FIFA 10 Achievement Guide

Guide By: J.Waddo
There are 54 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 32 (805)
-Online: 12 (195)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 150+ hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats!
-Unavailable achievements? All online and ultimate team achievements

NOTE: Please note that due to the servers for this game being closed you can no longer get any of the online achievements. Also as the Ultimate Team achievements rely on the servers being active you cannot get them either.

Welcome to FIFA 10. This game has a total of 44 achievements. The full 1000 will take you at least 50 hours to complete (Real Fan requires you to play the game for 50 hours), but you should prepare for approximately 100 hours with the game to obtain all the achievements.

Also, make sure you keep track of which stadiums you win in, as well as which leagues the clubs you play with/for are located in. Doing this will save you a lot of pain when going for Around The World and Well Traveled.

Step 1: Miscellaneous Achievements (100)
The first achievements you will want get in FIFA 10 is the Arena-related achievements. By scoring 20 goals in the Arena, you will get both Shooting Boots and Still Practising?, and by pressing Select in the Arena you will be taken to the training ground, earning you Practice Makes Perfect. Also, make sure you visit the FIFA 10 Store, as it will give you an easy 5 and the Window Shopping achievement.

Next, start an Exhibition Match. Put the CPU difficulty to Amateur and give yourself a 5 star team and the opponent a ½ star team. Remove all assistance, win the match, and Total Control is yours. Also, make sure you upload a video and a screenshot for Camera Man and Photographer achievements. If you have a second controller, this is also the time to get Hard Earned Win, Grind it Out and Good Friend.

Step 2: Virtual Pro Achievements (80)
What you want to do next is create your Virtual Pro, which will earn you A Star Is Born. Now go visit to create your Game Face. Downloading it to your game gives you Looking Good. Now, over your time with FIFA 10, your Virtual Pro will be able to unlock several accomplishments in order to become the best footballer (hopefully) around. To keep track on which accomplishments there are and which ones you still need to get to get the Skilled Pro achievement (visit this thread for help keeping track).

The next achievement you want to get is the Always Available achievement. This is rather easy as you can just request a sub in the beginning of every match in order to fool the game into believing you didn't simulate a single match.

Step 3: Manager Mode Achievements (470)
Start a new Manager Mode. This is where the most achievement points are, so this will obviously take most of your time to complete. Luckily for you, it is possible to simulate every game (Be sure to turn Autosave off, just in case you lose a game and have to restart). Start by selecting a 5-star team in any league (I chose Manchester United). Be sure to select your Virtual Pro as well, as playing him in Manager Mode will get you the secret achievement Time For A Testimonial, even if it is in several Manager Modes. To be sure your Virtual Pro is selected in each match, just turn the Assistant Manager OFF, and select him in your starting eleven. During a single Manager Mode session (15 seasons) you will have to sign 50 players in order to get the Wheeler Dealer achievement. The first thing you should do is to upgrade your stadium to level 10, earning you Theatre Of Dreams. This is rather expensive, so consider quitting the game after the achievement pops up to get your money back, ready to be spent on new players instead. In your first season with the 5-star club you should get the The Treble and No Pressure. In the following season, you should also net the Double Champs, and if you won enough games/titles, Established.

Next, start a new Manager Mode career in England, I personally did it with Leeds. Make sure you win a promotion in two consecutive seasons to earn the Climbing The Ladder achievement.

Now find a really poor league (Korea, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia), pick a 1 star team and make sure you win the league. This will earn you Limited Resources.

Next, pick any league in Manager Mode, and then select the best club in the league. Your goal is Challenging Schedule, which says you should complete a Manager Mode Season without simming a game. It can be done easily though. Start the game as usual, but instead of playing the match forfeit it. After 8-10 games losing 0-3 automatically, the board will sack you and simulate the rest of the season, earning you the achievement in the end of it.

