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Game Chest: Logic Games Achievement Guide

Guide By: big red marino
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 17/20 for 165
-Online: 3/20 for 35 (Online play required to reach Level 1, 19 & 20 on Competitve Challenge)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 25 to 50 hours (varies due to bonus wheel results)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 100's for each game
-Number of missable achievements: Be aware of Pop a Wheelie as doing it early will make it easier
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No

Welcome to the achievement guide and roadmap for achieving 200 on Game Chest: Logic. This game is only available on a Windows 7 phone. This game consists of three well known traditional games that are very easy to win at with a little practice - Sudoku, Minesweeper, and Chess. Everytime you win at a game you build points towards leveling up to be a level 20 Grand Master. You are also able to spin a wheel for bonus points after every game you win. All of the games offer a difficulty option; easy, normal and hard, and you will get more points for winning games at those higher levels. Although, I contend you can win way more games on easy in the time it takes to possibly win a game on hard.

The first achievement you will look to get is I Bet You Can't Do That Again, a simple mini-game played by spinning the Main Menu. Next you will definitely want to knock out Pop a Wheelie, in which you level up without spinning the Bonus Wheel after winning a game. This will also net you Here, Take This and You Go, Girl!. To get to the very first level of any game you only need a couple of wins. However, in the higher levels you will need a great number of wins. Once you have completed Pop a Wheelie you will start spinning the bonus wheel after every win. On the wheel are skulls that take away half your points from the win.

Also, on the wheel is an icon of another wheel, which is what you need to land on to get One More Time, With Feeling. You will land on this icon several times over the course of playing and there are no skulls on the Super Wheel, plus every icon is worth double (up to 10x). Once you reach level one on any game go back out to the main menu and view your scrap book. In here you can view your achievements and the also your progress towards your pins. If you push on one of your pins, you will hear a sound and net the Sound Good, Man achievement. As you win games of each type you will net Chimpanzee That! and then Ding! for reaching level one matery in all games. As you progress to level 20 you will get What's Next?, Mr. Mastery McMasterson, and lastly Not Your First Rodeo.

Finally, there are some game specific achievements. I have listed those below according to the game they apply to, along with some details on each of the games. For assistance on the game specific achievements please see the achievement guide.

You receive pins at level 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 for all games.
So to get all the pins you must achieve level 20 on all three games and the Competitive Challenge.

Pts for Win: Easy - 70pts | Medium - ???pts | Hard - 140pts
Points to reach level 19 Master: 34070 points
Points to reach level 20 Grand Master: 39020 points
Game Specific achievements: All Zeros and Ones, Unleaded, and Wrong Number

(My Personal Stats)

Total Games Played: 163
Total Win: 150
Total Losses 13
Current Winning Streak: 1
Best Winning Streak: 46
Worst Losing Streak: 1
Hints Used: 1
Squares Cleared: 73
Numbers Penciled: 27
Numbers inked: 10,672
Fastest Win Time: 02:11
Total Game Time: 19:36:11
Average Game Time: 07:12

150 wins at an average of 03:00 per game comes to 7hrs30mins which would be about the fastest time you could get to level 20 on Soduko depending on your bonus wheel results.

Pts for Win: Easy - 40pts | Medium - ???pts | Hard - 400pts
Points to reach level 19 Master: 34070 points
Points to reach level 20 Grand Master: 39020 points
Game Specific achievements: Not Like This, Safety Last, and Things Just Got Real

(My Personal Stats)

Total Games Played: 967
Lifetime Win: 288
Total Losses 679
Current losing Streak: 2
Best Winning Streak: 6
Worst Losing Streak: 139 (trying for randon 6 on hard)
Lifetime Moves: 18,742
Flags Placed: 5,863
Flags Removed: 308
Mines Defused: 2,949
Mines Detonated: 21,845
Fastest Win Time: 00:12
Total Game Time: 1 DAY 21:27:54
Average Game Time: 02:49

300 wins at an average of 01:00 per game comes to 5hrs, which would be about the fastest time you could get to level 20 on Minesweeper, depending on your bonus wheel results.

