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Shadowfoot, Thieves Guild

Reached Shadowfoot rank in the Thieves Guild  
The promotion to Shadowfoot requires you to complete two quests, “Lost Histories” and “Taking Care of Lex”.

Lost Histories – S’Krivva will give you this quest once you have fenced four hundred gold worth of stolen merchandise. Another guild thief, Theranis, has not returned from an assignment in Skingrad where he went to steal the book Lost Histories of Tamriel. You are to return with the book, regardless of the fate of your fellow thief. If you talk to the beggars in Skingrad, you discover that Theranis was arrested and thrown into the castle dungeons. Talk to the guard about getting a job at the castle and he will tell you that the castle butler, Shum gro-Yarug, is hiring new staff. Talk to the butler, who is usually in the Main Hall, and he will hire you as a servant to feed the prisoners.

Return to the prison and use your new position to gain access to the prison cells by talking to the guard. Unfortunately, the only prisoner there, Larthjar the Laggard, tells you that a “Pale Lady” has take Theranis from his cell and later his Argonian cell-mate as well. Follow the trail of the blood left by the Argonian on the floor and it will lead you to a wall. Pull the “Strange Candle” on the right and a secret passage will open. Follow the trail through the passage and into the wine cellar until you get to a very large wine cask. There is another “Strange Candle” on the cask to the right, which will open the cask. Go through until you see the Pale Lady.

If you can sneak attack, do so, because she will attack you on sight. Theranis is dead on the floor. Check his body and then talk to Amusei, the Argonian prisoner. You must free Amusei using the key off of the body of the Pale Lady and return to the wine cellar. Turn right and exit into the Dining Hall. Sneak out of the Castle through the door on the back right corner of the room and then exit the Courtyard through the Main Gate. Once you have successfully escaped the Castle, Amusei will tell you that the book is hidden under a bush that is near Nerastarel’s house on the north side of town. Recover the book and return it to S’krivva for your reward.

Taking Care of Lex – S’Krivva will give you this assignment after you have fenced five hundred gold worth of stolen goods. The Countess of Anvil is looking for a new captain for her guard and you will replace the list of candidates with one that highly recommends Lex. You must begin by stealing the real letter from the desk of Dairhill in Anvil. Travel to Anvil and talk to a beggar. They will tell you to talk to Orrin, the blacksmith, in the castle, who turns out to be a Guild member. He will show you a secret passage that leads directly to the private quarters. Turn left when you come out of the passage, open the door to Darihill’s room, and break into her desk to steal the list. Exit the Castle and go talk to a beggar about the Master Forger. They will tell you that he lives in the Abandoned House to the right of the Anvil Mages Guild.

Wait until late afternoon or early evening, enter the house, and ask him about forging the letter. Wait one day and then return to him to pick up the letter. You must pay him the fee of five hundred gold at this point. Travel to the Imperial Legion Offices at the Imperial City Prison, break in, and use the seal on the desk. Once the letter is sealed, deliver it to Countess Unbranox in Anvil. She will decide to hire Lex and ask you to deliver the transfer orders to him. Find him in the Imperial City, give him the orders, and return to S’krivva for your reward and promotion. The achievement will unlock when the conversation with S’krivva is over.
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Comment #1 by Dourden3366
Sunday, February 10, 2013 @ 08:38:36 AM

these two tasks are fairly lengthy. just follow the info here and make sure you have lots of gold if you dont already from all the stealing you gotta do to get to this point.

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