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Guide By: moroniccow
There are 34 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: Based on a scale of 1-10 (10 being hardest): 6/10
Offline:26 (735)
Online: 8 (265)
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 25+ hours (900) + 9 Cup Wins (see Roadmap)
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Number of missable achievements: 0
Do cheat codes disable achievements? None
Does difficulty affect achievements? Maybe
Glitchy achievements: Friendly Publicity, Shopping Spree, and Globetrotter.
Unobtainable achievements: None
Extra equipment needed? Second controller

Hello, and welcome to the roadmap/walkthrough for FIFA Street! This is my first attempt at a roadmap, so bare with me. Make sure to read through the Disclaimers/Help paragraphs too before embarking on this journey.

FIFA Street is the latest iteration of the FIFA Street series (correctly titled FIFA Street 4) coming out of EA Vancouver. FIFA Street brings more "realism" to the Street series doing away with most of the arcadey aspects of its predecessor. In the beginning, the game shows promise, but due to a number of issues addressed in the later parts of this roadmap, to say FIFA Street is a disappointment might be an understatement.

Start and Play Through World Tour Mode: This mode will be where you unlock most of your achievements. This is basically the “story” mode of the game and you are required to beat 4 stages with roughly 5-6 required events per stage. Some events are quicker than others, but most are tournaments, which are 3 games to qualify, and a knockout round of another 3 games to win the tournament. The nice thing is that you will not miss any achievements by playing on the easiest difficulty, so go for it. If you want to save some time, during your World Tour playthrough go for Very Entertaining, Who brought the snacks?, 5 Tool Player, Time to Celebrate, andShopping SpreeNote:When you start challenging “real” clubs, and you get to “take” a player, only do so once.Mighty Heroesrequires at least 8 created (real world players do not have levels) players to level 50.

Grind Out Your Level 50s
After completing your World Tour playthrough, you might have one or two players at level 50, but the rest are high 30’s low 40’s. Luckily, there is an easy way to boost “experience” in this game. It is boring and way grindy, but it is the best way. Check out my solution for Mighty Heroes.

Go After Globetrotter
Just like in almost every FIFA for the 360, there is an achievement to play and win in every venue. You should get the 50% achievement about 75% through World Tour. Refer to my solution for a list of venues.

Online Work Part 1
The absolute worst part of this game is saved for last. First knock out the easier online achievements, Online Enthusiast and World Tour Around the World. It will help that your team is 95+ now, and hopefully online play will be easier because of that. Keep in mind that your wins and losses online in World Tour online mode are kept track in Street Season. Any match that is played online over Xbox Live, and is ranked should(see Disclaimer #2) count. In order to get Moving on up, you will need at least 6 out of 10 wins in ranked online multiplayer modes. Unfortunately, every 10 matches, it resets your record for that “season”, and if you have 6 wins, you don’t get automatically promoted, just tank the rest to 10 and you’ll get the achievement.

Mop Up
In case you are missing anything, go back and take care of those. After this point, you should only have 2 achievements left.

Online Work Part 2
This is where it gets fun. And if you are still reading this, you are in it to win it, and I like your style. The last two achievements in the game are related to Online Cups. If you are familiar with FIFA 12, you would know what these are about. The bad news is that they are only open for a limited amount of time (weekends only), and you have to win 4 Xbox Live multiplayer ranked matches (in this specific mode) in a row to claim the cup. If you are still following a long, you need to do that, 8 more times (9 total) across 9 different weeks. If you miss a cup weekend, then you would theoretically (assuming the cups appear in order and cycle that way) have to wait another 8 weeks for another shot.

1. As of this moment, there are people out there that are complaining of a glitched achievement, Friendly Publicity (15), which involves watching a friends video in the EA News Media tab. I have not unlocked this achievement either, and I have watched multiple videos, multiple times, from different friends. People seem to be unlocking it somehow, guess a few are just unlucky.

2. This should go without saying because it is an EA game, but there are problems with the Street Seasons mode. I probably won 13 games in World Tour mode (online tournaments) and even in Street Seasons mode and it gave me credit for 5 wins. The achievement is definitely obtainable, just might take more than 10 matches unless they patch it. Since this disclaimer has to do with online. If someone quits (I assume by dashboarding, turning off their Xbox, ect) and not Start>Quit Match, the match does not count as a win or loss, it never happened. Very frustrating if you are winning and someone quits at the last second.

3. Just wanted to reiterate that it will take 9 weeks + skill at minimum to fully complete this game. There is a good chance at week 7+, there will need to be some boosting groups of 16 people to obtain the cup win. I don’t see people sticking around and playing the online 2 months from now. In Division Cup mode, you play people in the same position you are in, so as the online community dwindles, there are less random chances of getting a match for the finals, and of course you still have to win it.

