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Forza Motorsport 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Maka
There are 44 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 42 [950]
- Online: 2 [50]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 65+ hrs
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: No

Welcome to Forza Motorsport 2. This is a very realistic racing simulator. You will get most of the achievements offline by normally playing, but there are a few tracks and achievements that might make you pull your hair out. For most of the achievements, you can set the A.I. difficulty to easy. There is just one specific achievement (Hardcore) that needs to be done on hard difficulty. Changing to a higher difficulty will give your more credits (CR), and that will be one of your primary objectives as you need CR to level up, but playing the whole Career Mode on easy is good enough - it might just take a little longer.

If you’re a completionist, then 65 hours is theoretical least amount of time to get the full 1000 and that is if you’re very skilled, drive flawlessly, and get gold trophies on your first go on the tracks. Unfortunately, most of us will be looking to twice the amount of time. In order to unlock all the achievements, we can categorize the achievements into 5 main groups.

A Small Beginner's Guide:
Forza is a racing simulator. It may have a different feel of racing then what everyone is used to. The cars handle more realistically. When you start off, you need to pick a region. The region is mostly personal preference, just pick the one which you like the most. Always buy the most expensive car you can afford with the starter money. The difference in the cars is big, but the money isn't. Upgrade your race appropriately as you progress, b buying parts for it. Now it is time to learn how to race and buy cars. The key to the game is the car and tuning. Before any race, take a look at the restrictions. Attempt to build the best car possible that fits all restriction, with the amount of money you have at hand. Also look at the opponents you will face, there is no point to put $300,000 into a car, if you can win the race with a $20,000 Civic. Also play around with everything in the car, from the gear ratios to the Wheel Camber. See what you need t improve on, and change the car's attributes until you maximize its performance. When you do the racing itself, there is a special way to take the turns properly.You want to approach the turn from the opposite lane than the direction the turn goes. Also, you should brake before the turn not during. Brake enough so that you think you can make the turn. Use "Braking Line" if you need help or find it hard. Than take the turn at a more or less constant speed. You want to accelerate when you come out of it, when you see the straight after the turn. Remember, you cant use the braking power or "Drift" to turn in this game, it will not work most of the time, and you will end up in a ditch or upside down against a wall. Learn the game slowly and progress at your own pace. Making the game harder rewards you with more money per race, so challenge yourself as much as possible.

With these basics you should be on your way to becoming a great racer.

If you need any help with anything in the game head over to the forums, and people will be glad to help.

Step 1: Career [580]
I’d suggest you start with “Career” before anything else. This is a good way to progressively learn to drive the cars and get used to the tracks. Choose whatever region (Europe, N. America or Asia) you feel comfortable with.

In Career mode, your main objective will be getting as many credits as possible by doing races. You need 7,000,000 CR to get to level 50. There are two ways of doing this: you have the easy (and long) way, or the hard (and short) way.

For the easy way, you can always "Hire a Driver" and let him do the races for you. The downside is that you’ll have to share your winnings (CR) with the driver as he wants his cut as well. You can set the difficulty to Hard and all Assists OFF if you can equip your driver with a nice fully upgraded car (U999, R1, …) and choose a driver that ‘only’ wants 55% of the winnings to get maximum profit. And this is where the total gameplay gets doubled, since you have to share almost half of the winnings. Easy method indeed, but then again, where’s the fun if you don’t drive yourself? The hard way makes it a little more challenging, but more fun, and also reduces the amount of gameplay time since you get to keep all your hard earned CR to yourself.

I personally would recommend you use a good and reasonable mix: do as many as possible races by yourself, and the ones you’re still struggling with after a number of tries, hire a driver to get you through that annoying track and unlock new ones to keep you progressing.

In Career Mode, you’ll be unlocking the Level and All Gold achievements. To keep track of them, the Career achievements are as follows:

Level 1 / Level 10 / Level 20 / Level 30 / Level 40 / Level 50
All Gold (Proving Grounds) / All Gold (Manufacturer Club) / All Gold (Amateur Cup) / All Gold (Rivalry Face-offs) / All Gold (Semi-Pro Events) / All Gold (Factory-Spec) / All Gold (Regional Championship) / All Gold (Professional Series) / All Gold (Endurance) / All Gold All Races Types

Note: Once you get familiar with the cars and tracks, you can jump to step #5 and do some multiplayer as the CR you earn there also count towards the leveling achievements.

Step #2: Arcade & Time Trials [115]
Now that you’re familiar with the cars and the tracks, you’ll feel more comfortable in doing the Arcade and Time Trials. Select “Arcade” from the main menu.

