FIFA 13 Achievement Guide

There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Complete the Bronze stage of all Skills   (10) 

The Skill Games are accessed from the main menu. There are 8 skill games and they are as followed. This also includes the bronze score target for each.

  • Lob pass: 15,000
  • Dribbling 5,000
  • Shooting: 5,000
  • Advanced shooting: 3,000
  • Crossing: 2,000
  • Free Kicks: 10,000
  • Penalties: 7,000
  • Ground pass: 5,000

Each challenge will have instructions and a target score for you to beat. Beat the bronze target score for all 8 skill games and the achievement will unlock. They aren't too hard as they are only bronze. 

You get extra points for hitting targets, dribbling in the right direction and if you cross to the right person. The time and amount of tries remaining will increase your score too. You can lose points in many ways such as hitting cones, hitting the wall and running the ball out of bounds.

Skill Legend50
Become Legendary on one of the Skill Challenges   (34) 

This achievement is quite hard as some of the challenges are very difficult. The easiest one in my opinion is dribbling. To get legendary on this challenge you need a score of 22,500. As stated in the "Road to Mastery" choose Messi or Ronaldo. It's very easy to knock the ball out of bounds on this challenge losing 500 points each time. So make sure you're holding  when going round the cones. It's also advised to do a few trial runs to memorize the course and to try and perfect each part. A few tips to get extra points is to score and finish as fast as possible. Another tip is to start over if you don't get past the defender within 1 or 2 tries.

Video Guide from Bronze to Legendary:

Road to Mastery30
Unlock a Skill Challenge   (2) 

This achievement requires you to beat the bronze, silver and gold challenges on one skill game. The easiest skill game in my opinion is the dribbling one. I prefer to use Ronaldo over Messi but that is just me. To change the player you use just go to skill games and then select team/player. Select the team of your choice and player of your choice. One tip is to hold  when going round the cones as it keeps the ball close to you and the player moves a lot slower. This prevents you from hitting the cones and taking the ball out of bounds. These again should not be too hard.

Trolling for Goals15
Score on a free kick after running over the ball   (43) 

Easiest method requires 2 controllers. Start a kick off match in EAS FC Match Day and put the controllers on opposite teams. Start the game up and give yourself a freekick by sliding with the other controller. Again use the second controller to move the wall out of the way by using  or . Then press  to take control of the keeper and run him out of the face of the goal. This leaves you with an open net so you can't miss. Then select the player with the best accuracy and press  and  to bring two extra players in with the main controller. Then hold  and hold  at the same time. The player will run up, press A immediately and he should run over the ball. You now have an open net and a tap in which will unlock the achievement.

Note: Only one player has to run over the ball. Holding  and  at the same time is a must.

Video Guide:


No Goal for You!30
Goal Line Clearance   (33) 

Credit for this goes to neeker75

Firstly, choose to control a weak team. Teams in the npower League 2, for example, are usually on one-star. Use any of them. Choose a strong team as your opponent - Manchester City, Barcelona, Liverpool - it doesn't matter. 

Secondly, and very importantly, go to control settings and turn ''Auto-Switching'' to ''Manual''. By doing so, the game doesn't auto-switch you to a random player near the ball, which allows you to be in full control of the player you need to do the goal-line clearance.

Thirdly, switch difficulty to ''Legendary''. 

Now, what you need to do is pretty simple. Once you win the ball, run back towards your goal and kick it out for a corner. When play resumes, quickly press  to switch to a player near the goal, and have him run to the far post. With auto-switching turned off, the game doesn't switch you away, so you're safely tucked at the far post.

What happens next is all about luck. When the corner swings in, hope that the opponent connects with a header/shot etc. that flies past your goalkeeper and towards the far post. Press  immediately to clear it if it does, and the achievement should unlock.

It may take a few attempts, but it's easier than waiting for a shot to come in (usually leading to a goal rather than a clearance because the opponents are just too quick), or trying to concede a freekick. Corners are easier to concede and if you fail with the clearance, you could concede another corner pretty quickly as well.

Creeping on the Down Low5
Wall creep, free kick is blocked by wall   (18) 

This achievement is a little misleading. You have to block someone's free kick you cannot have your free kick blocked. Concede a free kick and when your opponent is lining up a free kick press  to creep forward. The referee may or may not notice you. If he does you may get a yellow card. If he doesn't notice press  as the free kick is taken. Hopefully the ball strikes the wall, if it does you will get the achievement.

