Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Videos

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Noel's Ezio Outfit Trailer
Noel's wardrobe gets bigger.
Apr 11, 2012

Duration: 02:45
Views: 2112
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Launch Trailer
Square Enix's direct sequel to 2010's Final Fantasy is in stores today.
Feb 24, 2012

Duration: 01:05
Views: 156
Final Fantasy XIII-2 'Clash of Time' Gameplay Trailer
The latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 gameplay trailer looks at a 'clash of time.' Yeah, we're none the wiser either.
Feb 24, 2012

Duration: 01:33
Views: 110
Final Fantasy XIII-2 'Further Gameplay Variety' Trailer
Listening to fan feedback, FFXIII-2 is spicing the gameplay up with a bit of variety, so says this trailer.
Feb 24, 2012

Duration: 02:44
Views: 49
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Time Travel Trailer
Because everyone wants to time travel, right?
Feb 24, 2012

Duration: 01:59
Views: 16
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Trailer
The FFXIII-2 demo lands on our consoles, so have a trailer to watch while that bad boy is downloading.
Feb 24, 2012

Duration: 02:09
Views: 16
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Moogle Trailer
What's a Moogle? Well, we're not entirely sure… but they are small, furry and cute. Yes, we said cute.
Feb 24, 2012

Duration: 01:50
Views: 17
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Exclusive Xbox 360 DLC Trailer
The Xbox 360 version of FFXIII-2 is getting exclusive DLC, so you're getting a trailer to show it off.
Feb 24, 2012

Duration: 02:52
Views: 41
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Character Trailer
Warning: may contain floppy hair and characters with crazy hair colours.
Feb 24, 2012

Duration: 02:03
Views: 47
Final Fantasy XIII-2 'Master of Monsters' Trailer
Become the master of monsters with this latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer.
Feb 24, 2012

Duration: 02:23
Views: 27
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guided Tour Trailer
Guided tour? Of what? A museum? I guess we'll just have to watch it and find out…
Feb 23, 2012

Duration: 04:22
Views: 17
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay Series - Environments
Take a look at some of Final Fantasy XIII-2's environments in this latest gameplay trailer.
Feb 23, 2012

Duration: 01:47
Views: 12
Game Info
Square Enix
Square Enix


US January 31, 2012
Europe February 03, 2012
Japan December 15, 2011

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