Exhibition: Since all arcade achievements do stack, you’ll want to go for gold and thus finish in first place. Don’t be afraid to restart if you feel you could have done better, or if you crashed into the wall. If necessary, choose another Car Class (D-C-B-etc). Whatever Car Class you choose, you’ll always start in fourth position.

Time Trials: There is just one achievement related to this one - "All Time Trials Set". Most of the tracks are easy to finish the lap in less time than the target time, but there are a few challenging ones that’ll keep you going lap after lap after lap.
You might look into the scoreboard by pressing , then to see how good your friends did, highlight your friend's gamertag, press and then select their Ghost Car.
Once the time trial starts, you can try to keep up and follow your friend's ghost car, as it'll "lead" you to the finish within the target time.

Step #3: The Garage! [210]
You'll probably want to keep track of the cars you already own, and peek at the ones still available to be unlocked. Mandrick has made a wonderful excel sheet which will be very helpful to do so. You can find it in this thread. You can also see In Game which cars you do have, as there will be a little 'house' in the top right corner of that specific car.

Having done the Career, Arcade and Time Trials modes, you’ll have good amount of cars in your garage. I don’t like to bring bad news, but you’re still far from having them all in order to unlock the car related achievements because you got the cars from one specific region, but there are still cars in the other two regions as well.

There are different ways to get most of the remaining cars. Once you're sure you have all the cars from the first region, switch to the second region, which will cost you 100,000 CR. There will be a new set of cars available to purchase In Game. The good news is that all the discounts you've earned in the first region carry over to the second region. Switching from Region 2 to Region 3 will cost you 500,000 CR, making again another new set of cars available to purchase.

You can also buy cars from another player in the Auction House (Multiplayer -> XBOX Live -> Auction House) or a friend can send you one as a Gift. There is also a Car Buying & Selling thread which you can find here.

To keep track of the car related achievements, these are:
All Cars from France / All Cars from Germany / All Cars from Italy / All Cars from Japan / All Cars from Korea / All Cars from Spain / All Cars from Sweden / All Cars from the United Kingdom / All Cars from the United States / Secret Collector 1 / Secret Collector 2 / Secret Collector 3 / Secret Collector 4

Step #4: Mop up [45]
You should also have gotten the "Flawless Lap", "Flawless Race", "Underdog", "Blowout", "Crushing Victory", "Hard Charger" and "Car Level 5" by now. If not, refer to the guide to unlock them. The ones possibly remaining are the Natural and Hardcore achievements. These two do stack, so focus on getting the Hardcore achievement and you’ll get the Natural as well.

Step #5: Online Multiplayer [50]
If you had to buy cars from the Auction House in order to unlock the car related achievements in step #3, you probably got the "Car Broker" achievement as well.
The last one will require a little grinding as you’ll have to earn online credits in order to unlock the 1,000,000 Online Credits achievement. Refer to the guide to find an easy method to do so. You can find people in the Achievement Trading Thread found here.

If you made it this far and completed the game at 100%, then congratulations!

[XBA would like to thank Trikke for this Roadmap]

All Time Trials Set40
Beat the target time in every Time Trial race.   (10) 

For this achievement, you must complete a series of Time Trails. From the Main Menu, go to "Arcade" and then "Time Trials". You must do all of them and get better than the set time. Once all of them are completed, the achievement is yours. It's not hard with some practice and a couple of laps. Maybe a little Time Consuming. In total there are 25 races to complete with an average time of a minute each.

All Bronze Arcade15
Achieve a bronze medal in every Arcade Race.    (5) 

See "All Gold Arcade."

All Silver Arcade25
Achieve a silver medal in every Arcade Race.    (1) 

See "All Gold Arcade."

All Gold Arcade35
Achieve a gold medal in every Arcade Race.   (9) 

For this achievement and the other two above it, you must play the "Arcade Mode". From the main Menu, go into the first option and from there "Arcade". You must complete all 15 races in order to get this achievement. Completing them all, getting 3rd place will get you the bronze achievement, and beating them all in first place will get you this one. I suggest using the Ferrari #12 F333 SP or the Mclaren F1 as they are both very good for their classes and makes your life easier. You will face cars in your own Class for these races.

Flawless Lap5
Awarded to the driver(s) who finish a lap with no time penalty against an opponent.    (1) 

This is probably the easiest achievement in the whole game. Penalties can be given for various things throughout the race. Basically, You get one for doing something which you're no suppose to do. The different things which give penalties are: Driving off the course, hitting anything (wall, tires) or rubbing against other cars. All you need to do is finish one lap without going off, or hitting anything. You're done.