Body Control5
Score an off balance shot   (6) 

This achievement is very easy and will pretty much be unlocked by accident at some point. To make it easier for yourself you should use your pro. It's also advised to use someone who has low balance if you don't use your pro. 

Video guide:

Chip the Keeper   (5) 

This is also another very easy achievement. Put a kick off match on amateur and play as any 5 star team against a 1 star team. Try to get a one on one with the keeper and hold  and press  to chip it over the keeper as he is rushing out.

Get In!15
Score a Diving Header   (14) 

This achievement is easier than it sounds. You can start a kickoff match on amateur. Choose a team who has a player with good heading such as Bayern Munich(Gomez) or Athletico Madrid(Falcao). Then edit CPU customisation by pausing the match. Then go to settings and then game settings. Finally go to CPU game customisation. Change sprint speed, acceleration, GK ability, Positioning: Run Frequency, Line height and put first touch control to 100. This makes the CPU beyond useless even on legendary. Cross the ball to your striker and use + to shoot. You should get it in a few tries.

Brains and Brawn15
Shield the ball out of play for a goal kick   (23) 

Simply pass the ball to a defender from the start of a kick off match. Hold + while standing near the line and wait for someone to tackle you.

Video Guide:

Road to Promotion10
Win a FUT Seasons Match   (1) 

When you are reading to start playing some matches you should go start an Ultimate Team season. You can choose an online or offline one although the latter will be significantly easier. You can look through each season and look at the fixture list. This will show you the minimum difficulty you can play that match on. Seasons giving fewer coin rewards will be on lower difficulties and easier because of this. Simply win the match and the achievement will unlock.

Get Physical5
Seal out an attacking player to gain possession of the ball   (4) 

Simple enough. When the opposition has the ball and knocks it to run onto you should go in front of the player and try to intercept it. If you get to the ball first and gain possession the achivement will unlock.

1 week15
Win all the EAS FC Match Day Games of the Week in a single week   (46) 

Go to EAS FC Match Day from the main menu and then go Games of the Week. You will be displayed with 5 upcoming matches across the world and you have to win each game. You can play on any difficulty although amateur makes it easier. It has been reported that this has to be done in one sitting. Some have reported that this is not true but others have said they have gone back to it and it didn't unlock. It's only 5 games so I would advise doing them all in one sitting just to be safe.

Go Live!15
Win an EAS FC Match Day Live Fixture   (5) 

Go to EAS FC Match Day then go to Live Fixture. Choose a team of your choice and play the match. Win and the achievement will unlock. Can be done on any difficulty, amateur makes it easier.

Getting Real30
Play 25 EAS FC Match Day Games   (85) 

This achievement is not hard but very time consuming. You have to play 25 EAS FC Match Day games. What's good is that you do NOT have to win them, only play them. You can simply start a match with any team and set the controller down and let the match play out on its own. This does not have to be done in one sitting either. Rumour has it that this achievement can only be unlocked by playing kick off matches in EAS FC Match Day. This is not confirmed though but to be safe I would do them in kick off.
Also when you are selecting your team you have to make sure match day is turned on. It will be in the middle of the screen, if it is off press  to turn it on.

Division King50
Win a Division title in Seasons   (28) 

See "On the Rise" to find out how to unlock that achievement and this one at the same time.

Filling Cabinets30
Win a Cup in Seasons   (59) 

This achievement requires you to be in Seasons and play Cup matches not Season matches. Cup matches are only accessible at certain times so be sure to check. It says in the menu for seasons when the next cup is and when the current one closes. For this achievement you need to win 4 games in a row against real people. This is probably the toughest achievement on the game. There isn't much I can say that will help you apart from Good luck!. It is highly advised to press  instead of  when you get to the Champions Screen after winning the Cup. Everyone that does this is reporting that the achivement has unlocked for them. My friend played the cup 3 times until it finally unlocked doing this.

Hello World5
Play your first match with your Online Pro   (1) 

See "One of the Bros" as this will be unlock during the same game/s.

