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Dynasty Warriors 7 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Setsuna
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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  • Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
  • Offline: 50
  • Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 75+ Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4 Story Mode/1 Conquest mode
  • Number of missable achievements: None
  • Glitched achievements: None
  • Does difficulty affect achievements? : No
  • Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No
Dynasty Warriors 7 is the 7th installment in the Dynasty Warriors franchise by Koei. Just like the other games the story revolves around the novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” but also adds characters from novels that correlate with it and expands on the story a bit by adding the new Jin Kingdom. The game features improved graphics, in-game customisation and a new Conquest mode.

Typically in this sort of game there are no real steps you have to take in your quest to  its just a matter of "what way would be the fastest", so follow these steps and you should get all the achievements in the fastest time possible for your own convenience.

Yes a tutorial for a Dynasty Warriors game (which honestly consists of three portions for different ways of attacking). Though it may sound odd it is actually pretty helpful and you get a free achievement for it. The tutorial will give newcomers an idea of how Dynasty Warriors is played as well as give veterans an understanding of a couple of the different features such as Weapon Switch and Skill Points. When you finish this short portion you should unlock the following achievement:
  • Boot Camp Graduate
Story Mode:
Next you want to go straight into your Story Mode playthroughs, if you are familiar with the story of the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" then you can probably skip all the dialog and go straight into the battles. There are a little over 20 stages for each Kingdom and there are 4 Kingdoms you must play through. A lot of achievements will unlock naturally through his portion however don't forget to get the following while you are at it:
  • Perfect Battle
  • Speedy Warrior
Conquest Mode:
Conquest Mode is sort of the "Free Mode" of Dynasty Warriors 7. To unlock other stages you must complete a stage that is on a hex right next to it and from there you continue to expand and finish your conquest of China. In this step you just want to complete all of the stages so you can move to the more time consuming step that comes right after. The achievement you will be aiming for is:
  • Ultimate Conqueror

Conquest Mode (Grinding):
During this step you will be grinding out your Bonds, Fame and Collector achievements. You could do them one at a time to keep complete focus on them however it is much more recommended that you try doing things at the same time. While trying to max out the bonds of your characters or while you are grinding out the seals from each weapon make sure you use different characters to save yourself the trouble of having to Skill Point grind too many characters in the end. Aside from those simply follow the instructions in the guide for any achievement you may be missing at this point, your primary focus during this step should be "Meticulous Collector" and everything that pertains to it.

In the end Dynasty Warriors 7 was a great addition to the franchise for those who enjoy the series, the 1000 is a bit time consuming and has many repetitive times but nonetheless it's a pretty easy game to complete.

[X360A Would Like to Thank Setsuna for this Road Map]

Hero of the Ages30
Increased your fame to 1 million or more in Conquest Mode.   (16) 

You are given fame for multiple things in the game such as the following:

  • Completing a mission
  • Fulfilling another officer's request in battle (such as taking over another base)
  • Defeating ambush units that appear

The amount of fame you gain is also dependent on the difficulty you are playing on so playing everything strictly on beginner difficulty will not get you anywhere. During your grinding achievements  start playing the game on normal when you have a much stronger character. That way the stages will be as easy as if you were playing in on beginner without wasting any unneeded time and by the time you finish everything for “Meticulous Collector” you should unlock this.

Renowned Warrior10
Increased your fame to 500,000 or more in Conquest Mode.   

Please refer to “Hero of the Ages” for more information.

Wandering Fighter10
Increased your fame to 100,000 or more in Conquest Mode.   

Please refer to “Hero of the Ages” for more information.

Friend of Wu10
Completed all of the Wu Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.   

The Wu Alliance Battles start near the Qing Province and move downward.

Friend of Shu10
Completed all of the Shu Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.   (3) 

The Shu Alliance Battles start near the Si Province (two hex away from it, northwest from the Province) and moves southwest.

Friend of Jin10
Completed all of the Jin Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.   

The Jin Alliance Battles start east of Si Province (about three hexes away) and moves South.

