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Wizard, Mages Guild

Reached Wizard rank in the Mages Guild   
The promotion to Wizard requires you to complete two quests – “Information at a Price” and “A Plot Revealed”.

Information at a Price – You receive this quest from Arch-Mage Traven. He will ask you to return to Skingrad and obtain some information from Count Hassildor. Once you get to the Count’s castle, arrange a meeting with his assistant Hal-Liurz. Talk the Count and he will ask you to rid the area of both a group of vampires and a batch of vampire hunters. He won’t care how you do it as long as he and his guards aren’t involved. The fastest way to complete this quest is to simply find the Wood Elf Eridor by talking to Mog gra-Mogakh at the Two Sisters Lodge. Once you find him, tell him that the vampires are hiding in Bloodcrust Cavern, east of Skingrad. He will take his hunters to the cavern and attack them. More than likely, the hunters will all die. Regardless of the outcome, kill everyone left at the cavern, hunter and vampire alike. Once everyone is dead, return to the castle, arrange another meeting with the Count via Hal-Liurz, receive the information from the Count, and return to Traven.

A Plot Revealed – You’ll need to wait a few days after completing “Information at a Price” before Traven will give you your next assignment. He wants you to investigate why he hasn’t heard anything from the Bruma Mages Guild in several days. When enter the Mages Guild, it will be on fire and you’ll find a number of undead wandering around. Kill them off and explore the guildhall until you find a final necromancer, Camilla Lollia. After you kill her, J’skar will appear and tell you what transpired. Return to Traven with your report and then talk to Raminus to receive your promotion to Wizard.
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Comment #1 by Dourden3366
Monday, February 11, 2013 @ 11:59:15 PM

these are a little more involved and have vampires so make sure you have the appropriate antidotes. always wait to fix vampire diseas until you are sure you cleared the are/cave etc. it takes some time to actually become a vampire so kill em all before you heal.

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