Patience and skill is all you need to get Phoenix from the Ashes the legit way. If you want to "cheat" in order to get it faster, check this thread. Last, you probably won at least one or two major titles by now, so win the remaining major European Leagues for Globetrotter.

Step 4: Tournament Achievements (10)
Start a new tournament (See the Achievement Guide) and win it with a 1 star team to get Cup Upset.

Step 5: Lounge Mode Achievements (10)
Start a new Lounge Mode. To make life easy, pick a 5 star team for yourself and a ½ star team for the CPU. Put the difficulty to Amateur and just follow the list in the Achievement Guide in order to get the Lounging Around achievement.

Step 6: Online Achievements (225)
And now over to the Online Achievements! Time to show the world how good you got by simulating all those games ;-). Pick a 4 ½ star team in the beginning, as most people pick 5 star teams when you meet them. This will earn you Underdog, Gutsy Call (if you go to extra time and win), and most likely FIFA Fever which spreads like the plague. If it takes several tries to do this, also pick five different 4 ½ star teams in a row to earn Experimental. With these out of the way, pick a 5 star team to make your life easier going for Good Form and Glory Hunter. Next, start a new Online Team Play, aiming for Good Support. By entering a friends' league, win a match and Top of the League? is yours. The last two achievements you are most likely to get online are Ton Up and Bad Loser (If you have no honor, you can get this really quick).

Some online achievements require that you get in a club with other FIFA-players. Doing so will give you a chance to receive Recognise Anyone? and Team Player. Over the course of the game, the last two, Off the Woodwork and Real Fan are doomed to come.

Happy gaming, and good luck getting the full 1000!

[x360a would like to thank Haukipauki for this roadmap]


Ultimate Team DLC Road Map

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 0
-Online: 10 (250)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 25 - 60 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats!

Step 1: Tournaments (115G)
Firstly, you should just focus on winning all 25 tournaments which should not be too challenging. You can win the same tournament more than once and it still counts. So if you have any problems at all then the easiest tournament is the journeyman cup which is the one on the top left of the first single player page but it only nets you a 400 tournament bonus. Also while doing the tournaments you will recieve Tournament Winner, Tournament Champion, Tournament Legend, Match Winner and A Good Start and possibly even Pack Rat but I didn't.

Step 2: 100 chemistry achievements (45G)
Next, you want to go for Perfect Chemistry, International Unity and Coalition of the Winning. I found that the easiest way of doing this was to go on trading and search for league 2 players for a particular formation (I used 3-5-2 but it doesn't make a difference) and then just make sure you don't have multiple players from the same club or country. It shouldn't cost much more than about 5000 coins.

Step 3: Clear Up (90G)
Finally, is the 2 most time consuming achievements, Pack Rat and Resource King. I will explain more in the achievement guide.

[x360a would like to thank bmstinton93 for this roadmap]

FIFA Fever5
Catch the Fever by beating someone on Xbox LIVE who already has it    (5) 

This is a viral achievement similar to the A.Bell Fever from ’09. Simply beat an opponent on Xbox Live who already has it. If you are struggling to win, or need to find someone who has it, check out the achievement trading thread here.

Shooting Boots5
Score 5 goals in 1 Arena kick-about   (3) 

All you have to do is score 5 goals in the arena, which is the place you practice whilst waiting for the game to load. However, it must be done all at once.

Off the Woodwork15
Score off the post or cross bar in a match    

This achievement is pretty much down to luck, but happens quite often. All you need to do is have your shot hit the crossbar or either post and then go into the net.

Camera Man10
Upload a video to EA SPORTS™ Football World   

Just upload a replay to EA Sports FW. To do this, simply go to the pause menu during a game by pressing and go down to Instant Replay, then select to upload the video. It can be of absolutely anything. The achievement will pop up as soon as the video is 100% uploaded.

