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Guide By: Khaos
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000g: 3-7 hours (Depending on Luck)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

Overall, the Fable 2 Pub Games are not very difficult. Most of the games are based purely on luck, which can make some of the achievements very long and frustrating to obtain. Other than that if you use the Fortune's Tower trick, you will have no trouble getting everything you want out of this game.

Step #1: Fortune's Tower
The most important thing you need to know about this game is the max bet trick. You can learn everything you need to know about it HERE. Doing this trick will allow you to win tournaments easily. Now that you know that it's time to use this trick to work up to a 5-star rating. To do this you need to earn points. Points are earned by betting in games, not tournaments (i.e if you bet 60 gold you gain 60 points, win or lose). With this in mind, use max bet trick and play the game with the highest bet allowed. Do this until you have 5-stars and have won all of the Fortune's Tower tournaments. Also, a discussion on strategy for Fortune's Tower can be found HERE.

Step #2: Win the Spinnerbox and Keystone Tournaments
The Spinnerbox tournaments require 100% luck. Simply mash and hope for the best. Keystone does have some strategy involved. I used the strategies located HERE and was able to win all five tourneys with very minimal heartache. Hopefully you stumble upon a jackpot and a 100x spin during this time. If not, use the achievement guide's methods and hope for the best.

Step #3: Unlock All Games
First, I would build up a large bankroll using the Fortune's Tower trick. Then you can enter the game with the highest bet and simply gamble until you unlock all the games.

At the time of writing this map, there is one achievement (Fabled Financier) that is not attainable until Fable 2 is released. Other than that if you still are missing any other achievements, use the achievement guide.
[x360a would like to thank Method for this Road Map]  

Not Just Another Mark10
Earn a 3-star rating (1) 

See "High Roller's Club"

High Roller's Club20
Earn a 5-star rating (1) 

Each gold coin that you wager earns one point, win or lose. When you cash out of a table, you will see how many points your character earned at that table.These points add up, and will allow your character to earn a higher rating, thus allowing you to enter into higher rated tournaments, unlock new games, concept art, etc.

In the "Play Games" main menu, there is an option to manage your characters, and in that menu you can view your stats. here you can see how many points you currently have, as well as the threshold you must pass to earn the next rating.

Here are the point thresholds:
1 star: Begin at this rating when the game starts
2 stars: 3,000 points
3 stars: 15,000 points
4 stars: 75,000 points
5 stars: 300,000 points

I Want It All40
Earn all 15 unique items 

In the "Play Games" main menu, there is an option to view your inventory. This is where you'll be able to see your progress towards this achievement. The 15 items are broken down into 5 for each game type. In order to earn the 5 items, you must place (5th or better) in a 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 star tournaments in each game type.

No Stone Unturned10
Get a jackpot in Keystone (3) 

Keystone is played with three dice. When those 3 die are thrown, the stone corresponding to the number thrown will be removed. The game is played by betting on which stones will be removed. In order to win the Jackpot, either of the cornerstones need to be removed on the first round of play. In other words, your very first die toss needs to be all 1s or all 6s.

Keystone requires a "Jackpot" game type for this to be true. The free tournament is NOT a Jackpot game, and therefore cannot unlock this achievement, but you can unlock it in the pay-in tournaments. The best method though, is to choose the first "Jackpot Keystone"

(Dice on yellow background, with bet values of 5-20)

and put 5g on either 3 or 18 for your arch bet and roll. If you don't get 3 or 18, leave the table and come back. It's luck, and it could take forever, but if you want to do it the cheapest way, this is it.

Here are some tips for general play in Keystone, not just hunting the jackpot:

Play the standard (green) 50-200 Keystone. Place 100 arch bet on 7, and 100 on 13. These generally go out during a game, and if you win both, your arch take is 312 (made 112, not much, but it's better than losing it all).

Bet 100 each roll on either 4-9 or 12-17 based on the odds it'll hit that side (yes, statistically it can be said that there are ALWAYS 50/50 odds, but in a stats group, if it just landed 4-9 3x in a row, it's more likely to hit 12-17 than hit 4-9 4x in a row). You will lose no more than 100 per roll. Each win at 33:20 odds will bring in 265g (a profit of 165). As long as you win 33% of the time, you'll break about even.