Pts for Win: Easy - 70pts | Medium - 200pts | Hard - 800pts
Points to reach level 19 Master: 27160 points
Points to reach level 20 Grand Master: 30720 points
Game Specific achievements: Castling, P4wn'd!!11, and Pawn Promotion

(My Personal Stats)

Total Games Played: 247
Lifetime Win: 230
Lifetime Losses: 10
Current Winning Streak: 2
Best Winning Streak: 141
Worst Losing Streak: 4
Lifetime Moves: 6,048
Castle Moves: 8
En Passant Moves: 0
Pieces Captured: 2,573
Fastest Win Time: 00:38
Total Game Time: 14:19:41
Average Game Time: 03:28

225 wins at an average of 01:00 per game comes to 3hrs45mins, which would be about the fastest time you could get to level 20 on Chess, depending on your bonus wheel results.

Competitive Mastery
Pts for Win: 60pts
Points to reach level 19 Master: 3040 points
Points to reach level 20 Grand Master: 3300 points
Game Specific achievements: None, but you need to reach level 20 and get all pins for all game

I hope this helped you on your way to 200.

All Zeroes and Ones 10
Won a game in 4 minutes or less in Sudoku.   

There is a timer in the top right hand corner that records how long you spend completing a puzzle. Playing on easy will be the best approach. If you are having trouble with this, then use this LINK to assist you in solving a puzzle. The timer can run while you enter in the numbers and you will easily beat the time of 4 minutes, even on Hard.

Performed a castling move in Chess.   

The Castling move involves your King and either one of your Rooks (Castle pieces) It is the only move in chess that involves moving two pieces. Castling consists of moving the king two squares towards a Rook, then moving the Rook onto the square over which the king crossed. Castling can only be done if the King has never moved, the Rook involved has never moved, and the squares between the King and the Rook involved are not occupied. Your King cannot be in check, and the move cannot allow your King to move into check. Follow this LINK for a fast Castle move solution.

Chimpanzee That! 10
Won a game in each of the three games.   

See "Not Your First Rodeo"

Ding! 5
Reached level 1 in all Masteries.   

See "Not Your First Rodeo"

Here, Take This 5
Played one round in any game on any difficulty to completion.   

This achievement is granted for winning at one game of your choice. The easiest way to complete this is to play Soduko on Easy and use this LINK to solve the puzzle for you.

I Bet You Can't Do That Again15
Spun the chest shelves and landed unaided on the same shelf three times in a row.   

This is a kind of mini-game at the main menu. The menu scrolls by touch like a slot machine. You must land on the same menu three times by just spinning it. Like the BONUS wheel that is in this game you will develop a finesse with your touch to ensure it lands on the proper menu three times. Achievement unlocked.

Mr. Mastery McMasterson 10
Reached level 19 in all the Masteries.   

See "Not Your First Rodeo"

Not Like This10
Blew up in your first two moves, twice in a row, in Minesweeper.   

Start a game of Minesweeper on easy. Your first touch should almost assuredly land on no bombs. However, your next move will almost always let you know where a bomb is by revealing squares with a 1 on it. Touch where the bomb should be instead of putting a flag there. Do this twice in a row. Achievement unlocked.

Not Your First Rodeo 20
Completed all the sets of pins.   

To reach level 20 you must win 100's of each of the three main games. You must also reach level 20 on the Competitive Challenge as well, in which you play chess against an online opponent. The Competitive Challenge fortunately does not require you to play 100's of games. Spinning the bonus wheel after each win is absolutely necessary. Follwing are some additional tips for completing these games faster:

Minesweeper: There are no tips to solving this game easily. With a little practice you can win a game on easy in under 30 seconds.

Chess: Follow my LINK for a 22 move checkmate on Easy. Once memorized it will take under a 1min 30sec to win a game.

Sudoku: Play your games on HARD for maximum points and use this LINK to solve your puzzles. Takes about 02:30mins to 3:30mins to win a game.

