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FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Achievement Guide

Guide By: Shelton, skuff
There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 34 [800]
- Online: 11 [200]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30-40 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: One complete playthrough of both Flatout Mode and Carnage Mode
- Number of missable achievements: One ["Real Habanero"]
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: No

Flatout: Ultimate Carnage is a no holds barred racing game. You may ram, smash and wreck your opponents in a bid to beat them to the finish line. As well as an Xbox version, there is a GFWL enabled PC version, so it is possible to get two separate 1000's if you feel like playing it twice.

Flatout Mode :
I suggest you start with Flatout Mode. Buy the Chilli (Derby Car) to begin with. Do not upgrade it at any stage. Race through all of the Derby Cups using the Chilli, making sure you're on top of the standings at the end of each cup. If you are tied for the lead at the end of all the races in a cup, it will count as a win. If you are finding it hard to win with the Chilli, you may buy a better car and win each race except for the last, then change to the Chilli.

After finishing the Derby races with gold, try to get gold on all of the Derby events. Time trials, etc. Do the same for Street class, Race class and the Finals. There are 31 cups in all and 27 events.

Carnage Mode:
Carnage Mode is basically a set of minigames where you must strive for the highest score. There are four different types of minigames: Stunt, Beat the Bomb, Carnage Race and Deathmatch Derby. You'll want to do your best to achieve gold on all of them. The requirements for gold on a particular event are outlined when you highlight the event. Some of them can be quite frustrating. Keep your cool, be persistent and eventually you'll get it done.

Crashman Returns:
By this stage you will have unlocked the Flatmobile. Simply select Single Event then scroll to Bonus Events. Win all of them while using the Flatmobile. It is an incredibly fast car, so it won't be too hard. Use the walls to help you turn.

You will need at least 4 people for the ranked online achievements. The good thing is, there is a method where everyone will get a win. You do not need to take turns! See here for the method. You will need 75 wins total: 20 in Online Derbies, 25 in Online Races and 30 in Online Stunts. For achievements that do not specify "Ranked", you may set up player matches. "Hostmaster", "Live Ammunition", "Live to Crash", "Live to Race Clean" and "Fragmaster Live" all fit into this criteria.

Refer to the achievement guide for information on any achievements you may have missed.

Flatout: Ultimate Carnage is a fun racing game with a nice achievement list. The achievements entice you to experience all facets of the game and master them. It can be frustrating at times but also very rewarding.
[XBA would like to thank Shelton for this Roadmap]

Go That Extra Mile40
Drive a total distance of 1001 miles.    (5) 

This is across all modes. 1001 miles equates to about 1610 kilometres. You don't need to go out of your way to get this achievement, it will come in time. There is no way to track how many miles you have driven, unfortunately.

Insane Air20
Jump at least 10m high with your car on a Carnage or normal Race.    (1) 

There are a lot of tracks where this is possible. The best is probably Water Canal 1 though. Three quarters of the way through the lap, you will see a steep jump on the left side of the road. Make sure you have some nitro, use it as you reach the ramp. Choose the fastest car you have availabe to you. If you're having trouble, enter the "Extras" section of the main menu and enter the cheat code WOTKINS. This will unlock the Flatmobile, which will have no trouble jumping 10m high.

Heavy Blast30
You truly know how to deal out the heaviest hits.    

This will be one of your first achievements in the game. Get up as much speed as you can, use nitro and hit someone. It's best if they're sideways or pushed up against another object. If you hit them hard enough, achievement unlocked.

Frank Malcov Award20
Your driving makes Frank Malcov proud!    (1) 

Frank Malcov apparently likes ramming all of the physics objects littered around the track, as this is what the achievement tasks you with. Tyres, boxes, barrels, etc should all be rammed without mercy. The achievement is cumulative. The exact amount of rammed objects required is undisclosed however. Even if you just play normally, it won't take long at all to unlock.

Burnin' Up20
Burn nitro continuously for at least 10 seconds in a normal race.    

Start up a normal race on Water Canal 1 and choose the Bullet (or any faster car). The race must be set to at least two laps. On the first lap, build up nitro but don't use it. When you reach the start/finish straight stop before the line. Accelerate and hold down to use your nitro. Continue holding it down while you go over the jumps. The jumps will refill some of your nitro, allowing you to burn it for over 10 seconds.

Be the best wrecker in 50 races.    

To be the best wrecker, you need to do the most damage to your opponents in the race. Focus entirely on ramming into them. Use your nitro moments before hitting them to do large amounts of damage. At the end of the race, four awards will be shown. If your name is under "Best Wrecker" that's one down, 49 to go.

