Fracture Achievement Guide

Guide By: Fizzmatix
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
+ Offline: 38 (800)
+ Online: 12 (200)
+ Approximate time: 40 - 60 hours
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (2 Suggested)
+ Missable achievements: Several but they can all be earned outside of the campaign.
+ Does difficulty affect Achievements? Yes
+ Unobtainable achievements: 0
+ Extra equipment needed?: None
+ Avatar Awards: 0
+ Cheats: 0

Fracure is a rather interesting third person shooter. You won't become so attached to your character or the main story of the game, but the terraforming controls and creative weaponry provide enough entertainment. The campaign is fairly short but the achievements will keep you playing for several hours.

There are quite a few missible achievements but they can all be earn in various other ways outside the main campaign.

First Playthrough (Casual/Normal/Hardcore)
The main campaign is fairly short, but be prepared as you will have to deal with large groups of enemies. Some areas can be quite tricky on Hardcore so take your time. If you take your time and make good use of the terraform tools you have you shouldn't have too many issues beating this game.

Your biggest issue will be fighting the Hydres and Bollas. These enemies are fairly tough, keep moving and use all your Augmentations to full effect. While fighting the Bollas you will need to shoot various glowing body parts before this enemy dies. Face, Chest and Back, once you destroy one of these areas quickly move onto the next. The faster you kill these mini bosses the better.

Weapon Achievements
This may seem like an impossible task but there are several ways to tackle this set of achievements. Pick up and use all the weapons you come across while playing through the campaign. If you miss any of the weapon kills you can continue to either play through again and select chapters, or you can use multiplayer and the weapons training to finish off the rest.

Data Cells
These may seem like a pain to collect but they will reward you with the Weapon Testing playground. You will earn several achievements for collecting the Data Cells, then open an area which you can complete various weapon achievements you may have missed.

Data Cell Collectible Guide

This is where you will spend most of your time, the campaign is fairly short so be prepared to spend some serious time boosting this set of achievements. There is no easy way to play 1500 games, but you can start all games in player matches and with a second player.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find a partner for this set of activities. You can try and do this on your own but the multiplayer is lacking with a decent community.

Overall this game may challenge you and the multiplayer may seem long but if you keep at it, you will be rewarded in the long run.

[x360a would like to thank Fizzmatix for this road map]

Complete Act 120
Complete Act 1.     

This is a story related achievements and will unlock with naturally progression.

  • Alcatraz
  • Dropship Down
  • Conveyor Tunnels
  • Dreadnought Tower
  • Dreadnought Revealed

See "Complete Act 3 on Hardcore" for more information.

Complete Act 225
Complete Act 2.     

This is a story related achievements and will unlock with naturally progression.

  • Genetic Research Base
  • Recon
  • Washington DC Intro

See "Complete Act 3 on Hardcore" for more information.

Complete Act 330
Complete Act 3.     

This is a story related achievements and will unlock with naturally progression.

  • Generator Beams
  • Take Down the Dreadnought
  • Sheridan Battle

See "Complete Act 3 on Hardcore" for more information.

Complete Act 1 on Hardcore20
Complete Act 1 on Hardcore.     

This is a story and difficulty related achievements and will unlock with naturally progression.

See "Complete Act 3 on Hardcore" for more information.

Complete Act 2 on Hardcore25
Complete Act 2 on Hardcore.     

This is a story and difficulty related achievements and will unlock with naturally progression.

See "Complete Act 3 on Hardcore" for more information.

Complete Act 3 on Hardcore30
Complete Act 3 on Hardcore.     

The above achievements will unlock once you complete each act, there are several parts to each act so don't be surprised if the achievements don't unlock when you complete the first level of each new section.

This game has some very frustrating parts so be sure to always terraform the ground to make a shield. Try to keep your distance from most enemies as being out in the open will result in a quick death.

