FIFA 13 Achievements

EASFC Starting 11

Reach level 20 in the EA SPORTS Football Club  

EASFC carries on from Fifa 12. So if you have above level 20 in Fifa 12 this achievement will pop as soon as you load the game up for the first time.

Credit to WonderfulWest for this guide to earn the daily limit of xp in 10 minutes.

The fastest way to get the 2,000 points per day is in Career Mode. Inside the Career Mode menu click on Squad then on Formations. Here will be all the formations that you can choose and edit. Press X to edit the formation then B to backout of the formation. It will ask you to pick a formation to overwrite. Scroll down two clicks and select the first formation available. Finally it will ask you if you want to overwrite that formation and select Yes. It will put you back on the screen where you can edit the formations again. Rinse and repeat. Once you get the hang of the button combination you will be able to max out the 2,000 points in about 12-13 minutes.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by unchargedterror
Saturday, September 08, 2012 @ 05:04:30 AM

I assume if you are already above this you will get these 2 achievements instantly?

Comment #2 by Burnerz
Saturday, September 08, 2012 @ 10:22:55 PM

achievements seem to suggest that the level may be reset?

which is really disappointing.

Comment #3 by Fridge Salesman
Tuesday, September 11, 2012 @ 05:42:05 PM

Having reached level 80 on Fifa 12, if it does get reset, I'll be deeply upset.

Comment #4 by Xtrem3 Poptarts
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 @ 04:46:29 PM

what he said ^

Comment #5 by Gazzaman
Saturday, September 15, 2012 @ 03:40:10 PM

Of course your levels will be reset you idiots and rightly so. It will make you play the game a lot more which is what EA want. How dumb can some people get with these comments wow!

Comment #6 by luke7715
Tuesday, September 18, 2012 @ 04:31:50 AM

Well that escalated quickly

Comment #7 by Chimhog
Tuesday, September 18, 2012 @ 09:22:51 AM

#5 Would appear you are incorrect:

"This year within EA SPORTS Football Club, returning FIFA 12 players will carry their Football Club Level and XP into FIFA 13 so their season starts as strong as it finishes."

Comment #8 by PyschoJ2456
Friday, September 21, 2012 @ 09:35:21 PM

I am playing the early access version right now and my level is the same as it is in fifa 12 and everything in the new catalog is unlocked up to my level.

Im not sure about achievements because the achievements wont hit till i put in the retail version but if I have them, it will pop instantly

Comment #9 by Esdaht
Friday, September 21, 2012 @ 09:49:28 PM

#5, it looks like you jumped the gun a little there.....

Comment #10 by Toams07
Saturday, September 22, 2012 @ 05:54:51 AM


Great to hear. Reached level 70 or 71 in FIFA 12 so I'm glad I can continue from there

Comment #11 by BoyDay
Monday, September 24, 2012 @ 06:51:34 AM

"Comment #5 by Gazzaman
Saturday, September 15, 2012 @ 03:40:10 PM

Of course your levels will be reset you idiots and rightly so. It will make you play the game a lot more which is what EA want. How dumb can some people get with these comments wow!"

Actually they won't YOU idiot. How dumb (and rude) can YOU get with your comments wow!

Comment #12 by SmoothAsEgg5
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 @ 01:25:03 PM

level stays the same. and the chievo popped up immediately along with the level 5 one

Comment #13 by TheTurqoisSmurf
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 @ 03:43:28 PM

I read (forgot where) that it won't get reset.

Comment #14 by SnpZ ROD S
Wednesday, September 26, 2012 @ 10:24:03 AM

very very easy 30G if you had a fifa 12 account. pops out as soon as you put the disc in

Comment #15 by joshmoore1
Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 09:16:14 AM

number 5 what a dickhead

Comment #16 by mracree9
Sunday, September 30, 2012 @ 10:13:20 AM

I only managed to get to level 14 on FIFA 12 (I was away A LOT) so I've still some work to do for this! Hoping once I'm at level 20 I can pop FIFA 12 back in and grab that achievement too ;)

Comment #17 by mracree9
Saturday, October 06, 2012 @ 08:43:57 PM

Damn it! I've been on level 19 since Friday! I need like 68 XP to level 20, the servers being down is so frustrating ha!

Comment #18 by Berry2013
Tuesday, January 01, 2013 @ 03:45:41 PM

Hi, potentially silly question however playing Ultimate Team and used to up my EA Sport Level. I have been on level 11 for a while and my points haven't increased in the last couple of days hence I'm concerned may not reach this achievement?

Is anyone able to shed any light?

Comment #19 by BoUmBo0m X FiRe
Saturday, January 05, 2013 @ 06:51:15 AM

Got it whithout playin' any match due to fifa 12 ^_^

Comment #20 by Knaussenheimer
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 @ 04:20:25 PM

I know it carries over from fifa 12 to this but what about vice versa cuz i borrowed fifa 12 from my friend when i think i was level 11 on this and got the level 5 achievement for that so after i get to level 20 on this if i borrow it back will i get the achievement on fifa 12 too?

Comment #21 by dannydo100do1
Thursday, February 07, 2013 @ 12:56:30 PM

Mine carried on from fifa 12 so got this the first time i put the disc in.

Comment #22 by animusVOXone
Sunday, July 21, 2013 @ 02:04:30 PM

Anyone else having trouble getting XP from the FC Challenges? I did yesterday's challenge and didnt get the XP.

Comment #23 by WiizKiin
Friday, June 06, 2014 @ 09:43:24 PM

Hey everyone,

Just a heads up the that the formation boosting method for xp is capped at 30xp per day, so you can only do it 3 times.


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