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Guide By: tweak4ever
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2.5/10 
- Offline: 10/12 (175/200)
- Online: 2/12 (25/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 2005-6 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3+ (One for normal mode, one for survival mode, and one for co-op mode).
- Number of missable achievements: Two, but level selet easily remedies it.
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?:A friend to help, no one is on anymore.

Elements of Destruction is a arcade game released in 2008, The premise deals with a mad scientist who, through his experiments, created a giant metalic ord, capable of controlling 3 types of disasturous elemental powers (Earthquake, Lightning and Tornado).

The four modes to the game are: Normal Mode, basically a single player story, Survival mode, the same story, but your health constantly depletes, Co-op mode, the same story, available through online co-op, and online matches, basically, trying to cause more damage than your opponent.

Step #1: Normal Mode:
First up, the idea is to simply go through the game, moving around destroying things in level 1, trying to get enough points to medal (hopefully gold) will net you the first achievement ("Use the force, Edgar").

After which continue until you reach the end of the USA challenges, the last being "H.Y.D.E.E." the boss of the USA challenges. After beating it the achievement "Dumb Flying Stingray" will unlock. Continue through the game, beating the nest two bosses unlocking "Monkee Facktory" and "Cry W.U.L.F.E" in the process.

After you complete the game, go back to each level and destroy as much as you can to try and get gold medals in all of the levels. Remember to go as fast as you can, destroying as much as you can. After you complete this task "Gold Farmer" will unlock. 

Before or after you complete the "Gold Farmer" achievement, you can continue onto the next set of achievements, all dealing with random levels throughout the story. The first and easiest is probably "2 Fast, 2 Serious" which deals with lots of timing. Simply go to the first level and select level. 1 lightning. Keep spawning lightning bolt trying as hard as you can to get into a grove of maximum charges. After you complete 20 in a row "2 fast, 2 serious" will unlock. In the same level, go around trying to destroy EVERY SINGLE tree on that level. there are a total of 241 trees on that level so if you do not get any houses, your total would be $241,000. If you get all the trees and end the level, the achievement "Hippy Intimidator" will unlock.

Next up, go to the last level (Bermuda-Downtown), right before W.U.L.F.E., destroy as much as you can, including the 3 main buildings as tasked. if you do that, your total should be close to 9 trillion. Do your best to destroy as much as you can, and in the process, do the "Cute Overload" achievement. This would definetly help increase your score. Once you reach 9 trillion dollars of damage the achievement "Search & Destroy" will unlock.

Step #2: Survival Mode:
After finishing normal mode, "Survival mode" will unlock. Simply go through and beat the challenges again, only with a time limit an constantly depleting health. After you complete Survival Mode, "Survivor Man" will unlock.

Step #3: Co-op Mode:
Get a friend to help you through this, simply go to xbox live and start a co-op game. Remember to invite your friend for every new level. Go through the game again with a friend and "Everyone Does It" will unlock

Step #4: Online Matches:
The goal of these matches is to earn more cash from destruction than your opponent. I suggest having a friend with this game for this one also, because it is rarely played. Just win 10 online matches, ranked or private and the achievement "Terrorize This" will unlock.

This is a great and highly underrated game. It is also a rather easy 200 is you have a friend willing to help you. Therefore, I highly suggest this game if you're looking for mindless fun.

[x360a would like to thank tweak4ever for this Roadmap]

