FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Achievements

Carnage Wizard

Complete Carnage Mode with all gold.  

Carnage Mode consists of:

12 Carnage Races
12 Stunt Events
6 Deathmatch Derbies
6 Beat the Bomb Time Trials

Read on for tips and tricks.

Carnage Races - You gain a score multiplier based on what position you are running in. The multiplier per position is as follows:

1st Place - 5x Multiplier
2nd or 3rd - 4x Multiplier
4th to 6th- 3x Multiplier
7th to 10th - 2x Multiplier
11th and 12th - No Multiplier

You gain points by ramming into opponents and objects or by going over jumps. The points you receive for ramming opponents is as follows:

Slam - 500points
PowerSlam - 100points
Blast Out - 1250points
Crash Out - 1500Points
Wrecked - 2000points

Obviously a 5x multiplier would be the best, but if you are out in the lead, your point options are severely limited. Slow down and smash the person in second if you find yourself in this situation. Really, you want to race to get to around 2nd-6th then smash everyone in sight. The harder you hit them, the better. Something to note is that your points chain together. You have about 5 seconds to hit something or get air before the chain ends.

Stunt Events - These may appear to be pretty hard at first, but it's just trial and error. When going for height/distance, eject from the car by pressing then quickly press again. Do not touch the thumbsticks, as this will create drag and slow you down.

Deathmatch Derbies - There are several power-ups in this mode and constant enemy respawns. The power-ups are as follows:

Self-Repair (purple) - Repairs your vehicle.
Mass Driver (White) - Increases damage output and decreases damage taken.
Bomb (Cream) - Damages all other vehicles.
Infinitro (Blue) - Gives you infinite nitro.
Power Ram (Red) - Triples damage output.
Armor (Green) - Decreases damage taken.
2x Score Multiplier (Yellow) - Doubles points gained.

As well as these power-ups, there are bonus' for going on frag streaks. If you have the highest streak, you will get 2x the score for each subsequent frag. You will see a fist above your car when you have this bonus. The other bonus is a survival bonus. If you have survived the longest out of all competitors, you will receive 50 points every few seconds. A cross will appear above your car.

Power-ups do not stack, so choose wisely. 2x multiplier or Mass Driver are the best. If a bomb appears though, do everything in your power to reach it. If you leave it and an enemy grabs it, there is a chance you'll blow up. Focus on opponents with orange and red arrows above their cars.

Beat the Bomb - These are the hardest Carnage events. A bomb has been placed on your car and a timer is counting down to the inevitable explosion. To increase the time, you need to make your way through checkpoints. You'll need nitro, so hitting physics objects is necessary. This can prove very risky, as sometimes seemingly innocuous objects will cause you to flip or spin. Perfection is required, so if you spin, it's best to restart.

See this thread for tips on the last Beat the Bomb mission. It is very tough, as you are in the Flatmobile, which is like a rocket. Fast but near impossible to steer effectively.

Get gold on all 36 events to unlock this achievement.

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