Note: Can be done online.

Flawless Race5
Awarded to the driver(s) who finish the race with no time penalty against an opponent.    (2) 

This award is similar to "Flawless Lap". Refer to that achievement for details. Do the same, but do it throughout the whole race.

Note: Can be done online.

Awarded to the single driver who wins the race with all Assists turned off.    (2) 

There are 5 forms of assists which the game contains. They are: Racing Line, which shows where to accelerate, slow down and brake. Than there is ABS, which has to do with your braking. STM, which has to do with your car's stability. TBS, which has to with Traction, or braking and turning in different words. Lastly, there is Transmission. There is Auto, and Manual, for the achievement you will have to use Manual. The settings Need for this achievement are:

Racing Line: Off
ABS: Off
STM: Off
TBS: Off
Trans: Manual

Awarded to the single driver who wins the race with full Difficulty, including no Assists.    (9) 

You must do the same as the achievement "Natural" except change the difficulty to the highest in the game (hard).

Awarded to the driver who wins the race with a car in the lowest PI of the field.    

You must have the lowest Index car in the race and then win it. Each car has a class and a corresponding number beside it. The lower the number the worse the car. For this achievement, you need to do a race where you're car's "number" (PI Index) is the lowest and win. My advice is to beat one of the first events where you win the Porsche 1970 416 (Index 196) Don't add Parts! Take this car and use it in the European race under proving grounds at easy difficulty, and you should be able to win. This car will also be useful alter on, but don't upgrade it.

Note: Can be done online with a friend very easily.

Awarded to the driver who wins the race, beating the rest of the field by a full race section.    (2) 

A race Section is a part of the the race track. You know you've complete a section when you get a split time on the bottom of your screen. When you finish the race, the 2nd place opponent must be a full race section behind you, so at the part where you receive a split time before the finish. This is very easy further on in the game when you have a race with many classes. You need the fastest car for that class, with tuning done to it. You should be able to do it no problem.

Note: Can be done online.

Crushing Victory5
Awarded to any driver who finishes the race with a lapped opponent.   (1) 

"Lapping" an opponent is when you are first and than pass a racer who is on the lap before you. For example, I'm in my Ferrari on the 5th lap in First Place. I see an Acura Integra in front of me. He is last place and on his 4th lap. Once I pass him I have officially "Overlapped" him.

Note: Can be done online.

Hard Charger5
Awarded to the driver who starts in 8th place and comes in 1st place.   

This is very straight forward, you must start the race in last place, and finish first. The opportunity will come, and the achievement will be given. To start last, you must have the lowest index in the race. If you tie for lowest it wont put you in 8th. This and "Underdog" may be done at the same time easily, and are basically the same achievement as two separate ones.

Level 15
Reach Level 1 in Career mode.   

As you progress through Career you gain something called "Levels" which work in the same way as an experience bar in many other games. As you complete races your level goes up, and the higher it is, the harder it is to go up more. Each 5 levels you will receive a new car, to give you incentive to keep going. You should receive "Level 1". This can only be done Career Mode.

All Gold (Proving Grounds)15
Achieve a gold medal in every Career event of the Proving Grounds Race Type.   (7) 

This Category has 10 events, 3 races each for a total of 30 Races Each. They are the easiest ones in the game, and dont get much easier. Complete all of them getting first place and the achievement is yours. The races all range and are different from one another.

Level 1015
Reach Level 10 in Career mode.   

You must reach level 10 in Career Mode. Not much to it, I cant really help you much, but try to crank the difficulty up just a little bit to earn more money for each race you do.

All Gold (Manufacturer Club)20
Achieve a gold medal in every Career event of the Manufacturer Race Type.   (1) 

This category has a total of 10 events like every other and 34 races. The last race is unlocked at level 35. Once you complete them all the achievement is yours. The relation between all the races is that you race cars you are made by the same dealer.

Level 2020
Reach Level 20 in Career mode.   

This Achievement must be gotten within Career Mode. Its self-explanatory. Just play the game until you reach "Level 20" which should only take about 8 hours at most.

All Gold (Amateur Cup)25
Achieve a gold medal in every Career event of the Amateur Race Type.   

The Amateur Cup tournament has 10 events and 34 races. The races do not really have a theme that ties them all together. They range from a V8 race to a Pre-2000 Supercar race. Complete them all and the achievement is yours.

