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This is single-player story related and cannot be missed.

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Comment #1 by daardu
Thursday, November 29, 2012 @ 12:42:17 AM

After this achievement, most of my time will be spent in Map Editor!

Comment #2 by Hurricane Of 87
Saturday, December 08, 2012 @ 05:37:31 PM

Saved my friends because the prospect of hearing Citra's voice for the rest of my life wasn't enticing.

Comment #3 by QuackPuppy
Thursday, December 13, 2012 @ 06:47:30 PM

*SPOILERS* @2 Yeah in the ending for joining Citra, she kills you anyway

Comment #4 by ClapSingItsMe
Saturday, December 15, 2012 @ 01:56:57 AM

I killed the friends. Annoying ass mean friends. And plus Citra has a great RACK!

Comment #5 by xDante1986
Sunday, December 16, 2012 @ 06:24:19 PM

I save my friends because whole tribe of Rakyat betrayed me, when they attacked dr. E and friends....

Comment #6 by joshtheman5005
Tuesday, December 18, 2012 @ 05:24:48 PM

Do you automatically get this if you beat the story??

Comment #7 by DarkMellow
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 @ 07:51:07 AM

@6 yes

Comment #8 by xTyDiRiUmx
Tuesday, December 25, 2012 @ 09:01:54 AM

I beat the story watched the credits, and the game froze. Reloaded my save, no achievement And the story was over. F'in lame

Comment #9 by comrad john 117
Tuesday, December 25, 2012 @ 11:58:59 PM

I have seen both endings and I'm not exactly happy with either one.

Comment #10 by SuicidalPanda55
Thursday, December 27, 2012 @ 09:50:18 PM


Comment #11 by GamerGill7x77
Wednesday, January 02, 2013 @ 08:41:11 AM

dim some long credits...

Comment #12 by GamerGill7x77
Wednesday, January 02, 2013 @ 08:44:01 AM

@7 actually you have to wait till the credits are over and it asks you if you want to continue to explore the island as soon as you hit ok then it pops. not to get technical but yea.

Comment #13 by devz2010
Wednesday, January 02, 2013 @ 10:01:12 PM

@12 No need to watch the whole thing, Just press start to skip.

Comment #14 by PhiIosophy
Sunday, January 06, 2013 @ 10:44:59 PM

Anyone else feel like the story got worse as the game went on?

Comment #15 by Connor42298
Sunday, January 06, 2013 @ 11:23:16 PM

This didnt unlock for me!!!! I have no recent saves I'm honing to have to redo the game!!! Someone please help me find another way!!!!!!

Comment #16 by The Kingslayer
Monday, January 07, 2013 @ 09:38:41 AM

Man what a game and what an ending. I wasn't even that excited for Far Cry 3 but boy am I glad that I asked to get it for Christmas. I can't wait to see Far Cry 4 on the next gen consoles.

Comment #17 by Milosuperspesh
Sunday, January 20, 2013 @ 12:01:53 PM

nice spoilers here lol

Comment #18 by Endyf
Monday, January 21, 2013 @ 12:23:13 PM

@17 To be fair, if people don't want to see spoilers they shouldn't be looking here in the first place.

Comment #19 by briangetsweird
Saturday, January 26, 2013 @ 03:17:36 PM

terrible ending. the game was great but I must say that I didn't care at all for Jason Brody as a character.

Comment #20 by Milosuperspesh
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 @ 06:09:03 AM

@18 suppose

@19 he has stupid hair and a i'm a playa/asshole face..

Comment #21 by haelos
Thursday, February 07, 2013 @ 01:58:49 AM

propably the most emotional shooter story in 2012, but jason brody is not the best protagonist...

Comment #22 by Mrryan12
Friday, February 08, 2013 @ 11:08:41 AM

@21 Spec Ops: The Line. Anyways I still like this game better, I thought I would be playing this game for about a week, but I am still playing it after a month, with plenty to do.

Comment #23 by B4rtt S
Saturday, February 16, 2013 @ 08:00:04 AM

awesome game

Comment #24 by pyro7ice
Saturday, February 16, 2013 @ 10:23:32 PM

Fantastic game! Can't wait to progress further into this amazing story.

Comment #25 by RedstoneFanatic
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 @ 05:03:10 AM

What #22 said.

Comment #26 by pyro7ice
Friday, February 22, 2013 @ 04:51:04 AM

Oh Vaas :(

Comment #27 by MattDares
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 @ 01:25:34 PM

I haven't played far cry before and I brought far cry 3 on an impulse buy and I loved it. Good achievement list and great game. Might go try far cry 2. Is it worth buying?

Comment #28 by Yaus98
Sunday, March 10, 2013 @ 01:24:48 AM

@27 i asked myself the same question about far cry 2 and i still dont know but its set in africa, so im not sure what the environment is like.