Use the Force, Edgar5
Successfully complete the Sunny Day Farm level in Single Player Normal mode.    
Simply beat the first level on normal mode.
Dumb Flying Stingray10
Defeat H.Y.D.E.E. in Single Player Normal mode.    
H.Y.D.E.E. is the first boss and on is the third level of the USA challenges. To defeat it you must use earthquake on the 3 generators to lower the H.Y.D.E.E.s sheild. Then destroy 3 of its engines on one side, it will crash and you will recieve the achievement.
Monkee Factory15
Defeat K.R.I.S.S. in Single Player Normal mode.     (1) 
K.R.I.S.S. is the second boss and is the third level of the switzerland challenges. It shoots out tornado disrupter mines. Instead of avoiding these you must pick them up with a tornado and throw them into the front of the K.R.I.S.S. when it is sucking; but beware, it will kill you if you touch the sucking mechanism. After you destroy the K.R.I.S.S. you will get the achievement.
Cry W.U.L.F.E.25
Defeat W.U.L.F.E. in Single Player Normal mode.   
W.U.L.F.E. is the last boss on the final stage of the Bermuda levels. To defeat it you must let it shoot its own genorators as no element will work on them. After all of them are destroyed them the W.U.L.F.E.s sheild will lower and a small dot will appear on the front. Keep using lightning on the small dot untill it is destroyed. Beware of its attack though, it drains your health very fast. After you destroy the W.U.L.F.E. you will get the achevement.
2 Fast, 2 Serious15
Spawn twenty 'Maximum Charge' lightning bolts in a row in any Single Player mode.    
This can be done on any level with any power lightning but is easiest on Sunny Day Farm with level 1 lighning. Because level one lightning is easier to get maximum charge on. just keep trying to time it right. you don not need to destroy any building while doing this. It's all about timing.
Survivor Man30
Complete the game in Survival mode.   
After you complete all levels on normal mode, survival mode will become available. survivor modeis when you health constantly depletes and you dont get research points so you can only have level one elements unless you get pick-ups. Pick ups are the same as in destruction but the goal is not money here, you must complete the original challenges but within the time limit.
Gold Farmer25
Earn a Gold medal in all levels of Single Player Normal mode.   
This can get to be quite an annoying achievement because some levels gold medals are really hard. They get to be easier once you higher level elements, just keep going back to the old levels.
Everyone Does It10
Complete all levels of Online Cooperative mode.   
Fun achievement, If you want to keep playing with the same person for all levels you must keep doing private matches and inviting your friend. The resarch points in co-op are seperate than in single player normal but you can still do upgrades.
Terrorize This15
Come in first place in 10 Online Multiplayer Destruction matches.   
These matches do not have to be ranked, so you can keep inviting a friend as you would have in the co-op matches.
Search & Destroy20
Complete any level in Single Player Normal mode with more than $9,000,000,000 of destruction.   
The acievement clearly states that this can be done on any level. The easiest level to do it on is the "Downtown" level in Bermuda (must be Hamilton...) as the 3 seperate buildings required for the completion are worth a total of about $8,700,000,000. The rest can be done by destroying larger buildings as the smaller ones are practically worthless. Also the level 3 tornado is very helpful here as there are lots of building in lines and close together. Be careful to make sure you destroy the tornado tunnels first. Also, the overload superpower is very helpful here since there are many buildings extremely close together, but be careful to only do it at the end as you only have one generator (recharge station)
Cute Overload10
Create the Overload superpower in Single Player Normal mode.   
This can be done on any level where there is a special elemental geographical booster. "The Park" has the Volcano from the geyser, "Research Facility" has Orbital Strike from the indestructible satellite, and "Downtown" has a Hurricane in the Maelstrom (Whirlpool). Instead of pressing X right away move over one of your charge stations and press X there (When it says "Press X to spawn..."). The charge station will explode and for a few seconds evreything you touch will automatically explode. This is good to use in places where building require a lot of damage to be destroyed. The moment the charge station explodes you will recieve the achievement. Note: You must have at least level 2 of the element to get this. Thank you Majinfro.
Hippy Intimidator20
Complete Sunny Day Farm with all trees destroyed in Free-For-All mode.   
This must be done in Free-For-All and can be quite a pain because there is nothing to show you where the trees are or how many of them you have gotten. Many of them are camoflauged into the ground. Make sure after you get all of the obvious ones go very slowly around the map a few more times to get the stragglers. There are 241 trees on the "Sunny Day Farms" map. Each tree is worth $1,000 so if you are very careful you can keep count of your trees by your money; so if you did this and didn't hit any buildings you would have a total of $241,000. This is extremely hard so I would just keep looking for hard to see trees. Note: there is one camoflauged dark tree on the west side of the far west mountain, it is all alone and camofaluged very well as a dark green tree in the shadow of the mountain. Make SURE you sweep the map several times.

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US June 18, 2008

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