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Apprentice, Mages Guild

Reached Apprentice rank in the Mages Guild   
Further promotion within the Mages Guild, and the accompanying access the Arcane University, requires you to first obtain recommendations from the head of each of the seven regional Guildhalls. These can be found in Anvil, Bravil, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Leyawin, and Skingrad. Of course, these recommendations can only be obtained by completing a short quest for each one.

Anvil: The Anvil recommendation can be obtained from Carahil. She will ask you to investigate the deaths of several merchants along the road near Brina Cross Inn, north of Anvil, apparently at the hands of a Frost Mage. If you talk to her further about the subject, she will give you scrolls of Frost Shell to protect from the Frost Magic. Travel to the inn and meet with Arielle Jurard. She will tell you to act like a traveler and get a room. Once you do so, she will meet you there and tell you to sleep in the inn overnight before traveling along the Gold Road toward Kvatch. Follow her instructions and travel down the road. You’ll eventually be stopped and attacked by the mage Caminalda. Jurard and another Battlemage will appear and the three of you are more than enough to kill your attacker. Once she’s dead, return to Carahil in Anvil and she will send in your recommendation.

Bravil: The Bravil recommendation can be obtained from Kud-Ei. She’s concerned about a Dark Elf named Varon Vamori who has apparently stolen the staff of Ardaline, another guild member, and she wants you to get it back. If you talk to Kud-Ei further about this, she will give you a scroll of Beguile, which can be used to raise Vamori’s disposition toward you. Find Vamori in the guildhall or around Bravil and talk to him about the staff. You will likely have to raise his Disposition toward you by using either the Beguile spell or the Disposition mini-game until he’s willing to confess. Once he does, he’ll admit to selling the staff to a friend in the Imperial City. If you return to Kud-Ei at this point, she will provide you with three more scrolls of Beguile to aid you with the next step. Travel to the Imperial City and find the home of Soris Arenim in the Talos Plaza District. Enter the house and talk to him. Again, you’ll probably have to raise his Disposition before he will agree to sell you the staff. Once you’ve purchased the staff, return it to Kud-Ei and she will send in your recommendation.

Bruma: The Bruma recommendation can be obtained from Jeanne Frasorie. She wants you to find a missing Khajiit mage named J’skar. She thinks that a spell may have backfired, causing him to disappear. She will only give you the recommendation if you can make him reappear. Start by finding another mage in the guildhall named Volanaro. He says he will help you if you help pull a prank on Jeanne by stealing her Manual of Spellcraft out of her desk. To help you, he teaches you a spell called Minor Latch Crack. Find Jeanne’s room on the second floor and open the desk in the middle of it. Take the manual, give it Volanaro, and he will tell you to meet him in the living quarters at 10:00 PM. At that time, meet him, and he will make J’skar reappear. Go and talk to Jeanne after J’skar has reappeared and she will send in your recommendation.

Cheydinhal: The Cheydinhal recommendation quest begins by talking to Falcar who will task you with retrieving the Ring of Burden from a well behind the guildhall. To get into the well, you must talk to Deetsan, another mage, to get the key to the well. When you talk to Deetsan, she will tell you that she thinks Falcar is trying to get you killed because Vidkun, the last Associate that came for a recommendation, disappeared performing the same task. She gives you the key and teaches you the spell Buoyancy, which has feather and water-breathing effects. This will be useful because the ring has a weight of 150. Before you dive into the well, make sure that you have enough room in your inventory to carry something that heavy. When you’re ready, enter the well and swim until you find Vidkun’s corpse near the ceiling. Search the body, take the ring, and return to Deetsan. She tells you that Falcar has stormed out of the guildhall in a rage after he found out that she helped you. She tells you to search his room to find your recommendation. Search his room in the basement and find the two Black Soul Gems in the locked drawer. Give the Soul Gems to Deetsan and she will write the recommendation for you.

Chorrol: The Chorrol recommendation can be obtained by talking to Teekeeus. He wants you to figure out why a former guild member named Earana is in town. Talk to her and she will tell you that she wants help finding a book titled “Fingers of the Mountain”, but asks you not to tell the guild. Return to Teekeeus and tell him what she said. He will also ask you to recover the book, but he wants you to return to him. Either way, go find the book on Cloud Top mountain to the northwest of Chorrol. You’ll find the book among some charred remains. When you return, you’ll to choose whether to give the book to Teekeeus or Earana. If you give the book to Teekeeus, he’ll write your recommendation and Earana will ask you to steal back. If you choose to give it to Earana first, Teekeeus will demand that you steal it back from her before you get your recommendation. Make whichever choice you prefer.

Leyawiin: Speak to Dagail to begin the quest. She will mention that she cannot help you because she has lost an amulet and suggests that you talk to a woman named Agata. Agata explains that Dagail has lost the Seer’s Stone, which she uses to control her visions. Talk to another mage named Kalthar who seems happy that the Stone is gone. Return to Agata and she will suggest that you talk to Dagail again. Dagail will tell you the location of the fort where her father was stationed. You need to travel to Fort Blueblood, southeast of Leyawiin and explore the ruins. The fort is full marauders and other monsters, so be prepared to fight or sneak your way through. You will need to kill the Marauder Warlord to obtain the Fort Blueblood Key or pickpocket it from him. This key will open the door to the room containing Manduin’s coffin, which contains Manduin’s Amulet. As you begin to leave the fort, Kalthar will stop you, demanding the amulet. Eventually, he will attack you and you will be forced to kill him. Return to Dagail with amulet and she will send in her recommendation.

Skingrad: The Skingrad recommendation can be obtained by talking to Adrienne Berene. She will ask you to find a Wood Elf named Erthor. Ask the Argonian Druja about Erthor and he will tell you that he can be found in Bleak Flats Cave and will mark it on your map. Talk to Adrienne again and she will teach you a Weak Fireball spell to help you on your way. When you travel to the cave, you will discover that it is full of zombies who have trapped Erthor inside. Kill the zombies as you explore the cave. Once you find Erthor, he will refuse to move until every zombie in the cave is dead. When you finished exterminating the zombies, escort Erthor back to Skingrad. After you’ve returned to the guildhall, talk to Adrienne and she will send in your recommendation.

Once all of the recommendations have been achieved, travel to the Arcane University in the Imperial City and talk to Raminus Polus. He will promote you to Apprentice, giving you pull access to the Arcane University along with the Robe of Apprentice.
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Comment #1 by Dourden3366
Monday, February 11, 2013 @ 11:41:03 PM

this one takes a while to get through and is better suited to once you have travelled around a bit making fast-travel very uesful. follow the details here in the acievement guide and youll be fine.

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