All Gold (Rivalry Face-offs)30
Achieve a gold medal in every Career event of the Rivalry Race Type.   

This tournament has 10 events just like all the others. The theme of these is rivalries. An example for this would be "Civic Vs. Golf (Young Drivers)" Complete all these races and you add 30 New shiny points to your gamerscore.

Level 3030
Reach Level 30 in Career mode.   

Level 30 comes when you have earned $1,250,000 CR. Play through Career mode and earn as much money as you can. For a little Money Making tip see "Level 50".

All Gold (Semi-Pro Events)35
Achieve a gold medal in every Career event of the Semi-Pro Race Type.   

This tournament has 10 events like all the others. The theme of them is Horsepower (or kW). The objective is to get your car and make it as good as possible without going over the amount of horsepower allowed. Complete these races and the achievement is your to keep forever.

All Gold (Factory-Spec)40
Achieve a gold medal in every Career event of the Pro Spec Race Type.   (1) 

This is one of the harder tournaments in the game. In this one, the restrictions for each race are tough. Everyone must use the same car, and it's not allowed to have any upgrades, so you cant get any upper hand on your opponents. Complete all the races, and there it is, all yours.

Level 4040
Reach Level 40 in Career mode.   

Level 40 is reached at $3,365,000 CR. Play through the Career as much as possible and earn money. It comes if you play through the single player. For a little Money Making tip see "Level 50."

All Gold (Regional Championship)50
Achieve a gold medal in every Career event of the Regional Championship.   

Complete all the races in this Championship and you will obtain this achievement.

All Gold (Professional Series)60
Achieve a gold medal in every Career event of the Pro Series Race Type.   

Win this series (10 Events, 50 Races) and this achievement is yours.

All Gold (Endurance)70
Achieve a gold medal in every Career event of the Endurance Race Type.   

Although this achievement gives more points than all the other tournaments, it is one of the easiest. The lazy Mans way of doing this is to just Hire a Driver to do them for you. A 55% driver will almost always win if his car is at least as good as the other cars. Set up all the races and wait an hour, and you will have the achievement. But it may take a while, because you must get to level 50 before you can do the last race.

Level 5050
Reach Level 50 in Career mode.   (5) 

To earn Level 50, you must earn a total of $7,000,000 CR in Career Mode. Only time will gain this achievement. Play the game and it'll come. A little money making tip would be the following. Get a very good car for its class, and hire a driver to do Endurance races for you while you're away. Get the car, and make it as good as you can. Do a couple of test runs with drivers so that you know who can win and who cant (If you make it good enough 55% driver can win) and set the games up whenever. For example, when you go to sleep, school/work or plan on taking a little break to eat. This can get you around $100,000 an hours without actually playing.

All Gold All Race Types75
Achieve a gold medal in every Career Race Type.   (2) 

For this achievement you must get gold for every race in the Career. In total, there are just over 300 (314) to do. Complete them all which ever way you want, getting gold, and this achievement will grace your gamercard forever.

Car Level 55
Achieve a car level of 5 in Career mode.   (1) 

Just like your driver your car also gets Levels. By winning races your car earns points per every dollar you make. Get this level to level 5 and the achievement is yours. On average you need to earn $100,000 per car to earn this achievement. It may sound like a lot, but its actually hard to avoid because the endurance races give you 100k plus bonuses for one time. It will come sooner or alter. If you want to get it fast, just use the same car as much as possible.

All Cars from France1
Collect all of the cars from France in your Career garage.   (4) 

The cars which fall under this country are:

Peugeot (4)
Renault (1)
Total Cars: 5

Note: See the bottom of this guide for a car list or this thread.

All Cars from Germany15
Collect all of the cars from Germany in your Career garage.   

The cars which fall under this country are:

Audi (14)
BMW (5)
Mercedes (5)
Opel (2)
Porsche (24)
Volkswagen (6)
Total Cars: 56

Note: See the bottom of this guide for a car list or this thread.

All Cars from Italy10
Collect all of the cars from Italy in your Career garage.   

The cars which fall under this country are:

Ferrari (20)
Lambourghini (5)
Lancia (2)
Maserati (5)
Pagani (2)
Total Cars: 34

Note: See the bottom of this guide for a car list or this thread.

All Cars from Japan30
Collect all of the cars from Japan in your Career garage.   (3) 

The cars which fall under this country are:

Honda (21)
Infiniti (1)
Lexus (4)
Mazda (10)
Mitsubishi (13)
Nissan (22)
Subaru (7)
Toyota (25)
Total Cars: 96

Note: See the bottom of this guide for a car list or this thread.

