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Score Piece Collector

All the score pieces scattered throughout the world have been collected.
Some score pieces are available on your first play, and I highly recommend following this guide closely so you can immediately begin working on "EZI Worshipper" once you begin your second play through. The score pieces are not numbered inside the game, so if you do not get them all, you won't be able to follow the "EZI Worshipper" description correctly. You can get them out of order and the game will reorder them, but they are still not numbered.

1st Playthrough

Chapter 1

1. In a shrine next to Salsa's house in Agogo Village

Chapter 2
2. In a chest at the end of Fort Fermata, directly after the boss

Chapter 3
3. In a boat outside Cantabile Inn on the path
4. In a chest in Woodblock Groves
5. In a storage room in Andante City
6. Hidden near a rock in the entrance of Andante City (you must first find a note in some boxes next to the house that triggers the event to go to the graveyard)

Chapter 4
7. On a bookshelf on the Baroque Ship
8. On the bow of the Baroque Ship
9. Pirate Ship Dolce
10. In a record player in Baroque Castle
11. In a clock in Baroque Castle
12. On a desk in the Baroque City Inn
13. In a snowman at Baroque City Entrance
14. In a cave in Sharp Mountains
15. In the fireplace in the Sharp Mountain Lodge
16. In a treasure chest in Wah Lava Cave

Chapter 5
17. In the back of the Ritardando Bakery (inside)
18. On the side of the Ritardando Bakery (inside)
19. In a treasure chest in Mandolin Church Tunnel
20. In a barrel in the Baroque tavern wine cellar (must trigger Dolce fight first)
21. From a merchant at the Celesta Forest entrance

Chapter 6

22. Cello Tree at Cowbell Heights

Chapter 7

23. Mysterious Unison Floor 4
24. Mysterious Unison Floor 9
25. Mysterious Unison Floor 12
Note: These can only be received on the first play if you backtrack before the final boss.

2nd Playthrough

Chapters 1-5


Chapter 6

26. Play Score Piece 24 with Easygoing Flat in Tenuto Village
27. Last area in Heaven's Mirror Forest, squirrel on a tree trunk
28. Forte City Tavern, upstairs on a table
29. Forte City, near door to Inn
30. Baroque City, rescue man with dogs sidequest

Chapter 7

31. Forte City, man in pain. (Note: You must talk to the old lady in the in the Hotel during Chapter 4 or you will not be able to get this one.)
32. Play Score Piece 19 with Disappointed Note at Cabasa Bridge (north side)
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User Comments
Comment #1 by Erydan
Monday, November 29, 2010 @ 08:20:47 AM

Score Piece 31 is actually Baroque City, not Forte City...

Comment #2 by Buruma
Sunday, June 05, 2011 @ 11:24:42 PM

Also, it is possible to obtain Score Piece 31 during Chapter 6.

Comment #3 by Raptor2401
Tuesday, July 26, 2011 @ 02:13:21 PM

Actually the man in pain gives the score piece 30 and the man with dogs gives the 31. Both can be obtained during Chapter 6

Comment #4 by PhoenixKurogane
Tuesday, November 22, 2011 @ 12:54:32 AM

@#1 No, you're wrong. It's Forte City.

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