Hard Earned Win10
Beat a 5 Star team with a ½ Star team on Xbox LIVE or against Professional difficulty or higher   (3) 

They’re are 3 ways of getting this achievement:

1) Play an xbox live game and select a team rated ½ star, and 9 times out of 10 your opponent will pick a 5 star team, if they doesn’t then back out. All you have to do is beat them and the achievement will pop up at the end of the game. If you are struggling to do this on XBL then I suggest finding a boosting partner by posting in the achievement trading thread here.

2) The other way of doing this is to play a simple game against the CPU. For yourself choose a ½ star team, and for the CPU choose a 5 star team. Make sure the difficulty is set to professional!! Simply win the game and the achievement is yours.

3) Use 2 controllers to boost it. Make sure its still on professional difficulty though.

Grind it Out10
Win a match with 10 men on Xbox LIVE or when playing on Professional difficulty or higher     (3) 

Again, there are 3 ways to do this achievement:

1) Go into an Xbox Live game and purposely get one of your players sent off by sliding your opponent (), basically just make no attempt to get the ball and you’ll more than likely get a red. From there, just win the game and the achievement is yours. Additionally you can boost this with a friend, or look for someone using the achievement trading thread here.

2) You can also get this achievement by playing against the CPU, but the difficulty must be on Professional or higher. Again, just purposely get a player sent off and go on to win the game. To make this easier for you, choose a 5 start team for yourself and a ½ star team for the CPU. Note: I’d recommend that you get yourself a good lead first, 2 or 3 goals should be enough, then get your man sent off from the 70th minute or later.

3) Use 2 controllers to boost it. Make sure its still on professional difficulty though.

Cup Upset10
Win a 16 team Tournament with a 1 Star team when playing on Professional difficulty or higher    (4) 

For this one, do the following steps:
Main Menu ===> Game Modes
Game Modes ===> Tournament Mode
Tournament Mode ===> Create Tournament

Then choose:
Number Of Team: 16
Auto Fill Teams: No
Tournament Name: (whatever you want, I left mine blank)
Advanced Settings: On

For your team pick a team rated one star, and for the 15 CPU teams, choose the worst teams you can find, a.k.a, ½ star rated teams. Simply win the whole tournament and the achievement is yours.

Note: If you can't be bothered playing, then turn autosave off and sim each match and save after each win and reload if you lose.

Wheeler Dealer15
Buy 50 players in your Manager Mode career   (5) 

Pretty self explanatory, just sign 50 players all together in manager mode. It doesn't have to be done in one season - it is done over the course of the 15 seasons you spend in manager mode.

I've found that the easiest way of doing this is to start a new manager mode with Manchester United. From here, go to the transfer market, and search (Detailed) Min Overall: 5 and Max. Overall: 50. Then, just submit bids for any player's on that list that shows up, make sure you set your bid to the highest, and the players wages to the highest. Then, go back and sim your game. Afterward, you'll receive messages off the board saying which players you've signed and who you've not signed. If you don't sign some one, don't worry, just go back to the transfer market and search again. You cannot save free agents or scouted players.

Once the transfer market shuts, just sim all your games until its open again, and repeat what you've been doing, if you run out of players on the Min: 5 Max: 50 list as you go along, change it to Min: 5 Max: 60.

Challenging Schedule45
Complete a Manager Mode Season without simming a game   (5) 

Self explanatory really, just play through a manager mode season without simulating a game, meaning that you must play and complete all league and cup games regardless. Remember to save after each game just in case you do accidentally sim a game. Also, you can go for this at the same time as other Manager Mode achievements, e.g Winning the Treble.

Good Friend25
Create a goal for a Friend with a cross    (1) 

The easiest way to do this is to get a friend to use a second controller, set up an exhibition match, and both move your controller to the same side.

Once it starts, you win the ball and run down the wing. When necessary, cross the ball in to your friend and get him to score. If it doesn't work, just keep trying until your friend manages to score. If you have one, you can have a third controller control the team your playing against and just leave it, and you can also bring the keeper out with that third controller if it helps.