All Cars from Korea1
Collect all of the cars from Korea in your Career garage.   (8) 

The cars which fall under this country are:

Hyundai (1)
ProtoMotors (1)
Total Cars: 2

Note: See the bottom of this guide for a car list or this thread.

All Cars from Spain1
Collect all of the cars from Spain in your Career garage.   (2) 

The cars which fall under this country are:

SEAT (2)
Total Cars: 2

Note: See the bottom of this guide for a car list or this thread.

All Cars from Sweden2
Collect all of the cars from Sweden in your Career garage.   

The cars which fall under this country are:

Koenigsegg (1)
Saab (1)
Volvo (2)
Total Cars: 5

Note: See the bottom of this guide for a car list or this thread.

All Cars from the United Kingdom5
Collect all of the cars from the United Kingdom in your Career garage.   

The cars which fall under this country are:

Aston Martin (2)
Bently (2)
Jaguar (3)
Lotus (8)
McLaren (3)
Mini (1)
TVR (4)
Vauxhall (3)
Total Cars: 26

Note: See the bottom of this guide for a car list or this thread.

All Cars from the United States25
Collect all of the cars from the United States in your Career garage.   

The cars which fall under this country are:

Acura (7)
Buick (1)
Cadillac (2)
Cheverolet (18)
Chrysler (5)
Dodge (15)
Ford (9)
Panoz (4)
Pontiac (3)
Saleen (6)
Saturn (1)
Scion (1)
Shelby (4)
Total Cars: 80

Note: See the bottom of this guide for a car list or this thread.

1,000,000 Online Credits30
Earn 1,000,000 "Online Credits" from Tournaments and Career races.   (187) 

The easiest and fastest way to get this achievement is with buddies. 7 of them. All of you need to get into a room, 75 Laps Nissan Speedway. As the race starts, everyone quits except for one person. This person then completes the race (By Himself) and at the end will be rewarded $220,000 for 45 minutes worth of driving in a circle. Rotate the circle of friends until everyone gets it. The fastest car to do this in, is the 1960 Ford Gt, Fully supped (U999).

Car Broker20
Buy or sell 10 cars online in the Auction House.  (14) 

The achievement is self-explanatory. The Auction House is a place where you can buy other people's cars or sell your own. Buy or sell 10 in total. The easiest way to get it is to sell cars for 5k, and buy them as well. A little tip would be to get $50,000 and buy cars that are cheap and "Not Featured" (Grey Background) using the search. You often win, because not many people see this auction, making you more likely of winning it. The achievement will be given when you either "Receive Car" or "Receive Money" form the 10th car.

Secret Achievements
Secret Collector 130
All production cars   (3) 

A production car is just a regular vehicle. It has no number. The class range from (D-U). And there is no company name in their title. If you want to see them all, go into the "Buy Cars" section and sort by type. then just buy all of them in order. All the cars must be in your garage at the same time for the achievement to unlock.

Secret Collector 230
All aftermarket tuner cars   (1) 

Aftermarket Tuner cars are categorized with a company name before the car title. For example: HKS Evolution, Mugen Civic or VIS Integra. Most of these cars are Japanese.

Here they are if you need a checklist:

AB Flug S900 Supra Turbo

Aerogear Integra Type-R

APR Performance Celica GTS

AWE Tuning SilverBullet S4

Border MR2 Turbo T-bar

Corvette Guldstrand Edition

Do-Luck NSX

Do-Luck Supra

Fairlady Z Custom Edition

FocusSport SVT Focus

Foose Design IS430 Project Car

Hennessey Viper 800TT

HKS Time Attack Evolution


Lingenfelter 427 Corvette

MINE'S CP9A Lancer Evolution VI

MINE'S R32 Skyline GT-R

MINE'S R34 Skyline GT-R

Mugen Civic Type-R

Mugen Integra Type-R

Mugen S2000

RE-Amemiya RX-7

Sparco Lancer Evolution VIII

Tommy Kaira Impreza M20b

Tommy Kaira Skyline GT-R R34

Tom's T020 MR2

Tom's W123 MR-S

Tom's Z382 Soarer

Top Secret 0-300 Supra

Top Secret D1-Spec S15

VeilSide Supra Fortune 03

VeilSide Supra Fortune 99

VIS Racing Integra Type-R

VIS Racing MR2 Turbo T-bar

Wings West Civic Si

Secret Collector 330
All race cars   (1) 

Race cars are categorized with Numbers before there name and the "R" in their class. Any car with an "R" in there class (R4, R3, etc...) or a number must be bought to get this achievement. Once you get all of them, you will get this achievement. All cars must be in garage at the same time.