A Warrior of the People10
Made all Dynasty Warriors officers available as sworn allies in Conquest Mode.   (14) 

To make an officer become sworn allies with you must first complete at least one of their Legendary Battles so they can start appearing in towns, then just simply refer to “Consensus Builder” for more information about increasing their bonds enough to make them a sworn ally (which is usually about 2 bars). The easiest way to do this however is complete their first Legendary battle and then meet them in town to increase your bond with them afterwards finish the remaining legendary battles and a majority of the time they will show up in a capital city again where they will become sworn allies with you, if this is not the case you can follow one of the methods under “Consensus Builder” to increase their bonds enough to make them a sworn ally, the simplest would be to hire them as a reinforcement from a merchant

Answered all of the Scholar's quiz questions correctly in Conquest Mode.   (21) 

A Scholar will appear in one of your capital cities after every couple of successful missions and he will have 5 questions for you. This is probably one of the most tedious achievements in the game, however there are solutions for this. After you have unlocked all of the capital cities the Scholar will just stay in the cities forever and you can continually speak with him to take the quiz. The odds of getting asked a question you already got correct are very slim so once you've answered a question right you probably won't see it again until you have unlocked this achievement.

Now for those of you fortunate enough to have a controller with turbo on it you can actually do this in your sleep, after you have unlocked all the capital cities speak with the Scholar and then set your turbo setting to on for the button and the game will answer the Scholar's questions at lightning speed which is much quicker than looking up the answers manually. Leave it on overnight and wake up with your achievement.

GameFAQs Dynasty Warriors 7: Scholar Quiz Guide

[Special Thanks to CEmAN4 of GameFAQs for this guide]

Completed 10 or more Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode.   

Legendary Battles are battles in which you play as the character in question and you fight through battles that pertain to their background and/or story. Legendary Battle hex’s contain 2-3 battles which all individually count towards this achievement. The earliest Legendary Battles you can complete for this achievement are:

  • Liu Bei Legendary Battles 1-2
  • Xiahou Dun Legendary Battles 1-3
  • Xing Cai Legendary Battles 1-3
  • Sima Yi Legendary Battles 1-2
Consensus Builder60
Maxed out your bond with every officer in Conquest Mode.   (6) 

There are many ways to increase your bonds with an officer, you can do any of the following:

  • Hire them through a merchant (through this way they will appear in battle around a minute after mission start)
  • Have them set as your sworn ally
  • If you are in battle with them as your ally you will get a slight boost if you have the Congeniality seal equipped to them
  • If you rescue them in battle
  • If they are your commander in certain missions

When maxing out your bonds you want to obtain max amount of bond increases you can at a time. First make sure the weapon you are going to be killing people with as Congeniality equipped as does the second weapon, when selecting that second weapon make sure it is one that has Congeniality equipped as well.

Ideally you want to complete every legendary characters stages before starting to grind out their bonds. The best stage to grind out bonds is the “Conflict at Shouchun” located in northwestern part of the map right above Zhang He’s legendary battle hex. What makes this stage amazing for bonds is that you can increase 3-4 characters bonds at once and in under 1-2 minutes at a time. You will get these bond increases through the following:

  1. Having them as your ally
  2. Rescuing them in battle (Randomized)
  3. Having them as your commander (Usually a member of the Wu Kingdom)
  4. Hiring them to help you in battle (which can be done every 2-3 successful mission if you hire them from the merchant)

At the start of the mission you can simply run straight ahead into the base in front of you and rescue an officer for a bond increase, if you have already maxed out their bonds you can just skip out on saving them (their tough enough). Then you can run straight for the main enemy officer and kill them. After killing the officer you will get a bond increase from your ally and the commander of the stage, if you had a hired officer they will get an increase as well (if you hired them make sure to wait until they appear on the battlefield before killing the enemy officer). You can complete this mission getting all these bonds in less than 1 minute making it one of the most efficient methods.

After getting their bonds up to the half way point they will appear in the city to ask you a question , at this point make sure you save before answering their question, if you get the question wrong nothing will happen however if you get it correct you will get a significant increase in their bonds which will help speed up the process.

Follow this link to find out which officer appears in what capital city when you want to hire them from a merchant: DW Wiki/DW7 Merchant Availability

A Man's Warrior10
Maxed out your bond with 5 or more male officers in Conquest Mode.   

A majority of the characters in the game are male and so you will unlock this naturally as you are grinding out “Consensus Builder“.

A Hit with the Ladies10
Maxed out your bond with 5 or more female officers in Conquest Mode.   

