G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (PAL)

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (PAL) Achievement Guide

Guide By: FalseHope4829
There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 
- Offline: 43/43 (1000/1000)
- Online: 0/50 (0/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 100010-15 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 and level replay.
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: A second controller.


Welcome to the roadmap for G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra. This game is a pretty linear third person shooter, where you can play as a vast array of characters from the G.I. Joe world. It is not the worst game around, and has some fun if repetitive gameplay. Most of the achievements are easy enough and shouldn't give the average gamer many problems.

Step 1:
Before you start you will want to unlock the secret characters. At the main menu press  to unlock Classic Duke and  for Classic Scarlett.

Next start playing through the game. Play through on Hardcore difficulty as this will enable you to get higher scores throughout the levels, and also to work towards Hardcore G.I. Joe. 
Make sure however that when you do the missions where you fight Shadow Storm, change the difficulty down to easy so you can definitely beat him. You can then replay after on Hardcore. These missions are as follows:

  • Arctic: Deckhouse Six
  • Desert: Robot
  • Jungle: Sludge

Use the collectible guide found here to make sure you get all the intels and contacts, and also drive and operate the turrets in all vehicles. A list of their locations is found here. To switch between driving the vehicle and operating the turrets hit . Drive and fire them all for "Gimme The Keys" and "Turret Syndrome."
There are also achievements for completing missions with two of a particular type of soldier, so keep an eye on them as you could get some of them done during your playthrough.

After completing all the missions you will have the following achievements:

  • "Baroness"
  • "Destro"
  • "Firefly"
  • "Storm Shattered"
  • "Arctic Completed"
  • "Desert Completed"
  • "Jungle Completed"
  • "M.A.S.S. Destruction"
  • "Code Cracker"
  • "Lost Keys"
  • "Nimble Access"
  • "Acceleration Celebration"
  • "Strike Commander"
  • "Strike Lieutenant" (These two are for the satellite strike minigames. You may have to go back to these as they can be pretty tough

And if you got all the collectables you will have:

  • "Half The Battle"
  • "File-o-phile"
  • "Classified"
  • "Lost & Found"

Step 2:
There are a few achievements you will need a second controller for. Do 10 barrel rolls in unison for "Double Barrel Roll" and play through a whole mission targeting the same enemy with both controllers over 50% of the time for the "No "I" In Team" achievement. You will also get It "Takes Two" for finishing a co-op mission.

Mop Up:
The mop up on this game will require a running through a few levels. Go back to any levels you didn't get the max rank, to gain more battle points. Once you have at least 130 you will unlock "Battle Master." You will also most likely need some of the achievements for completing levels with different Joe combos, and maybe for completing a mission without going man down or with just melee kills. You could just run through mission two over and over to make it go quicker. 
Also, don't forget to spend all of your battle points to unlock all of the character for 3 achievements worth 75

This is a fun little game, don't get me wrong it is not the greatest but will keep you entertained for a while. Some of the missions are pretty tough for a game aimed at kids, so the challenge will ensure you don't get too bored. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle!


[x360a would like to thank Corrupt x360a for this Roadmap]

Defeat Baroness (P1 only)    

Arctic Arsenal Boss. You fight her at the end of the Rocket House mission. Just shoot her until she dies. You will have to kill off waves of enemies in between, to make this easier take cover behind the barriers at the bottom of the screen.

Defeat Destro (P1 only)    

Jungle Fuel Boss. You fight him at the end of the Primal shrine mission. He has times of invulnerability (shield), just keep moving and stay away from the bombs that he shoots up while behind his shield.

Defeat Firefly (P1 only)    

Desert Jewel boss. You fight him in the Apep mission. Just keep shooting, every so often you will have to shoot the two charging towers to keep the giant ruby from killing you. Do that then kill off the lesser enemies.

Storm Shattered25
Defeat Storm Shadow in all three secret arenas (P1 only)   


He is the easiest boss. Keep circling around him till he dies, once you defeat him at all 3 areas he is available to purchase (15 bp) You can find the secret arenas (behind the blue class doors) at:

  • Arctic: Deckhouse Six
  • Desert: Robot
  • Jungle: Sludge
Strike Commander50
Defeat every wave in all Satellite Strike mini-games (P1 only)   


You may want to have a friend help you with this. In select missions you get a chance to use a satellite laser to kill enemies/defend a certain object/ prevent them crossing a line. They come in waves (of up to 5), in both the Arctic and Jungle levels, this just involves killing all the enemies with the laser while protecting a certain item (it has its own life bar).