Warrior's Luck10
Get a jackpot in Fortune's Tower 

Fortune's Tower is played with cards. A face down card called the Gate card is set down, which is a safety card in case you need to use it. Cards are lain down in the form of a pyramid until you get to the 8th row. If you make it to the 8th row without using your Gate card, you win the Jackpot. Hindering your advancement will be the fact that if 2 cards are laid vertically from each other, the game is over. The only hope you have would be to have also laid a hero card in that row, which will save you, or by using up your Gate card to take the place of the destroyed card, but that negates the jackpot.

In the tournaments menu, there is a free Fortune's Tower tournament that you can play, so this is a good place to work for the jackpot, as there is no risk of losing any gold.

Here are some tips for general play in Fortune's Tower, not just hunting the jackpot:

  • If you are past the third line (3 cards) and have already used your "gateway" card, take 10 or more. It's a loss, but you're already in a sticky spot.
  • Generally continue down until you DO use your gateway card. Odds are against getting 2+ losses in a single row. Sure, it happens... a lot, but odds are against it.
  • Anytime you hit 20+, you should probably take the deal. It's guaranteed earning.
  • The above apply differently in tournament play as follows:
    • Use a 1/3 to 1/2 full bet. Staying minimum is too safe, going max is too risky.
    • Try to always break even, at least, in every hand. Keep the first two tips above in mind though and weigh your risk carefully.
    • You can get away with playing conservatively in a single-player game, but in tournament play, you really can't. Push for it. If you are getting REALLY behind (50% of the next lowest player), start maxing out and taking risks. It's the ONLY way to catch back up

There is also a glitch that has been found in Fortune's Tower, allowing you to make more gold, much faster. Start your game with the lowest possible wager. Then press to start the game but immediately hit which causes you to only pay the lowest bet, but the earnings correspond to the highest bet.

Serious Stakeholder20
Have a bankroll over 2,500 gold (1) 

Through winning games of chance, as well as entering tournaments, your character can earn more gold. In the "Play Games" main menu, there is an option to manage your characters, and in that menu you can view your stats. here you can see how much gold you currently have. Get that number up to 2,500 and this achievement will be all yours. See "Warrior's Luck," "No Stone Unturned," and "Big Spinner" for tips on individual game strategies.

Penultimate Player10
Place in a tournament 

In the tournaments menu, there is a tournament in each game type that you can play for free, so until you are better at the games, these free tournaments are a good place to start, as there is no risk of losing any gold. In any game type, place in the top 5 to unlock this achievement.

Big Spinner10
Win Big (at least 100 times your bet) at any Spinnerbox game (2) 

Spinnerbox is basically a medieval slot machine, as you match more symbols together, you receive higher payouts. These payout odds depend on the box you're playing on, the symbols that come up, and how many matching symbols there are. When you are playing the game, pull the and you will see the payout. Any combination listed on here which sports a number larger than 100x what you're betting is what is needed for this magical gambling achievement. For example, if you're betting 5 gold, looking at the chart, you can hit anything with a number 500 or larger, as the payout screen changes by how much you have bet on each spin.

To better your odds, try using one of the following game types:

They seem to allow the highest rate of winnings due to multipliers or free spins.

Fortunate Finder10
Unlock a new game of any type 

In the Select Game menu, you can choose any of the 3 game types, and go in and view all available variations. The solid cards are the available to play games, whereas the transparent cards have yet to be unlocked. You can select any of the non-unlocked games with , and in the bottom right of the card, it will state the requirements for unlocking, such as Fortune's Tower 15-30 is unlocked when you have achieved at least a 2 star rating (High Roller's Club for details about ratings), whereas Fortune's Tower 60-600 is unlocked when you have earned a total of 60,000 points overall in your Fortune's Tower career. Once you unlock a new game type, this achievement will be all yours.

Lucky Locksmith30
Unlock all games 

See "Fortunate Finder," except now unlock all games instead of just a single one

Champion of Chance30
Win a tournament 

See "Penultimate Player," but for this achievement, you must win the tournament.

Fabled Financier0
Play a pub game with your Fable® II Hero (5) 

Once starting a game, you have the option to play as your hero from Fable II, or using one of the pre-made heroes. Select your Fable II character in the the character select screen to earn this achievement, and as you can obviously tell, this achievement is not unlockable until the release of Fable II.

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