This can also be done in Be-A-Pro mode, and Be-A-Pro mode online, and online clubs. As long as you provide a cross and one of your teammates scores you'll get this.

Real Fan50
Play for over fifty hours    (5) 

Self explanatory, just play FIFA 09 for 50 hours. Please note, only time spent actually playing matches counts towards this, meaning you cant just hang in the Arena or Main Menu for 50 hours. Matches played against the CPU and matches played on XBL both count towards this achievement.

For the record, 50 Hours = 3000 Minutes.

Well Travelled25
Win a match in every stadium    (5) 

Self-explanatory really, just win one match in every stadium on the game, there are a total of 49 stadiums, 50 if you include the Bernabeu, which is free DLC on launch day:

Note: I highly recommend keeping a list of where you have and haven't won, this was an annoying achievement for people last year because they lost track of where they had played.

On the list I have included some teams that play at each ground, you don't have to use these teams, just a suggestion:

Allianz Arena - Bayern Munchen (Germany)
Aloha Park - KC Wizards (USA)
Anfield - Liverpool (England)
Arena D’oro - Parma (Italy)
Bay Arena - Bayern Leverkusen (Germany)
Bernabeu - Must be assigned (Free DLC On Launch Day)
Camp Nou - Barcelona (Spain)
Court Lane - Barnsley (England)
Crown Lane - Hellsinborgs (Sweden)
El Bombastico - Valencia CF (Spain)
El Medio - Villarreal CF (Spain)
El Reducto - Real Valladolid (Spain)
Emirates - Aresnal (England)
Estadio Azteca - America (Mexico)
Estadio Chamartin - Real Madrid (Spain)
Estadio De Las Artes - Udinese (Italy)
Estadio Del Pueblo - Houston Dynamo (USA)
Estadio Latino - Istanbull BB (Turkey)
Estadio Vicente Calderon - Atletico Madrid (Spain)
Euro Arena - Zulte Waregem (Belgium)
Euro Park - FC Lausanne (RoW)
Football Ground - Manchester City (England)
Fussballstadion - Tottenham Hotspur (England)
HSH Nordbank Arena - Hamburger SV (Germany)
Ivy Lane - Everton (England)
O Dromo - Brazil (International)
Old Trafford - Manchester United (England)
Olimipico Generico - NY Red Bulls (USA)
Olympiastadion - Germany (International)
Parc Des Princes - PSG (France)
San Siro - Inter Milan (Italy)
Signal Iduna Park - B. Dortmund (Germany)
Square Ground - Stoke City (England)
St James Park - Newcastle United (England)
Stade Gerland - Lyon (OL) (France)
Stade Kokoto - Hungary (International)
Stade Municipal - Coventry City (England)
Stade Velodrome - Marseille (OM) (France)
Stadio Classico - Fiorentina (Italy)
Stadio Delle Alpi - Juventus (Italy)
Stadio Olimpico - Lazio (Italy)
Stadion 23. Maj - Legia Warszawa (Poland)
Stadion Europa - FC Nurnberg (Germany)
Stadion Hanguk - Bolton Wanderers (England)
Stadion Neder - Hull City (England)
Stadion Olympik - VfB Stuttgart (Germany)
Stamford Bridge - Chelsea (England)
Town Park - Scunthorpe United (England)
Veltins Arena - FC Schalke 04 (Germany)
Wembley Stadium - England (International)

Total Control5
Win a match with fully manual settings (no assistance can be switched on)    (4) 

Again, this was on the game last year, the way to do it is:
Main Menu ===> My FIFA 09
My FIFA 09 ===> Settings
Settings ===> Xbox 360 Controller Settings

When you reach the 360 controller settings, change the following:
Auto Switching: All the way down (Move the bar as far left as it'll go)
Pass Assistance: Manual
Through Pass Assistance: Manual
Shot Assistance: Manual
Cross Assistance: Manual
Lob Pass Assistance: Manual

Once you've done all this, go to the main menu and start a normal kick off match. Just win the game and the achievement should pop up at the end.