Online: Even though this is FIFA Street, almost everyone I have played online has adopted the “mini” FIFA 12 strategy of playing online. I’d like to think I pioneered this movement, but I doubt it. Basically, what this means is that people online are not using tricks as a way to get open and score goals, they are using passing, and setting up goals the traditional way. Don’t get me wrong, if you can use tricks well, they work in your favor, but if you are novice with the tricks just play FIFA. A few things to throw out there that might help you win online matches. Use the edges of the court to your advantage. A lot of goals I score are by a “winger” sprinting down the side closest to the screen and looking for a trailer, someone in the middle of the court that is making a run towards goal. If you can drag the keeper with your winger, the greater the chance your trailer has to score a goal. I used the ground pass or cross equally with success. Get the ball to your best player. My best player was “me”, and I made him 6’4’’ and super skinny (real world me too). I like to just use him sometimes to create chances. Work the defense left to right until you can get a clear shot, and depending where the keeper is at, fire it down the line, or diagonally into the top corner. I like to go one way, quickly turn to the other way, and fire a goal. Seems to work with moderate success. 

Futsal: This is by far the hardest game mode in the game. The goals are smaller, there are no walls to keep the ball in play, and fouls are called. If you are having trouble using skill or trick moves to score goals. Use my strategy for online, but only cross the ball into the middle of the court. It seemed almost every header I connected on was a goal on Bronze difficulty. Also, the best chance to score a goal is inside the goalie circle. Make sure you put enough power on it though, so that it just sneaks under the crossbar, anything lower, and it will probably be saved.

This game has its moments of being a great street soccer, or football, game, but it is marred by glitchy achievements, repetitive "story" mode, and a 100 point achievement which will take you 9 consecutive weekends to finish, if your lucky. If you are in it for the completion, be very careful before putting this is your disc drive.

[x360a would like to thank moronicco for this Roadmap]

Got any Nutmeg?15
Panna your first Opponent   (10) 

When you have a defender in front of you hold the  and move the  forward (towards the defender), then release the . Easy achievement.

Rush Keepers!25
Score a goal while controlling your Goal Keeper   (6) 

Straight forward, must have a GK in the game. Cannot obtain in certain Panna or Last Man Standing Modes.

Very Entertaining25
Earn at least 1500 Style Points without losing possession   (2) 

In any match, just isolate your best player 1 on 1 with a defender, make sure you have plenty of space behind the defender. Hold (or click)  and then move the  towards the defender. Your player should hit the ball with his leg over the opponent’s head and get the ball on the other side. At the very least, you will get a skill or aerial bonus of 200. Rinse and repeat till the achievement pops in game.

In any game mode win a match/event in 50% of the venues as the lead profile   

See "Globetrotter."

In any game mode win a match/event in every venue as the lead profile   (22) 

Venue List

Underpass 2
Goals Centre
Goals Centre (N)
The Dome
London - London European Championship - Bronze
London (N) - London European Championship - Bronze
Paris: Notre Dame - Notre Dame 5-A-Side Tournament - Bronze
Venice Canal - Venice 5-A-Side Event - Bronze
Justin Chan Memorial
Indoor Court
New York Stadium - New York 6's Tournament - Silver
Dubai - Dubia 5-A-Side Cup - Silver
Adidas Z5
Barcelona Stadium - Freestylin' Barcelona Tournament - Bronze
Amsterdam Stadium - Amsterdam Panna Tournament - Silver

Aberdeen Cage - Last Man Standing Aberdeen, Europe - Bronze
Buenoes Aires
Empty Parking Lot
Loading Bay
Basketball Court
Shanghai Rooftop - Last Man Standing: Shanghi - Silver
Skate Park

Futsal Centre
Berlin Stadium - Berlin Futsal Tournament - Bronze
The Hangar
Tokyo Futsal Stadium – Tokyo Futsal Shield – Stage 4 - Silver
Rio Stadium - World Futsal Championship - Stage 4 - Silver
Rio Stadium (N) - World Futsal Championship - Stage 4 - Silver
Placa De Catalunya – World Futsal Championship - Stage 4 – Gold

Dam Square - 5 to Win Amsterdam - Bronze
Munich Park - Munich Panna! - Bronze
Dubrovnik - Freestylin Dubrovnik - Bronze
St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg 4's - Silver
London Square - 5 to Win in London - Silver
Rio Mountain Vista - Freestylin' Rio - Silver
Rio Coast Park - Rio Panna! - Silver
Football Complex
Underpass 1
The Park

Thanks to bleednornge72.

