Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon Achievement Guide

Guide By: The Pants Party
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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+Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
+Offline: Can all be done locally.
+Online: Can also all be done over Live.
+Approximate amount of time to 1000: 130+ Hours
+Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
+Number of missable achievements: None
+Do cheat codes disable achievements? None
+Does difficulty affect achievements? Chopper's Choice/Infernal Master Destroyer Deluxe
+Glitchy achievements? None
+Unobtainable achievements? None
+Extra equipment needed? None

Much like EDF 2017, this game is all about blowing shit up! There isn't too much of a story, though a bit more than the last as the levels are much longer and contain a few different objectives in each. They still don't amount to more than "move here, kill everything" but it keeps the game moving a bit more than "drop in, kill everything." The achievements are again not very difficult, though again will require a lot of time to grind out experience needed to beat Inferno, kills for the specific achievements and drops to complete your gun collection.

Step 1, Campaign:
Every level of a difficulty must be completed to earn its specific achievement. You'll see the ribbons in the upper right corner of the thumbnail inside level select. There are only 15 levels in the game, though they are much longer in comparison to 2017. If playing co-op, you'll have an easier go of it, but you'll earn less kills toward all the various achievements. However, you'll need a lot of grinding and a lot of Survival Mode anyway, so it shouldn't hinder your progress too much.

One important tip for working through the campaign achievements: the level caps are basically a requirement, not a suggestion. Once you cap out Normal and Tier 5, that means you're ready for Hard; likewise Tier 7 for Inferno. If you try to jump in at 4 (or heaven forbid 3) for Hard, you won't have enough life or a high enough damage output to do it efficiently. It certainly can be done, but the time it would take and the frustration of dying on a boss after half an hour would be more trouble than it's worth.

Campaign Tips:

  • Manual/Active Reload:By pressing X you can finally reload a gun manually, and if you hit X again in the white hot-spot in the middle of the bar, you'll finishing reloading immediately, a la Gears of War.
  • Keep Your Distance: If it can't hit you, it can't kill you. If your objective is only to kill a swarm, pick as many off outside their range as possible. If you need to blow up a hill, pick off everything until you're down to only a single spawn (6-8 enemies) and then begin moving in.
  • Focus Fire (Co-Op): If you're playing co-op, don't be a bunch of lone wolves, especially with multiple elites on screen. Set one person to take out the smaller ravagers, with the other two focused on the same elite. If only playing 2p, you should both be able to focus on the elite with your AI fending off smaller bugs.
  • Know Your Armors: Playing solo, the Tactical is your friend. The turrets are a big help, especially the plasma against an elite enemy. If in co-op, definitely mix it up. Jet/Battle is a nice 2p combo and with 3p you can pretty much go in any direction with success.
  • Keep Moving!: More than anything, standing still will get you killed. Use the right bumber to constantly be rolling away while reloading or in search of health.

Step 2, Survival Mode:
With Survival Mode, there isn't that much to do. You'll need to do at least five waves in one sitting, but other than that it is a matter of grinding out 500 total waves and 10,000 total kills. Nothing special here. This is very difficult by yourself due to the low health you are given and no revives from teammates. Definitely get some friends to play with - remember you can have up to 6 in Survival! There is a drop-in Quick Match option, so it is extremely easy to find a game and even if you start one by yourself, people are bound to drop in to help you.

Mop Up:
Kills will count in any game mode (Campaign, Survival and Remix), as well as locally or over Live. Once you've completed all the Campaign and Survival specific missions, including all weapon drops, if you still don't have any of the specific kill types, you can either grind them out in Survival or choose a mission specific to that enemy type which can be found in their respective achievements below. But remember, you don't earn experience in Survival, so if you still need work on Lifer, don't grind kills there.

Remember: kills and weapon drops DO save if you Retry/Quit a level, so you can farm very quickly if there are a few right at the beginning of a level, such as the two carriers in 2:1 and the five hectors in 3:3. However, if you die during a mission these are all lost.

If you were a fan of the first, you'll be a fan of this one. The achievements are mostly self-explanatory and don't require too much effort - though it will take some time.

[x360a would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Amateur AntKiller5
Kill 100 Ants   

See "Ant Farmer" for more info.

Welcome to the EDF10
Kill 1000 Ants   

See "Ant Farmer" for more info.