Top of the League?10
Win a match in a Friends League    (13) 

At the Main Menu, go to the Xbox Live menu, from here you can make a friends league, choose whatever options you want, nothing matters (Name, Amount Of Teams, Match Length etc.) Once you've created it, you should have the option to invite a friend. Do this, and play a friends league game against them. Simply win the game and it will pop up at the end!

Upload a Screenshot to EA SPORTS™ Football World   

When you start any match (apart from xbox live games), just play for a few seconds, then pause the game by pressing . Go to "Instant Replay", and press in to take a screenshot. Once it has uploaded, achievement unlocked.

Lounging Around10
Score 2500 points and win 5 Badges in a single Lounge Mode match    (4) 

Main Menu ===> Game Modes ===> Lounge Mode.

This achievement can be done with two controllers, or you can do it against the computer, your choice. For yourself choose a 5 star team and for the CPU choose a ½ star team, points are achieved by winning badges, and you get badges for the following:

- Score in the first 5 minutes
- The captain is the leading goal scorer
- Score a hat-trick
- Score a free kick
- Score from 30+metres
- Commit no fouls and get no bookings
- Keep the starting 11 on for at least 85 minutes
- Only score inside the 18-yard box
- Score in the 89th+ minute
- Score from a corner kick

Completing 5 or 6 of these should be enough for the 2500 points.

A Star Is Born10
Create a Virtual Pro   (1) 

Simply select Virtual Pro mode from the Main Menu and create your own virtual pro.

Around The World15
Play a match with a team from every league    (7) 

As the description says, play a match with a team from every league in the game, I do not think you have to win, but I’d say try to just in case, there are 30 leagues on Fifa 10, which are:


Austrian Bundesliga

Belgium Pro League

Liga Do Brasil

Czech Republic
Ceska Liga

SAS Ligaen

Barclays Premier League
Coca-Cola Championship
Coca-Cola League 1
Coca-Cola League 2

Ligue 1
Ligue 2

2. Bundesliga

Serie A
Serie B

Korea Republic

Primera Division Mex




Liga Portuguesa

Republic Of Ireland
League of Ireland


Liga Adelante


Axpo Super League

Turkcell Super Lig

United States
Major League Soccer

*Credit to JJBDude for the following*:

- You don't have to win. I would recommend it though as it helps towards "Well Traveled".
- Time shouldn't matter. I didn't check myself, but I'm confident that it doesn't matter about how long you decide to make the game lengths.
- Difficulty doesn't matter.
- Works in different modes. I can't really talk from experience as I did all of mine in Exhibition, but people have claimed on forums that it contributed from Manager Mode also. Up to you if you want to risk that.
- 2 controllers apparently works. I just played properly as I had fun improving my virtual pro, but if you're lazy you can apparently do this with two controllers.
- Make sure auto save is on! Or save after each game.
- Rest of the World and International don't need to be done.
- Keep a list of what leagues you do AND the stadiums you play in (for "Well Traveled")

Always Available35
Complete a season in Be A Pro: Seasons without simming a game   (7) 

Similar to the manager mode achievement, just play through a Be-A-Pro season without simulating a game. This means that you will have to play through all League, Cup, and if you're lucky enough, International games. The achievement should come up at the end of the season.

Win an Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked match using a weaker team than your opponent    

Simple, go into an Xbox Live head to head ranked match, but do not select a team straight away. Wait until your opponent selects which team he wants to be, if it is a 5 star rated team, then when choosing your team, make sure they are rated 4 and ½ stars or less. Proceed to play, and if you win the match the achievement is yours.

Play 5 consecutive Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked matches using a different team    

Simple, play five head to head ranked matches in a row using a different team each time. You do not have to win the game, just complete it.

Ton up100
Win 100 Online Classic Ranked Matches    (22) 

Just as it says, select classic ranked matches from the Xbox Live menu, play and win 100 of those.

