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Assassin, Dark Brotherhood

Reached Assassin rank in the Dark Brotherhood
Attaining the rank of Assassin requires you to complete four assignments: “The Lonely Wanderer”, “Bad Medicine”, “Whodunt?”, and “Permanent Retirement”.

The Lonely Wanderer – This assignment is given to you by Ocheeva in the Sanctuary in Cheydinhal. You must kill a High Elf name Faelian who lives somewhere in the Imperial City. To find him, you must talk to any High Elf in the city. Before they will talk to you, however, you have to get their disposition above sixty. They will tell you that Faelian is living in the Tiber Septim Hotel in the Talos Plaza District. Talk to his sweetheart Atraena and she will tell you that he takes his skooma at Lorkmir’s House in the Elven Gardens District every day. Break into the house between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM and kill Faelian whichever way you like. Once he’s dead, return to the Sanctuary and speak to Ocheeva.

Bad Medicine – This assignment is given to you by Ocheeva in the Sanctuary in Cheydinhal. You have to kill the warlord Roderick in Fort Sutch by switching his medicine with a bottle of poison. Travel to Fort Sutch and go south of the fort until you find the flat remains of a broken tower with a trap door in the floor. Follow the path around, avoiding the guards, until you get to an open room. You can kill the guards without voiding the bonus as long as you kill them in a single blow. Go through the door on the right and when you get into the next room, take the hallway on the left. This will take you up to Roderick’s room. Cross the room, take the medicine, and place the poison in the cabinet. Retrace your steps to escape from the Fort and return to the Sanctuary.

Whodunit? – This assignment is given to you by Ocheeva in the Sanctuary in Cheydinhal. You must kill all five guests at a party at Summitmist Manor in Skingrad. You will only get your bonus if you commit the murders undetected.
Dovesi Dran - Talk to Primo Antonius about Dovesi Dran and he’ll ask you to put in a good word for him. When you tell Dovesi that Primo likes him, she’ll ask what she should do and you can send her to his room. Follow her and kill her when she’s in the room alone.
Matilde Petit - If you wait a little bit, she’ll offer to split the gold with you. Accept the offer and she’ll ask you where she should look. Send her to the basement and kill her there.
Neville - Neville sleeps frequently, so you can wait for him to go upstairs and kill him in his bed.
Primo Antonius and Nels the Naughty - When Primo and Nels are the only two guests left, they will attack each other and one of them will kill the other. You can then kill the survivor.
When all the guests are dead, exit the house and return to the Sanctuary in Cheydinhal.

Permanent Retirement – This assignment is given to you by Ocheeva in the Sanctuary in Cheydinhal. You simply have to go to Leyawiin and kill Adamus Phillida, a former Imperial Legion Officer. You’ll need to go to the lake in the middle of town between 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM and wait for Phillida to go swimming. Hide behind the rocks and shoot any part of his body that is exposed above the surface of the water with Rose of Sithis, an enchanted arrow that will kill him instantly. If you want the bonus, swim out and take his finger off his corpse. Go to the Imperial Legion offices near the Imperial Prison after midnight and the guard will have left. Manually place the finger in the desk right by the door. Finally, return to the Sanctuary. The achievement will unlock at the start of your conversation with Ocheeva.
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4 sort of lengthy parts to this one. cant say anymore really than what is advised already here.

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