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Fruit Ninja Kinect Achievement Guide

Guide By: Blarghinator
There are 21 achievements with a total of 350 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 17 (290)
- Online: 1 (10)
- Approximate amount of time to 50: 4+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 (Zen, Classic, and Arcade modes)
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? Kinect

Step 1. Arcade Mode:
You will be spending most of your time in this mode. In Arcade Mode you gain as many points as possible within a time limit. You have three power ups and there are bombs, but they subtract points. Achievements: Triple Stack, Arcade Action, BLITZIN!, and Windmill.

Step 2. Classic Mode:
This mode is the most difficult of the three. Thankfully there are only two achievements. In this mode you are not timed but if you miss three fruits or hit a single bomb then you fail. Achievements: Classy Ninja and Enter the Dragon.

Step 3. Zen Mode:
This is the easiest mode in my opinion. You have a time limit to achieve as many points as you can. There is no way to lose in this mode. Achievement: Moment of Zen

Step 4. Mop Up:
In this step you need to mop up the remaining achievements you may have missed in the previous steps. Refer to the achievement guide for further details. Achievements: Edumacated, Winning!, Strength Power Agility, Swagtacular, and Fruit Annihilation.

Step 5. DLC:
The "Storm Season" DLC can be purchased for 160 MSP and comes with three additional achievements for 50. In this DLC you will need to equip the new backgrounds/blades and reach the requirement of each achievement. There are only achievements for Zen and Classic Mode. The DLC alone would be a 5/10.

The "Space Capsule" DLC can be purchased for 160 MSP and comes with three additional achievements for 50. In this DLC you will need to equip the new backgroud/blade/shadow and reach the requirement of each achievement. The achievements cover all three modes. This DLC alone would be a 2/10

The "Art Box" DLC can be purchased for 160MSP and comes with three additional achievements for 50. In this DLC you will need to equip the new background/blade/shadow and reach the requirement of each achievement. The achievements cover Arcade and Classic Mode.

All in all Fruit Ninja Kinect is an enjoyable game that is not too difficult but will require some effort and luck. If you have stuck through the guide, congratulations on your additional 300 gamerscore.

[X360A would like to thank Blarghinator for this Roadmap]

Classy Ninja10
Get a score of over 250 in CLASSIC. (13) 

Classic Mode is by far the hardest mode in the game. It is the original setup. You have no time limit and you smash fruit away constantly. However, if you let three fruits fall beneath the screen you lose. If you hit a single bomb you lose. Try to line up your shots and get combos to speed the process up.

Triple Stack10
Get all three powerups at once in ARCADE. (13) 

This achievement is not hard just revolves around chance. There are three banana's in the game that represent power ups. The Frozen one, the Orange Striped one, and the Blue Striped one. You must have all three power ups active at once.

Arcade Action 10
Get a score of over 500 in ARCADE. (2) 

Arcade is one of the more enjoyable modes of the game. However, getting 500 can be somewhat challenging. Try to line up as many combos as possible and do not miss any powerups. It will really help you to have an overload of double points and frenzy power ups. For a tonne of bonuses try to use all three powerups at least once, hit no bombs, and tear up the final fruit.

Edumacated 20
Read a fact about every type of fruit in the game. (6) 

After playing in a mode you will go back to a screen with the options to play again or go back. At the bottom right of the screen there will be a fruit fact. Simply come to this screen enough and eventually the achievement will unlock. Note: the fruit fact that appears depends on the most common fruit in your highest combo.

Moment of Zen 10
Get a score over 200 in ZEN. (3) 

In Zen Mode you have a set time limit in which you try to score as many points as possible and there is no way to lose. The only tips for this achievement is to have great speed and precision. The only way to get this achievement is to make sure you get combos. Just slicing everything you see will not get you there.

Score a Super Combo Blitz in ARCADE. (8) 

Combo Blitzes are achieved when your total number of combos reaches a certain milestone. There is one for 5, one for 15, one for 30, and so on. For a Super Combo Blitz you must have a total of 30 combo points. This does not mean you need to make 30 combos, just 30 combo bonus points. If you get five 4 combos and two 5 combos you still have a total of 30 combo bonus points.

Beat a friend on the Weekly Leaderboards. (50) 

For this you have to beat one of your friends' scores on the leaderboard via the challenge option in the main menu. If you have no friends that play this game create a silver account and add it to your friends list. Using your silver account post a highscore of the weekend that is extremely low and easy surpassable. Then sign into your main account and beat the score.

