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Master Thief, Thieves Guild

Reached Master Thief rank in the Thieves Guild  
The promotion to Master Thief requires the completion of two quests – “Turning a Blind Eye” and “Arrow of Extrication”.

Turning a Blind Eye – The Gray Fox will give you this quest after you have fenced six hundred gold worth of stolen goods. Once you’ve fenced enough stuff, wait around the Imperial City until Methredhel finds you and tells you that they Gray Fox is waiting for you in the house of Helvius Cecia in Bruma. The Gray Fox will require you to steal Savilla’s Stone from the Temple of the Ancestor moths. The Temple is in the mountains north of Cheydinhal near Azura’s Shrine. Talk to Brother Holger and get his disposition above eighty and he will lead you to Catacombs.

Once inside, sneak through the catacombs, avoiding the monks. You can kill them if you must – the Thieves Guild bloodprice ends at the entrance of the catacombs. As you get deeper, make sure you are aware of the traps and tripwires. You will also encounter other guardians like wraiths and skeletons. Once inside the Shrine of the Moth, you will see the Blind Moth Prelate with Savilla’s Stone on the altar to the right. Directly behind him is a Dark Welkynd Stone that will shoot blasts of energy at you, even if you have a high sneak skill or invisibility spell. The quickest way to finish the quest is to run down the middle stairway, grab the stone, and run up the other side and through the doorway on the right. If you’re quick, you’ll make it through before the stone can hit you. In the room to the right is a ladder out of the caverns. Return to Bruma and talk to the Gray Fox.

Arrow of Extrication – After you have fenced seven hundred gold, Amusei will find you and tell you to report the Gray Fox in the home of Malintus Ancrus in Chorrol. The Gray Fox will ask you to steal the Arrow of Extrication from Fathis Aren in Bravil. Talk to one of the beggars in Bravil and they will direct you to his private tower outside of town and tell you that there is a secret passage from the Castle out to the tower. Go to the Castle and wait outside the door to the North Wing on the second floor until 7:00 AM. The guards will soon change posts and you can pick the lock while they’re gone. Break into the first room on your left. Activate the pillar on the right side of the alcove directly across from the entrance to open a secret passage.

Work your way through the tunnels until you get to a water-filled shaft. Part of the way down the shaft, you will see a tunnel on the north side. Follow the tunnel to a new set of halls that lead to Fathis’ Tower. Once inside the Tower, go up the stairs to the third floor. You will see Fathis working in an alcove on the other side of the tower. Sneak past him and steal the arrowhead from the chest on his right along with the key to the tower. Return to the ground floor, exit through the main door, and return to the Gray Fox in Chorrol. The achievement will unlock when the conversation with the Gray Fox is over.
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Comment #1 by Dourden3366
Sunday, February 10, 2013 @ 08:41:17 AM

again two more lenghty quests. but they are better in that you have to go to some good dungeons and have lots of fun with traps and baddies.

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