Fighting Hydras and Large enemies
These enemies can be quite tricky at times due to their size and agility. I suggest you keep moving, use the double jump (when acquired) and the Black-Widow/Machine gun. These enemies will take a lot of shots so standing still will just leave you open for an easy death.

Complete the Tutorial20
Complete the Tutorial.    

This is a story related achievements and will unlock with naturally progression.

Complete the tutorial which will introduce you to your ability's and weapons.

Von Helsing25
Crush an enemy to death with a spike.    

This may require some patience and several attempts. You will need to use a Spike Grenade to crush and enemy into the ceiling. I suggest attempting this in narrow hallways and throw more than one grenade so surround the enemy.


Open Sesame25
Successfully open a physics or hinged gate for the first time in single player.    

This is a story related achievements and will unlock with naturally progression.

This involves using a Spike Grenade to lift or move a "hinged" object such as moving a gate or shutter. You will be instructed to do this within the tutorial.

Successfully block (or unblock) an energy beam for the first time in single player.    

This is a story related achievements and will unlock with naturally progression.

You will encounter a puzzle much later in the game where you will need to terraform a path to redirect a beam. Once you unblocks the beams path and turn it from red to blue the achievement will unlock.

Clap On/Clap Off25
Successfully used a TD switch for the first time in single player.    

This is a story related achievement and will unlock with natural progression.

You will need to disabled a shield barrier as you make your way through the campaign.

Combat Engineer25
Successfully raise/lower a bridge for the first time in single player.    

This is a story related achievement and will unlock with natural progression.

On the level Dropship Down you will have to destroy a spike which is holding up a bridge. Once the spike is destroyed the achievement will unlock as you will then be able to cross the bridge.

Han Shoots First25
Kill an enemy by using TD and forcing them into the beam in single player.   

This may take several attempts, you will need to raise the ground under an enemy so they enter the blue beam on "Generator Beams". Just keep pressing around the group of enemies until one is raised into the beam.

Use the Force … Field25
Kill someone by forcing them into a shield.    (1) 

This sounds a little difficult but it's far easier than it seems. Play through Dropship Down until you enter the Conveyor Tunnels. Progress through the tunnels until you enter the area with two TD switches which control the shield barriers. Make sure the shield is up and start to raise the ground in front of your enemies. Keep doing this until you force one of them into the shield and kill them.

Collect a Data Cell5
Collect a data cell.    

See "Collect all 100 Data Cells"

Collect 35 Data Cells35
Collect 35 data cells.    

See "Collect all 100 Data Cells"

Collect all 100 Data Cells60
Collect all 100 data cells.    (1) 

Data Cells are fairly easy to spot. Most are out in the open and glow a vibrant purple colour. Most if not all Data Cells are fairly easy to find but if you are having difficulty finding them use the following guide:

Data Cell Collectibles Guide

Deathrace 216115
Cumulative 25 kills running over enemies with the TDV-1.   

You will spend a whole mission using the TDV-1 to make your way through the level. This achievement sounds fairly easy and straightforward but can be a hassle. As you drive your turret will shoot down all enemies which are in your way. Unless you are quick the turret will finish off the enemies before you can run them over.

You may want to replay checkpoints or even attempt this on Hardcore as enemies will be tougher and take more shots from the turret. Successfully run over 25 enemies and the achievement will unlock.

See "Black Widow Specialist"

Dragon's Breath Specialist15
Cumulative 25 kills with the Dragon's Breath.   

You will encounter several Dragons Breath turrets within the first Act of the game. They don't come along very often but once you do spot one make sure you use it to full effect. Run up to the turret once you kill the enemy using it, press to mount the turret and kill 25 enemies.

See "Black Widow Specialist"

Mole Mine Specialist15
Cumulative 25 kills with Mole Mines.    

This is another weapon that is fairly rare. You will find it in the later levels of the game. The projectiles this weapon fires are like a heat seeking mine. Be very careful where you fire these as if there are no enemies they will come after you.

See "Black Widow Specialist"

Rhino Specialist15
Cumulative 25 kills with the Rhino.    

