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Slayer, Dark Brotherhood

Reached Slayer rank in the Dark Brotherhood   
Attaining the rank of Slayer requires you to complete two assignments: “A Watery Grave” and “Accidents Happen”

A Watery Grave – This assignment is given to you by Vicente Valtieri in the Sanctuary in Cheydinhal. You must kill a pirate captain named Gaston Tussaud. I recommend doing this assignment at night so that the captain will be asleep. The ship is docked at the Imperial City Waterfront and the crew is very hostile. If you try to walk onboard, they will attack you immediately. If you go to the end of the dock, you will have the option of hiding in the shipping crate that you find there. Doing so will transport you into the cargo hold of the ship. Go to the other end of the hold and climb the ladder to the mid deck. Enter sneak mode (click ) and turn right, working your way down to the end of the hall. There will be two pirates standing in the hall talking. Wait for them to finish their conversation and then hide in a bedroom until they walk past. The ladder to the Captain’s Cabin is on the left. Once you’re in the cabin, cross the room and pick the lock on the door. This will be your escape route. Go back into the cabin and kill the Captain in whatever manner you see fit. I shot him while he slept. Make sure you stay in sneak mode so you can get the damage bonus. In a few seconds, some crew members will enter to check on the captain, so quickly exit through the door that you opened earlier. Jump off the back of the ship and return to the Sanctuary to receive your reward and your next assignment.

Accidents Happen – This assignment is given to you by Vicente Valtieri in the Sanctuary in Cheydinhal. You must kill the Wood Elf Baenlin by staging a lethal accident and dropping a decorative head on him while he’s resting in his chair. Travel to his home in Bruma and break into basement via the door behind his house. Sneak out of the basement and go up the stairs immediately in front of you to get to the second floor. Turn right and enter the servant’s bedroom where you will find the entrance to the crawlspace near the foot of the bed. Wait here until the time is between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM then loosen the fastenings and allow the head to crush Baenlin. Sneak out of the house the way you came in, being careful not to allow Gromm to see you while he’s standing next to Baenlin’s body. Travel to the Sanctuary and the achievement will unlock as soon as you start the conversation with Vicente.
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Comment #1 by Dourden3366
Sunday, February 10, 2013 @ 07:53:54 AM

the watery grave part i also recommend a night foray, as the captain is a bit of a pain.

for accidents happen, again follow the guide here. helps if you are good at sneak and also have a life detect item to see where the servant and target are at.

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