Generator Rex: Agent of Providence

Generator Rex: Agent of Providence Achievement Guide

Guide By: John Januarius
There are 44 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 
- Offline: 44/44 (1000/1000)
- Online: 0/44 (0/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 10008-9 hours (Maybe more or less depending on how good you are at Rex Ride and Sky Diving and how lucky you are with DNA samples).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (Campaign and Agent Six Time Trials) + Mop Up.
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: "Deep Sea Rescue" (May need to replay level to obtain).
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None.


Generator Rex: Agent of Providence is based on the Cartoon Network show created by Man of Action. Many of the achievements are either story based or obtaining through killing a certain number of enemies. Most of the others are for collectibles or doing particularly well on certain portions of the game. There are a few other miscellaneous achievements, but these should not pose much of a problem.

Step 1: Campaign:
You’ll get the majority of your achievements here. Make sure you know where collectibles are (the only one that could really give you trouble is the one in Pocket Dimension) and know how to do the certain sections perfectly (you might just want to practice those a few times). Otherwise, just play through the game. 

Step 2: Agent Six Time Trials:
There are three achievements for the Time Trials, but certain achievements will also be easier now that you have more upgrades. Stone Cutter is an example of this, as your upgraded omega energy will allow you to use omega builds as soon as Quarry jumps down each time. Just make sure you know where to go and you should not have a problem with the time trials.

Step 3: Mop-Up:
Not every achievement fits neatly into Campaign or Time Trials, so you may have some left to get at this point. Most of these would likely just be either do something in combat a certain number of times or collect all the DNA samples, both of which you'll get eventually if you just keep fighting enemies.

All in all, Generator Rex is an easy 1K, and an enjoyable one if you are a fan of the show.


[x360a would like to thank John Januarius for this Roadmap]

Recover the Funchucks in Hong Kong    


You’ll get this after climbing the elevator in Hong Kong.

Bad Axes!15
Acquire The Bad Axes    


You’ll get these shortly after entering the Petting Zoo (Providence).

Blast Caster!15
Acquire The Blast Caster    


You’ll get these shortly after defeating Biowulf in Aquania.

Agent Of Providence60
Finish The Campaign    


You’ll get this after the credits end or after you press start to skip them.

Nanite Hacker15
Gather All Computer Info From Dr. Rylander's Lab   (2) 

There are six of these hidden throughout the Jungle level (the big computers don’t count). The only one you might have trouble with is the one while the boulder is rolling towards you. Run down at first and once it passes, go back up and break the barrier. Just keep a close eye out for the blue computer screens. Also, don't activate the big computer at the end until you get the small computers for this achievement that are in the room.

Get The First Item Of Rex's Past   

See “Get Your Scrapbook Ready” for more details.

Get Your Scrapbook Ready30
Collect All Items Of Rex's Past    

There are two memories in the hub world and one in each level after that, except Sky Diving and Rex Ride.


Soccer Ball: After killing a bunch of wolf/dog evos and 3 ranged guys, you’ll walk up a flight of stairs. Before jumping through the broken window, break the door.

Providence (Hub World): 

Prom Photo: In Holiday’s lab, look in the upper right corner.

“Evo Guys” Poster: In Caesar’s lab/Command Center, stay on the top level and go all the way to the right.


High-Tech Rubik’s Cube: After fighting the spiders for the first time, continue straight instead of turning right. You’ll have to jump over a gap to get this. 

Hong Kong 

Video Journal: As soon as the level starts, you’ll be able to break a window on the left wall. After going through here, you can break a cracked wall, and the journal is back here.

Providence (Level):

Newspaper Clipping: Right after saving Holiday, you’ll go through a door. Afterwards, this is in plain sight and practicably unmissable on the left wall.


Lucha Libre Mask: After destroying the hives, you’ll walk up a winding ramp towards an eye. Ignore the eye and continue to the right. 

Pocket Dimension 

Accordion: This one is the easiest to miss. When you need to repair the generator for the traffic lights, there is a yellow light on the right side. Go through here to find it.


Hong Kong Kids Photo: After an area where you fight one of the tree guys, you’ll break down a gate and go inside. There will be a bunch of small platforms making up a right and left path. Take the left path and you’ll find it.

First Step To The Date15
Collect The 1st Sample For Doctor Holiday   

See “Date With Doc” for more details.

Starting in the Jungle, enemies will start to occasionally drop DNA samples.

Impressing Doctor Holiday15
Collect All The Samples Of Any 2 EVOs   

See “Date With Doc” for more details.