You can only pick up the Rhino once you kill a Bolla. You will soon know when you encounter this enemy as they are rather large and quite difficult to kill.

See "Black Widow Specialist"

Catapult Specialist15
Cumulative 50 kills with the Catapult.    (1) 

This weapon is very rare and can be quite hard to find. It's called the IRF-19. It doesn't really catapult enemies but the projectiles do bounce. You will need to fire the weapon and detonate the rocket by pressing .

See "Black Widow Specialist"

ST-4 Torpedo Launcher Specialist15
Cumulative 50 kills with the ST-4 Torpedo Launcher.    

The ST-4 isn't as common as other weapons but can still be found with a little searching. It will fire a torpedo at your enemies which you need to detonate by pressing .

See "Black Widow Specialist"

Lodestone Specialist15
Cumulative 25 kills with the Lodestone.   

This weapon may seem quite useless at times, but is most effect in areas where there are lots of of objects and several enemies.

See "Black Widow Specialist"

Raptor Specialist15
Cumulative 50 kills with the Raptor.    

The Raptor is the most common weapon in the game, you will find almost all enemies will carry this gun. This gun may seem semi useless but it will take down enemies faster than most other weapons. This is the perfect weapon for headshots and mid range attacks.

See "Black Widow Specialist"

ALM-37 "Deep Freeze" Specialist15
Cumulative 25 kills of people frozen by the ALM-37 "Deep Freeze."    

The ALM-37 is also a far less common weapon, but it can prove to be quite useful against stronger enemies. Press once you have frozen the enemy to smash them into pieces.

See "Black Widow Specialist"

Invader Specialist15
Cumulative 50 kills with the Invader.    

This is your bog standard shotgun, it is fairly common and can be found on enemies with heavier armor.

See "Black Widow Specialist"

Scorpion Sniper Rifle Specialist15
Cumulative 25 kills with the Scorpion Sniper Rifle.    

The Scorpion is fairly scarce, you will find most enemies which shoot down at you from buildings or high platforms will carry this weapon.

See "Black Widow Specialist"

Bulldog Specialist15
Cumulative 50 kills with the Bulldog.    

You will find the Bulldog much later in the game (you also start with this weapon). Enemies will start to carry this weapon rather than the SMG later on in Act 2 and Act 3.

See "Black Widow Specialist"

Pacifican SMG Specialist15
Cumulative 50 kills with the Pacifican SMG.   

This may be your first weapon kill achievement. The Pacifican SMG is the most common weapon in the game. Most enemies will either drop this or the Invader.

See "Black Widow Specialist"

Bangalore Specialist15
Cumulative 50 kills with the Bangalore.    

The Bangalore is your general rocket launcher. You will find this weapon on most levels as it is fairly common.

See "Black Widow Specialist"

Black Widow Specialist15
Cumulative 50 kills with the Black Widow.    

The Black Widow will allow you to fire up to six controlled grenades which you can detonate by pressing .

While working towards each weapon achievement, always hold onto a secondary weapon and press to switch between the weapons you want to earn kills for. Doing this will allow you to concentrate on the achievements you need without running out of ammo.

You can earn all weapon achievements online with a second player in either ranked or player matches.

Weapons Training
You can find all the weapons throughout the campaign with little difficulty, though some are harder to find than others. If you miss any of these weapon based achievements you can use the Weapons Training ground to unlock the above list.

Before you can do this though you will need to collect all the Data Cells to gain access to all the weapons.

All your weapon kill counts will cross over between playthroughs and the Weapons Training so if you need to earn a few extra kills this is the perfect way to earn them.

Dead Aim15
Accumulate 25 headshots kills.    

Headshots are fairly easy to do, the Raptor and Machine Gun are the best weapons to use as you can aim clearly for the head without any extra radius damage. If you take the time to aim properly you should earn this achievement fairly early on.

Melee kill 10 enemies in a row.    

