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Champion, Fighters Guild

Reached Champion rank in the Fighters Guild
The promotion to Champion requires you to complete four quests – “Trolls of Forsaken Mine”, “The Noble’s Daughter”, “The Stone of St. Alessia”, and “Mystery of Harlun’s Watch”.

Trolls of Forsaken Mine – Talk to Modryn Oreyn and he will send you to Forsaken Mine to determine the fate of group of Fighters Guild members that were sent there to rid the mine of trolls. Travel to the mine, south of Leyawiin, and begin exploring it. As you move through the mine, you’ll find the bodies of various guild members as well as a number of trolls. Continue exploring until you finally find the body of Viranus Donton. Take his journal off his body and return it to Modryn.

The Stone of St. Alessia – Talk to Azzan and he will send you to the Chapel of Talos in Bruma to recover the stolen Stone of St. Alessia. Travel to the Chapel and talk to Cirroc. He will send east after the thieves. Follow your compass until you find K’Sharr who will tell you that the Stone was taken from them by a group of Ogres who are now in the Ayleid ruin of Sedor. Travel to Sedor and explore the ruins, killing all the ogres that you meet, until you find a locked room. The room can be opened by stepping on the pressure plate outside, which opens the gate on the walkway above. On the other side of the gate is the push block that actually opens the door. Once you’ve recovered the Stone, return it to Cirroc and then return to Azzan.

The Noble’s Daughter – Talk to Burz gro-Khash and he will send you to Lord Rugdumph’s Estate to help him find his missing daughter. He will tell you that he fears his daughter has been taken by a band of ogres to the east. Travel east until you find a group of three ogres guarding Lady Rogbut. Kill them all and return to Lord Rugdumph with his daughter. After conversing with him, return to Burz gro-Khash for your reward.

Mystery of Harlun’s Watch – Talk to Burz gro-Khash and he will send you to Harlun’s Watch, south of Cheydinhal, to investigate a series of disappearances. Once you’ve arrived, talk to Drarana Thelis and she will tell you that people have disappeared after investigating mysterious lights near Swampy Cave. Travel to the cave where you will find a number of Will-o-the-Wisps outside. Explore the cave, killing the Swamp Trolls inside. Eventually, you will find the bodies of the missing villagers, prompting a message instructing you to kill all the trolls in the cave. Once all of the trolls have been exterminated, you’ll receive another prompt to return to town. Speak to Drarana before returning to Burz gro-Khash.
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