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Galaga Legions Achievement Guide

Guide By: Tyger7
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 5-12 hours depending on skill and luck
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 + (most likely multiple tries needed)
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Do cheats disable achievements?: No cheats
-Glitchy achievements None!
-Unobtainable achievements: None!
-Extra equipment needed? None!

The original Galaga was a fairly easy game. It let you level select and was very easy to learn. This game however, is the complete opposite. There are two modes, Adventure and Championship. Adventure mode gives you one set of lives and it’s up to you to survive all 5 levels without a game over. This game is unforgiving and relentless. When you first start playing, it will be extremely easy on level one, and you think you are advancing to level 5 as it shows you “level 03” and etc as you progress. Then, after you beat the boss at the end of it, you realize that was just one whole level, with 5 different sub levels. Having hardly any lives, you advance to level 2, and realize the reality.

How To Play
With auto-fire enabled, you will only have to worry about two controls: your and . Your left will control your ship’s movements and your right will deploy satellites which are basically the two little things on the sides of you firing. Click the in the direction you want one of them to fire, and then the other one can be placed in the same manor in the same or any direction you prefer. It is absolutely crucial that you learn proper placing of these. You may notice blue neon lines at times displayed in different patterns, this is the game hinting the directional movement of the enemy. The orange neon squares/lines are where you want to always place your satellites because it’s the main point of force. The sphere that looks like it has lightning in it is Galaga. Shoot it when you see it to gain a huge advantage! If you miss it, I’d almost suggest just restarting the entire level.

Step 1: Championship Mode
This mode let’s you pick any of the 5 levels regardless if beaten or not. To make things easier on you, always be on “Auto-Fire” mode. Keep the skin as original because the other skins will throw you off (they make the ship look different). Pick the levels in order and try to gain the achievements in them. There are videos in the guide to help out. After every level you beat, you will get an achievement and once completing the last one, you will gain All Championship Areas Clear. On the first level, try your best to survive to gain the One Life Only achievement. I suggest replaying the same level to also get Zero Deployments. It’s easier to do them in separate sessions.

Step 2: Adventure Mode
If you got good enough to actually make it passed all the levels in Championship Mode, then you have gotten farther than a lot of people. Now you have to clear all 5 levels without a game over. This is by far the hardest and most time consuming, as well as frustrating set of achievements in the game. The last achievement alone is worth 50 points! Hopefully you have had enough practice in the Championship Mode so you die less. Pay attention to the videos and pause often to get a head start on what’s coming your way.

This is a very hard game, and only skilled and patient players will be able to gain all achievements. If you manage to get them all, then job well done. The videos in the guide aren’t mine, but are the only resource/help I could personally find to attempt the game.

[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this Road Map]

Area 1 Clear5
Cleared Area 1!   

See "Area 5 Clear"

Area 2 Clear5
Cleared Area 2!   

See "Area 5 Clear"

Area 3 Clear10
Cleared Area 3!   

See "Area 5 Clear"

Area 4 Clear10
Cleared Area 4!   

See "Area 5 Clear"

Area 5 Clear15
Cleared Area 5!   (1) 

There are no real tricks with these achiements. Use free-play to practice and learn from where and when the enemies are coming.

All Championship Areas Clear25
Cleared all areas in Championship mode!   (1) 

After completing each level at least once, you will unlock this along with the last level you had done.

How to use the videos:
Start the video and watch closely at how the enemy is attacking and how the player positions the ship and satellites. Once the two orange lines cross each other from top to bottom, pause the video. Try to mimic what you see for the most part, but sometimes you will be off a bit and have to do your own thing. Now, when you see two orange lines come from bottom and top and cross each other in your game, hit and watch the next section in the video.

This should help a lot, though you will find yourself dying a lot more than the video. Just keep at it, as this will still take huge amounts of practice.

Adventure Area 2 Clear10
Cleared Area 2 in Adventure mode!    

see "All Adventure Areas Clear".

Adventure Area 3 Clear20
Cleared Area 3 in Adventure mode!    

see "All Adventure Areas Clear".

Adventure Area 4 Clear30
Cleared Area 4 in Adventure mode!    

see "All Adventure Areas Clear".

All Adventure Areas Clear50
Cleared all areas in Adventure mode!    

This is the hardest achievement to complete. You will have to complete all areas in adventure mode without a game over. The videos will help, but a lot of this is going to be your reaction time and how well you have memorization each pattern. Make sure you practice and prepare yourself before hand. This will take you a long time to accomplish.

Zero Deployments5
Area cleared without deploying any satellites!   

This one is really easy to do on Area 1. Just don't touch the at all. This can be done in either mode, but you may want to do this as soon as possible to get it out the way.This way you aren't used to always using them.

One Life Only15
Area cleared without losing a single fighter!   

This will easy to do on Area 1. Use your satellites to your advantage and be very careful. Watch the video closely and always remember to pause. You will have to remember the whole sequence in order to have an advantage!

Game Info


US August 20, 2008

HDD Space Required : 98.32 MB
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