Ant Farmer25
Kill 10000 Ants   (1) 

If you don't get this while going for all the other Campaign/Survival achievements (highly unlikely), it can be worked on best during Chapter 1, Mission 4 after you blow a hole into the drainage ditch. There are three ant hills inside which will continually spawn ants until blown up. Use a turret and high tier assault rifle to rack up kills on Normal.

Kill 100 Spiders   

See "Spider Fighter" for more info.

Good Start10
Make it through 5 Survival Mode Waves in One Session   (2) 

This requires that you play through five consecutive waves without backing out to the main menu. Done solo it will be rather difficult as you won't have any revives, so try to find some friends to play with. The first map (Cornerstone) is the easiest, though Map 6 (Double Whammy) is excellent with the tank to use.

Tick Picker5
Kill 100 Ticks   

See "Tick Tock Ya Don't Stop" for more info.

Spider Fighter25
Kill 10000 Spiders   

If you don't get this while going for all the other Campaign/Survival achievements, it can be worked on best during Chapter 1, Mission 4 (Ditchslap) in Remix mode. You have a 50/50 chance of getting spiders out of the three hills inside the drainage ditch.

Tick Tock Ya Don't Stop10
Kill 5000 Ticks   (1) 

Ticks are found with the Bomber Spiders primarily, and will come out of its orange splooge shots. They are best killed with a quick-fire assault rifle, or the Battle Armor's lightning attack. If you don't have this after doing all other Campaign/Survival achievements, you can grind the remainder out on Chapter 2, Mission 5 which has two Bombers at the end with a ton of ticks coming out of them. Kill the two Mantises (Mantii?) and just let the Bombers keep spewing ticks. There are also about 50 on Map 1 (Cornerstone) in Survival Mode, Wave 2.

Hector? What?5
Kill 10 Small Hectors   

See "Hector Wrecker" for more info.

Hector Wrecker15
Kill 100 Small Hectors   

You'll get nearly 20 Small Hectors in a single Campaign playthrough, but there are three near the beginning of Chapter 1, Mission 4 or five in Chapter 3, Mission 2 that you can farm if you'd like. You'll get a ton of these on Map 1 (Cornerstone) in Survival as well.

The Sting's the Thing5
Kill 10 Wasps   

See "War Against Soaring Pests Award" for more info.

War Against Soaring Pests Award10
Kill 100 Wasps   (1) 

The best spot I've found to farm wasp kills is described in the "Scavenger" achievement description. There are dozens of them on Map 2 (Shallow Grave) of Survival as well.

It's a Start5
Destroy 100 Gunships   

See "Fleet Depleter" for more info.

Gunship Down10
Destroy 1000 Gunships   

See "Fleet Depleter" for more info.

Fleet Depleter25
Destroy 10000 Gunships   (2) 

You'll likely only get about 250 of these during a Campaign run, and not a whole lot during Survival either. However, at the end of Chapter 3, Mission 1 you can avoid killing the carrier for unlimited spawns of over a dozen each time. You can get nearly 1000/hour if you're efficient enough, using one of the homing missile launchers and deployable turrets with the Tactical armor. Play on Normal with no bots for quicker kills.

It's Bomber15
Kill 10 Bomber Spiders   

You will get this (playing solo) during the third mission of Chapter 3 on your first playthrough. If you're in co-op you may not have got all of them, so it could take some more time. Chapter 2, Mission 5 has two of them at the end, and is also a great spot for Tick kills.

Look What the Rookie Did!10
Kill 5000 enemies   

See "Who Ravages the Ravagers?" for more info.

Hangin' Tough25
Survive 100 (total) waves in Survival mode.   (3) 

See "Survive-o-Rama" for more info.

Who Ravages the Ravagers?40
Kill 25000 Enemies   (9) 

This will easily come with progression toward all the other achievements, considering you need 25,000 for ants, spiders and ticks alone.

Eyes Up!15
Destroy 10 Carriers   

See "Carrier Dropper" for more info.

Carrier Dropper25
Destroy 100 Carriers   (2) 

There are only 8 carriers in the Campaign, so this will take a bit of grinding. There are a few levels in the Campaign with two carriers each, so if you haven't got this after getting all your other kill-related achievements you can load up Chapter 2, Mission 1 to finish this off.

Nesting Instinct25
Destroy 10 Anthills/Spider Nests   

See "Homewrecker" for more info.

