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Final Fight Double Impact Achievement Guide

Guide By: [Waggly Bean]
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 12/12 [200/200 ]
- Online: 0/12 [0/200 ]
- Approximate amount of time to 2005 - 10 hours (Depending how many playthroughs it takes you).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 for Final Fight, 2 for Magic Sword.
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None although co-op online has been poorly designed - see "Final Fighters" achievement for details).
- Extra equipment needed?: None

This game will give you the bulk of the achievements in no time at all. Final Fight and Magic Sword take around half an hour each to complete one full runthrough of the game. Most of the achievements can be gained in the first three runthroughs of Final Fight, and one runthrough of Magic Sword, although you'll have to spend a little longer on the "Locksmith" achievement due to having to meet all of the requirements in the Vault for both games. The game is an insanely easy 175, but the "Locksmith" achievement will have you working that extra bit harder for the full 200. Still a very easy game given a little time though.

Step 1: Final Fight:
You will need to play through the game three times, one for each character in order to get the achievements "Cody-pendant," "Haggar-ed" and "Who's That Guy." While going for each of these, work on some of the vault goals and other achievements at the same time. For instance, here are some good combinations to aim for:

  • On your Guy playthrough, go for speed and work towards all your timed goals. Start a 'custom game' on easy mode, and work your way quickly through each level by heading right while jump-kicking as far as possible even if you have enemies chasing you. When you get to a point where the screen stops scrolling, you should have a fair numer of enemies on screen. You tend to be able to 'bunch' them together in this situation to more quickly dispose of them!
  • On your Haggar playthrough, go for points and work towards your score goals. Start a 'custom game' on hard mode, and just work your way through the game. As it's on hard where more points are available, you should pick up all the score goals with minimal problems. Just remember that your special move ( and  together) net you less points than a standard punch, so use it sparingly!
  • On your Cody playthrough, play the game in co-op with a friend to pick up Final Fighters, and at the same time try to let your friend take most of the beatings so you make sure you get Coin Gobbler and the lives and continue goals in the vault are met. Be aware that the co-op achievement/vault goals can only be obtained for each game if the two players were both in the game before the first level started. If not, you may have to replay the first level in local co-op using two controllers.

Step 2: Magic Sword:
This is very easy if done right. Start a new 'custom game' on easy, and run through making sure not to go through any secret warp doors. Use the map at the top of the screen to locate the real end of level door and go straight to it. If done quickly and carefully, you should net yourself "Tough Guy," "Sore Thumb," "Save the World," and either "Anti-Hero" or "Smashing." You can also make a save at the start of level 50, and reload after you've completed the game to immediately get "Anti-Hero" or "Smashing" depending upon which one you got first time round. "Ninja Skills" should easily come on level five or 13 by grabbing the invincibility chalice in the chest to your right and running through the enemies to the exit straight away. Then all that's left are the vault achievements. There are a few tricky ones in Magic Sword - a list of requirements and tips for meeting them are available here.

You should now have everything done. "Locksmith" will almost certainly be everyone's last achievement as you need to meet quite a few different requirements across both games to get it, but using the tips here it shouldn't be any problem. Then you're done, congrats on another 200!

[XBA would like to thank [Waggly Bean] for this RoadMap]

Coin Gobbler20
Final Fight™: Complete all levels using less than 18 continues.   
Simply finish the game using up less than 18 continues. Your best way is to take it slow and steady - you'll find with most common enemies you can button mash to punch and the baddie will walk into your punch. Not rushing it is the key to surviving longer. You may find it easier to use two players for this, as you can get the player not going for it to jump into the majority of the action while the other hangs back.
Final Fight™: Complete all levels with Cody.   
See "Who's That Guy"
Final Fight™: Complete all levels with Haggar.   (1) 
See "Who's That Guy"
Who's that Guy?15
Final Fight™: Complete all levels with Guy.   
Doesn't matter how many lives or continues you use, just finish the game playing as Guy, Haggar, and Cody all the way through.
Unlock everything in the Vault.   (4) 
By far the hardest achievement, this one will keep you going longer than any of the others. Everything in the vault must be unlocked by meeting certain requirements. Typical goals in Final Fight are meeting specific scores or times in certain levels, or simply playing as a certain character on a certain level. Typical goals in Magic Sword include finding a completing secret levels, and completing levels in co-op mode. You can access the vault to see what requirements you still need to meet for each game from the main menu by selecting the 'vault' option. There is a separate vault for both Final Fight (51 goals) and Magic Sword (18 goals) - both vaults have to have everything unlocked to earn this achievement. See here for a list of all vault requirements.
Final Fighters10
Final Fight™: Complete all levels in co-op.    (2) 
As it says, complete every level of the game in co-op, either online or locally. If you join a session already in progress, you won't get this achievement. You have to start from the start, but this doesn't necessarily have to be done in one sitting.
NOTE: Some people have had trouble unlocking this. If you are going to go through the game in online co-op, make sure that both players have joined the game on the character select screen, so that it counts the first level. If you run through the game and find it doesn't unlock, your second player probably joined the game too late. You will need to replay the first level in co-op, but this can be easily done by plugging in a second pad, starting a local game (custom > local) and pressing on pad 2 at The Character Select screen. Run through the first level and the achievement should unlock! (thanks techknight for the tip!)
Tough Guy30
Magic Sword: Complete all levels using less than 18 continues.   
Exactly the same as Coin Gobbler for Final Fight. Best advice I can give is to put the game on easy, run through it carefully, and don't go off exploring at all. Use the map at the top of the screen to locate the end of level door, and just go for it even if you leave parts of the floor unexplored!
Also, be careful when opening chests - booby-trapped ones can cause a lot of damage! And lastly, take your time with bosses. They all follow set patterns, so once you learn them, you can keep avoiding the boss while hitting him from further back with your magic attacks.
NOTE: Do not use warp doors to skip several levels while going for this achievement. Like "Sore Thumb", you have to finish all of the standard levels to get the achievement. (thanks ponypo2001 for the tip!)
Sore Thumb10
Magic Sword: Complete all levels.    
This isn't just for finishing the game. You must finish the game by completing each level. Therefore you have to try not to use any shortcuts, as there are doors that skip you up several floors at once. If you use the map at the top of the screen to locate each end of level door, you shouldn't skip any levels!
Anti Hero10
Magic Sword: Decide to take the Black Orb.   
See "Smashing"
Magic Sword: Decide to destroy the Black Orb.   
Beat the last boss twice. Once you take the Black Orb, once you destroy it. Be sure to save at level 50, then beat the final boss. Start a new local custom game, load up your Level 50 save and beat the last boss again, making sure to pick the other option. (thanks YogiB)
Ninja Skills30
Magic Sword: Complete any level without being hit, and without using a Magic Attack.   
The amount of gamerscore to offer for this would have you believe it's difficult, but it isn't. Normal play through the game should net you this so long as you're being careful and going for "Tough Guy". All you have to do is finish one floor without being hit at all, or using magic (pressing the and button simultaneously). You also made find it easier to acquire this while playing co-op, as the second player can effectively use themselves as a shield to stop the first getting hit while you run through the level!

Another Easy method:
On the battlement levels (level 5 and 13 are the first two), one of the first few chests always contains an invincibilty power up. This looks like a gold chalice and emits a blue aura once activated. Run to the right through all the enemies, and you should get to the end of the floor before the power-up runs out! (thanks PonyPo2001)
Save the World10
Magic Sword: Fight and kill Drokmar.    
Simply kill the end boss. Unmissable achievement if you finish the game

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US April 14, 2010

HDD Space Required : 192.11 MB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $9.99USD
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