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Don't You Die On Me

Revive 100 teammates in ranked matches  

If a teammate goes down you will know by an indicator on the screen with a red arrow pointing in their general direction. If you can get there in time, stand next to the player and press X to revive them. Do this 100 times in ranked matches over your career.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Konner94
Monday, May 09, 2011 @ 08:31:05 PM

hey im getting the game again in July and seriously have no achievements for this game and i need all the multiplayer ones if anyone want to play please help im always up to playing a game with someone and will gladly help them with achievements i am also getting the second game and need help with that one so please message and send friend request me and tell me your up for gears in a little while im also up to helping with co-op achievements my gamer-tag is "Konner94".

Comment #2 by OriginalCakky
Tuesday, May 24, 2011 @ 03:46:14 PM

Add me too i need all online achievements. GT OriginalCakky

Comment #3 by xXAKill3rTacoXx
Thursday, June 09, 2011 @ 12:48:04 AM

need help with all online achievements add me
GT: xXAKill3rTacoXx

Comment #4 by SteTee75
Saturday, June 18, 2011 @ 07:25:58 AM

Need a few online ones also feel free to add me SteTee75
looking for co-ops ones also

Comment #5 by HIV
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 @ 04:28:46 PM

I am in.
GT: Alice Diamant

Comment #6 by CXZOMBIE1980
Saturday, June 25, 2011 @ 06:21:22 PM


Comment #7 by slayer2121
Sunday, June 26, 2011 @ 01:07:52 AM

Im in for any and all boosting lobbies. I need some of the weapon ones and some other ones. Send me a message and tell me what your trying to do and I'll be more then happy to help.

Comment #8 by slayer2121
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 @ 05:32:39 PM

Just got this one today. I got into a lobby with some friends and said something about not having them. From there it was easy. They just downed my whole team and I revived each person twice. So I was getting six revives per round, and with a 19 round match I had the achievement in no time flat. So you can either do this ligit or boost for it, but either way you just have to revieve a total of 100 teamates in any ranked match.

Comment #9 by BarnsleySprite
Wednesday, July 06, 2011 @ 07:10:01 AM

I'm up for a bit of this if you guys still are. Busy with work the next few evenings but next week I'm free
GT - BarnsleySprite

Stick in the message Gears or something

Comment #10 by I Jear Bear I
Tuesday, July 12, 2011 @ 05:21:11 PM

I need all multiplayer achievements as well. Please add me and I'll help in exchange. Gt: I Jear Bear I

Comment #11 by chemicalali490
Wednesday, July 13, 2011 @ 07:29:57 AM

Anyone want to do the weapon, headshot, execution and revive cheevos??? add me
GT: chemicalali940

will hel u back of course ^^

Comment #12 by CRZYSPZ
Thursday, July 14, 2011 @ 12:37:18 AM

I need all online achievements besides, Its a Massacre, and the different game modes, maps, and stats achievements, just need all the weapon, hosting, and reviving achievements... oh and of course Seriously.... please help out! id gladly return the favor!

Comment #13 by monleypunk28
Thursday, July 14, 2011 @ 11:21:14 AM

anyone wanna boost, hit me up

Comment #14 by theNORSEMAN
Wednesday, July 20, 2011 @ 12:07:04 AM

I'm in need of serious help with all on-line chievos for this game.
If there is a boosting session going down, please include me.
theNORSEMAN13 is my gamertag.
I need help and will help others.

Comment #15 by Markusss
Friday, July 22, 2011 @ 04:12:46 AM

Multiplayer achievements looking to k=join a party of people
I need nearly all of them so yeah
GT Markusss182182

Comment #16 by ethan82
Thursday, July 28, 2011 @ 04:25:22 PM

Wanna boost this achievement. GT: Dark Ethan

Comment #17 by XxRoll14MexX214
Saturday, August 06, 2011 @ 01:13:43 AM

Anyone that wants to boost hit me up! My GT is my user name on here. I need all the multiplayer achievements for gears of war 1 and 2. I'm trying to get them all before gears of war 3 comes out of course ha but yeah just hit me up!!!!

Comment #18 by DairLicous
Monday, September 05, 2011 @ 06:03:54 PM

I want to boost this and many other online achievements, add me/invite me.

Comment #19 by MajesticJell0
Monday, September 05, 2011 @ 07:39:00 PM

Looking for help with this, and all the weapon achieves. hit me up!

Comment #20 by Xx Dead Stealth xX
Saturday, September 10, 2011 @ 09:23:19 AM

Going for all weapon achivements msg me

Comment #21 by THE MAN SHEEP
Monday, September 12, 2011 @ 10:46:05 AM

would need 5 or 7 players to get all the achievements


Comment #22 by ed85
Friday, September 16, 2011 @ 10:01:59 AM

looking to boost i got 3 ppl right now msg me

GT: eddieuzumaki85

Comment #23 by Dante L2A2
Sunday, September 25, 2011 @ 03:55:00 PM

Need all the online achievements. if you are boosting let me know
GamerTag= Dante L2A2

Comment #24 by Superman56ace
Monday, December 12, 2011 @ 10:53:26 PM

Hey im looking to boost for this an other online achievements let me know my gt is superman561

Comment #25 by ashleypegler
Monday, January 09, 2012 @ 06:58:40 AM

looking to get cheevos the lot basically
add me : ashleypegler

Comment #26 by firefreakms80
Thursday, January 12, 2012 @ 12:33:24 AM

Looking for players to boost these kind of achievements with. Message me if your interested. GT Firefreakms80

Comment #27 by ernestolefty
Monday, February 06, 2012 @ 12:12:35 AM

hey anybody wanna boost this and other ranked kills achievements hit me up.. got a party going on already but more ppl are welcome provided they got mics and are not underage..