You will unlock this naturally as you are grinding out “Consensus Builder“. For those of you who can’t tell the difference between male and female, here is a list of the female characters in the game from each kingdom:


  • Cai Wenji
  • Zhen Ji


  • Da Qiao
  • Lian Shi
  • Sun Shang Xiang
  • Xiao Qiao


  • Bao Sanniang
  • Xing Cai
  • Yue Ying


  • Wang Yuanji


  • Diao Chan
  • Zhu Rong
Friend of Wei10
Completed all of the Wei Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.   

For this and all Alliance Battles you must clear 5 missions of Alliance battles for that Kingdom each of which are scattered somewhere on the grid of Conquest. Kingdoms are usually located around each other and have a sort of a path to them.

The Wei Alliance Battles start near the Si Province and moves directly South.

Emperor of Wu10
Completed the story of Wu.    

Please refer to “Emperor of Wei” for more information.

Emperor of Shu10
Completed the story of Shu.    (1) 

Please refer to “Emperor of Wei” for more information.

Emperor of Jin10
Completed the story of Jin.    (7) 

Please refer to “Emperor of Wei” for more information.

True Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms90
Obtained all achievements.       (53) 

Simply attain all of the ahievements and this will unlock.

Grand Emperor30
Completed all kingdoms' stories.    

This will unlock after you have completed all of the stories.

Emperor of Wei10
Completed the story of Wei.    

In each Story there consist of 20+ stages divided in separate ”volumes” (chapters) in story mode. Once you have completed all the stages for each Kingdom you will unlock their respective achievement.

Yellow Turbans Eliminated10
Completed the Yellow Turban Rebellion with one of the forces in Story Mode.   

In the story modes of Wei, Wu and Shu complete the following stages in the first volume of the story for this achievement:

  • Yellow Turban Rebellion – Part 1
  • Yellow Turban Rebellion – Part 2
Ultimate Conqueror30
Completed all stages in Conquest Mode except for downloadable battles.   (3) 

For this you must clear all the stages in Conquest Mode (turning each hex gold), this also includes clearing every individual stage in each Legendary Battle, after you have completed all of them you will unlock a movie for “Movie Collector” and unlock your achievement.

Valor In The City60
Unlocked all capital cities in Conquest Mode.   

There are a total of 14 unlockable capital cities in Conquest mode (1 of which is already unlocked at the start), to unlock a capital city you must first clear a hex that should connected right next to it all named “Battle for ___ Province” in these battles you simply have to kill one enemy officer in the city to unlock it. Here is a list of the capital cities:

  1. You Province
  2. Ji Province
  3. Bing Province
  4. Shi Province
  5. Liang Province
  6. Yi Province
  7. Yan Province
  8. Qing Province
  9. Xu Province
  10. Yu Province
  11. Jing Province
  12. Yong Province
  13. Yang Province
  14. Jiao Province
A New Challenger Appears10
Completed the stories of Wei, Wu and Shu, and unlocked the story of Jin.    

This will unlock after you have completed Wei, Wu and Shu’s story.

Conqueror of Chibi10
Completed the Battle of Chibi with one of the forces in Story Mode.    

In the story modes of Wei, Wu and Shu complete the following stages in the second volume of the story for this achievement:

  • Battle of Chibi - Part 1
  • Battle of Chibi - Part 2
Dong Zhuo's Worst Nightmare10
Completed the Elimination of Dong Zhuo with one of the forces in Story Mode.    

In the story modes of Wei, Wu and Shu complete the following stages in the first volume of the story for this achievement:

  • Elimination of Dong Zhuo - Part 1
  • Elimination of Dong Zhuo - Part 2
God of War30
Achieved a total of more than 100,000 K.O.s over the course of the game.   (6) 

You will definitely unlock this naturally as you grind out other achievements. If you are in a rush for this you can simply repeatedly play 'Battle for Supremacy' which will also net you enough kills for “Unrivaled Warrior“.

Army of One10
Defeated 1,000 or more enemies in a single battle.   (1) 

Please refer to “Unrivaled Warrior” for more information.

Unrivaled Warrior30
Defeated 3,000 or more enemies in a single battle.   (17) 

One of the easiest stages to unlock this in is none other than 'Battle of Supremacy', which is located at the very bottom of the grid located west of the Ji Province. Assuming there’s at least 900 troops within each Kingdom’s respective areas then you should have just enough when you face the Jin Kingdom whom reveal themselves after you finish off the first 3 Kingdom’s so as long as you play through this stage killing every last person you should net a little over 3,000 K.Os by the time it’s over.

