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Skirt Destroyer

Arcade Mode: unequip Candy's armor each stage, or destroy Candy's lower armor 10 times in a row  

Easier with difficulty on easy, round time to 10, just break apart Candy’s Armor (quickly input , , , +++/) in all 9 stages on Arcade, doing it once on every stage is fine as you don’t need to do it again when you continue against everyone. This is the last achievement you'll do last and might have some problems with it for first timers.

An alternate method is to win 10 times while you beat up the 2nd player/controller, after the 11th match, just input the armor break to unlock it, this will also stack with Who Needs Armor if not unlocked yet.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Spiral 462
Monday, November 10, 2014 @ 03:05:56 AM

Thanks so much to the Forum post by Daniel55645 for clearing this up. I wasted 45 minutes trying to bust the armor off of Candy (successfully) over and over, with no achievement popping. Then I read his post, and it cleared it right up. You need to beat the armor off of Candy as YOU play as the second player. So, Candy is Player 1. Use 2 controllers, and use the 2nd one to play. Make Candy the 1st player and then set the controller down for her so she'll just stand there. And I never used this right-left-right-left+left trigger method to bust her armor off. I just kept pressing up to jump, then while in mid-air, press left (towards Candy) + B at the same time to do a jump-kick and kick her back into the wall. (By the way, I also played as Candy, so it was Candy vs Candy). Keep ju

Comment #2 by Spiral 462
Monday, November 10, 2014 @ 03:07:35 AM

(Continued) ...Keep jump-kicking her into the wall, and by the end of the 2nd Round when you win, all of her armor will be flashing. This counted for me towards the achievement. Do this, and win the 2 Rounds, for 10 Stages. You'll have to keep pressing Start on the first controller to keep joining the game again as Candy. When you reach the 11th Stage, do this again and when you jump-kick her into the wall here, the achievement should pop. It popped right away for me doing this, hope this helps. :)

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