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Encleverment Experiment Achievement Guide

Guide By: Agent Aero
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 9 (150)
- Online: 3 (50)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 8-15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 50+ Games
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes, Genuine Genius
- Glitched achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? Two controllers will help.

Encleverment Experiment is one of many 'brain training' games and is available for 800MSP on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The game is pretty average and consists of 16 different mini games which are designed to improve your brain functionality and general brain skills. The game has no glitches however you will need to find boosting partners to get the online related achievements.

Step 1 – Game Show Mode
In Game Show mode you have to play against a total of 15 different AI opponents which get progressively harder, but are still easily beaten with a little practice. As you progress, each opponent will have different strengths and weaknesses and the last opponent (The Professor) has no weakness but he can be easily beaten.

You do not have to beat all the opponents in one sitting, you can quit out and start from where you left off at any given time. It's probably best to do this all in one go, it may become quite tedious but you will be glad to get it out of the way first.

Step 2 – Take-A-Test (Working Week + High Marks Achievements)
You can opt to 'Take-A-Test' from the games main menu and you will have to complete six mini-games to complete the test.

To get the “Working Week” achievement quickly you should disconnect your Xbox from Xbox Live and complete one 'Take-A-Test'. Once it's been done, quit to the dashboard and then choose Settings> Console Settings> Time & Date. You can then change the date to one day ahead. Start the game up again and complete another 'Take-A-Test' and then repeat 4 more times for the achievement to unlock.

The “High Marks” achievement is the most time consuming achievement in the game. You will have to repeatedly replay 'Take-A-Test' mode until all brain quadrants are full. When you have finished the test you are shown a line graph of each quarter of your brain and whether it is improving / declining. The idea is to get the line to the top of the graph for each brain segment. All in all, I had to play around 30-40 games of Take-A-Test to master all of the brain quadrants.

Step 3 – Marathon Mode
Marathon mode is exactly what it sounds like, a long slug through all of Encleverment Experiment's mini-games. You can start Marathon Mode from the main menu and you will need to play all 16 mini games once and complete them on all four difficulties.

It is obviously easier to start on easy and then work your way through medium, hard and finally enclevered. The later difficulties can be a little challenging but by the time you reach them you will have a pretty good knowledge of each mini-game and how to play it.

Completing this step will net you the “Genuine Genius” achievement.

Step 4 – Grinding For Noodles
You need to collect a total of 1,000,000 noodles in the game to unlock the “Noodleaire” achievement. This achievement isn't cumulative and you need to have all the noodles at one time, so just remember to not spend any at any point. The quickest and easiest way to go for this is to see the “Noodleaire” achievement in the achievement guide.

Step 5 – Achievement Mop Up
There are only really two 'missable' achievements in this game. Even then they can be gained at any given time, but they may take a little practice. The two achievements are “Brain Box” and “Master Round”. To net these achievements you will need to finish a round with 2,500 or more noodles and also come first in every question in one round. The achievement guide explains how to get these achievements so if you have not unlocked them by this point then just check out the guide.

Step 6 – Online Achievements + Buying Mascots
There are only a couple of online achievements in this game and to gain them all you will need to: Host a home-made-game and also win a multiplayer game. You can win a multiplayer game and unlock the 'Star of the Show' by using two controllers, see the achievement guide for an explanation. Hosting a home-made-game online will unlock you both the “Show Maker” and “Host with the Most” achievements.

There are a number of mascots in the game which need to be bought, some are available right from the off but others have to be unlocked by meeting certain criteria. They're sort of like mini-achievements. A few of the mascots will only unlock by doing certain feats online, these include winning a game and also winning a game between 12-6am.

There are about 10 people a month online on this game so visiting the achievement trading thread is a must, it can be found HERE.

On the whole this is a very easy 200 and if you're looking for some games to boost your gamerscore quickly then this shouldn't be passed up. If you haven’t followed the roadmap and have missed a few achievements then you don't have to worry as all achievements are available at any time, whether it be playing with friends online, collecting more noodles or even playing through marathon mode a few more times.

Helpful Link
Mini Game Breakdown + General Help

x360a would like to thank Agent Aero for this Road Map

Star of the Show10
Win a Multiplayer Game 
This is a pretty self explanatory achievement which can be achieved with a second controller. At the main menu, go to the multiplayer options, then sign your gamertag in and then just add another player. You have to play six different game types, once you have won the achievement should unlock shortly after.

You can play with your controller and then once you have answered the question correctly, just pick any random answer for the second controller.
Test Taker10
Complete a Single Player Test 
See 'Working Week' for more information.
Show Maker10
Host a Home-Made game online 
First off, you need to create a Home-Made game. You can do this by going into the single player menu and then creating your own game. I would suggest picking one game and a relatively easy one at that everyone will like, something like Mathletics. Now just back out to the main menu and then choose multiplayer and opt to host a multiplayer game, then go to settings and choose your home-made game. Once you have finished the game the achievement should unlock, regardless of whether you win or lose.