Don't run straight to the enemy commander just like in the method for grinding out seals and skill points. Instead avoid him at all cost and make him your last officer to kill from each force.

Learned all skills with any officer.   (1) 

To learn skills with an officer you must press and select Officer Info and then select Skills. There you will be able to purchase skills for each of your characters, the cost for each character differs between themselves. To purchase these skills you must kill officers in battle and they will give you 12+ skill points per kill. For a quick method to earning skill points please refer to “Audio Collector“. Ideally you can easily earn this by playing Story mode.

Weapon Aficionado10
Obtained all weapons of a single type, except for downloadable ones.   (3) 

Please refer to “Weapon Collector” for more information.

Obtained a total of more than 1 million gold over the course of the game.   

You will unlock this naturally as you grind out other achievements.

Combo Master10
Achieved a 50+ combo.   (15) 

The easiest way to obtain a 50+ combo is with the following method: First press and select Weapons, there scroll down to the very bottom and equip the Bow. Next go into any stage and play through it until you reach your first officer, make sure you are mounted on your horse (If the horse is not there simply press to call it. Sit yourself right next to the enemy officer and spam your strong attack and continue to spam it even when the officer is already dead, the arrows should continue to build up the combo up until you hit 50.

Speedy Warrior10
Completed a battle within 1 minute.   (3) 

You should be able to get this when starting any of the Kingdom’s Story mode. Set the difficulty to Beginner and head straight for the main enemy officer(s) and kill them. You should also be able to unlock “Perfect Battle” through this method.

OK, you can pursue Lu Bu10
Defeated Lu Bu for the first time.   (10) 

This will unlock when you kill Lu Bu for the first time, this can be done in any mode however if you are playing Story mode you should be able to kill him for the first time in Battle for Xiapi.

Used healing items a total of 100 or more times over the course of the game.   

Healing items range from two different variant of meat buns which can be found from enemy drops and pots scattered around the map. This should unlock naturally with normal progression.

Boot Camp Graduate10
Completed all lessons in the tutorial.   

In the main menu select tutorial and clear the following lessons:

  1. Basic Training
  2. Attacking
  3. Applied Attacking
  4. Advanced Attacking
  5. Comprehensive Training
Perfect Battle30
Completed a battle without taking any damage.   (9) 

Please refer to “Speedy Warrior” for more information.

Good Listener10
Heard all conversations.    (11) 

This achievement is a bit misleading as it implies that you must speak with everyone in the camps during story mode however that it not the case. The conversations refer to the main character you must speak to in order to start the mission so you will naturally unlock this achievement as you complete each kingdom's story mode.

A Step Toward Glory10
Completed the first stage in Conquest Mode.   

Simply complete your first stage in conquest mode and you will unlock this, the first two available stages are:

  1. Qing Province Solo Battle
  2. Mt. Niutou Rescue Mission
Meticulous Collector60
Unlocked all possible items in the gallery.    

For this you must unlock everything in the gallery which consists of:

  • Characters
  • Weapons
  • Guardian Animals
  • Movies
  • Events
  • Wallpaper

You will unlock everything for the gallery as you progress with the other misc. achievements.

Weapon Collector60
Obtained all weapons except for downloadable ones.    (13) 

To unlock weapons you must buy them off the Weapon Dealer in the Capital Cities, play the Treasure battle stages in Conquest mode or the battles with a sword icon on them or pick them up as drops from ace officers. There is a total of 10 weapons for each type of weapon (11 for Sword, Spear and Twin Sword). Some weapons cannot be purchased unless you are using characters like Zhuge Liang who have the smithing skill (which must be unlocked at the cost of 840 skill points). So long as you grind out the rest of the achievements then this will unlock naturally with the exception of one weapon.

After you have completed all the Quizzes from the Scholar (or basically obtained the "Quizmaster" achievement) speak with him again in any capital city one last time and get at least 4/5 questions right on a quiz and he will give you the last weapon for the Twin Swords type.

Little Conqueror10
Unlocked 7 capital cities in Conquest Mode.   

Please refer to “Valor In The City” for more information.

A Great Leap Forward10
Unlocked the first capital city in Conquest Mode.   

For this you must unlock the first capital city aside from You Province, the first capital city you will run into is Ji Province.

Eager Student10
Correctly answered 5 of the Scholar's quiz questions in a row.   

