Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Achievements

Solo champion (Multiplayer)

Climb to the top of the solo leaderboard  

What you need!:

1xGold profile (your main account)
1xFriend or second account
1xSecond Controller (if friend not available)

Optional Extras

Up to 2 more friends or additional profiles and as many controllers as needed.

How to Achieve it!

Firstly, I am writing this as if you are just starting out (if you have already had a go don't worry, just carry on from where you are).

Now you must decide which leaderboard to go for first! I will use Solo for this guide (just switch it over to do team).

Step 1

Select Solo Elimination (ranked) map etc is up to you.

Step 2

Once the game has started, wait 30 seconds before getting your friend/secondary account to kill themselves, you must wait 30 seconds or more before the server will recognise the game officially.

Step 3

Now continue this process till your main account is level 4 and your friends/secondary is level 1. This can take upto 4 hours.

Step 4

Exit the game and check the solo leaderboards, scroll from your name up, if your account is the highest possible level 4 then skip the next step, if not.....

Step 5

Go back into the game and repeat 10 more times, then check the leaderboards. Rinse and repeat until you are as close to the highest 4 as possible.

Step 6

Now do not play again in solo until you have completed the next 2 steps, as the matches will not count, when you are beating someone 4 levels or more below you, you get next to no points.

Step 7

Okay so you have reached your first goal of being 4 levels higher, now for the de-ranking. If you wish to Play it yourself it will take 4 hours or you can use a Sneaky trick and let the 360 do the work while you sleep/go to work etc!

Play it yourself

Set up team elimination and then have your main account commit suicide until it is level 1 and your secondary is level 4 (Remember to wait 30 seconds before you do this!)

Sneaky trick

Set up team territory,type custom game,set to 1 base and respawns off,turn on helicopters,and set auto launch at 30 secs, the tag you wish to win must be controller 1, start the game and let the helicopter do the work.

Step 8

Finally rinse and repeat the above steps and eventually solo will be yours.

Step 9

For team just reverse the method and hey presto achievement unlocked!


Now if you are using more than 1 secondary account, when you de-rank in team, put all your extra accounts on 1 team so at the end you will have 2-3 level 4 accounts.

If you wish, you can run your solo game twice, taking your main account from a level 1 to a level 4. Then put it up against a level 4 again and you will have a main account level 6 your secondary account at level 2.

This is were having multiple accounts can get confusing, but if you can get your head around it then your quest, to be top of a leaderboard will be faster. Now at this point if you have followed my example you will have the following (based on 3 secondary accounts).

Main - Level 6
1 Secondary - Level 4
2 Secondary - Level 2
3 Secondary - Level 1

Take your level 2 play to win againt your level 1 making a level 4 and a level 1.

So your accounts will be

Main - Level 6
1 Secondary - Level 4
2 Secondary - Level 4
3 Secondary - Level 1

Play the 2 level fours together getting a level 6 and a level 2

Main - Level 6
1 Secondary - Level 6
2 Secondary - Level 2
3 Secondary - Level 1

Play the 2 level sixes together, your main account to win!

Then play the level 1 vs level 2 getting a Level 4 and Level 1.

Main - Level -8
1 Secondary - Level 6
2 Secondary - Level 4
3 Secondary - Level 1

Now de-rank your level 8 against your level 1 leaving you with:

Main - Level 4
1 Secondary - Level 6
2 Secondary - Level 4
3 Secondary - Level 4

Now play your main level 4 aginst another level 4 getting:

Main - Level 6
1 Secondary - Level 6
2 Secondary - Level 4
3 Secondary - Level 2

You can see the process required; rinse and repeat.

If you wish to get universal you will need 3-4 friends with 4 accounts each. You will need alot of co-ordination to get there, but it is worth it.

Follow the above steps but when each individuals main account is at level 8 get them to play aginst each other, this will give you two level 10 accounts and two level 6 accounts, you can see where this is going so rinse and repeat until you are the world number 1.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Battletick
Tuesday, January 25, 2011 @ 04:58:33 PM

What's this for? Number 1# in multiplayer worldwide, or just 1# among your
friends? I'm sort of confused.

Comment #2 by Section8uk
Sunday, January 30, 2011 @ 05:19:51 PM

It's #1 in worldwide solo multiplayer i.e. free-for-all. Basically impossible unless you invest a million hours into boosting. Same goes for the Team Champion achievement. Ubisoft did a leaderboard reset in november 2010 which went a bit wrong IIRC. End of the day this is just a MASSIVE time sink.

Comment #3 by A 1971 Mach 1
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 @ 06:35:41 AM

Not a million hours. So far I have invested over 400 Hours. As of RIGHT NOW I have World Champion and I am #2 on the Solo Board. Estimate approximately 600-800 Hours for boosting all 3 leaderboards. Not as bad as some others. (i.e. Gears 2 rank 100 without xp events, 10th prestige in CoD games, Seriously in GoW 1) There are some achievements that may take the same amount of time....

Comment #4 by hardcoreboi83
Saturday, June 25, 2011 @ 06:23:21 PM

hey i don't play online games that much but need some achievements help, if you can help please send me a message.

Comment #5 by xXDrazharXx
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 @ 08:45:22 PM


Comment #6 by Craiglionheart
Thursday, May 03, 2012 @ 04:51:37 AM

achievements like this should not be allowed....

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