Team Player25
Play a Pro Club Championship match as a full team (10 players)    (25) 

You'll want to start off by playing a pro club championship game, which can be accessed from the Xbox Live menu. Simply make sure that your team has 10 players on it, I would say that you need to also finish the match with a full team of 10 players due to the achievement description.

"All players on the park must touch the ball. I got the achievement after passing it back to my keeper after about 15 mins of the game. Not sure if anyone has unlocked it different, but it popped midmatch when i did that" - Thanks to DonnyRoversFal

Skilled Pro25
Unlock 100 EA SPORTS™ Football World Accomplishments with your Virtual Pro     (1) 

Note: Must be done on Semi-Pro difficulty or above.

On Virtual Pro, you will have objectives to complete, "Accomplishments", these can be done in any game mode, just as long as you use the team your player is on, and make sure you do them all with your virtual pro and no other player. Keep playing and once you have completed 100/216 of those the achievement will unlock.

A list of accomplishments can be found here.

Looking Good10
Download your Game Face from EA SPORTS™ Football World    (2) 

First of all your going to have to go to this link.

Download the software needed for that by following the insturctions the website gives you. Apparently, this is not available on a Apple Mac, so if you one of those I'm sorry, still try it though just in case.

***Once that is complete you're going to have to go onto Fifa 10, go to Virtual Pro >> Download Game Face, and it should pop up after 100%.***

Recognise Anyone?5
Download your Club member Game Faces from EA SPORTS™ Football World    (6) 

First of all you'll have to follow the steps in Looking Good to create you game face.

In the XBL Menu, go to Pro Club Championship and join a club. When you have joined a club, go back to the Pro Club Championship menu and at the bottom of the list you should see "Download Club Game Faces". Click and that and the achievement will unlock once its 100% complete.

Double Champs40
Win consecutive League titles in any top tier League in Manager Mode   

Start a manager mode career and choose a top tier league (E.g, Premiership, La Liga, Serie A) and choose a decent team, (e.g, Man Utd, Barcelona, Inter Milan). Just win the league title two years in a row and this achievement is yours.

For the lazy ones out there, you can simply sim each game as you go along, just remember to save before each game, that way, if you lose, you can just quit out and reload back up to that same game you just lost and sim it again. As the results are random, you will eventually win.

Climbing the Ladder45
Win consecutive promotions with the same Club in Manager Mode   (1) 

For this one you're going to start a new manager mode and pick a team in either the Coca-Cola League 1 or Coca-Cola League 2, as there is no other way to get consecutive promotions . It does not matter whether or not you win the league, you just need to achieve promotion, be that through the automatic spots or the play-offs, here is how each league works:

Coca-Cola League 1
1st – 2nd Place = Automatic Promotion
3th – 6th Place = Play-offs – You will play a 4 team knockout, the winner will be awarded promotion.

Coca-Cola League 2
1st – 3rd Place = Automatic Promotion
4th – 7th Place = Playoffs – You will play a 4 team knockout, the winner will be awarded promotion.

Note: If you chose to start off in Coca-Cola League 1, then after you finish your first season and get promoted, you will be in the Coca-Cola Championship, here is the format:

Coca-Cola Championship
1st – 2nd Place = Automatic Promotion
3rd – 6th Place = Playoffs – You will play a 4 team knockout, the winner will be awarded promotion.

The Treble75
Win 3 trophies in 1 Manager Mode Season   (6) 

Just win win 3 trophies in 1 season on Manager Mode.

However, due to EA being retarded, this can only be achieved in the top leagues (e.g. Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga). Therefore, if you want this achievement you're going to have to play in one of those 5 leagues I just mentioned. I highly recommend the Premier League as you can definitely win 3 trophies in your first season (League Title, FA Cup, League Cup), unlike some other leagues.