Geometry was good for something20
Score a goal by deflecting the ball off a wall   (11) 

Hit The Streets > 2 Controllers > Custom Match > Timed Match > 2 Goals > 1v1 > Empty Parking Lot > Start Match. Move your second controller out of the way, then with your first, take the ball to midcourt and use cross or pass to hit it off the wall and into the goal. Will take a few tries to get down the angle and power, but easy enough.

Ultimate Humiliation15
Score a goal with a Panna   (2) 

Similar to “Got Any Nutmeg”, although this time you have to score a goal. You should get this randomly through regular play, but if you are having problems then try this. Use the match setup for “Geometry Was Good For Something” and put your second controller near the goal, and perform a Panna to score.

Note: Has to be done against the opposing GK. Thanks taffaroo97.

Are we there yet?10
Reach the World Tour map screen for the first time as the lead profile   (1) 

After selecting World Tour on the main menu, playing a match, then setting up your custom team you will be taken to the World Map. Done.

New Champion15
Win a World Tour Tournament for the first time as the lead profile   

Depending on your starting region, it will be in different places. You have to play different tournaments (normally 5v5) to increase your rating for that stage. Once you make it to the Top 10 in that stage the final Tournament will unlock. Just play it and win. After the first three games, you are put into a knockout format, you can not lose after qualifying for the knockout round. If you do lose, you can just replay it.

Regional Street Champion20
Win stage 1 of World Tour as the lead profile   (1) 

Should unlock with “New Champion.”

National Street Champion25
Win stage 2 of World Tour as the lead profile   

See "World Grand Champion.”

European Champion50
Win stage 3 of World Tour as the lead profile   

See “World Grand Champion.”

World Grand Champion100
Win stage 4 of World Tour as the lead profile   

After beating each of the “qualifying” tournaments to get your ranking to the Top 10 for that stage, it will unlock the final tournament in that stage. Win the tournament on ANY difficulty to get this achievement.

World Tour Around the World30
Win any World Tour tournament Online as the lead profile   

Each stage ending tournament has the option to “Play Online (Gold)”. You have to qualify for the knockout stage, and win the knockout stage online against other people to win this achievement.

A few tips.

1. Wait on this achievement till stage 3 or 4, your team will be better, and there is a good chance you could come across someone still in stage 1.
2. I have noticed that even though you just started searching for the tournament in stage 4, you could be paired with someone in their final game of stage 2 tournament. This could be good and bad. Before you commit to start the game, it will show you their team rating in the middle of the screen. On the safe side, I wouldn’t play people much higher than you. You can leave the session before “readying up” at no penalty.
3. See the note about Online Play in the Road Map.

Challenge the pros20
Win a street challenge against an authentic club team in stage 4 of world tour as the lead profile   

Through normal play in stage 4 you will come across an actual club and not a user/CPU generated team. Play and beat them in any event for this achievement.

Street Legend20
Defeat Messi in a street challenge game as the lead profile   (12) 

During World Tour Mode, look for FC Barcelona. If you have played through World Tour and have not gotten this achievement, in stage 4 hit the  to refresh the teams for each event and look at each event for a chance to play Barcelona. Rinse & repeat until Barcelona shows up. Cannot get it in "Hit the Streets" mode.

Alternate Way: If you start in the Southwest region you get to play at Plymouth. In this challenge there is a player named "Messi" that people are saying is helping to unlock the achievement. If you have already started a World Tour mode, just move your save file, or plug in a flash drive to start a new save and not ruin your existing one.

Note: This has to be done in a street challenge, which is not the same thing as a tournament. A street challenge is 1 game, a tournament is a maximum of 6 games. Hope this helps if you think it's glitched.

Local Heroes25
Win the final national tournament with at least 8 created players on your team as the lead profile   (3) 

When you make your original team, you can create a player, download your friend's player, or pick players from the team you just played. I would keep all these players on your team until this achievement unlocks, which should be with stage 2 victory.

Who brought the snacks?15
Win a tournament with a local Co-Op player as the lead profile   (1) 

Simply plug in a second controller in the final of a tournament with a few seconds to go, see out the remaining seconds and it'll pop. 

Thanks neeker75.

Mighty Heroes40
Have a team with at least 8 created players that are level 50 or higher as the lead profile   (4) 

If you are going for the rest of the achievements, you should get this one without having to boost anything, but if you want your team to be buff quick, here is the method I used:

  • Hit the Streets > 5-A-Side > Two Controllers > Start Match.
  • Move your second controller around the midfield line, the shorter the person the better. With your best player selected on the first controller, do the following. Note: If you do not have the Rainbow Flick unlocked ((away from goal)←  +  → (towards)) I would get it.
  • First, make sure you have enough room in front and behind you. Use the  and  to hit the ball over the opponent's head, and retreat. Then use the Rainbow Flick, should do the same thing, and reset back to where you started.
  • Then Panna your opponent by using the  and  →, this should give you around 800. Alternate between Rainbow Flick and Juggle Air Beat to maintain the 800 each time the trick is preformed. Rinse and repeat. You don’t have to score a goal for the points to count, but I did anyway. The nice thing is the player doing the tricks gets the points and your starting team. So as players hit 50, make sure to sub them out for the others to get even more EXP. Bench players get EXP too, just not as much as the starters.
Career Milestone25
Score 100 goals with your created player in any game modes as the lead profile   

Score 100 goals however you please. There is a stats screen by pressing , but don’t worry, you will get this no problem soon enough.

