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Freefall Racers Achievement Guide

Guide By: Foxxy kyle
There are 20 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty:2/10
Offline: 20 (400)
Approximate amount of time to 400: 2-5 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Missable achievements: None!
Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None!
Extra equipment needed?: Kinect Sensor, a second person

Welcome to Freefall Racers! This is a very short and simple game where you will be racing in a skydiving type style while controlling a flying squirrel. Yes, it sounds crazy and a little cheesy, which it is, but it is also pretty fun, especially if you have a younger person to play it with. The achievements are very simple and easy, and you should be able to obtain them in 5 hours, max. Also, the Kinect sensor works very well with the game with little to no issues as usual. Let's get started!

Single Player:
Start off by playing the Single Player matches and go through each racer and course. Go ahead and come in first on each course you unlock and use every character. Doing this will net you the majority of the achievements in the game.

Two Player:
Next, get a second person to play with and play some two player for the three two player achievements. You will need to play as a team, as rivals, and as rivals with the two of you coming in first and second place.

Circuit Race:
To wrap up the game, play some circuit races. These are similar to a tournament style cup like in a lot of other racing games. This will take some time because you will need to play on Hard difficulty for the two achievements for this game type. Keep on trying, and learn the courses and you will unlock these two achievements in about an hour. If you need any tips, check my achievement guide below for for information.

Overall, this game is extremely easy, all you need to do is make sure you have a Kinect and a second person. The game will take you 5 hours max, but more than likely around the 2 to 3 hour period. It is not a terrible game, especially for some of the younger folks, but it does not offer much. The Kinect reads very well, however I did have a few annoyances on the menu screens. Goodluck and have fun on this easy and quick 400!

[x360a would like to thank Foxxy kyle for this Roadmap]

One Tiny Step10
Finished a Race 

Very self explanatory and it will more than likely be your first achievement. Just play any race in the game and finish it. I recommend playing Tranquility Island which is the easiest course in the game, if you come in first you will also unlock the One Giant Leap achievement.

Used a Power Up 

A power up is obtained by collecting one of the golden acorns (coins). This will give you a random power up, then kick with either one of your legs and you will use the power up.

Used Adrenaline Boost 

Your adrenaline is shown by a pink bar at the bottom left side of your screen. Collect the pink coins to raise the bar and when it is all the way charged, lean body forward to use it.

One Giant Leap10
Won a Race 

See "One Tiny Step" for more information.

Friendly Rivals10
Played split screen competitively 

Get a second person to play with, and select two player from the main screen. You will want to select Circuit or Single Race to be on opposite teams. Then all you need to do is complete a race.

Buddy Up10
Played split screen as a Team 

Get a second person to play with, and select two player from the main screen. You will want to select
Team Circuit to be on the same team. Then all you need to do is complete the circuit.

Go Team!10
Played as a team and came 1st and 2nd 

Get a second person to play with, and select two player from the main screen. Select Single Race, and the two of you need to claim the first and second place positions at the end. This will be much easier on the first map Tranquility Island.

Near Miss10
Finished less than 1 second behind 1st place 

While racing you will need to finish in second place just behind the first place winner. This is all luck based and there is not much you can do to set this up. I just wouldn't worry about it and continue racing for the other achievements and this will come in time by accident. If you are always winning the easy difficulty races switch difficulties in the screen that you choose your racer to make the races closer.

Double Boost10
Activated Adrenaline Boost when in a Jet Stream 

Your adrenaline bar is the pink bar at the bottom left of your screen. Collect the pink coins to charge it up; one it is all charged up, go into a jet stream and activate your adrenaline boost by leaning forward.

Raced all Tracks 

See "Treasure Chest" for more information.

The Honor Roll10
Didn't use a power up during a race 

Start up any race and do not use a power up at all. The power ups are obtained by collecting the golden acorns (coins). You can collect a power up just don't kick your legs to activate it.

Used 5 power ups during 1 Race 

See "SHHBLAMO!" for more information.

Treasure Chest10
Unlocked all Tracks and Characters 

Each track and character is won by coming in first place on different tracks with different characters. What you are going to want to do, is go down your list of courses and always play the newest one you have yet to play on with your newest racer. Completing first place with these will unlock nearly all of your achievements for the game by the time you are finished.

Each track, in the order of how you unlock it includes:

  • Tranquility Island
  • Grander Canyon
  • Snowball Alley
  • Paradise Lost
  • Rushin' River
  • Mine Bender
  • Glacier Speedway
  • Arctic Antics

In the order they are unlocked, here are the racers:

  • Ace
  • Unna
  • Apex
  • Sgt. Squirrel
  • Shadow
  • Flora
  • Supremo
  • Nutasha
  • Blacktail
Alter Egos20
Raced as all the characters 

See "Treasure Chest" for more information.

Power Up20
Used 8 different Power Ups 

There are 8 different power ups to use. This will come in time while racing for the other achievements. just keep collecting the power ups and you will get this in your first few races.

Went from last place to first place and won! 

A lot easier than it sounds. At the beginning of an easy race just make sure you are in last place for a few seconds. Then go ahead and win the race. It is best to do this on the first map (Tranquility Island) because it is easy to navigate your way to first place fairly quickly.

Fantastic Antics20
Won Arctic Antics at Hard difficulty 

Arctic Antics is the last map you will unlock and it is supposed to be the toughest. You will want to you a racer that has good turning, I personally used Natasha. Make sure you select a hard difficulty on the screen when you are picking your racer.

Your first few tries you may not do very well, just learn the map so you will know what turns are where and how to approach them. Also, take the shortcut on the right about 15 seconds into the race. Make sure you get the adrenaline boosts and powerups if they are right in front of you and available. I got 1 min and 41 seconds and was 2 seconds ahead of the second place opponent.

Won all Tracks 

See "Treasure Chest" for more information.

Super Champion40
Won an Easy Circuit at Hard difficulty 

Change the difficulty to hard on the character select screen. Start up a circuit race and play the first race Clement Cup. This tournament only has two races, so get first on both both these to secure the first place overall in the circuit. These races don't have many sharp turns so I recommend using some fast racers with bad turning like Sgt. Squirrel or Blacktail.

Ultra Mega Champion80
Won a Hard Circuit at Hard difficulty 

This is the hardest achievement in the game, and will probably take a few tries because you opponents will shoot lots of powerups at you on hard difficulty. Make sure you have your difficulty set to hard on the character select screen. You will more than likely want to set your race to the Winter Wonderland Cup, because the only other hard circuit is the Challenge Cup, which features the three hardest courses in the game; however, select whichever cup you feel the courses will be easiest for you. There are not many tips I can give you other than learn the shortest paths to take in the game, and learn the courses. Also, get as many powerups as you can to sabotage the other racers' performances. You will want to use a racer that has really good turning if you don't know the courses inside and out so you will have to give up speed and acceleration; Supremo is an excellent choice for that method. I however, learned the courses very well and was able to make it a little easier on myself using the much faster racer Flora. Either method you use, this will be a challenge, but with practice and some luck you can get this in about an hours time.

Extra Tip!
If you don't get the result you want, you have a very short time period to restart the race. Hold your left arm out (like you would to pause a game) as soon as you cross the finish line, and you will be able to select restart race. This means you won't have to restart the whole event if you fail a race.

Game Info
Deep Silver


US September 06, 2013

HDD Space Required : 640.96 MB
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