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Hardcore Champion

You have won the Drivers' Championship in Season Challenge on hard difficulty.   

This is not as difficult as it first appears and is easier if you get your tactics right during the whole season.

You have to remember if you take on a rival and win he will miss 2 races when you are driving his car, so even if he has a slight lead in the championship you have 2 free races to make points back on him.

In my season I started with Caterham and choose Paul Diresta as my first rival, beat him and chose Felipa Massa as my second, beat him and chose Sebastian Vettel as my third, beat him and chose Lewis Hamilton as my fourth, I beat him and the achievement popped although there were still 2 races remaining no one could catch me.

I chose Vettel and Hamilton because at the time they were closet to me in the
standings, yours will be different and you should choose carefully.

Also another point on Season Challenge is don’t be afraid to push and shove other cars, it seems to be easier getting away with contact, and flags don’t seem to be as strict for some reason, blocking a lot seems to be fine if you can manage to get yourself up near the front of the field.

If you are being over taken it will generally be people at the top of points, so another trick is at the last second block them and they will have to brake hard and this may force them to drop back a few places allowing you to get more points than them, also another tip if you are in top 3 in the race brake hard on last corner and block as much as you can so the others all bunch up letting the slower drivers potentially past them.

If you get caught for any contact or blocking then remember to use your flashbacks.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Gone4aDuck
Thursday, October 10, 2013 @ 12:37:01 PM

Beating your rivals is the key here as you only have a choice of caterham or murissia as starting teams.

Comment #2 by TheGreatKoala
Monday, October 14, 2013 @ 07:50:45 AM

This should be as easy as last time. If you struggle on the game, take on a mid table team first, then a championship leader after that.

If you're good at the game, you should be able to go as high as Mercedes at first(hamilton tends to out-qualify Rosberg by a few places, so go for Nico). Qualify 13th then 12th and you should be in the podium places after turn 1.

If you can't gain 10 places at the start you either qualified in the top 10, or you shouldn't be playing the game

Comment #3 by ForzaAlonsoF1
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 @ 12:58:37 PM

I opted for Caterham, had Romain Grosjean as rival, qualified 19th at Monza and then overtook 7 cars at Prima Variante, another 2 cars through Curva Grande and out-braked two more Variant della Roggia. Then made no progress whatsoever as the car isn't fast enough to compete. Came 8th after having to defend drastically through Serraglio on cars DRS'ing me. The key is to be very aggressive on the start and bully your way as much as you can to the front. Turning brake assist off is a big tip too. The only thing that matters in getting this achievement is beating your first rival. Once you get a Ferrari/Merc/Red Bull(tsk)or even a McLaren drive, you're home free as qualifying P1 will be a doddle, and winning the races will be much easier.

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