Date With Doc30
Collect All The Samples For Doctor Holiday   (1) 

This will most likely be one of the last, if not the last, achievement you get in the game.You can check with Doctor Holiday at any time to check on how many you still need, and if you pause the game in any level, the pause menu will show what enemies are available in that level. You’ll probably have to do a lot of grinding to get this one, as canister bots, rhinors, and eye bogs are scarce throughout the game.

Getting Stronger...15
Purchase An Upgrade   

You’ll be able to purchase upgrades once you talk to Caesar.
See “Master of Machines” for more details.

Master Of Machines20
Purchase All Upgrades   

There are five upgrade categories: Health, Smack Hands, BFS, Slam Cannon, and Omega Builds. Each category has three upgrades, which always cost 1500, 2000, and 3000. This totals 32500 that you’ll need, but you should have enough or almost enough by the time you complete the main story and if you don’t have enough, you’ll have to replay the game for Six’s challenges anyway.

All Boxed Up15
Open 30 Supply Boxes   

These are the white boxes that give you money or health. Some are better hidden than others, but if you keep an eye out, you should be able to get this by Aquania.

Bleach Protocol15
Defeat 200 Enemies   

Simply defeat 200 enemies. You should have this by the third or fourth level.

Feeling Punchy?30
Defeat 100 Enemies With The Smack Hands   

See “M. Rex” for more details.

Slice N' Dice30
Defeat 100 Enemies With The BFS   

See “M. Rex” for more details.

Blaster Master30
Defeat 100 Enemies With The Slam Cannon   

See “M. Rex” for more details.

Bustin' Some Punks30
Defeat 100 Enemies With The Punk Busters   (1) 

See “M. Rex” for more details.

M. Rex15
Defeat 100 Enemies With Omega Builds   

The Smack Hands, BFS, and Slam Cannon are the weapons you start out with. The Punk Busters are the robot legs you only get to use during certain portions (There is an 30 enemy spawn area in Hong Kong where you get to use them, and just reload the checkpoint if necessary (credit to spockroxfaces)). The Omega Builds are the blue super weapons that you need to charge up. Just use other attacks until you can use these in a large area.

Killer Combo15
Get A 20 Hit Combo   

See “Ultra Combo” for more details.

The earliest place you can get this (but not Ultra Combo) is the Mexico level. Many enemies will come at you after you killed two ranged guys. Use the BFS.

Ultra Combo60
Get A 60 Hit Combo   

A great place to do this is on the third level (the jungle) when the crab guys continuously respawn. Equip the BFS and start attacking.

Too Easy15
Beat One Agent Six Time Challenge Level   

See “Better Than Six” for more details.

The Time Trials can be accessed by going left from the room you start in (your left looking at the screen, but Rex's actual right). Agent Six is in a green suit. Talk to him until he let's you do the trials.

Call That A Challenge?30
Beat Any One Agent Six Time Challenge In Under 10 Mins.   (1) 

This one you can pretty much only get in Aquania. Make sure to use omega builds (you need to use the whip-credit to on Biowulf and the Octo-Brain whenever possible, and you should have no problem. After defeating the Octo-Brain, it is important to note that the cutscene where Breach pulls you into her pocket dimension does add about 15 seconds onto your time. 

In Abyssus, if you quit to the dashboard, the timer will reset but place you where you were in the level (credit to and Tyger7)

The glitch may happen possibly in other random worlds. The last level as also glitched and stayed at 0 time after a death and reload. Not 100% certain on if it's luck or can be forced.

Better Than Six60
Beat All Agent Six Time Challenges   

Simply complete all of the time trials. As long as you know how to get through the levels (or take advantage of some of this guide’s info) you should have no trouble completing any of the time trials.

And Away They Go!15
Knock 20 EVOs Out Of The World   

This is easiest to do in Breach’s Pocket Dimension. At the moving platform in the beginning, lure some enemies to the edge, and then kick them off. It’s that simple. You can also reload the checkpoint to get more kills (credit to spockroxfaces).

Human Bullet40
Collect All The Nanites And Do Not Get Hurt In Sky Diving   (1) 

This one is easy until you get to the three lasers. The first one you can easily avoid by moving left. Return to the center. The second one you need to move to the upright corner. One blue evo will reach you here, so be ready for him. Return to the center and smack one blue evo. Before the laser arrives, move to the bottom left. Carefully dodge the red evo and then circle counter-clockwise around the laser, avoiding the other evos to get the achievement. Blue evos will give you nanites, but you only need to get the loose nanites at the beginning.