You also need to host an ordinary game online, go to the multiplayer menu and choose to host a game. Once you have started you need wait for people to join. Once you have finished the game the achievement will unlock regardless of whether you win or lose.
Master Round10
Get first place for every question in a round. 
I unlocked this achievement in 'Game Show' mode, I just answered every single question correctly before the AI as well. This might take a couple of practice runs as you will have to get better at the games to get the answer in before the AI.

This can be achieved in any game mode as long as you are playing against another opponent(s). You shouldn't need to worry about this too much because whilst you're working towards some of the games other achievements this should come naturally.
Host with the Most20
Host an Xbox LIVE game 
See ‘Show Maker’ for more details.
High Marks20
Master all Brain quadrants in Take-A-Test Mode 
To master all the brain quadrants you will need to play Take-A-Test mode over and over again. Depending on what mini-games you get by answering questions either correctly or incorrectly each brain quadrant will either increase or decrease respectively. The four brain quadrants are Calculus Noggin(Green), Archivous Oblongata(Yellow), Twitchim Lobe(Blue) and Sequential Quartex(Pink). You can view your performance for each quarter by going into ‘Test Results’ in the single player menu.

This achievement can be obtained on any difficulty but the higher difficulty you play on then the bigger the chart increases or decreases, so there can be quite a lot at stake when playing on Enclevered difficulty. To avoid your performance chart decreasing, I would suggest playing on Medium difficulty, the puzzles are still fairly simple but your performance chart will increase by a significantly larger amount than it would on Easy difficulty.

The achievement will finally unlock when each quarter of the brain has reached the top of the ‘Test Results’ chart. The line will not be completely at the top of the graph, it will be very close to the top, but not touching it.
Brain Box20
Score over 2500 in one Game Show 
See 'Quiz Master' for more information.
Genuine Genius15
Beat all Marathon difficulties 
A marathon test is 16 rounds long and goes through all of the different games and game types. There are four difficulties and you must complete them all, they do NOT stack. You are also being timed but you can take as long as you need to, you just need to complete it.

During the marathon test each incorrect answer will add 10 Seconds to your total time, but as previously mentioned, this doesn’t matter as you do not have to finish it in a certain time. Also note that you can only move on to the next mini-game when you answer three questions correctly.
Mad About Mascots20
Purchase all Mascots 
The mascots are the little animal buddies that you take into each game mode, they stand next to your score and perform little animations every now and then. They do not serve any purpose except for bragging rights as you need to unlock some of them.

There are 60 of them in total and you need to buy them with the in-game currency; Noodles. Some mascots are unlocked from the beginning whereas others need to be unlocked. The criteria for unlocking each mascot can be found in ‘Mascot Shop’ menu where you buy them. The locked ones will be inside a crate with a little message above them telling you how to unlock them.

This should be one of the last achievements that you unlock as buying them all can cost quite a bit. For the Noodleaire achievement you need to have 1,000,000 Noodles at one time so once you have unlocked the Noodleaire achievement then start buying these mascots.

See ‘Noodlaire’ for information on how to obtain Noodles.
Quiz Master20
Beat all single player opponents 
This achievement is unlocked through playing the ‘Game Show’ game mode. There are a total of 15 AI opponents and each getting progressively harder to beat, each player has a different strength and weakness. This can be unlocked on Easy difficulty and does not have to be done in one sitting, the game will save your progress after each person you beat.

As you play each opponent you have to answer 30 questions which span over six different mini-games. For each correct answer you get you will receive 100 points for answering first, or 60 points if you answered 2nd.

For the ‘Brain Box’ achievement you must finish with 2500 points or more, so you will need to answer 25/30 questions correctly. Although, in the last mini-game instead of gaining points you will steal them off your opponent and your opponent can steal them off you. So be careful and try not to drop below 2500 Points.
Working Week20
Take-A-Test 5 days in a row 
You can ‘Take-A-Test’ from the main menu and it consists of six different games each with a total of five questions.
This achievement is pretty straightforward, just change the difficulty to easy from the main menu by pressing and then start ‘Take-A-Test’. Once you have finished and the game has saved, go back to the dashboard and then change the date of your Xbox to the next day. Load up Encleverment Experiment and then play another ‘Take-A-Test’. Then repeat four more times and the achievement should unlock. Just remember to change the date after every time you complete a ‘Take-A-Test’. After you have completed the first test then you should unlock the ‘Test Taker’ achievement.
Earn 1,000,000 Noodles 
Noodles are the currency in this game and can be earned by playing certain game modes, these being Game Show and also by playing any of your home-made games. The noodles you earn are displayed by next to picture of your avatar/gamer picture.

Whilst going for the Quiz Master achievement you should unlock around 300,000 (Providing you didn’t buy any mascots). Now you should start a home-made game and pick any type of game that you are most comfortable with, and that you can guarantee you will get every question right. When you’re at the point where you pick what games you want in your custom games list, keep picking that same game over and over again and eventually you will have 30 of that game type. Now just play through all of these, providing you get a majority of the questions right you should earn over 100,000 noodles in around 30 Minutes to an Hour.

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Blitz Arcade
Blitz Arcade


US November 11, 2009

HDD Space Required : 454.79 MB
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