Keep on Truckin'15
Win 15 Derbies.    

Derbies require you to crash mercilessly into your opponents. You are awarded points based on the amount of damage you do to them, with a bonus for wrecking their car. You want to survive for as long as possible while ramming cars with orange and red arrows above them. These arrows signify their damage levels. Win 15 Derbies by scoring the most points, either online or offline to unlock this achievement.

Lightning Fast15
Get the fastest lap of the race in 50 races.    

While this might go against the spirit of the game, try to keep a clean line through the race. Don't touch other cars and avoid any large objects, as they may cause you to spin. At the end of a race, the results screen will show the best lap time for everyone. If you are the fastest, that's one down, 49 to go.

If you're looking to get this done quickly, enter the "Extras" section of the menu and type WOTKINS in the cheat code area. This will unlock the Flatmobile, which is the fastest car in the game. Choose Figure of Eight 1 in Bonus Events, and change it to one lap. You won't have any trouble winning and thus receiving the fastest lap. Repeat this as many times as necessary.

Windshield Breaker15
Get 30 Crash-Out crash bonuses.    (1) 

A Crash-Out bonus is awarded when you cause an opponent to ragdoll through their windshield. To do this, you can nudge them into the path of a wall or pole. Or, you can ram into them with great force. You will see "Crash-Out" appear on the screen when you have been successful. This can be boosted online by turning the ghost (driving backwards) off. Face your boosting partner and ram into them head-on. This is a guaranteed Crash-Out.

That's a Start10
Now that's a start! You've completed your first cup in FlatOut Mode.    

Select Flatout Mode. The first cup in Derby class is only two races long. Upon completing the two races--regardless of position--you will unlock the achievement.

On a Roll20
Complete your first class in the FlatOut Mode.    

To complete a class, you must finish all the race cups with at least bronze (third place). In Derby class there are eight cups, Street class nine cups and Race class ten cups.

Give Me Glory20
Get 1 million points in the Carnage Mode.   

This is an accumulated total across all Carnage Mode events. Points are awarded based on your performance. On average, you should be able to get 40,000 per event, so it will take around 25 events to receive this achievement.

Refer to "Carnage Wizard" for tips.

Carnage Master30
Complete Carnage Mode.   

There are 36 events. You need bronze on all of them to unlock this achievement.

Refer to "Carnage Wizard" for tips.

Carnage Wizard40
Complete Carnage Mode with all gold.   

Carnage Mode consists of:

12 Carnage Races
12 Stunt Events
6 Deathmatch Derbies
6 Beat the Bomb Time Trials

Read on for tips and tricks.

Carnage Races - You gain a score multiplier based on what position you are running in. The multiplier per position is as follows:

1st Place - 5x Multiplier
2nd or 3rd - 4x Multiplier
4th to 6th- 3x Multiplier
7th to 10th - 2x Multiplier
11th and 12th - No Multiplier

You gain points by ramming into opponents and objects or by going over jumps. The points you receive for ramming opponents is as follows:

Slam - 500points
PowerSlam - 100points
Blast Out - 1250points
Crash Out - 1500Points
Wrecked - 2000points

Obviously a 5x multiplier would be the best, but if you are out in the lead, your point options are severely limited. Slow down and smash the person in second if you find yourself in this situation. Really, you want to race to get to around 2nd-6th then smash everyone in sight. The harder you hit them, the better. Something to note is that your points chain together. You have about 5 seconds to hit something or get air before the chain ends.

Stunt Events - These may appear to be pretty hard at first, but it's just trial and error. When going for height/distance, eject from the car by pressing then quickly press again. Do not touch the thumbsticks, as this will create drag and slow you down.

Deathmatch Derbies - There are several power-ups in this mode and constant enemy respawns. The power-ups are as follows:

Self-Repair (purple) - Repairs your vehicle.
Mass Driver (White) - Increases damage output and decreases damage taken.
Bomb (Cream) - Damages all other vehicles.
Infinitro (Blue) - Gives you infinite nitro.
Power Ram (Red) - Triples damage output.
Armor (Green) - Decreases damage taken.
2x Score Multiplier (Yellow) - Doubles points gained.

As well as these power-ups, there are bonus' for going on frag streaks. If you have the highest streak, you will get 2x the score for each subsequent frag. You will see a fist above your car when you have this bonus. The other bonus is a survival bonus. If you have survived the longest out of all competitors, you will receive 50 points every few seconds. A cross will appear above your car.

Power-ups do not stack, so choose wisely. 2x multiplier or Mass Driver are the best. If a bomb appears though, do everything in your power to reach it. If you leave it and an enemy grabs it, there is a chance you'll blow up. Focus on opponents with orange and red arrows above their cars.