On the Rise25
Earn a Promotion in Seasons   (2) 

This achievement requires you to be playing the Seasons game mode which is accessible from the main menu. In this mode you will be playing against real people so this achievement can be tough. But there is help at hand and it goes by the name of the EAS FC Catalogue. If you have a high enough level and enough credits you can buy your way to this achievement. The achievement wont pop until the season has been completed meaning all games have been played or you won the title. This means it is a good idea to go for promotion and the title at the same time. To get promoted you need to earn 9 points and to win the title you need 12. To get both achievements without playing a game you need a EAS FC level of 32 and 9,000 credits. This will get you exactly 12 points which is required to win the title. It is unknown if the achievement unlocks if you win the title/get promoted without playing a match. I unlocked it by getting to 9 points and then winning one match which won me the title.

One of the Bros15
Be part of a Club win   (113) 

For this achievement you need to be playing pro club seasons. You and your team must beat another club to earn this achievement.

Note: This achievement can be earned in friendlies and can be boosted.

To boost it you need a group of 4 people. 2 clubs need to be created, Club A and Club B. 2 people need to be in each club. When you are ready one club needs to enter the match lobby and invite the other team. You will have to communicate and tell each other your club names as you need to type the club name in to invite the other people. Once in, start the match and one club should let the other win. When the match ends the achievement should unlock, you should then start over and let the other club win.

Play a Seasons game with a Guest   (8) 

This achievement requires you to play a Seasons match with a friend locally. This means that this achievement requires two controllers. Simply go into Seasons and click on find/start Season match. On the next screen your friend with the second controller needs to press  and sign in as a guest. You can then find a match and play the game. When the match has finished the achievement will unlock. The score does not matter and I cannot confirm whether it unlocks if your opponent quits.

Good Start30
Unlock 10% of the accomplishments with your Online Pro   (19) 

This achievement requires you to play pro club seasons which requires a minimum of two people. You will play against human players in other clubs of their own. As the achievement states you need to unlock 10% of all accomplishments. There are, to my knowledge, 311 online pro accomplishments. You will receive the achievement when the accomplishment counter reads at 10% which could potentially be less than 31. These will come naturally through gameplay against the other clubs providing you aren't terrible at the game. There is a boosting method though. 

Boosting online pro accomplishments.
Step 1
Make a Pro Club with 1 other person.

Step 2
From the Pro Seasons Menu, highlight Drop-In Match. Communicate with your friend and make sure you search for a Drop-In Match at the same time.

Step 3
Hope you get each other alone and if you do, ready up on different teams then both select the ‘Any’ position unless one of you wants to get Goalkeeper Accomplishments.

Step 4
Start the match and unlock FIFA 13 Accomplishments!

Credit for boosting method goes to

Well on Your Way50
Unlock 25% of the accomplishments with your Online Pro   (10) 

Same as "Good Start" but requires your accomplishment counter to read as 25%.

Still Friends?30
Win an Online Friendlies Season   (108) 

This achievement requires you to win an online friendlies season. This is a season where you can invite your friends and play head to head over a season. It's simple to boost as you can invite a boosting buddy. Start the matches once he/she is in. The person who will be losing the season first should quit the match after the 5th minute has passed. This reduces the amount of time boosting this achievement by a mile. 3 wins should secure the season for the winner. After you have got it switch roles with your friend and help him get it by doing the same.

Mr. Manager10
Take Control of your own FIFA Ultimate Team   (2) 

This achievement is very easy. Just go into Ultimate Team and advance through the tutorial and follow the instructions. You will be presented with a starter match choosing 1 of 5 players teams to play as. You can skip this match by pressing me and selecting the middle option to skip it. You will then shortly after receive more instructions about creating your own team. Do that and the achievement will unlock.

Win a Trophy in a FUT Competition   (2) 

This achievement can be gained in online or offline Ultimate Team tournaments. When you have your team ready choose to play a tournament instead of a season. Tournaments consist of 4 games and you must win all of them. You can choose which tournament you want providing you meet the requirements. The very first one is the easiest as it has no requirements and is on amateur. Beat all 4 teams and the achievement is yours.

Building My Club10
Claim your first FUT Pack   (4) 

This achievement requires you to buy a pack with coins or Fifa Points. You can purchase packs in the store screen on Ultimate Team. This achievement can be earned on any pack. The achievement will unlock instantly upon the opening of a pack. Obviously the best option is to purchase a standard bronze pack for 400 coins.

Note: Free packs do NOT count towards this achievement.