Destroy 100 Anthills/Spider Nests   

If you don't get this while going for all the other Campaign achievements, there are six in Chapter 1, Mission 4 which is rather short to do. Destroying these with the Pesticide weapons does not count, you need to manually arm the mines to blow them up.

Collect All Dropped Weapons   (4) 

There are 107 total drop-only weapons from "Elite" enemies/bosses. The weapons are random for the most part and will drop on any level of the game, but you only get up to Tier 4 while playing on Normal difficulty. I have had Tiers 2-6 drop on Hard so there is a bit of overlap there, with Tier 7 being reserved to Inferno (though any Tier can drop on Inferno, all the way down to T2). There is only one Tier 8 weapon for each armor, which is a gift for maxing the respective armor's level. Weapons in your inventory that came from a drop will have a biohazard symbol on the left side.

Playing Chapter 3, Mission 1 in Remix mode could give continual Metal Wasp spawns (need Metal Ants in the first spawned fight of the level). You can also kill the five Hectors at the very beginning of Chapter 3, Mission 2 or the three in the beginning of Chapter 1, Mission 4. These are probably the best grinding spots for weapons.

Click here for all the weapons. Dropped weapons are in green.

Smells Like Team Spirit20
Incapacitate a teammate   (13) 

You can do this on the first level, and is easiest in a co-op game where the second player doesn't move. Just pick the Battle armor and use his rockets to kill your friend.

Unlock all armors   

There are four different armor types in the game, and you are able to unlock one at the beginning of the first four missions. There is no cost to this, so it will come quickly with normal game progression.

All Dressed Up...25
Level up an armor completely   

See "Lifer" for more info.

Level up all armors completely  (10) 

There are eight levels for every armor type, and the final level can only be earned while playing on Inferno difficulty. You can unlock up to Rank 5 in Normal difficulty or Rank 7 on Hard. Your "score" at the top of the screen during a level is how much experience you will earn after its completion. The more kills you get, the more experience. Higher difficulties will offer better experience, so the first mission on Inferno is a good starting point until you get up to Tier 6 or 7 and can handle the rest. Chapter 1, Mission 4 is fairly quick and offers great experience due to the many ant hills. Once you can handle it efficiently, Chapter 3, Mission 3 offers the best experience. Also, once you beat the game you can play again and turn the AI off, so you can get every single kill in a level. Be aware that you do not earn experience in Survival Mode.

Level 1: Default
Level 2: 1,500xp
Level 3: 11,400xp
Level 4: 25,000xp
Level 5: 55,000xp
Level 6: 138,000xp
Level 7: 379,500xp
Level 8: 793,500xp

You will need 3,174,000xp to fully upgrade all four armors.

High Roller30
Purchase all available weapons for a single armor   

See "Daddy WarBugs" for more info.

Daddy WarBugs50
Purchase all weapons for all armors   (5) 

You'll earn money (CR) at the same rate as experience. Once you have all your armors at Tier 8, play Chapter 3, Mission 3 (The Package) with the Battle or Jet armor. Use the Pesticide gun, which you can survive at close range due to your shield on the Battle armor, or zip far enough away with the Jet armor, and blow through the level. You can get 140-160k XP/CR in about an hour doing this level repeatedly.

You can also leave the game running on the first level when the second ant hill surfaces. Rubber band your right trigger down and, using an auto-lock rocket launcher, run to the opposite end of the level then continually fire into the air to kill ants while you're away. The XP/CR caps at 65,500 in a level, so this is best done if you'll only be gone for 1-2 hours at a time, or if you can keep coming back to finish/reset the farming method.

Click here for a list of all the weapons and their costs.

Helping Hand Award5
Revive a teammate   

See "Bedside Manner" for more info.

Bedside Manner10
Revive 250 teammates   (3) 

During a Survival mission you can revive any teammate up to three times before they are completely dead; there are unlimited revives during the campaign. Any armor type can revive, though the Trooper armor does so the fastest. This counts on both human and AI teammates. Simply hold the Y button over a downed teammate to revive them. The best place to work on this though is during your Inferno playthrough. You could also do it in a 6-player Survival game. You will all die eventually, likely before Wave 10, so you can try to snag a few revives per player.

If you want to purposely kill/revive your AI, use the Tactical armor's mines. Shoot them as your AI buddies stand over them to kill them in one explosion.