In the Desert mission however it gets a little tricky. You must prevent no more than 4 enemies from crossing a large line at the bottom of the screen. If 5 get across you fail the wave and the mini game ends. This is difficult because they just barrage you with tanks on Wave 5. The AI is somewhat useless so a friend is essential for this. If both lasers shoot down on the same part it creates a massive blast that can wipe out a tank in a second. The satellite mini games are located under:

  • Arctic: Cliff's Edge
  • Desert: Rise
  • Jungle: Primal Shrine
Strike Lieutenant25
Defeat every wave in one Satellite Strike mini-game (P1 only)   

See "Strike Commander."

Battle Master75
Collect and spend all 130 possible Battle Points (P1 only)   

Essentially beat every single mission getting the highest rank (G.I. Joe) on at least Advanced Mode. You cannot obtain the highest rank on Casual Mode. Get as many multipliers as possible, kill all enemies, take little damage, juggle enemies (see "Launch Money"), shoot all point orbs. Also you must find all contacts (Cobra and Joes) and purchase them.

Hack 'n Slash20
Finish a level using only melee attacks on ground troops (P1 only)   (1) 

Load up the first mission and don't shoot any ground troops (humans). Do this on Casual, do not switch characters. When it's time to shoot a turret be careful not to shoot any group troops. You must finish the level for this to count.

Sloppy Joe10
Achieve the worst rank on a level without going Man Down (P1 only)   

Get the Sloppy Joe Rank, which means get below a certain point threshold. I personally recommend Desert: Rise. (less than 180,000 points). It's a very quick 2 checkpoint mission and you can get through the mission without having to kill anything. The trick to this is just barrel roll around (Any direction with the  and simultaneously) and avoid enemies. Do not kill any enemies. Do not pick up points orbs (the cubes).

You should only have to kill the plane and the waves of enemies involved in that fight. All others can be avoided (even during the launch game). If your guy gets low on health, switch out to the other character who has full health. You CANNOT die even once or it will negate the achievement (going "Man Down" is a fancy word for dying). Technically this can be done on any mission, just some are easier than others. But the basic strategy still stands.

Man Up20
Complete a Jungle or Tundra mission without going Man Down (P1 only)   

Beat a mission in either of those areas without dying. If you are having a hard time do it on Casual.

No "I" in Team20
Complete mission with higher than 50% Dual Targeting kills (P1 only)   

You need a second controller and a friend. When both yourself and your friend are locked onto a target, the marker with the enemies health bar above their head will turn gold. That means that you both are targeting the same enemy. Kill more than 50% enemies in a level like that. Easiest done on the first mission on Casual.

Half the Battle10
Collect 50% of all File Cards (P1 only)    

See "File-o-phile."

Collect all File Cards (P1 only)    

You have to complete the mission for the Intel/file to count. Use the following guide to find all the Intel.

Intel Collectible Guide

Collect all Intel Cards (P1 only)    

See "File-O-Phile."

Lost & Found25
Collect all G.I. JOE Contacts (P1 only)    


This is deceptive. You must collect all contacts (Joe and Cobra) before you start a mission, you can look at the area that describes the mission. The emblems which are dog tags are for contacts. If it says 0/1 next to it then there is a contact in that mission that you must get. There are also contacts in the bonus missions so collect Intel Files to access those missions.

The Contacts are as follows:

  • Duke
  • Scarlett
  • Heavy Duty
  • Ripcord
  • Gung Ho
  • Snake Eyes
  • Backblast
  • Agent Helix
  • Shipwreck
  • Beachhead
  • Kamakura
  • SGT. Flash
  • Duke (Classic)
  • Scarlett (Classic)
  • Storm Shadow
  • Baroness
  • Firefly
  • Destro
Pick up all three types of Point Multipliers in one mission (P1 only)   

As you kill enemies, huge point emblems pop on the screen with 2x, 3x, and 5x on them. Collect all 3 in one mission. In order to get 5x you have to not get hit and kill 12-15 enemies in a row.

Arctic Completed50
Complete all Arctic missions (P1 only)   


Simply beat all Arctic missions on any difficulty.

  • Foundation
  • Genesis
  • Deckhouse Six
  • Cliff's Edge
  • Rocket House
  • Arctic Ooze: Bonus Alpha
Desert Completed50
Complete all Desert missions (P1 only)   


Beat all Desert missions on any difficulty

  • Arrival
  • Rise
  • Robot
  • Storm
  • Apep
  • Desert Elements: Bonus Delta
Jungle Completed50
Complete all Jungle missions (P1 only)   


Beat all Jungle missions on any difficulty.