Before you attempt this you may want start out on Casual. Getting close to an enemy on Hardcore may be simple enough but if you have to run out into the open you will die fairly quick. Run up to an enemy and press to perform a melee attack, it normally takes one to two hits to kill each enemy. Do this 10 times in a row without firing any bullets or using grenades to unlock the achievement.

What Goes Up25
Kill 5 Hydras while they're in mid-air.   

This sounds quite difficult but with a little patience and the Black-Widow you should be able to earn this in no time. Always carry a Black-Widow until you have completed this achievement. Once you come in contact with a Hydra you can fire the sticky charges at him. Wait until he jumps from whatever platform he is on and press to detonate the charge.

If you planted several charges you should kill him in one blast. This will be quite difficult on Hardcore so you may want to replay a chapter on Casual.

Welcome to the Suck15
Kill 5 or more enemies with a single Vortex Grenade.    

This achievement is semi story related, it is possible to miss but you will be instructed to collect a Vortex Grenade fairly early on, then throw it at a group of enemies. In doing so you should kill five enemies at all once, if you miss this achievement you can either reload or wait until a later part of the game.

You can equip the grenades by pressing and throw them by pressing .

Beware falling objects30
Kill an enemy using the Stomp Augmentation.    

This ability unlocks around the half way point in Act 2. Once you are notified of the new ability you will be able to use it from then on. To perform this kill you need to jump towards an enemy by pressing and then pressing the to perform the stomp. If you are successful you should kill the enemy in one go and unlock this achievement.

Super Soldier30
Acquire All Augmentations in the Game.    (1) 

This is a story related achievement and will unlock with naturally progression. As you progress through the campaign you will learn new abilities, once you learn all the follow abilities the achievements will unlock:

  • Shield Alpha
  • Entrench Alpha
  • Strength Alpha
  • Entrench Beta (Entrencher Jump)
  • Shield Beta
  • Entrench Gamma (Entrencher Stomp)
  • Shield Gamma
  • Strength Beta
President of the USA25
Accumulate 100 Alliance Wins.   

See "President of Pacifica"

President of Pacifica25
Cumulative 100 Pacifican Wins.   

Both these achievements will come with progression towards "Demolition Expert". You need to play and win 100 times with each team. You should be able to get both these achievements while earning "It's Good to be King", "All Your Base Are Belong to Us", "Gold Plated Shovel" and "Standard Bearer".

Remember you can start a game with two players and these can also be completed in player matches. Hosting a game always seems to put you on the Alliance side, joining a game will put you on the Pacifican team.

It's Good to be King15
Win 50 Kingmaker games.   

See "Standard Bearer"

All Your Base Are Belong to Us15
Win 50 Break-In Games.   

See "Standard Bearer"

Gold Plated Shovel15
Win 50 Excavation games.   

See "Standard Bearer"

Standard Bearer15
Win 50 CTF Games.   

Select either CTF, Excavation, Break-In or Kingmaker as your preferred game mode and win 50 times on each mode. These wins also count towards "Demolition Expert".

Note: These do not need to be ranked games and you only need two players to start the match.

Awarded for completing one multiplayer game.   

See "Demolition Expert"

Awarded for completing 10 multiplayer games.   

See "Demolition Expert"

Awarded for completing 100 multiplayer games.   

See "Demolition Expert"

Awarded for completing 250 multiplayer games.   

See "Demolition Expert"

Awarded for completing 500 multiplayer games.   

See "Demolition Expert"

Demolition Expert15
Awarded for completing 1500 multiplayer games.   (11) 

You're going to need to spend a lot of time completing multiplayer matches for this. All match types count towards this achievement so you can work towards the other game modes as well earning completed games for this achievement. This will be easier to boost until you feel like playing hours of multiplayer with little to no community.

You only need to complete the matches, either winning or loosing, it doesn't matter as it will count either way. You can start all matches with two players, you can also use private matches toward this achievement.

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US October 07, 2008
Europe October 10, 2008

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