Beat the Bomb - These are the hardest Carnage events. A bomb has been placed on your car and a timer is counting down to the inevitable explosion. To increase the time, you need to make your way through checkpoints. You'll need nitro, so hitting physics objects is necessary. This can prove very risky, as sometimes seemingly innocuous objects will cause you to flip or spin. Perfection is required, so if you spin, it's best to restart.

See this thread for tips on the last Beat the Bomb mission. It is very tough, as you are in the Flatmobile, which is like a rocket. Fast but near impossible to steer effectively.

Get gold on all 36 events to unlock this achievement.

Race Master30
Complete FlatOut Mode.    

There are four classes, 31 cups. You need to get at least bronze in each of the cups to complete Flatout Mode.

Race Wizard50
Complete FlatOut Mode with all gold in all cups and events.   

There are 31 cups and 27 events. You need to win every cup to get gold. If you are tied for the lead, it will count as a win. You can retry a race as many times as you want, so there is no reason why you can't get this achievement with a bit of time. Make sure to upgrade your cars, everything except for the body upgrades. They will make you slower. In the races, avoiding others is key. If you go off track, press to quickly get back in the action. Braking should be reserved for only the tightest of corners. For the others, a short release of the accelerator, then turning and reapplying the accelerator will see you in good stead.

The events are a mixture of time trials, derbies and bonus races. For the time trials, leave them until you have the fastest car available in that class. It will make them a hundred times easier. Refer to Keep on Truckin' for Derby tips. The bonus races are not too difficult. Some have you simply driving around an oval, Nascar style, with regenerating nitro.

Complete all the Deathmatch Derbies in Carnage Mode with all gold.   

There are six Deathmatch Derbies in Carnage Mode. Refer to "Carnage Wizard" for tips.

Elite Stuntman20
Complete all the Stunts in Carnage Mode with all gold.   

There are twelve Stunts in Carnage Mode. Refer to "Carnage Wizard" for tips.

Master Stuntman15
Complete all the Stunts in Carnage Mode with silver or better.   (7) 

There are twelve Stunts in Carnage Mode. Refer to "Carnage Wizard" for tips.

Bomb Car Racer20
Complete all Beat the Bomb’s in Carnage Mode with all gold.   

There are six Beat the Bomb Time Trials in Carnage Mode. Refer to "Carnage Wizard" for tips.

Derby Expert20
Complete all derbies in FlatOut Mode with all gold.   

Just beat all the bonus derbys in the the derby class Flatout mode. If you're having any difficulty, please go to our forums and you should have plenty of help.

Pro Racer20
Complete all Time Trials in FlatOut Mode with all gold.   

Just complete all the time trials in Flatout with Gold. If you're having any difficulty, please go to our forums and you should have plenty of help.

Time trial tip -

Holy Slammaster15
Get 100 Slam crash bonuses.    

A Slam crash bonus can be achieved by hitting an opponent at low(ish) speed. Playing Deathmatch Derbies, you will get this done in no time. It can be done in any mode however.

Master Trucker10
Win a Head On or normal race with the Truck.    (1) 

This vehicle needs to be unlocked if trying to do it offline. To unlock the Truck, play and receive gold on the fourth Deathmatch Derby in Carnage Mode. It tasks you with getting 120,000 points and is at the Gas Station. When unlocked, win any race.

An easier way to get the achievement, is to play online. Set up a player match with all vehicles allowed. Choose the Truck and win.

Crashman Returns30
Win all Bonus Race Single Events with the Flatmobile.   

After you finish the Flatout mode you should have all the bonus tracks unlocked. Simply go to single race, then select bonus tracks. Beat them all with the flatmobile and the points are yours. To speed this up you can change it to a single lap. This should take about 10 minutes to do all 9 races.

Real Habanero60
Win Derby class in Flatout Mode (all cups gold) with an unupgraded Chili.   (6) 

Win Derby class in Flatout Mode (all cups gold) with an unupgraded Chili.

There are eight cups in Derby class. The Chilli costs $4500. You must not put any upgrade on the car. It is quite slow, so you may have trouble winning while using it. There is a rather useful exploit however...

Pick your fastest derby car, use it for all but the last race in a cup, then change to the Chilli. This should give you a nice lead in the championship, allowing you some leeway when using the Chilli. If you've already got gold on a cup, it doesn't matter. Just win it while using the Chilli in the last race and it will count.

Car Rental Service40
Own at least 6 vehicles at the same time.   

The minimum amount required is $41,000. This is done in Flatout Mode. Enter the car dealership, select Derby class and buy the first 6 vehicles. Achievement unlocked.