Competitive Challenge: Use this LINK for the achievement trading thread. You can also boost this game yourself by signing into with a dummy silver or gold account. Then from the Main Menu on your phone - select CHESS - INVITE A FRIEND and enter the e-mail address for that dummy account and hit INVITE. Once it says invitation sent, your dummy account on your computer ACCEPTS this game by going to their requests page. The icon to go to your requests page looks like a quote bubble with a controller in it and is right next to your messages or envelope icon. Your dummy account can resign the game on their second move. You then spin the bonus wheel after you win.

Bonus Wheel: When I land on a skull and sometimes even x2 depending on what game I just won at - like Minesweeper on hard. I can go back to the HOME page of my HTC HD7. I can then start the game back up again which allows me to spin again. This has been confirmed on multiple phone types.

One More Time, With Feeling 5
Landed on the Super Spin at the Bonus Wheel.   

There is one icon of a bonus wheel on the bonus wheel. Landing on this will allow you to spin the bonus wheel again with no skulls. Additionally, all spaces are worth 2x their value, up to 10x. This will happen more than once over the course of your play and you may even develop a touch for it to happen several times in a row.

P4wn'd!!11 20
Captured a queen with a pawn in Chess.   

One of your Pawns must capture the opponents Queen. A Pawn can only take a opponents piece by moving diagonally one space. If you are having trouble with this you can follow my guide on this LINK

Pawn Promotion 10
Promoted a pawn to a queen in Chess.   

To promote a Pawn in Chess you must move your piece across the entire board. Once you arrive at this position you are asked what piece you want to trade your pawn in for. Select the Queen to unlock this achievement. If you are having trouble with this you can follow my guide on this LINK

Pop a Wheelie 10
Went up a level in any Mastery without ever taking a spin at the wheel.   

You cannot spin the bonus wheel after you win and you must complete an entire level. It is best to do this early as you only need a couple of games to reach level 1 with out spinning the wheel. See "Not My First Rodeo" and try my strategy for beating Soduko on Hard as this should jump you up to level 1.

Safety Last 5
Won without ever placing a flag on a tile in Minesweeper.   

Best to do this on Easy. Once you learn the game you will be able to win at Minesweeper on easy with no effort. Do not place a flag through your entire game and once you win the achievement will unlock. Make sure that you do not hit the grid when the arrow on the right of the screen is on the flag - it should remain on the shovel icon. If you are having trouble with this then you may have to map it out on grid paper.

Sounds Good, Man 5
Played your first sound.   

To play a sound form the MAIN MENU select your SCRAPBOOK - then choose PINS. Go to the game that you haved recieved pins on and push the pin to play a sound. Achievement unlocked.

Things Just Got Real 5
Uncovered a six in Minesweeper.   

Definitely one of the toughest achievements of the game. The chances of uncovering a 6 in an Easy game is rare (happened to me two times in almost 1000 games). As you progress in difficulty the appearance of a 6 occurs more and more. However, playing on hard does not always mean a 6 will arrive - but it does most of the time - I have even seen a 7 once. You can either play all of your games on Easy and hope you are gifted a 6, or play on Hard, which can be very hard as there are 79 bombs on a grid of 400 (1 bomb for every 5 pieces), where as on Easy, there are 10 bombs on a grid of 81 (one bomb for evey 8 pieces). Finally, you can always start a game on Hard and then choose tiles in hopes of uncovering a 6...Good luck!

Never used the pencil and won in Sudoku.   

With the pencil selected you can leave notes on the blank spaces to assist you in Soduko. With the use of the Soduko solver (see "Not Your First Rodeo") you can easily do this. Make sure you do not touch an open grid with the pencil icon selected on the left. It should always remain on the pen icon.

What's Next? 20
Completed any one set of pins.   

To complete a set of pins you must reach level 20 on one of the games or on the Competitive Challenge. See "Not Your First Rodeo" for getting to level 20.

Wrong Number 15
Got the wrong number 1000 times in Sudoku.   

To do this easy and fast - find your solution on the Soduko Solver (See "Not My First Rodeo") and then select every other number before selecting the correct number that goes in each blank space. This will take about 3 to 4 games following this method and roughly 5 to 10 minutes.

You Go, Girl! 5
Earned your very first pin.   

To earn your first pin you must reach level 1 on one of the three games or the competitive challenge. See "Not Your First Rodeo" for assistance.

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