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Guide By: ViperxSniper
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 20/20 (200)
-Online: None
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 10+ hours (could be higher depending on skill)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No Difficulty
-Glitchy achievements: Yes (see You're Not The Boss of Me)
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? None

Full House Poker is the follow-up to 1vs100. Like 1vs100, Full House Poker features Avatar support and features scheduled TV-Style Texas Heat Online Tournament. The Texas Heat tournaments takes place on certain days with at least four events on each scheduled day.

Starting Off
I would suggest starting out the easiest achievement: Stylish Host. After this, I would go start a tournament game to earn Bucket List #12,472. During this game you might also earn the following achievement:

  • Headshot
  • Pay the Mortgage
  • Sandbagger
  • Mile High Club
  • Hero Call
  • Ding! Grats!
  • Cardrack
  • Gone Fishing
  • I Hate ATM Fees
  • Pull The Trigger

Pro Takedown
You should be leveled up enough to unlock your first Pro Takedown after one game (if not, just play a few more games). Now go for Took Down a Pro and Big Dog.

Clean Up
By now, you should have most of the achievements (if not keep playing games and focus on doing the achievement). The only ones you should have left are the following:

  • Ding! Double Digits!
  • Your Not The Boss of Me
  • The Final Table
  • Player of the Century
  • Rollin'
  • Ding! Top Dog!

Just keep playing games to earn XP and money completing the Pro Takedowns as you go.

Full House Poker has easy but time consuming achievements. Luckily the game is fun and addicting, so you shouldn't get bored with it.


[x360a would like to thank ViperxSniper for this roadmap]

Big Dog10
Win a tournament. 

Start up a new game. On the rules selection menu select tournament. You can make a tournament with just two players to make it go faster. You can also get this achievement by simply playing any Pro Takedown.

Bucket List #12,47110
Complete a tournament game of Full House Poker. 

Start up a tournament game and win. This will also unlock by playing a Pro Takedown.

Win two consecutive hands in the showdown. (4) 

Showdowns occur after the river. If there are atleast two players at the end of the betting, they will go into a showdown where they show their cards and decide a winner. You will have to win two in a row and this is based off of luck. Should be able to win after playing a few games. I would keep the betting down low or checking to avoid the other players fold.

Ding! Double Digits!10
Level up to 10. 

Refer to Ding! Top Dog!

Ding! Grats!5
Level up to 2. 

Refer to Ding! Top Dog!

Ding! Top Dog!20
Level up to 50. 

This achievement will unlock after playing a while. XP can be earned in Single Player, Multiplayer, and Pro Takedown. Pro Takedown is the easiest way to earn XP as you will gain a lot of XP just for beating the Pros and you can keep replaying them. Here is a list of the XP you can earn:

  • Dealt In - Varies (You will get XP just for being dealt in)
  • Showdown Winner - 100XP (Winning the showdown)
  • Got Out Free - 250XP (Did not put any money in the pot; folded early *can not get if you are the one of the blinds)
  • Smart Fold - 500XP (Folding on a hand you would have lost, if it is revealed that you would have lost if you stayed in)
  • Winning Spree - 500XP (Win 2 or more games


  • Beating Sonny/Rachel - 5,000XP
  • Beating Larry - 7,500XP
  • Beating Mel/Rai - 10,000XP
  • Beating Lily - 12,500XP
  • Beating Johnny/Marshall - 15,000XP
  • Beating Daisy - 17,500XP
  • Winning the All Pro Tournament- 25,000XP


Gone Fishing10
Win a showdown with a hand you made on the river. 

This one will be random but shouldn't take long. You will have to be losing the hand up to the last card and then win it on the River (last card before the showdown). If you do get a good hand on the last card, I would not raise the bet unless another player does because if you do and everybody folds, you will not have a showdown and you will not get the achievement.

Bust another player in a tournament. 

You just have to eliminate a player from a tournament. This should be easy as long as you play it smart. Pro Takedown also count.

Hero Call10
Call, raise, or go all in on a bet of half the pot or greater and then win the showdown. (1) 

Like the achievement description says, you will have to get an opponent to bet an amount that is half of what the pot is then call, raise, or go all-in then win it after the River. You have to let them make the bet. You can not make the starting bet half the pot.

I Hate ATM Fees5
Play 50 hands in a row without taking a cash advance. 

This should be easy if you play smart and conservatively. Just play 50 games without losing all of your bankroll.

Mile High Club5
Won a hand with suited King-Queen hole cards. 

A suited King-Queen hole is when you are dealt a King and a Queen of the same suit. The odds of getting this are very slim, so it may take you a few games. After getting it, you will have to win. My best suggestion for this is to bet high or all-in to try to get the other players to fold.

Pay the Mortgage10
Take a pot equal to twice the starting chips or greater. 

Starting chips are the number of chips each player starts out with. All you have to do for this one is to have the pot doubled that number and win it. The best way to get that is to go all-in and hope somebody else takes you up on it.

Player of the Century10
Play 100 hands. 

You don't have to win all the games, just finish them.

Pull the Trigger10
Bet or raise on every street in a hand and then win the showdown. (4) 

For this achievement, you will have to place a bet on the Flop (first three cards), the Turn (fourth card), and the River (last card) and then win. Best advice I can give is go with the minimum bet to avoid from having the other players fold before the showdown.

Earn a bankroll of at least 500,000 chips. 

You will earn this as you play. You can also earn this quickly by winning the All-Pro Tournament.

Do not bet or raise for at least one entire street in a hand and then win the showdown. 

Simply do not bet after the flop and win. It might take a few tries since the opponents could raise at any time during the street.

Stylish Host5
Start a game with customized table and card styles. 

Create a new game, use default rules, change the table, chairs and card styles, and start it up.

The Final Table20
Win the Pro Tournament. (2) 

The All-Pro Tournament will unlock after you have beat all of the Pros in Pro Takedown. This tournament will have you playing all of the Pros at once. You will get the Rollin' achievement as well. Here is a list of Pros and their play style:

  • Sonny Skye (Loose-Passive)
  • Rachel Raise (Loose-Aggressive)
  • Larry Louche (Bully)
  • Mel Mathews (Tight-Passive)
  • Rai Singh (Tight-Aggressive)
  • Lily Sun (Rock)
  • Johnny Spade (Iceman)
  • Marshall Star (Calculator)
  • Daisy Deuce (Shark)
Took Down a Pro10
Win a Pro Takedown. 

You will unlock your first pro, Sonny Skye, at level 3. He has a loose-passive style so it shouldn't be that hard to beat him if you play it smart.

You're Not the Boss of Me10
Beat Larry, Lily, or Daisy in a Pro Takedown. 

You will unlock Larry Louche after beating both Sonny Sky (Level 3) and Rachel (Level 7), Lily Sun after beating Mel Mathews (Level 12) and Rai Singh (Level 16), and Daisy Deuce after beating Johnny Spade (Level 22) and Marshall Star (Level 26). You only need to beat one for the achievement. You do not have to reach the level listed with each "boss" character, just beat the two Pros before him/her.

Larry Louche has a bully style. This means that he will be raise the bets trying to get you to fold. Just don't match his high bets until you get a good hand then try to use his aggressiveness against him.

Note: There have been reports of this achievement not unlocking on the XBLA version if you have already unlocked it on WP7. I would advise if you have both to do the XBLA version first.

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