Comment #29 by Jycke
Sunday, March 10, 2013 @ 04:02:47 PM

FFS...i saved my friends, turned off the tv but left the xbox on and left. When i came back an hour later the xbox had turned itself off due to something i can only guess to be energy saver....thanks microsoft.

Comment #30 by Isaacthegamer
Sunday, March 10, 2013 @ 08:12:12 PM

@27 don't get Far Cry 2. In that game, you get malaria and have to take medicine all the time to keep going. It's very annoying. Most of my friends stopped playing the game because of that, but they all finished Far Cry 3.

Comment #31 by TheyCallMeNis
Sunday, March 10, 2013 @ 11:27:55 PM

who the fudge would pick citra lol

Comment #32 by TheyCallMeNis
Sunday, March 10, 2013 @ 11:29:13 PM

credits.. credits... credits... credits...

Comment #33 by Kin3tiks
Thursday, March 14, 2013 @ 06:24:10 PM

^ It takes a lot of people to make a game this in depth! XD

Comment #34 by meltinzone
Monday, March 18, 2013 @ 03:22:12 AM

fuck this. I picked citra then was like still one secret achiev, reboot ad pick other option, then game has autosaved and I have to go back miles and miles earlier in the game to get it. People that link achievments to credits are fucked. Game was awesome. But fuck bugs like this :|

Comment #35 by tenjackten
Sunday, March 24, 2013 @ 12:23:08 PM

Great game. Too bad my guy sounds like Ferris Bueller instead of the stone-cold killer he's supposed to be.

And really, if you picked Citra you deserved what happened to you. : P

Comment #36 by Milllzy
Tuesday, March 26, 2013 @ 11:53:45 AM

I enjoyed getting all the achievements on this game this is an amazing game and I would recomend anyone to play this also if you enjoyed this you would probably like the game dead island aswell! :)

Comment #37 by MrFalloutGuy
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 @ 03:18:31 PM

I agree with 26, It was really good and you would definantly like Dead Island
It does however get very repeditive

Comment #38 by bblue2344
Friday, April 19, 2013 @ 06:18:35 AM

@21 halo 4 was a pretty emotionally intense game. what with cortana and all.. but yea fuck jason brody and his firends, bunch a spoiled rich assholes blowing up and burning an entire island soo not eco-friendly.

Comment #39 by bblue2344
Friday, April 19, 2013 @ 06:24:48 AM

just finished the game after posting that last comment. SOOO glad i joined citra i would trade those friends any day to bone down with her but maybe not if i got shanked in the chest after haha. seein her boobs again was worth it tho

Comment #40 by RichNasty1911
Tuesday, May 21, 2013 @ 09:37:05 PM

not an easy choice for me. I thought about what Jason went through the whole game and decided while every action was meant to save his friends it also brought him to places he never thought he could reach as a warrior. Ultimately, I chose Citra. And while the first 30-40 seconds seemed like a good choice as mentioned above by bblue...she then stabs you "in the back" so to speak. But what an adventure and hell of a way to go out lol

Comment #41 by XX HEH8ME XX
Saturday, May 25, 2013 @ 02:23:26 AM

I really couldnt care for jason or his friends, so citra seemed liked a good choice. Especially considering what you had to do in order to survive and become a warrior, how could you go back to the states and live a normal life again?
In all things considering probably best for him that it ends like that.

Comment #42 by megatron1odons
Monday, June 24, 2013 @ 12:24:28 AM

During the whole game you strive to save your friends and family. Even in real life if I had the choice to rule a tiny island or live a life of unknown , I would choose the unknown.

Comment #43 by Nerdvana Zen
Wednesday, July 03, 2013 @ 12:20:44 PM

I saved the friends. Yes, they are spoiled d-bags, but the point was to save them. The ideal ending would have been Jason's original plan: save your friends, stay on the islands. Based on what Jason has become (a wild killer) the jungle would have been the best place for him, "ruler" or not.
Also, REALLY PISSED Sam died. He was my fav character!

Comment #44 by sleezecheeze
Monday, July 08, 2013 @ 02:40:46 AM

Saved the friends merely because that's what the objective was the entire game.

Wish I picked the other ending though, fucking Denis the cunt stabbed Citra.

Comment #45 by darth nerdius
Tuesday, July 16, 2013 @ 09:26:54 PM

I wish i had killed my "friends" jasons girlfriend is a b**** . The only one worth not killing is the girl that saved her self.

Comment #46 by kharvick29
Wednesday, June 18, 2014 @ 08:59:17 PM

Easy. Story mission so it cannot be missed.

Comment #47 by OpTic DevilDog9
Saturday, July 19, 2014 @ 03:50:24 AM

I personally found Liza hotter than Citra. So I saved my friends.

Comment #48 by CBrip31
Monday, November 17, 2014 @ 11:35:19 AM

Citra isn't the best looking person so I saved my friends.

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