Press Conference30
Purchase a gold player in the Auction House for 15,000 or more coins using buy it now   (6) 

This achievement requires you to purchase a gold player on Ultimate Team for 15,000 or more coins using the buy it now option. This can be boosted with a friend. Simply list a bad gold player for 15,000 buy now. Tell your friend the information such as name, team he plays for, league the team is in, formation etc. Also tell him your club name. This allows you to identify your friends card. Once this has been done purchase the card using the buy it now option. After this is done you should get the achievement. You should then re-list the card to help your friend get the achievement and most importantly get your well earned coins back.

Note: EA tax each auction by 5% so you will each lose 750 coins.

I Love This Club30
Achieve a club value of 85,000,000   (70) 

This achievement requires a massive amount of dedication. You have to get your Ultimate Team club value to 85,000,000. This isn't based on what you pay for your players. Each card has a value and that all goes towards your club value.

The rough values are as followed:

  • Bronze - 55k
  • Shiny Bronze - 130k
  • Silver - 80k
  • Shiny Silver - 185k
  • Gold - 140k
  • Gold Shiny - 270k

Note: The lower the overall the lower the value of the player. You cannot have duplicates either. If you accidentally purchase a duplicate you can resell or quick sell him.
There are several methods of doing this. The easiest is to purchase bronze rare players for 150 coins each. Based off of the rough values you will need roughly 654 bronze rare players. If every one is bought for 150 coins then the rough cost of this achievement is 100,000 coins.

You can check your club value on the leaderboards on the app and in game. The leaderboards at the moment don't seem to work though. It should also be noted that buying players is much easier on the web app that on the console. Although I strongly suggest that you get your final player you need on the console to prevent any possible glitches.

Earn promotion in FUT Seasons   (4) 

Again this achievement can be gained in online or offline Ultimate Team seasons. Promotion in your first season will require 10 points which is 3 wins and a draw. You have 10 games to do this and if you chose an easy season then this achievement wont be too hard.

Pack King50
Open 50 FUT Packs   (20) 

This achievement requires you to purchase 50 packs in Ultimate Team. You can use a mixture of coins and Fifa Points, the choice is yours. The easiest way is to purchase 50 standard bronze packs as they only cost 400 coins each. 400x50=20,000. So 20,000 coins is the minimum amount required for this achievement. The achievement will unlock after the 50th pack has been opened.

Challenge Accepted30
Win a match against the team of the week   (1) 

This achievement requires you to beat the active team of the week. The team of the week is made up of a list of players that have been playing very well recently. Pressing should take you to the team of the week. If not then you can access it on the store screen. Press when over the team and you will have the option to challenge them. Choose your difficulty(I recommend amateur) and beat them for this achievement.

So Euro5
Enable European competition in the first season of Career   (9) 

When you start your manager career mode you will come to a career settings screen. The bottom option says European Competition in 1st Season? Press and then to seed the teams into their groups. Your team does not have to be seeded to get the achievement. Continue after this and achievement unlocked.

For Country20
Become manager of an international team   (6) 

There is a very easy way to get this achievement. This method requires LVL 4 in EA SPORTS Football Club and 1,500 credits. When on the main menu press and then when on catalogue. Press and change the drop down menu to career. Press and change this drop down menu to Level 1-10. The one on LVL 4 should say International Manager offer. Purchase this and start or continue your manager career. You will receive an international manager offer after August 12th.

Way with Words5
Successfully request additional funds from your board in Career   (8) 

This achievement requires you to be on a manager career mode not player. To get this achievement you need to go into managers office and the click on request funds. There is a catch though, you can only request extra funds during a transfer window and it will be denied during the first transfer window. This means that the earliest possible in game time you can earn this is January 2013. It's also advised to doing well in your matches to make getting this easier. To get this quickly you can choose a good club like Barcelona and sim until January and then request the funds.

National Pride30
Get called up to the national team as a player   (14) 

The achievement is also very easy. Start a player career and play as Manchester City. Then choose to play as a real player who you know is is already in the national team(Best player is Joe Hart). Go to calender and simulate to around the 27th September. Ignore everything that pops up and keep simulating. He will be picked for his national team without you even playing a match.

Wheeling and Dealing15
Complete a Player + cash deal in Career   (6) 

Watch this video for the easiest method. To get this achievement you must be in manager career mode.



Achieve one of your season objectives as a player at any point in your career   (3) 

Again, start or continue with a player career mode. Playing as your virtual pro will make the objectives much easier. Simulate the friendlies as they do not count towards this achievement. Like the last achievement moving team does not void this achievement. Once you have settled at a club go to My Pro and then go to League Objectives. It will display 2 primary and 2 secondary objectives. The main two are Goals and Assists(assuming you are playing as a striker). Focus on which ever has the lowest number and then start to play your matches. Playing on amateur and playing with the whole team makes this achievement easier. It should take a maximum of 3 to 4 games.

