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Flight Control Achievement Guide

Guide By: Magespower
There are 16 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 16 (200)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 5+ hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements? N/A
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed: None

It only takes a minute to learn, but you won’t be able to put it down once you get a hang of it. Guide aircraft to their landing zones but don’t let them collide! Sounds easy? You’ll need smart strategy and keen eyes to alter flight paths as needed and keep the chaos under control. Your travel itinerary is packed with multiple airfields, 10 aircraft including jets and helicopters, and stat-tracking. Pack your bags for addictive airline action!

Flight Control is a fairly simple game with some pretty basic achievements. If you've played the iPhone version this is pretty much the same game ported to the Windows phone OS. If you have not played the iPhone version you should still have no problem jumping right into this game.

For this guide all achievements were done on the default map #1 unless otherwise noted in the description.

[x360a would like to thank Magespower for this roadmap]

Get Around5
Play on each map at least once.   

There are a total of six maps in Flight Control. Just play each one and this achievement will unlock.

Air Wolf5
Land more than 10 helicopters in a single game.   

The helicopters are the aircraft that you fly in. The landing pads have a large H with the circle around it. Land 10 of these in a single game.

Impatience is a Virtue5
Land more than 10 jets in a single game.   

Jets land on the pink runways. Don't get them mixed up with the smaller planes. Jets are the much larger and faster of the two planes. Land 10 of these in one game.

Have 5 emergency planes land in a single game.   

Emergency Planes come into play on the fourth map. Unlike the other planes, Emergency Planes have their own set path so you will have to keep other planes out of their way. Land 5 in one game and the achievement will unlock.

Rush Hour10
Land 5 planes within 5 seconds.   

For this achievement, you need to land five planes within a 5 second time period. It does not have to be on the same ramp. A easy way to do this, is wait for planes and get five jets as close to each other. Get them to the land zone as fast as possible and then just land them as quick as you can.

: This one unlocks once game ends.

Land over 50 planes on the Aircraft Carrier.   

To get this, play the Aircraft Carrier map #3 and land 50 planes. This achievement is cumulative and can be done over multiple tries, so just try to land as many planes as possible and replay until it unlocks.

Holding Pattern15
After landing the first plane, keep the same plane on screen for more than 5 minutes.   

For this one, I recommend using the helicopter. As the plane, you keep on the screen because it is the slowest and easy to keep track of. Just keep landing all other planes and avoid collisions while keeping your helicopter on screen for 5 minutes.

No Pressure15
Play for more than 10 minutes in a single round.   (1) 

Play on any map for 10 minutes in a single round. Just keep landing planes while avoiding collisions.

No Fly Zone15
After landing the first plane, land no planes for two minutes.   

See Catastrophic Failure

Danger Zone20
Have more than 15 planes on screen at once.   (1) 

See Catastrophic Failure

Catastrophic Failure20
Have 3 separate collisions occur at the same time.   (1) 

I suggest doing this achievement along side with Danger Zone and No Fly Zone. A good tip for this is have your sound turned up because when your planes are about to collide it beeps. Also watch for the red circles that appear around your planes when they are getting close. Make sure to keep avoiding crashing without landing planes. By the time 15 planes are up, 2 minutes should have passed and now all you have to do is make 3 separate pairs crash. They do not have to be at the same exact same time you have about a second after the first collision to make sure the others crash. This should not be to difficult due to the amount of planes on the screen.

Land over 100 planes on a single map.   

For this achievement you have to land 100 planes on a single map. This must be done in one single play.

Land a cumulative total of 10 planes.   

See Over Nine Thousand

Land a cumulative total of 100 planes.   

See Over Nine Thousand

Millenial Man15
Land a cumulative total of 1000 planes.   

See Over Nine Thousand

Over Nine Thousand!25
Land a cumulative total of 10,000 planes.   (4) 

This achievement is the most time-consuming achievement in the game. Just keep playing and landing planes and you will eventually unlock this one.

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Namco Bandai
Namco Bandai


US October 15, 2010

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