Become a 5 Star Manager   (3) 

In manager mode, you have a rating based on how good a manager you are, you'll start off as the lowest rating (0) and have to work your way up to 5 stars, this can be achieved by earning promotion, winning games, winning titles etc. etc. It should come as you are doing other manager mode achievements, if not, just keep playing until you are.

No Pressure35
Achieve 100% Board Confidence at any Club in Manager Mode   

This is similar to Established, and you will more than likely get it as you attempt to get Established. Again, to raise your board confidence, win games, win trophies, keep your players happy, bring higher rated players to your club, etc.

Window shopping5
Visit the FIFA 10 Store   

Very easy, from the main menu, just go to the Fifa 10 store and the achievement will pop.

Theatre of Dreams10
Upgrade your Stadium Manager to Level 10   (4) 

For a quick and easy way to do this one, pick a club who give you quite a lot of money to start with (Man United, Real Madrid), and before you do anything, just spend as much money as you need to upgrading your stadium manager to level 10. Then, Simulate the first game and after you return to the Manager Mode menu, it'll pop up.

Win titles in all 5 major European Leagues (England, France, Italy, Germany & Spain)   (5) 

For the achievement your going to have to win the league title AND another trophy is the 5 countries stated, this does not have to be done over 1 Manager Mode Career, they can be done in separate manager modes if you want. I have noted the strongest teams of each league in brackets:

Barclays Premier League (Choose either Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool)
Ligue 1 (Choose either Bordeaux, Lyon or Marseille)
Serie A (Choose either AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus or Roma)
Bundesliga (Choose either Bayern Munich, Hamburg SV, Schalke 04, VFL Wolfsburg or Werder Bremen)
La Liga (Choose either Barcelona or Real Madrid)

You can choose to either play all the games yourself, or simulate each game, but remember to turn autosave on! If you lose, you can just quit out and reload it up so that you can sim the same match again.

Phoenix from the Ashes25
Make a 5 Star team out of a 2 Star team or lower within 5 seasons in Manager Mode   (4) 

For this, you must start a season on Manager Mode with a 2-star rated team. Then, over the course of the next 5 seasons, you are going to have to sign decent players, so that your team's rating increases to 5 stars overall. This means your going to have to make yourself a lot of money! You can do this by winning matches, winning titles, and winning promotion. Try to save up your money and then buy players rated 85+. Also, remember to check out the Free Agents list once in a while, as you don’t have to pay a transfer fee for them. This achievement will also help you on the way to Wheeler Dealer.

Good Form20
Play 5 consecutive Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked matches without losing    (9) 

This can be challenging for those less skilled players, but basically all you have to do is play 5 Xbox Live head to head ranked games in a row, without losing. Therefore, you can still get the achievement if you draw, as well as win. After the 5th game that you haven't lost the achievement should pop up.

Practice Makes Perfect10
Work on your skills in Practice Mode   (2) 

One of the more easy achievements, when you are in the arena simply press the button, and hey presto, 10 points in the bag.

Limited Resources50
Win a League or Cup in Manager Mode with a 1 Star team or lower   (2) 

This achievement will more than likely be unlocked whilst you are trying to go for some other manager mode achievements. In case you don’t get it then, simply start a Manager Mode with a team rated 1 star or lower, and win either the league you are in, or a cup competition you are in. This achievement can be simulated, but remember to save after each game, that way if you lose, you can simply quit out, load back up and sim that game again.

However if you just want this one achievement on its own, a very very easy way to get the "limited resources" achievement all you have to do is transfer players from Man Utd or Chelsea to a league 2 side, and transfer the league 2 sides players to you, until the team you want to play with are a 1 star team. Simulate the friendly matches, and the first proper game is the charity shield, win that and achievement will be unlocked.

Secret Achievements
Still Practicing?10
Score 20 goals in 1 Arena kick-about    

All you have to do is score 20 goals in the arena. However, it must be done all at once, for example, you load up the game and start in the arena and score 15 goals, you cannot go the main menu, and then return to the arena and score 5 more goals. You must do all 20 at once. Can be done at the same time as Shooting Boots.