After every couple successful battles a Scholar will appear in any Capital City, speak with him and he will give you 5 questions that relate to the game and the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” novel. For answers to get them all correct in a row please refer to “Quizmaster“.

Wallpaper Collector10
Obtained all types of wallpaper.    

There are two types of wallpapers you can unlock with each character, to unlock them you must:

  1. Complete all the stages of their Legendary Battle
  2. Make them your sworn ally

Simply follow the steps under “A Warrior of the People” and you will unlock this.

Animal Collector10
Obtained all guardian animals.    (3) 

Guardian Animals can be purchased from the Merchant’s in the capital cities for 1000 gold a piece, a new guardian animal is available in the shop the next time you see him in town so long as you purchased his previous guardian animal. Besides those guardian animals there are three others you must unlock by playing the following stages in Conquest Mode:

  • Wolves of Chaos
  • Champions of Chaos
  • Battle for Supremacy

Here is a list of all the guardian animals you can unlock:

  • Mahogany
  • Birch
  • Chestnut
  • Maple
  • Shadow Runner
  • Hex Mark
  • Red Hare
  • Elephant
  • Tiger
  • Wolf
  • Panda
  • Bear
  • Falcon
Event Collector10
Viewed all events.   (2) 

Events are cut-scenes within story mode. You will unlock this naturally as you complete each kingdom's story mode.

Movie Collector30
Viewed all movies.   (10) 

There are movies in both Story Mode and Conquest Mode, to unlock the ones in story mode you must simply complete it and you will get them all. The ones in conquest mode may take awhile, the two in conquest mode are unlocked by:

  • Purchasing all the Capital Cities (Correlates with “Valor in The City“)
  • Completing every stage in Conquest Mode (Correlates with “Ultimate Conqueror“)
Audio Collector30
Unlocked all officers' voices in the gallery.   (16) 

To unlock officer voices you must meet the following requirements:

  • Learn all their skills (General)
  • Max out bonds with that characters (Conquest)

Characters used in Story mode will have their Skill Points carried over however characters you unlocked through Conquest mode will have to be started from scratch. Also keep in mind ending a mission through defeat or by ending battle in the menu will not give you your experience from that battle, so you must complete each battle the entire way.

For this you will be grinding out Skill Points and there are many recommended ways of going about doing this. First you want to equip your character with an Axe (preferably Vajra Axe) and equip it with Axe Master, Skill Points Up, Attack Up++, Officer Assassin and Synergy and then equip yourself with Staff of the Gods (which is a Shaman Rod) and equip the exact same things on it with the exception of Axe Master instead place Shaman Rod Master. There are two stages you can go about grinding out your Skill Points.

Battle of Dazzling Might:
In this stage you simply have to kill 8 officers in an arena battle, the 8 officers come at you in 4 waves of 2. The stage is really fast and with the proper set up you can net 128 Skill Points every minute.

Battle for Supremacy
Doing in this way may rack you a lot of Skill Points in the end however a lot of players feel it is too long and not worth it opposed to Battle of Dazzling Might , if you feel that you want to try it this way follow these instructions: Going into Battle of Supremacy follow the directions on this map, you want to wait by the Kingdom’s enemy commander and wait for his two commands to have his army launch a full on attack on you, afterwards go to the next area shown on the map and kill off the officers as they bring themselves to you, make sure to kill off all other officers before killing the main Kingdom’s enemy commander otherwise the other troops with retreat.

Doing it this way is much easier than other large stages where you have to go out of your way to kill an officer one by one. You get 12 Skill points per officer kill which could go up to 16 if you have the seals equipped correctly so you are looking at 444 - 592 possible skill points per battle.

Seal Collector30
Obtained all seals.   (6) 

To obtain all the seals you must first unlock all the weapons so you can unlock the seals off them. There are two ways of unlocking seals:

  1. Leaving it with the Blacksmith in the city (this will increase the progression of your weapon slowly overtime for the amount of officers you kill)
  2. By killing officers yourself with that weapon equipped (keep in mind that using your musou of a different weapon type will not count towards progression)

To upgrade your seals just follow the same instructions under “Audio Collector“, after you unlock a seal in the middle of battle you can press and just switch weapons and start your progress on a new seal right away. Just like Skill Points, progression towards Seals will be null and void if you don’t complete the stage.

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Japan March 10, 2011

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