Mister Entertainment25
Earn 100,000 Style Points with your created player in any game mode as the lead profile   

Just like “Career Milestone” this will come with playing the game no problem. If you want to boost this quick, check out “Mighty Heroes.”

Attributed Success25
Upgrade one of your created players attributes to Max as the lead profile   

See “5 Tool Player.”

It's Tricky20
Unlock 10 tricks on a created player as the lead profile   

When you level your character up, you get 10 attribute points per level. When upgrading your player on the 'skills' tab, just choose the first 10. This will take you (*****) attribute points to unlock.

5 Tool Player50
Upgrade 5 attributes on a created player to maximum as the lead profile   

Some skills cost more than others. Maxing out is reaching level 15 on 5 of the 7 attribute categories e.g. defense takes 82 points to max out. Goalkeeping takes the most though, so I would skip that one.

Time to Celebrate15
Unlock a created player celebration and perform it in game as the lead profile   

After unlocking a celebration (comes with playing the game), when upgrading a player, go to the 'celebration' tab and scroll down the list to one of the bottom ones. Choose any low option for both 'low' and 'high' intensity. Next match you play, score a goal with that character and the achievement unlocks.

Shopping Spree10
Wear an Unlocked item in any game mode as the lead profile   (2) 

This one was kind of glitchy for me. Took me a few matches to get it. Whenever you play a event in World Tour, you unlock something when you beat that event. Most of the time its socks. Go to 'Edit Player' (under Upgrade Player) > Apparel. Choose the article you just unlocked, and the next match you play you will get this achievement at the end.

Glitch note: If you are having problems unlocking this (which I was), I turned off my box, came back to it with that same team, and it popped at the end of the match. So try that if you are having problems.

Moving on up25
In a street season obtain promotion to the next division as the lead profile   (3) 

Each “season” is 10 games total. Just like in FIFA 12, you need a certain number of points to get promoted to the next division. Unlike FIFA 12, the game doesn’t tell you how many points you need, just tells you your record. Once you complete the 10th game and you have enough points, you'll get promoted. I had 18 (6 wins) and got the achievement after 10 registered games. You can get this by playing World Tour as well as Xbox Live > Street Season. Please see the note about 'Online Play' in the Road Map.

Online Enthusiast20
Win a game of 5 a side, 6 a side and Futsal online as the lead profile   (1) 

These are the only 3 modes you can play online. You can get credit for them by playing World Tour Tournaments online or from the Main Menu > Xbox Live > Street Seasons.

Online Cup Champion25
Win any Online Cup as the lead profile   (3) 

Just like in FIFA 12 there are regular seasons (10 games) and cup modes. Normally cups are open only on the weekend (Friday – Sunday GMT).

Xbox Live > Street Season > Divisional Cups. Open only on the weekends. You need to win 4 games in a row. If you quit or drop out, it's an automatic loss. You get as many retries as you want though.

Online Dominance100
Win all 9 online cups as the lead profile   (55) 

The lingo “all nine” indicates to me that there are going to be 9 different cups to win, meaning that this game won’t be completable until 9 weeks are up and the rotation of cups has completed. The first cup was from March 16 to 18, 2012 and was called the Dutch Invitational Street Cup. That's 1 of 9...

Video Proof20
Upload a saved video as the lead profile   

As long as you are connected to EA’s server, during any instant replay during or after a match (highlights) you can press  to upload your replay.

Friendly Publicity15
Watch a video posted by one of your Friends as the lead profile   (27) 

Press the  to open the EA News feed at any menu. Got to the media tab. Highlight your friend's video and watch. The achievement should pop without watching it.

Making new friends15
Add a new Friend using the Friend Recommendation feature as the lead profile   (28) 

Press the  to launch EA News Feed. Last tab is “Add A Friend”. If there is something there, just highlight one and click on it. Unlocked (you don’t have to add them). 

Note: Your friend's friends have to have people playing FIFA Street that are not on your friend's list.

Watching Film20
Watch a gameplay tutorial video as the lead profile   (5) 

Hit the Streets > Any mode, any team, any amount of controllers. Before “kicking off,” press  and select any video.

Game Info
EA Vancouver
EA Sports


US March 13, 2012
Europe March 16, 2012

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