Comment #28 by K dot C man
Thursday, March 08, 2012 @ 12:54:26 PM

looking to boost all weapon achievements add me: K dot C man

Comment #29 by F4NTOM4S
Saturday, April 07, 2012 @ 11:10:04 PM

I'm down for boosting multiplayer achivements GT:F4NTOM4S

Comment #30 by Dani Is Legit
Monday, April 09, 2012 @ 11:02:06 PM

Anyone wanna boost all 100 kills achievements and revive 100 teammates achievement? Looking for 5 other players and all will boost all weapon achievements, feel free to message me

Gamertag: Dani Is Legit

Comment #31 by XeroInfinity
Monday, April 23, 2012 @ 10:49:22 PM

Will help boost with this, all weapon cheves, and anything else online.

GT: XeroInfinity

Comment #32 by xTheGameHunterx
Tuesday, June 26, 2012 @ 03:23:04 PM

i need help and I can gladly help back, hit me up Gamertag: xTheGameHunterx

Comment #33 by Aversion
Friday, July 06, 2012 @ 08:24:55 AM

Looking to boost this and ''I spy with my Little Eye'' achievement

GT: Aversion X


Please tell me which game you want to get the achievements for when messaging me.

Comment #34 by UltraMan Oden
Sunday, July 15, 2012 @ 08:19:25 AM

Willing to boost this and all other online cheevos.

Comment #35 by SSJCoble7
Monday, July 30, 2012 @ 10:20:38 PM

hey i need to boost this and all other multiplayer achievements. if anyone is up to it message me. thanks
gt SSJCoble7

Comment #36 by 515
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 @ 02:22:53 AM

I am willing to boost this with anyone. Gamertag is Matty515

Comment #37 by ernestolefty
Monday, August 27, 2012 @ 10:18:14 AM

having a boosting session for revives with weapon kills next month, on EXECUTION, pls get in touch if interested.. boosting time '7pm gmt to 12 pm-2am gmt'. pls note this is note a SERIOUSLY boosting session, only ranked weapon kills and with exception of curbstomp, all kills will be done on EXECUTION ONLY. do hit me up if ur intrested. GT- ernestolefty.

Comment #38 by Leeds
Friday, October 12, 2012 @ 07:53:56 AM

im interested in this and other ranked achvs GT LeedsPro

Comment #39 by G3AR5 1988
Sunday, November 11, 2012 @ 10:38:53 AM

i need the ranked match achievements, got 2 others so need 3 people then we can help each other out add me G3AR5 1988 let me know its for gears of war 1

Comment #40 by Ronni3 Williams
Sunday, December 02, 2012 @ 03:33:36 PM

I got Two xboxes with two profiles so any one serious about boosting hit me up. I'm serious about this!!!

Comment #41 by Andy YNWA
Thursday, February 07, 2013 @ 08:59:44 AM

@40 still looking for these? cant find your gamertag on xbox live.

Comment #42 by RAAM and Me
Monday, February 11, 2013 @ 07:13:46 PM

Boostin ALL achievements, send me a message on my account if you're interested

GT: RAAM and Me

Comment #43 by RAAM and Me
Friday, March 22, 2013 @ 10:28:24 PM

Please don't send me anymore messages about boosting I'm done with it, thanks.

Comment #44 by MITCHYSLICC
Wednesday, April 03, 2013 @ 01:53:23 AM

I need all ranked achievements, GT Palmz41

Comment #45 by xZOMB1E KILL4x
Saturday, July 06, 2013 @ 12:40:11 PM

i need allllllllll the online ones and im willing to help in return!!!!! :3 message me with a GOW1 so i can know (: GT: xZOMB1E KILL4x

Comment #46 by A Real Psycho
Saturday, November 30, 2013 @ 05:27:12 AM

going to boost all online achievements. looking for people to help and boost everything. will to help and need help with everything. message on xbox we can do everything is cpl days in different times.

GT: DarkShadow ohh

Comment #47 by Angryman5000
Thursday, December 05, 2013 @ 10:39:36 PM

down to boost GT masked Hysteric

Comment #48 by noobsplayingblackops
Friday, December 06, 2013 @ 01:54:40 PM

we have some players msg or add Gt: DactylicBeast

Comment #49 by Forsaken Reign
Saturday, December 07, 2013 @ 06:45:53 PM

Looking to boost these acheivements
Gt: Forsaken Reign

Comment #50 by j born 737
Thursday, December 19, 2013 @ 04:48:53 AM

Online now if you want to boost for it add or
MSG me on xbl GT- j born 737

Comment #51 by noobsplayingblackops
Wednesday, December 25, 2013 @ 04:50:33 PM

I don't need this but i'll help ppl who need it if they help me Gt: DactylicBeast

Comment #52 by Rekuchigo
Monday, January 20, 2014 @ 01:44:09 AM

looking to boost all MP achievements, message me if interested, GT: SlayingUrchin3

Comment #53 by JB2The6thPower
Wednesday, February 26, 2014 @ 10:36:35 AM

Still tryin' to get all mP chievs, so msg me & We kan help eachother out. GT: JB2tha6thPower

Comment #54 by khangkiller
Thursday, April 17, 2014 @ 08:35:36 PM

need help with online achievements. gt khangkiller

Comment #55 by paul greg indy2
Friday, October 31, 2014 @ 12:21:53 PM

Hi my GT is paul greg indy2. I need help with online achievements.

Comment #56 by The Metal Serge
Thursday, November 06, 2014 @ 01:17:22 AM

I need 5 people to finish some MP achievement. Will help with anything else you need.
Please responsable and constand people if not dont bother.
My GT: The Metal Serge.

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