Strength, Power, Agility 20
Slice an 8 fruit combo or higher. (4) 

For this achievement you have to have precision and patience. Wait for a large group of fruits to fly into the air and slice 8 in one direct line. If you change direction or swipe again the combo counter is lost.

Windmill 10
Get four Combos during one Frenzy in ARCADE. 

In Arcade Mode when you see the yellow and orange striped banana, slice it to activate frenzy. When in frenzy try to get as many combos as possible. This is one of the easiest achievements in the game.

Swagtacular 20
Unlock 10 items in Sensei‚Äôs Swag. (5) 

As you reach certain milestones across the game you will be given a notification that something is availabe in Sensei's Swag. Go to the Dojo, then Swag, and select the item to unlock it. Repeat nine times for the achievement.

Fruit Annihilation 30
Slice 10,000 fruit. (18) 

This achievement may come in natural progression of other achievements. If not, I suggest using Zen Mode as you can slice away with no fouls. Or you can try to obtain multiple frenzy powerups in Arcade Mode and slice both sides of the screen as fast as possible. You can track your progress by going to the Dojo and over to leaderboards.

Enter the Dragon 40
Slice the secret fruit. (61) 

The secret fruit is actually a Dragon Fruit, and when it comes on the screen you can't miss it. It's shinier, much larger than the other fruits, and it looks like a Dragon Fruit. The secret fruit can only be seen in the Classic Mode. The secret fruit is known to show up at randomly so keep playing until you get lucky.

DLC: Storm Season
Price: $1.99 USD Achievements: 3 Points: 50
Weather the Storm20
Slice and dice 2 pomegranates in one game with the Lightning Bolt equipped. (18) 

Go to Sensei's Swag, equip the "Lightning Bolt", then go to Classic Mode. You will have a chance around 50-70 points to slice a fruit as much as you can within a limited amount of time. This is a pomegranate. You will see another one around 230-260. This achievement will take most of your time out of all the DLC achievements.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day10
Get 20 critical hits in CLASSIC with the Rain Man equipped. (5) 

Go to the Sensei's Swa, equip "Rain Man", then go to Classic Mode. There is no way to always get critical hits, but it seems to raise the chances if you strike fast and hit the fruit with the tip of your blade. The total is carried across multiple games.

Storm the Castle20
Score 75 points in the first 30 seconds of ZEN with the Storm Castle equipped. (2) 

Go to Sensei's Swag, equip "Storm Castle", then go to Zen Mode. This achievement will come with some practice. Line up fruit to get combos. If you just slice everything as soon as it shows on screen you will not be able to unlock this achievement.

DLC: Space Capsule
Price: $1.99 USD Achievements: 3 Points: 50
Meteor Shower20
Slice the pomegranate 40 times with The Comet equipped. (2) 

Go to Sensei's Swag, equip "Comet", then play Classic or Arcade Mode. The pomegranate appears at the end of an Arcade game or 70 points into a Classic game. You must slice it 40 times. The best strategy is to keep your hands outside your body's shadow and slice in every direction as fast as you can.

Star Hopping20
Get 80 combos in ZEN with the Stellar Shadow equipped. (2) 

Go to Sensei's Swag, equip "Stellar Shadow", then go to Zen Mode. You will need to accumulate a total of 80 combos across multiple games. Just line up fruits and pull of combos. Easy but time consuming.

Score 20 Combo Blitzes in ARCADE with the Star Chart equipped. (2) 

Go to Sensei's Swag, equip "Star Chart", then go to Arcade Mode. Simply gain 20 Blitz combos. Refer to BLITZIN! for more information on Blitzes.

DLC: Art Box
Price: $1.99 USD Achievements: 3 Points: 50
Slice a 10 fruit combo with the Calligraphy Brush, Parchment and Ink Shadow equipped. (14) 

After equipping the Calligraphy Brush, Parchment, and Ink Shadow Print via the Sensei Swag in the Dojo go to Arcade Mode, in two player mode if possible. Two player mode will add twice as many fruits. Now all you need to do is hit a freeze and a frenzy banana. This should give you plenty of fruit that are moving slowly add give you time to line up a shot of 10 or more fruit.

I Want to Paint it Black20
Slice 100 red apples in CLASSIC with the Calligraphy Brush equipped. (7) 

After equipping the Calligraphy Brush go to Classic Mode. Simply cut through 100 total apples across as many games as you need.

Dripping with Power10
Slice 30 bananas in ARCADE with the Ink Shadow equipped. 

This achievement is also unlocked after playing several games. Equip the Ink Shadow and go to Arcade Mode. Simply slice 30 bananas including normal and special bananas.

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