Secret Collector 430
All cars   (18) 

For this achievement you have to have all the cars available in the game. A list is there for your use under this guide, but I recommend using the game as it is easier to keep track of the cars which you already have. All the cars must be in your garage at the same time, or it will not unlock.

Car List:

#42 Realtime Racing NSX (2002)
Integra Type-R (2001)
NSX (1997)
NSX (2005)
RL A-Spec (2006)
RSX Type-S (2002)
VIS Racing Integra Type-R (2000)

Aston Martin
DB9 Coupe (2005)
V12 Vanquish (2001)

#1 Champion Racing RS 6 (2003)
#1 Champion Racing S4 Competition (2002)
#1 Audi Sport Team Joest Infinion R8 (2002)
#2 FSI Champion Racing R8 (2006)
#4 Johansson Motorsport R8 (2001)
#5 Audi Sport Japan Team Goh R8 (2004)
#8 Infineon Team ABT Sportsline TT-R (2004)
#88 Audi Sport UK Team Veloqx R8 (2004)
AWE Tuning SilverBullet S4 (2000)
RS4 (2006)
RS6 (2003)
S4 (2000)
S4 (2004)
TT Coupe 3.2 quattro (2004)

#7 Team Bentley Speed 8 (2003)
Continental GT (2004)

BMW Motorsport
#2 Team BMW Motorsport M3-GTR (2005)
#15 BMW Motorsport V12 LMR (1999)
M3 (E36) (1997)
M3 (E46) Coupe (2005)
M3-GTR Street Version (2002)

Regal GNX (1987)Cadillac
#6 Team Cadillac Northstar LMP-02 (2002)
#16 Team Cadillac CTS-V (2004)
CTS-V (2004)

#3 Corvette Racing C5.R (2003)
#4 Compuware Corvette C6.R (2006)
#31 Whelen Engineering Corvette Z06 (2005)
#73 3R-Racing Corvette Z06 (2003)
#99 Tiger Racing Corvette Z06 (2005)
Camaro 35th Anniversary SS (2002) (Special (Auction House Exclusive))
Camaro SS (2002)
Camaro SS Coupe (1969)
Camaro Z28 (1969)
Chevelle SS 454 (1970)
Cobalt SS Coupe (2005)
Corvette Grand Sport (1996)
Corvette Guldstrand Edition (2003)
Corvette Sting Ray 427 (1967)
Corvette Z06 (C5) (2002)
Corvette Z06 (C6) (2006)
Corvette ZR-1 (1970)
Lingenfelter 427 CID Twin Turbo Corvette (2002)

Crossfire SRT6 (2006)
ME Four-Twelve Concept (2005)
PT Cruiser GT (Turbo) (2004)

#1 Team Zakspeed Viper GTS-R (2002)
#22 3R-Racing Viper Competition Coupe (2004)
#23 Magellan Financial Viper Competition Coupe (2003)
#57 Carsport Holland Viper GTS-R (2000)
#58 Larbre Compétition Viper GTS-R (2001)
#77 Team Zakspeed Viper GTS-R (2005)
#126 Team Zakspeed Viper GTS-R (2003)
Charger R/T-SE (1969)
Charger SRT8 (2006)
Hennessey Viper 800TT (2000)
SRT4 (2003)
Stealth R/T Turbo (1996)
Viper Competition Coupe (2003)
Viper GTS ACR (1999)
Viper SRT10 (2003)

Talon TSi Turbo [1998]

#11 Larbre Competition 550 Maranello GTS (2005)
#12 Risi Competizione F333SP [1998]
#62 Risi Competizione F430GT (2006)
#72 Team Alphand Aventures 550 Maranello GTS (2003)
#88 Veloqx / Prodrive Racing 550 Maranello (2003)
250 GTO (1964)
330 P4 (1967)
360 Modena (1999)
512 TR (1991)
575M Maranello (2002)
612 Scaglietti (2005)
Challenge Stradale (2003) (Collector's Edition Exclusive)
Dino 246 GT (1969)
Enzo Ferrari (2002)
F355 Berlinetta (1994)
F355 Challenge [1998]
F40 (1987)
F50 (1995)
F430 (2004)
GTO (1984)