Good Support10
Play an Online Team Play match as your Favourite Team    

You select your favourite team when you create a profile on the game, and you can later change this by going to “My FIFA 10” > “Profiles and edit your stats from there. From here simply go into an Online Team Play game and select your favorite team as the team you want to be, meaning you will have to be the captain to assure you get the team you want.

Bad Loser0
Select to Quit & forfeit 5 Xbox LIVE matches when losing    (14) 

By far the most pathetic achievement ever, a developer actually encouraging players to quit games if they losing. Thankfully for the members on here though it can be done just playing an unranked match with your friend, score an own goal and quit out. Stupid EA.

Gutsy Call10
Take an Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked match to extra time when playing as a weaker team.    (3) 

Self-explanatory, you just have to take a ranked head to head match to extra team using a weaker team than your opponent. Before the game, when selecting teams, obviously make sure you choose a team rated less stars than your opponent (E.g. If your opponent picks a 5 star team, you must pick a team rated 4 and ½ stars or lower). Not really much help I can give you on this one, just play well, and if you're drawing and its the final few minutes, just casually play the ball around in your defense, making sure you don’t lose it.

Note: If you go on to win the game in extra time, you will also unlock the Underdog achievement.

Glory Hunter0
Play 10 consecutive Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked matches with the same 5 Star team    (2) 

Nothing more to explain really, just make sure you play 10 games in a row with the same team, and make sure that they are rated 5 stars.

Time For A Testimonial50
Play 500 matches with your Virtual Pro    (10) 

As the description says just play 500 games with your Virtual Pro. Apparently, it has been reported that this can only be done in Manager mode, so obviously I'd advise to do it on there.

DLC: Ultimate Team
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 10 Points: 250
Tournament Winner5
Win a Trophy in Ultimate Team mode    

Self explanatory, just win a trophy. They are only 4 games long so you should have this one fairly quickly.

Tournament Champion30
Win 10 Trophies in Ultimate Team mode    

Just keep playing through the trophies. Can be done offline or online and you can repeat the same tournament. For 10 trophies it is 40 games so may take quite a while.

Tournament Legend50
Win 25 Trophies in Ultimate Team mode    (2) 

Very time consuming achievement here. Just keep winning trophies. This one should take 100 games providing you win every game.

Match Winner15
Win 10 matches in Ultimate Team mode    

Should be one of your first achievements. Just win 10 games. They do not have to be done in the tournaments and can be done online or offline.

Perfect Chemistry15
Win a match in Ultimate Team mode with a 100 chemistry squad    (4) 

Refer to Coalition of the Winning.

International Unity15
Win a Ultimate Team mode match with a 100 chemistry squad where no player is from the same nation    

Refer to Coalition of the Winning.

Coalition of the Winning15
Win a Ultimate Team mode match with a 100 chemistry squad where no player is from the same club    

The best way I found of doing this is by searching for League 2 players as they are fairly cheap and just making note of what countries and clubs your players are from so that you are not duplicating them.

A Good Start15
Open 10 Ultimate Team packs   

Very easy. Just open 10 packs. Will be one of your first achievements.

Pack Rat40
Open 100 Ultimate Team packs   

Refer to Resource King.

Resource King50
Open 500 Ultimate Team packs   (6) 

Very time consuming and is probably the longest in the game. Just keep buying packs basically. I have a couple of suggestions:

1) Never buy gold packs throughout the game, just keep buying bronze packs and play with bronze players and then this achievement should only cost you 250,000 coins.

2) Play through the game as normal building your team as you go and then once you have every other achievement you can sell every player and hopefully make enough coins to be able to buy enough bronze packs to get this achievement.

Game Info
EA Canada
Electronic Arts


US October 20, 2009
Europe October 02, 2009

ESRB: Everyone
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