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Every Extend Extra Extreme Achievement Guide

Guide By: Drake O'Phile
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Yellow Wizard10
Survive 30 minutes on any stage in E4, The Game Unlimited mode.   
A bit of a time consumer, but not incredibly difficult. Pick your favorite song (I personally like Radar) and kick back. Keep an eye out for Time powerups ("O") to keep the game going as long as possible. Once you have reached half an hour you can let the game timer run out.
Hide And Seek15
Stay alive for 60 seconds without a shield in E4, The Game Unlimited mode.   
Not incredibly difficult either. If you have gotten "Pacifism" on Geometry Wars then you know what to expect. Once your shield goes away it's just a matter of dodging the enemies in the level. They do not chase you, so take note of their formations and steer accordingly.
Collect 50 Quicken in E4, The Game Time Limited mode.   
A "Quicken" is the little red icon with a ">>" symbol inside of it. Each of these tokens will speed up the game and also send more enemies onto the screen. If you crash then you will lose your Quicken so always keep an eye on how much shield time you have left.
Blue Wizard20
Earn 15 Trillion points on any stage of E4, The Game Unlimited mode.   
Another easy one, but also consumes a lot of time. You may choose to combine this achievement with the "Yellow Wizard" achievement. To maximize your points make sure to nab as many Quicken (">>") and Bonus Points ("+") tokens as possible to give your Multiplier and total enemies on the screen an extra boost.
Earn 125 points in ratings.   
While playing towards the "Blue Wizard" achievement (and any achievement that involves a very high score such as "Master of Extreme" or "Power Player") you will earn Ratings points. This achievement will sneak up on you while you are trying to keep your timing in check for your high score awards.
Power Player15
Achieve 10 consecutive Beat Bonuses in E4, The Game Time Limited mode.   
A "Beat Bonus" is given to you when you detonate your ship on the beat of the music. Your controller vibrates to the beat of the song you chose, so if you time it right you will get "Beat Bonus x2" which will climb to 3, 4, and then 5. On your 6th-10th Beat Bonuses it will still say "x5".
Silver Shooter10
Clear Stage 25 on the R4, The Revenge mode.   
See "Gold Shooter".
Gold Shooter20
Clear Stage 100 on the R4, The Revenge mode.   
R4, The Revenge starts out innocuously easy but becomes steep very fast. There are two "parts" to each level in R4. The first part is filled with enemies that fly at you in various formations and you must kill a set number before you move onto one of five bosses. The first two bosses look like rainbow biohazard symbols and fire bullets out in set patterns. The second set of bosses are airplanes that either shoot in front of their ships or fire out cluster rings of bullets. The final boss (and the most troublesome) is a satellite with orbiting masses that kill you if you touch them. The best way to defeat all of these bosses is to abuse your shield time and simply park right in the center of them to unleash copious amounts of damage. If you are unable to kill the boss in this fashion then pay attention to their firing patterns; all of them have a "hole" and once you find it the game becomes a matter of negotiating this "track" while shooting.

I recommend the ship style that shoots from all four corners. The shots are not as wide as the front shooter but with this setup you can move and dodge while shooting in every direction and still hit enemies and bosses.
Chain Master10
Create more than 1000 chain reactions in E4, The Game Unlimited mode.   
See "Chain Wizard".
Chain Wizard20
Create more than 2000 chain reactions in E4, The Game Unlimited mode.   
This is another achievement that you may choose to do in conjunction with "Yellow Wizard" and "Blue Wizard". If you keep on top of getting Quicken icons then more enemies will appear on the screen at once along with more "bonus enemies" that detonate with large shockwaves. Once the amount of enemies on screen starts to fill up the place aim to detonate in the center of a giant cluster of them and let the game do the rest. If done properly the chain reaction should go on for a long time and ultimately die out at around 2,500 - 3,000. Once it reaches 2,000 however, you may choose to end the chain if you like.
Master of Extreme30
Achieve 5 consecutive Beat Bonuses while on a x100 score multiplier in E4, The Game Unlimited.   
Not as hard as it seems (and may be done alongside "Power Player"). The tricky part is getting your Multiplier maxed out at x100. Every Bonus Points token will increase your multiplier a tiny amount, and luckily for you there are entire formations of blue enemies that drop these items. Be quick, detonate a lot of them, end the chain, and nab as many as you can get. Repeat this process until you have an x100 Multiplier and let loose with the Beat Bonuses. Remember to use the vibration of the controller to help time your detonations.

If you haven't guessed by now, this is yet another achievement that you can try to get while you are working on "Yellow Wizard".
Big Head10
20 wins in H4, Versus Live.   (5) 
You'll have to find a boosting partner for this one as no one plays online anymore, good luck.

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Q Entertainment


Japan December 31, 2007

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