Radical Rex Ride!40
Kill All EVOs And Take No Damage In Rex Ride   (1) 

While the achievement says to kill all evos, I got the achievement on a run through where I’m pretty sure I missed more than half of them. Focus on dodging the obstacles and shoot the enemies when the road is clear.

Collateral Damage20
Indirectly Defeat 30 EVOs   (1) 

If you don’t have this by the time you’re done with the time trials, replay either Hong Kong or Pocket dimension and at the boss fight keep luring common enemies into the falling trucks.

Escape Artist15
Successfully Wiggle Free Of 20 Spider Webs Without Taking Damage   

When the spider evos glow blue at the mouth, which means that they are going to shoot a web at you. Let them and then rotate the left stick to escape. Repeat 19 more times. If you don’t have this by the end of the time trials, you can easily get a few on the Jungle Level, since you’ll probably have to replay that a lot to get canister bot DNA samples anyway.

Secret Achievements
Rev Your Engine!15
Completed The Rex Ride Sequence     


You’ll get this at the end of level 4: Rex Ride.

Omega Victory15
Defeated Giant Van Kleiss    


This is the final boss in Abysus. Shoot his face until he falls over and then punch him repeatedly or hit him with the omega builds.

Out Of Pocket15
Defeated Breach     


You’ll fight Breach at the end of her Pocket Dimension. Avoid her attacks and kill the common enemies so they aren’t in the way. If you stay close to the center, and walk towards her when she pops up, she'll be less likely to do her ranged attack. You have to destroy her dolls to damage her. Blocking and dodging are your best friends in this fight.

Deep Sea Rescue15
Cured Aquania     


You’ll get this after killing the octo-brain. Kill the common enemies to get energy and unleash your omega builds on the boss. Make sure to avoid the spikes that come up.

Note: This has been glitchy for some people and has not unlocked on the first playthrough. It will hopefully unlock on the second playthrough.

I Hate That Bunny15
Defeated The EVO Death Bunny     


This is the boss fight on the Jungle level. Dodge when he claws at you and jump when he slams to the ground. After slamming three times in a row, he'll become vulnerable to your attacks.

Not Just A Pretty Face15
Solved The Puzzle In The Temple     


You’ll get this in the Jungle level. The combination is: yellow, green, red, blue.

Defeated The Multi-Head EVO     


This is the first boss and it’s very easy. Shoot at him from a distance and dodge his attacks until he falls over and you can hit him repeatedly.

Threading The Needle15
Successfully Flew Through The Circular Debris While Sky Diving    

This one you can get at the start of the game. During the freefall section, a lot of debris will begin to come at you after the ship is blown up. There will be a massive piece of circular debris in the middle. It’s hard to avoid.

Training Complete15
Completed The Tutorial In Mexico     


After completing sky-diving, the game will begin to teach you the basics of combat. Simply defeat these few enemies and you'll get the achievement.

Encountered Circe     


This unlocks at the beginning of Rex Ride. During the cutscene, Circe will pass you and you'll get the achievement.

Big Bad Wolf15
Defeated Biowulf     

You’ll beat this guy halfway through Aquania. Dodge his claws and then activate an omega build to defeat him quickly.

Van Kleiss!15
Defeated Van Kleiss In Providence     


This is the boss at the end of the Providence level. Kill the common enemies to gain enough energy to use an omega build and then use that on Van Kleiss.

Damsel In Distress15
Saved Doctor Holiday     


There are a few enemies after obtaining the “Bad Axes” and then you’ll rescue Holiday.

Stone Cutter40
Beat Quarry In 2.5 Mins. Or Less    

Make sure that you start this boss fight with full omega energy. Use your omega builds to hit Quarry, and then turn them off when he jumps away. Use your best standard build to defeat the common enemies, and switch back to omega builds when Quarry returns. You’ll have to be quick about this, as I got it in about 2 minutes, 25 seconds. 

Note: Agent Six Time Trials can give you an estimate of how much time you have left.

Flawless Victory30
Defeated Van Kleiss In Abysus Castle Without Taking Any Damage    (6) 

This is regular Van Kleiss, not Giant Van Kleiss. At the start of the battle make sure you have full omega energy and your best omega build equipped. Unleash your omega build on him until he jumps to a higher ledge. He’ll start shooting projectiles three waves at a time. Stay at the back of the stage and maneuver through his projectiles. When he takes a short break, shoot at him with the Slam Cannon. This will cause him to eventually come back down. If you have enough omega energy, finish him off. If not, avoid his attacks and kill the crab guys until you have enough.

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