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Earth Defense Force 2017 Achievement Guide
Guide By: Im a manatee
There are 6 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 8
Estimated time for 1000: 60-90 hours.
Minimum playthroughs: 5
Missable achievements: None!
Glitched achievements: None!
Offline: 6 (1000)
Online: 0 (0)
Cheats disable achievements: No Cheats.

This game is Hard. And time consuming. You need a minimun of 5 playthroughs for the first 5 achievements (one for each difficulty level) and around 5 hours (if you're lucky....a lot) to complete the weapon list. The estimated time refers to the coop game, since you'll need more time if you do not have a mate.


1. start the game on normal difficulty, farm each level for weapons and health.

2. finish easy as quick as you can

3. finish hard, solo or coop (best), you should have no problems

4. now it's time to work on hardest: coop is the way, 2000+ health will help a lot.

5. last. inferno. very very hard. coop ftw. 5000+ life suggested, 7000+ reccomended.

6. follow the weapons list posted on the guide and farm the remaining weapons. This will take some time, depending only on your luck.

(Very) useful tips:

- C70 bomb trick. THE trick of the game. very useful and time saving on inferno. just equip c70 bombs and the weakest of the launchers. Place a c70 under your feets, taunt the aliens, wait for the right moment. Now shoot the ground with your launcher. This will make you fly in the air for a few seconds. When in the air quickly switch to c70 again and detonate. Et Voilà you suffer NO DAMAGE while the aliens will be annihilated. Repeat as much as you need, just remember to refill your life with some medikits if you need it.

- Lysander the last Inferno stage. Can't get down that damn mothership? This is the way. Coop is a must, lysander Z will help, but lysander S is ok. Equip 2x lysanders, each one. focus on the core as soon as the ship open it. Stay on a far side of the map and keep shooting. Ignore everything else.

  [x360a would like to thank cassetto for this Road Map] 

All Stages Cleared (Easy)50
Acquired after clearing all stages in Easy mode. (2) 

This really isn't too much of a push over. You can pretty much coast through the game using your assault rifle and upgraded Stingray.

All Stages Cleared (Normal)100
Acquired after clearing all stages in Normal mode. 

This will put you to the test. Keep with a good assault rifle and an MLRA series missile or Stingray rocket and you're in great shape. By the time you finish this, you should have close to or over 1000 health. You're going to need all of it! In indoor areas, use the P79, P80, or P89 bound gun whenever you have an indoor mission.

All Stages Cleared (Hard)150
Acquired after clearing all stages in Hard mode. 

Keep gaining health, and use the most effective weapons for every stage. Co-op is definitely the way to go, and different enemies are going to require different guns.

Walking Arms should be handled with the Stingray, or go under it and use a good burst assault rifle. Dino mech is going to be some trouble. Try to use the helicopter, get behind him, and spray your assault rifle on to his skin. It is possible to land on his back after a rampage, just jump out of the copter, land on his shoulder, and pump his head full of lead.

All Stages Cleared (Hardest)200
Acquired after clearing all stages in Hardest mode. 

There really isn't advice for this, but just make sure you're being smart in your maneuvers and have a co-op partner.

All Stages Cleared (Inferno)300
Acquired after clearing all stages in Inferno mode. (9) 

Ditto the Hardest. This is impossible without a co-op partner, and by now, you should have almost all of the great weapons in your inventory. Upwards of 3000 health is a requisite, but surviving more than the first stages is miraculous. But when you're done, enjoy your genocide gun! It deals 1,000,000 damage!

One thing I failed to mention is that each difficulty must be beat on it's own, so keep track of your completion medals. Level 7 is the best level to grab weapons and health, you can usually get about 200 health in an hour if you're vigilant.

All Weapons Acquired200
Awarded after acquiring all the weapons in the game. (4) 

There are 171 weapons to the game. The whole weapon list is here.

Go all the way to the bottom. It is in table format, so make sure your browser can display this.

Game Info
D3 Publisher


US March 20, 2007
Europe March 30, 2007
Japan December 14, 2006

Players: 1-2
ESRB: Teen
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