Survive 500 (total) waves in Survival mode   (9) 

There isn't much to this one. You'll need 10,000 kills in this mode anyway, so there will be plenty of waves involved grinding that out. Doing Wave 1, Map 1 (Cornerstone), you will get 40 kills per run, so that is only 250 waves to get the 10,000 required kills. It is very fast though, and you can simply pause and select "Retry" after Wave 1, then hit X when the loadout screen comes back to do another wave. You will likely average about 34/hour with this method.

Wave 2 is the best place for quick Tick kills (50 each time) so you can do the first two waves until you've got all those you need, then start doing only the first.

Get 1000 kills in Survival mode   

See "Social Dead Butterfly" for more info.

Social Dead Butterfly20
Get 10000 kills in Survival mode   (2) 

You'll no doubt earn this while working on the 500 waves completed, after only 250 waves if using the Map 1, Wave 1 boosting method.

Lander Commander10
Get 250 kills with the Lander Turret   (1) 

The Lander is the aircraft you begin the very first mission in. You can probably get 30-40 kill per run of this level if you don't have it by the time you finish all the difficulty achievements. You also use it on Chapter 2, Mission 3.

Mechs Master10
Get 500 kills with the Mech   (1) 

You first encounter the Mech on the fourth level, and it is used prominently in the fifth as well. You'll get quite a few kills with this during the course of the Campaign/Survival so there shouldn't be any need to grind extra.

I Heard Them Scream10
Get 500 kills with the Tank   (3) 

The tank is first found in Chapter 2, Mission 4. You won't really get many kills inside this level though. Your best bet for grinding these kills is Chapter 2, Mission 5 or Survival Mode Mission 6 (Double Whammy).

Nothing Turret10
Get 500 kills with Base Turrets   (1) 

These first show up in the second mission, and you'll likely earn well over a hundred between it and the third mission alone. You'll get quite a few kills with this during the course of the Campaign/Survival so there shouldn't be any need to grind extra. If you want to knock it out quickly though, play Map 1 (Cornerstone) of Survival.

The Architect20
Destroy 500 buildings   

See "Collateral" for more info.

Demolition Derby20
Destroy 500 cars/vehicles   

See "Collateral" for more info.

Destroy 500 world objects   

This will likely come without any effort. If you play this anything like I played 2017, you'll be destroying more of the city than enemies sometimes - especially when one elusive ant decides to hide at the end of a mission. Grab a rocket launcher and go wild.

Lemon Squeezy20
Beat the game on Normal    (5) 

See "Infernal Master Destroyer Deluxe" for more info.

Secret Achievements
We mean it Man…..    (1) 

See "Manticore" for more information.

Preying ON Mantis   (2) 

The Preying Mantis first appears in Chapter 2, Mission 3. You'll fight two here and another three in the following mission. You'll get this for defeating 10 of them during your Hard playthrough as there are only about 7 in all the missions. There is no "weak spot" for this enemy, so just use a rocket launcher on its body. A Tactical armor with a Plasma Turret is a huge help against these.

Well he's a long gone daddy….    (1) 

The Daddy Long Legs is found in Chapter 1, Mission 5. Much like the carriers, you simply need to shoot the bay underneath him as he drops more spiders. If playing co-op, have one person focus on the bay and the rest kill the ravagers. Solo, you'll have to hope your AI watch your back as you go for the bay.

The bigger they are….    (2) 

The Large Hector is first found in Chapter 2, Mission 4. The weak spot here is the chest. Your best option is to run in a wide circle around the level inside the tank. Once the Bomber Spider appears, take that out quickly, then refocus on the Hector.

The Queen is dead!    (3) 

The Ant Queen is found in Chapter 3, Mission 4. She stays inside the nest, but her weak spot is a small diagonal stripe on her ass, so you'll need to move from side to side to keep her head pointing on an angle so you have an open shot at it. This is a good spot to farm ant and wasp kills if you need them, just avoid killing her.

Chopper's Choice50
Rule # 3     (11) 

See "Infernal Master Destroyer Deluxe" for more info. This is unlocked for beating the game on Hard.

Infernal Master Destroyer Deluxe100
Dante? Is that you?     (9) 

The game has three difficulty levels available: Normal, Hard and Inferno. They are all available from the start, but the game is rather short with only 15 levels, so I would suggest just playing each in full to work on weapon drops, kills and leveling up your armors. This specific achievement is for beating the game on Inferno. See the Road Map for some Campaign tips.

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US July 05, 2011
Europe July 22, 2011

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