ground. When he gets back up, just re-dodge roll around until he sucks them up again. Not very hard to do overall.

If you join someone else’s game to get this achievement, you must load it up at the save in the East Forest, not the auto-save just before the boss as this will void the achievement for you.

I Could Do This Blindfolded25
You defeated a major opponent using only your default equipment.    (11) 

This is actually quite a hard task. The major opponents are Rajani, The Old Dapper Gent, Jeyne and the Reborn God. You must have unequipped all items to your default equipment, and make sure you are not wearing any rings or amulets as these will void the achievement.

This is easier done with a friend, as they can still use all of their normal equipment and defeat the boss as you just hide away.

Party of Four25
You were part of a four-player party that completed the game together.    (19) 

Simply defeat the Reborn God as a 4 player party to get this achievement.

Fellowship of the Ding10
You took part in a level-up while in a four-player game.   (4) 

Simply get a level up while in a full party of 4.

Nerds Hate Sunlight15
You and a friend have played for three hours in one session.   (27) 

To get this you must play with a friend for 3 hours in one single session, online or in local co-op. It appears that the timer stops when you are in the menu, as everyone seems to have it unlock a little bit after the 3 hour mark, but just keep playing and you will get there.

MyPetWorm Credits: Luse666 for figuring out Local was possible.

Helping Hand10
While joined to another player's game, you used an empowered Defensive Ability to assist the party.   (7) 

Cannot be done in local. This seems likes a very hard achievement, but just takes 15 minutes of grinding.

First, join someone else’s game. You then need to head to somewhere with some enemies, preferably small fast ones like the small spiders, and go stand in the middle of them with block activated (). What this will do is charge up your Focus Spheres with every hit you take. Using these, every 5 seconds you can cast the healing spell on yourself (+). After casting it around 100 times, you will unlock the Empowered version of this power. You then need 2 power spheres charged, and holding down both right and left trigger, hit  to use it. The achievement should unlock immediately.

You were part of a conversation wherein four players were all in agreement as to what to say.   (1) 

When in a party of 4 players, get the 3 players who have joined to pick the same response.

Player 1 can then pick it as well (last), and you will get this achievement.

Military Intelligence5
You were part of a conversation wherein four players were all in disagreement over what to say.   (14) 

When in a part of 4 players, you need to wait until you get to a conversation with 4 options. When you get one, have each player pick a separate one.

Make sure player 1 picks last.

Secret Achievements
Stonebridge Alliance25
You forged an alliance between Stonebridge and the 10th Legion.    

Story related.

You will get this after your fight with the Dapper Old Gent.

Long Live the Queen25
You broke the siege of Glitterdelve and saved Queen Roslyn.    

Story Related.

You will get this after finishing the last main quest in the Glitterdelve mine.

Through the Murky Mire25
You survived a journey through the Eastern Swamp.    

Story Related.

You will get this after dealing the the First People, and then leaving the swamp for Stonebridge.

Sacred Meeting25
You spoke to the Radiant Youth in the Mournweald.    

Story related.

After going through the East Forest for the first time you will get this.

Trial by Fire25
You defeated the archon, Rajani.    

Story related. 

You will get this after defeating your first major boss, Rajani.

Aspire to Victory25
You stormed the Spire and defeated Jeyne Kassynder.    

Story related.

After defeating Jeyne for a third time, you will get this achievement.

You freed all the prisoners in the Spire.    

As you enter the Spire, in the first garden in the West direction there will be a golden pressure plate in the corner. This will unlock the gate to the dungeon in the middle of the North Garden, which will also give you the “Dungeon Siege” side quest. After finishing that quest and letting all of the prisoners go, you will get this achievement. 

Royalist Ally5
You have shown unwavering support to the Crown.    (9) 

To get this achievement you must have completed all Royalist side quests, in both the Glitterdelve Mine and the swamp. After you have completed all of these quests, continue the main story line until you are up to the Warbeast in the Mines. After defeating it, you will end up talking to the Queen. Agree to spare Jeyne's life, and after this conversation this achievement as well as a deed of the same name will unlock.

Lescanzi Ally5
You ceded control of Gunderic Manor to Leona.    

After defeating the lord of the Gunderic Manor, you get a choice to keep control of the Manor or give it away. If you give it away, you will get this achievement. Reload a save to get the opposite one as well!

Legion Caretaker5
You decided that Gunderic Manor should remain in Legion hands.    (1) 

After defeating the lord of the Gunderic Manor, you get a choice to keep control of the Manor or give it away. If you keep it, you will get this achievement. Reload a save to get the opposite one as well!

DLC: Treasures of the Sun
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 10 Points: 250
Litany Learned40
Learn the recitation in the Temple of Azunai.   

As you continue through the desert, you will basically come to an end. This temple is located around there, and has a little goblin outside of it giving you a quest for the Temple. Simply follow with the quest, and you will net this achievement.

Anointed Ointment40
Collect the sacred oil in Sandspring Cavern.    

Main Questline, can't be missed.

Located at the very end of the area.

Mistress of the Abbey10
Meet Eleanor in the Abbey.    

Main Questline, simply talk with her to gain this achievement.

The Worm Has Turned30
Defeat the Giant Sand Worm.   

In the same desert area you first enter, at the very end you will find a bridge you need to cross. Don't cross it, instead head south to find a sign post giving you this quest, and the giant sand worm just a little further on.

All Ye Who Enter Here10
Perform the ritual and gain access to the Agallan Vault.    

Main Questline, can't be missed.

After returning back from the desert to the abbey, you will do this.

The Path Not Taken10
Respec your character at least once.   (1) 

Upon entering the village, there is a fountain in the middle that you can walk into. Walking into it should prompt the game to offer you to respect your character(s), for 20,000 coin. Simply save at the save point right next to it, get your achievement, and reload.

It Ain't Lion10
Speak to the Lamasu.    (1) 

Directly after defeating the high priest, you will get the chance to talk to a statue, named Lamasu.

Mummy Dearest70
Defeat High Priest Molochi.    (1) 

Main Questline, can't be missed.

He is located inside the abbey Agallan vault, pretty much at the end.

Bones on the Sand10
Survive your first encounter in the Aranoi Desert.    

Upon winning your first encounter with the an undead mob you will gain this.

Confirmed Shriner20
Light the sacred flames at all three desert shrines.   

It's hard to miss the quest start for this, it is located at the very start of the DLC.

  • The first one is located in the very first desert area, near the entrance to the giant worm.
  • The second one is located almost right at the start of the crimson flats area, simply go north.
  • The third is at the very end of the area, near the temple of Azunai.

Game Info
Square Enix


US June 21, 2011
Europe June 17, 2011

Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $14.99USD
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