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Speaker, Dark Brotherhood

Reached Speaker rank in the Dark Brotherhood   
The promotion to Speaker requires you to complete eight missions: “Affairs of a Wizard”, “Next of Kin”, “Broken Vows”, “Final Justice”, “A Matter of Honor”, “The Coldest Sleep”, “A Kiss Before Dying”, and “Following a Lead”.

Affairs of a Wizard – This assignment is from Lucien Lachance via a dead drop location in moss-covered rock on top of Hero Hill to the southeast of Fort Farragut. The target is the wizard Celedean who is beginning the process of turning himself into an undead Lich. Go to Leafrot Cave, which is east of Bravil, and look for the book “The Path of Transcendence” on the table. This will explain that the Sands of Resolve contain the wizard’s lifeforce during the transformation and therefore must remain on his person until the transformation is complete. Killing the wizard can easily be accomplished by sneaking up on him and pickpocketing the Sands of Resolve. As soon as you take it, he will die. Find your reward and the next set of orders in the sack hidden under the Great Oak Tree in Chorrol, just south of the North Gate.

Next of Kin – This assignment is from Lucien Lachance via a dead drop location in an old sack under the Great Oak Tree in Chorral. You are ordered to kill the entire Draconis family, but you only know the location of the matron, Perennia Draconis, in Applewatch, just west of Bruma. Visit her and tell her that you’re looking for her children and she’ll assume that you’re there as part of a gift service, giving you a list of the locations of all her children and some gold. After that, kill her and, if necessary, her dog. The rest of the family is scattered across Cyrodil:
Matthias – Talos Plaza District, Imperial City. Follow him around town until he walks through a garden with no one around, then sneak attack him and leave him dead on the ground.
Andreas – The Drunken Dragon Inn, northeast of Leyawiin, in the Nibenay Valley. Talk to him and either tell him that you’re there to kill him or that his mother bled like a pig and he’ll attack you. The Imperial Guard eating in the inn will jump to your defense and kill him for you.
Libylla – Muck Valley Cavern, southwest of Cheydinhal, west of Lake Popped. Sneak or fight your way past the various wild animals in the cave and finish her off however you wish.
Caelia – Castle Leyawiin, Leyawiin. At night, you can usually find her doing her patrols around Leyawiin. Wait until she’s alone and then sneak attack her to finish her off. Unfortunately, no matter how well you sneak around and even if you kill her in a single blow, you will still end up with a one thousand gold bounty for murder, so avoid the guards on your way out of town.
Go to the stone well in the courtyard of Castle Skingrad to receive your reward.

Broken Vows – You receive this quest via a dead drop in the stone well in the courtyard of Castle Skingrad. You’re required to kill J’Ghasta, the Khajiit, in Bruma. Go to Bruma and wait until midnight to break into his house. Go down the stairs, turn right and go underneath the stairs. Under some folded cloth, you’ll find a trapdoor to his secret training room. If it is after midnight, he will be asleep, so just sneak up and kill him in his sleep. Go to the Old Bridge, south of the Imperial City, to find your reward in a rotten box.

Final Justice – You receive this quest via a dead drop in a rotten box under the Old Bridge, south of the Imperial City. You have to kill an Argonian hunter named Shaleez in the Flooded Mine, due north of Bravil. If you enter the mine after 10:00 PM, Shaleez will be asleep. Simply swim through the mine, using water-breathing enchantments if necessary, and kill her in her sleep. You can find your reward in the coffin just outside Fort Redman, on the eastern bank of the river, due north of Leyawiin.

A Matter of Honor – This assignment is received via a dead drop in a coffin just to the right of the door to Fort Redman. You have to kill the Dark Elf merchant Alvai Uvani who is traveling around Cyrodill. Check his schedule to determine where he’s headed next and travel there to intercept him. Once you’ve finished him off, go to the hollowed out tree stump behind Stonewall Shields in the Market District in the Imperial City.

The Coldest Sleep – This quest arrives via a dead drop in a hollowed out tree stump behind Stonewall Shields in the Imperial City Market District. You’re required to assassinate Havilstein Hoar-Blood on Gnoll Mountain, east of Bruma. He’s rather close to Frostcrag and you can sneak up and get a good damaging strike, but be prepared for a fight because he’s quite strong. Once he’s dead, go to the Ayleid ruin of Nornal, southeast of the Imperial City in the Nibenay Valley, and find the old chest at the bottom of the pool there.

A Kiss Before Dying – You receive this assignment from the dead drop in the old chest in the Ayleid ruin of Nornal. Go into the ruin, down the stairs, follow the path around to the left and into a pool at the end of the stairs. You’ll find the chest behind a locked gate at the bottom of the stairs. You have to kill the Wood Elf Ungolim in Bravil. He will visit the statue of Lucky Old Lady every night from 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM, but he is expecting an attack. Approach the target from behind in the dark and you should be able to snipe them from a distance. With a sneak attack, this will almost certainly be instantly fatal.

Following a Lead – Lucien Lachance gives you this assignment as soon as you shoot Ungolim. He sends you to your next dead drop point in Anvil to determine who has been switching the drops. Go behind the state in the pond in Anvil and hide by the barrel there. Soon you’ll see a Wood Elf approach. Confront him and he will tell you that he was told to leave the items by a man near the Lighthouse. Proceed to the Lighthouse and go to the very top to speak to the Lighthouse Keeper. Get the cellar key from him and explore the cellar. Across from the makeshift altar is a chair with a table next to it. On the table is the traitor’s diary. Take the diary to Lucien at Applewatch. When you arrive, you’ll find that the surviving members of the Black Hand have already killed Lachance, believing him to the traitor. Arquen, one of the surviving Speakers, promotes you to Speaker in his place. The achievement will unlock as soon as the conversation is complete.
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Comment #1 by Dourden3366
Sunday, February 10, 2013 @ 08:02:36 AM

spoiler alert! ok this achievement is long, however basically you are going around picking up dead drops which tell you your next victim. except you are the patsy, picking up FAKE dead drops, you just killed all your dark brotherhood brethren. lucien is angry. time to kill the traitor, not you, he knows you were blindly following your assignments. so does the night mother.

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