Used Car Salesman35
Sell 10 cars.   

The Chilli is the cheapest car at $4500. When you sell it, you get half back, so you'll need about $33,000. Buy the Chilli, sell it and repeat this process until the achievement unlocks.

Pro Tuner25
Own a fully upgraded Street class car in FlatOut Mode.   (1) 

Approximately $125,000 is required to fully upgrade a Street class car. When upgrading, if a part has a yellow box on it, it is part of a set. Buying the one with the highest amount of boxes will automatically "buy" the ones below it.

Total Domination30
Achieve all 4 “Top Driver” awards in one race and win the race.    (3) 

The "Top Driver" awards are as follows:

Best Wrecker - Most damage overall to opponents.
Blast Master - Deaing various types of damage to opponents.
Bulldozer - Ramming into the most track objects.
Fastest Lap - Getting the fastest lap time.

This can come through natural play, but a surefire way to get it is the following.

Enter the "Extras" section of the main menu and type in WOTKINS in the cheat code area. This unlocks the Flatmobile. Start a Bonus event on Figure of Eight 1 and set the laps to one or two. At the beginning just ram your opponents as much as possible and hit as many of the tyres lining the turns. When you're satisfied, head for the finish line. The Flatmobile is so fast, you shouldn't have a problem winning. If at the end your name is under every award, the achievement is yours.

Get 5 Slams in one race.    (1) 

Unless you purposely avoid every other car, you're likely to get this in the first couple of races. Give your opponents a nudge from behind or hit from the side to Slam them. After 5 Slams, you're done with this achievement.

Windshield Tester15
Get 10 Crash-Out bonuses    (1) 

Refer to "Windshield Breaker" for more information.

Host 10 online matches.   

Refer to "Online Race Pro" for more information. These 10 do not need to be done in ranked matches.

If looking for a boosting partner, click here.

Online Race Veteran10
Win 10 online Races.   

Refer to "Online Race Pro" for more information. These 10 do not need to be done in ranked matches.

If looking for a boosting partner, click here.

Online Race Pro20
Win 25 ranked online Races.   (7) 

Requires four people. Refer to this thread for a great boosting method.

If looking for a boosting partner, go look in the forums.

Online Stunt Veteran10
Win 10 online ragdoll Stunts.   

Refer to "Online Race Pro" for more information. These 10 do not need to be done in ranked matches.

If looking for a boosting partner, check the forums.

Online Stunt Pro20
Win 30 ranked online ragdoll Stunts.   

Refer to "Online Race Pro" for more information.

If looking for a boosting partner, check the forums.

Online Derby Veteran10
Win 10 online Derbies.   

Refer to "Online Race Pro" for more information.

If looking for a boosting partner, check the forums.

Online Derby Pro 20
Win 20 ranked online Derbies.   

Refer to "Online Race Pro" for more information.

If looking for a boosting partner, check the forums.

Live Ammunition30
Wreck 10 opponents in online races.   

Start up a player match race with a friend, choose the Truck while having him choose the Rocket. Simply crash into him until his car explodes (won't take long). You can then quit or continue the race. Repeat this 10 times.

If looking for a boosting partner, check the forums.

Live to Crash25
Wreck 3 or more opponents in the same online race (normal or Head-On).   (1) 

Get 3 of your friends to join you in a player match race. Choose the Truck, while they all choose the Rocket. Crash into them until all their cars have exploded. Achievement unlocked.

If looking for a boosting partner, check the forums.

Live to Race Clean25
Complete an online Race without crashing into anyone, and without ragdolling at all.   

You can start up a race and quit straight away. Can be done in player matches or ranked. If doing it properly, just stay away from other cars, and do not hit obstacles with great force, otherwise you will ragdoll through the windscreen.

If looking for a boosting partner, check the forums.

Fragmaster Live20
Get a frag streak of 5 or more in an online Deathmatch Derby.   

Create a player match Deathmatch Derby and get your friend to join. He will constantly respawn, so getting a streak of 5 is simple. Use the Truck while he uses the Rocket. Should only take two minutes.

If looking for a boosting partner, check the forums.

Secret Achievements
Frustration! You know all about it, but still you persist, never giving up.   (4) 

Retry a single player game five times. This can be a little temperamental. You should actually finish the race/derby/time trial etc before choosing to restart. With luck, after your 5th restart it will pop. If it's not working, view this thread for other suggestions.

First Blood15
Wreck an opponent's car in a Carnage or normal Race.    

When you see an opponent with smoke coming from their hood, they're close to exploding. Give them a nice big hit, if they explode, you get an achievement.

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