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Journeyman, Fighters Guild

Reached Journeyman rank in the Fighters Guild   
The promotion to Apprentice requires you to complete your first quest from either Azzan (A Rat Problem) or Burz gro-Khash (The Desolate Mine). The promotion to Journeyman requires you to finish the other possible first quest as well as a second quest (The Unfortunate Shopkeeper) from Azzan. For the sake of simplicity, all three quests are discussed here.

A Rat Problem – Talk to Azzan and he will send you to the house of Arvena Thelas, west of Anvil’s North Gate. She’ll ask you to figure out what’s been killing the pet rats that she keeps in her basement. When you enter the basement, you’ll be attacked by a starving mountain lion. Kill it, report back to Arvena, and she will send you to find Pinarus Inventius across the road. He will lead outside of the city where you will find four more mountain lions. Return to Arvena and she will ask you to kill another lion in her basement. At this point, she tells you that she suspects that her neighbor Quill-Weave has something to do with the problem. Hide behind Arvena’s house until midnight and you’ll see Quill-Weave leaving rotten meat in her yard. Confront her and then choose to keep her secret or expose her to Avena. Either way, return to Azzan when you’re done.

The Desolate Mine – Speak to Burz gro-Khash and he will ask you to deliver a supply of weapons to some other Fighters Guild members at the Desolate Mine, northwest of Cheydinhal. Travel to the mine and speak with Rienna. Distribute the weapons to the three fighters there and then proceed through the mine to kill all the goblins that you find there. Once the goblins have all been killed, return to gro-Khash for your reward.

The Unfortunate Shopkeeper – Azzan will send you to talk to Norbert Lelles and his shop in on the dock outside of Anvil. He will ask you to stay in his shop overnight to protect his merchandise from thieves. Wait in the store overnight until three men break in. Kill all three and then proceed next door to the Flowing Bowl Inn and report your success. After receiving your reward from Lelles, return to Azzan with your report.
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