Nice Form30
Achieve your match set objective as player at any point in your career   (5) 

You need to be in or start a player career mode. It does not matter who you play for or if you get loaned out to another team. Once you have moved team(if you are requested to) go to My Pro. Go to upcoming targets and your match set objectives will be listed. You will noticed 4 fixtures on the left hand side too. This indicates that you must complete all of your objective within those 4 matches. The objectives wont be too hard and you can always put it on amateur to make it easier.

Start your Player Career with a Created Pro   (4) 

Start a new player career and create a pro when it asks you to. Continue after this and achievement unlocked.

Packing Bags15
Go out on loan or transfer to another club with your Pro in Play as Player   (5) 

To get this achievement you must be in player career and be playing as your pro not a real player. Starting your career at a young age and with a good team will increase the likelihood of you being loaned out. After a few days have passed you will be told that you have been placed on the loan list. Over the course of the next few weeks you will receive loan offers from a number of clubs. You can accept any you desire and the achievement will pop once you move club.

Master Negotiator10
Sell a player by getting your counter offer accepted by the CPU   (2) 

To get this achievement you must be manager career mode.
Easiest way to get this achievement is to transfer list a couple of players in your manager career mode. Advance until you receive some offers and counter the offer so it is slightly higher than the one they made. Keeping the counter offer close to their offer will increase your chances of it being accepted.

Maxed Out10
Reach the daily limit of XP in the EA SPORTS Football Club   (9) 

See EASFC Starting 11 for a guide on how to do this in about 10 minutes.

EASFC Youth Academy10
Reach level 5 in the EA SPORTS Football Club   (2) 

EASFC carries on from Fifa 12. So if you have above level 5 in Fifa 12 this achievement will pop as soon as you load the game up for the first time.

EASFC Starting 1130
Reach level 20 in the EA SPORTS Football Club   (23) 

EASFC carries on from Fifa 12. So if you have above level 20 in Fifa 12 this achievement will pop as soon as you load the game up for the first time.

Credit to WonderfulWest for this guide to earn the daily limit of xp in 10 minutes.

The fastest way to get the 2,000 points per day is in Career Mode. Inside the Career Mode menu click on Squad then on Formations. Here will be all the formations that you can choose and edit. Press X to edit the formation then B to backout of the formation. It will ask you to pick a formation to overwrite. Scroll down two clicks and select the first formation available. Finally it will ask you if you want to overwrite that formation and select Yes. It will put you back on the screen where you can edit the formations again. Rinse and repeat. Once you get the hang of the button combination you will be able to max out the 2,000 points in about 12-13 minutes.

Complete an EA SPORTS Football Club Challenge   (8) 

Another easy achievement. Press while on the main menu to go into the EAS FC and go to challenges which is the third one down. Choose any challenge you want and choose a difficulty. To make the achievement easier play on amateur.

Big Spender10
Redeem an item with EAS FC Football Club Credits.   (4) 

One of the easiest achievements on the game. While on the main menu go into the EAS FC by again pressing and go onto the catalogue. Buy anything you want and the achivement will unlock. If you don't want to spend a lot of points buy the cheapest item.

Secret Achievements
In Form!20
Find a team of the week player in a pack   (96) 

Note: This achievement is also listed as Secret, it will most likely take the longest out of all of them because it is not within your control.

Remember the team of the week from the other achievement? This achievement requires you to get a team of the week player in a pack. This achievement is solely based on luck and very annoying. Team of the week players can be bronze, silver or gold so they are possible to obtain from any pack. A good method is to save up some Fifa Points as I find the odds are increased when you use them. Once you have some you should wait for the new TOTW which is released every Wednesday at 6pm gmt. Opening gold premium packs when it has been released will give you a higher chance of receiving a team of the week player.

Note: Fifa Points are bought using Microsoft Points so purchase at your own discretion. Also the achievement will unlock before the pack is fully opened.

If you don't want to waste Microsoft Points on one achievement then your only chance is to make thousands of coins use the same method and hope you get lucky. I do not recommend purchasing standard packs because you only get one rare in those so the odds of you receiving a TOTW player are even lower.



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