#10 Tiger Racing Mustang (2004)
FocusSport SVT Focus (2003)
Focus ST (2006)
Focus SVT (2003)
Ford GT (2005)
GT40 Mk II (1966)
Mustang Boss 429 (1970)
Mustang GT (2005)
SVT Mustang Cobra R (2000)

#8 ARTA NSX (2005)
#16 G'ZOX NSX (2003)
#18 TAKATA DOME NSX (2005)
Aerogear Integra Type-R (2000)
Civic 1.5 VTi (1994)
Civic Si Coupe (1999)
Civic Type-R (2004)
CR-X Del Sol SiR (1995)
CR-X SiR (1991)
Do-Luck NSX (1994)
Integra Type-R (2000)
Integra Type-R (2002)
Mugen Civic Type-R (2004)
Mugen Integra Type-R (2002)
Mugen S2000 (2003)
NSX-R (1992)
NSX-R (2005)
NSX-R GT (2005)
Prelude SiR (2000)
S2000 (2003)
Wings West Civic Si (2004)

Tuscani Elisa (2003)

G35 Coupe (2003)

E-type S1 3.8 (1961)
XJ220 (1993)
XK Coupe (2007)

CC8S (2002)

Countach LP5000 QV [1988]
Diablo GTR (1999)
Diablo SV [1997]
Gallardo (2005)
Murciélago (2005)

Delta Integrale EVO (1992)
Stratos HF Stradale (1974)

Foose Design IS430 Project Car (2003)
IS300 (2003)
IS350 (2006)
SC430 (2002)

Carlton (1989)
Elan Sprint (1972)
Elise 111S (2005)
Elise 135R (2003)
Esprit V8 (2002)
Exige (2005)
Exige Cup 240 (2005)
Exige Espionage (2005) (Special (Auction House Exclusive))

#9 Vitaphone Racing Team MC12 (2005)
#15 JMB Racing MC12 (2005)
#35 Risi Competizione MC12 (2005)
GranSport (2006)
MC12 (2004)

AB Flug RX-7 (1995)
Axela Sport 23S (2005)
INGS RX-7 (1995)
MAZDASPEED Familia (2001)
MAZDASPEED Roadster (2001)
RE-Amemiya RX-7 (1995)
RX-7 (1997)
RX-7 Spirit R Type-A (2002)
Savanna RX-7 (1990)

#41 Gulf Team McLaren F1 GTR (1997)
#43 Team BMW Motorsport McLaren F1 GTR (1997)
F1 GT (1997)

300SL Gullwing Coupe (1954)
C32 AMG (2004)
CLK-GTR AMG Street Version [1998]
CLK55 AMG Coupe (2003)
SLR McLaren (2005)

Cooper-S (2003)

Eclipse GSX (1995)
Eclipse GT (2006)
Eclipse GTS (2003)
FTO GP Version R [1998]
GTO (1997)
HKS Racing Performer CT230R Evolution (2006)
Lancer Evolution VI GSR (1999)
Lancer Evolution VI T.M.E. (2000) (Special (Auction House Exclusive))
Lancer Evolution VIII GSR (2004)
Lancer Evolution VIII MR (2004)
Lancer Evolution IX GT (2006)
MINE'S CP9A Lancer Evolution VI RS (1999)
Sparco Lancer Evolution VIII (2003

#23 XANAVI NISMO GT-R (2003)
#32 Nissan Motorsport R390 GT1 [1998]
#46 Team MOLA Dream Cube's ADVAN Z (2005)
Fairlady Z 432 (PS30) (1969)
Fairlady Z 432-R (PS30SB) (1969)
Fairlady Z (Z33) (2003)
Fairlady Z (Z33) "Custom Forza Edition" (2003) (PreOrder Exclusive)
Fairlady Z Version S Twin Turbo (Z32) (1994)
MINE'S R32 Skyline GT-R (1993)
MINE'S R34 Skyline GT-R (2002)
R390 GT1 Road Car [1998]
Silvia K's CLUB Selection (S13) (1992)
Silvia K's (S14) (1994)
Silvia Spec-R (S15) (2000)
Skyline Coupe 350GT (V35) (2003)
Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R32) (1992)
Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (R34) (2002)
Skyline GT-R V-Spec II Nür (R34) (2002)
Tommy Kaira Skyline GT-R R34 (2002)
Top Secret Silvia D1-Spec S15 (2004)

#5 OPC Team Phoenix Astra V8 Coupe (2003)
Speedster Turbo (2004)

#17 Carsport America Zonda GR (2003)
Zonda C12 (1999)

#11 JML Team Panoz LMP-01 (2003)
#51 JML Team Panoz Esperante GTLM (2005)
#81 Team LNT Panoz Esperante GTLM (2006)
Esperante GTLM (2005)

#3 Team Peugeot Talbot Sport 905 EVO 1C (1993)
206 RC (2004)
207 RC (2007)
207 Super 2000 (2007)

Barracuda Formula-S [1968]

GTO (2004)
GTO Hardtop [1968]
Solstice (2006)

#3 Lechner Racing School Team 1 911 GT3 Cup(997) (2005)
#5 Drivex XBOX 360 911 GT3-RSR(996) (2005)
#17 Racing Porsche 962C (1987)
#22 3R-Racing 911 GT3 Cup(996) (2003)
#23 Alex Job Racing 911 GT3-RSR(996) (2004)
#26 911 GT1-98 [1998]
#31 Peterson-White Lightning 911 GT3-RSR(996) (2005)
#44 Flying Lizard 911 GT3-RSR(996) (2005)
#55 Applied Materials 911 GT3 Cup(996) (2005)
#57 Larbre McDonalds 996 GT3 Cup(996) (2002)
#66 AXA Financial/Jon Groom Racing 911 GT3 Cup(996) (2005)
#81 Synergy Racing 911 GT3 Cup(996) (2006)
#82 Red Bull 911 GT3 Cup(997) (2006)
911 Carrera RS (1973)
911 GT2 (993) (1995)
911 GT3 (996) (2004)
911 GT3 (997) (2007)
911 Turbo (997) (2007)
911 Turbo 3.3 (930) (1982)
914/6 (1970)
944 Turbo (1989)
959 (1987)
Boxter S (2003)
Carrera GT (2003)
Cayman S (2006)

Spirra (2006)

Sport Clio V6 RS (2003)

9-3 Aero (2002)

#2 Konrad Motorsports S7R (2003)
#11 Graham Nash Motorsport S7R (2002)
#26 Konrad Motorsports S7R (2001)
S281 (2000)
S281 E (2006) (Collector's Edition Exclusive)
S7 (2004)

ION Red Line (2006)

tC (2005)

Cupra GT Prototype (2005)
Leon Cupra R (2003)

Cobra 427 SC (1965)
GT 500 (2007)
Mustang GT-500KR [1968]
Series 1 (1999)

#77 Cusco Subaru ADVAN Impreza (2003)
Impreza 22B STi [1998]
Impreza S204 (2006) (Collector's Edition Exclusive)
Impreza WRX STi (J-Spec) (2004)
Impreza WRX STi (J-Spec) (2005)
Legacy B4 2.0 GT (2005)
Tommy Kaira Impreza M20b [1998]

#3 Toyota Motorsports GT-ONE TS020 (1999)
#6 EXXON Superflo Supra (2005)
#25 Eclipse Advan Supra (2006)
#35 Yellow Hat YMS Supra (2004)
2000GT (1969)
AB Flug S900 Supra Turbo [1998]
AE86 Sprinter Trueno GT Apex (1985)
Altezza RS200 (2004)
APR Performance Celica GTS (2003)
Border MR2 Turbo T-bar (1995)
Celica SS-I (2003)
Do-Luck Supra (1992)
MR-S (2002)
MR2 GT (1995)
Soarer 430SCV (2002)
Supra 2.0 GT Twin Turbo (1992)
Supra RZ [1998]
Tom's T020 MR2 (1995)
Tom's W123 MR-S (2002)
Tom's Z382 Soarer (2002)
Top Secret 0-300 Toyota Supra (2002)
VeilSide Supra Fortune 03 [1998]
VeilSide Supra Fortune 99 [1998]
VIS Racing MR2 Turbo T-bar (1995)

Cerbera Speed 12 [1998]
Sagaris (2005)
Tuscan R (2001)
Tuscan S (2001)

Astra VXR (2006)
Monaro VXR (2005)
VX220 Turbo (2004)

Beetle (2004)
Bora VR6 (2003)
Corrado VR6 (1995)
Golf GTi 16v (MkII) (1992)
Golf GTi (MkV) (2006)
Golf R32 (MkIV) (2003)

#24 At-Speed S60 R (2004)
S60 R (2004)

Game Info
Turn 10 Studios


US May 29, 2007
Europe June 08, 2007

Resolution: 720p
Sound: Doldy 5.1 Surround
Players: 1-2
ESRB: Everyone
No videos available
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