  • Fever
  • Sludge
  • Countdown
  • Primal Shrine
  • Jungle Stockade: Bonus Sigma
M.A.S.S. Destruction50
Destroy the M.A.S.S. Device (P1 only)    

Beat the game on any difficulty. Playing through the game on a harder difficulty may take longer but this will unlock once you complete the game either way.

Yo Joe!10
Purchase two G.I. JOE contacts (P1 only)   

You are forced to buy Heavy Duty, so that's one. Then just buy another Joe when you unlock them.

All G.I. JOE Contacts50
Purchase all G.I. JOE contacts (P1 only)   

Unlock and buy all Joe affiliated contacts. You are going to need 100 bp to do so.

Combat Rock10
Complete a mission using only Combat class characters (P1 only)   

Pick 2 Combat class characters. Use Duke and Classic Duke since they are free, but any combat class characters will work. Beat a level without using the M.A.S.S. pods to switch out characters. Other Combat characters: Duke, Ripcord, Shipwreck, Beachhead, Classic Duke, and Firefly.

Enter this code at the main menu to unlock Classic Duke:
Classic Duke: 

Go Commando10
Complete a mission using only Commando class characters (P1 only)   

Pick Scarlett and Classic Scarlett since they are free, but any commando class characters work. Beat a mission without using the M.A.S.S. pods to switch characters.
Other Commando class characters: Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Agent Helix, Kamakura, Classic Scarlett, Storm Shadow, and Baroness.

Enter this code at the main menu to unlock Classic Scarlett:
Classic Scarlett: 

Bevvy o' Heavy10
Complete a mission using only Heavy class characters (P1 only)   

Beat a mission using any combination of Heavy class characters (Heavy Duty, Gung Ho, Backblast, SGT. Flash, or Destro). Without switching out characters using the M.A.S.S. pods.

Girls Night Out10
Complete any mission using female characters only (P1 only)   

Beat a mission using only females. Pick Scarlett and Classic Scarlett since they are free. You can pick any females however (Scarlett, Classic Scarlett, Agent Helix, or Baroness). Just be sure not to use the M.A.S.S. pods to switch to a male character.

Enter this code at the main menu to unlock Classic Scarlett:
Classic Scarlett: 

Gimme The Keys10
Drive every G.I. JOE vehicle in the game (P1 only)    

Look for the glowing green laser circles on the ground that allow you to summon a vehicle. Much the same as air support. Get in and drive. Do not forget to use your alternative fire, Press  and then hit  to switch characters and hit  again. They are 2 separate weapons. This is important for Turret Syndrome.

Vehicle List And Locations:

Snow Cat - Arctic: Genesis
Towards the end of the 3rd checkpoint. Automatically drops down in front of the large base that Stalker tells you to blow up the towers/generators.

???- Arctic: Ooze (Bonus Mission)
Go through the initial area, blowing up the two generators. Once you blow up the generators a gate will open up at the end of the area. Go through the gate and you will see a glowing green circle. Enter it and press .

Runner - Desert: Arrival
Right in front of you at the start of the mission.

Cougar - Desert: Arrival
At the start of the 3rd checkpoint there will be a green glowing circle. Enter it and press  .

Armored Panther - Desert: Rise
At the beginning of the second checkpoint, go through the first large gate. You will now face 2 turrets, one on each side, and a few of those human sized robots. Once you defeat them walk through the open area ( the path between the 2 turrets) and at the upper left hand side of your screen you will see that oh so familiar glowing green circle. If you are having a hard time, there is a small bunker to your immediate left after you pass the turrets, it's to the left of that bunker. Enter it and press .

Tiger Cat - Desert: Bonus Delta
Play through the level as you normally would. Once you fight the robot enemy (one that can only be shot in the back), you will go through a tunnel. The end of the tunnel will be blocked by rocks but soon opened up by a Mole Pod. As soon as you exit the tunnel you will see a glowing green circle in front of you. That's air support. Off to your left will be another glowing green circle, enter it and press .

Mobat - Jungle: Primal Shrine
Drops down at the very start of the mission.

Armored Panther - Tundra: COBRA Island
Immediately at the beginning of the level. Just enter the glowing green circle and press .

Mobat - Tundra: Cryodome
Right in front of you at the start of the mission.

Be sure to finish the missions so driving/firing the turrets counts.

Code Cracker10
Gain access to a Combat Soldier Class Ability door (P1 only)   

Simply open up one of the special "Blue" doors. There are 3 different kinds of doors, one for each character class. Usually one per level and somewhere near the door is a green M.A.S.S. pod that allows you to switch out characters in-game.

So if you see either the blue door or the pod, the other is typically in the general area (95% of the time). That is important not only for spotting these secret doors but in case you went with a class of character that cannot open up the door in that level, you can switch him/her out for one that can.

The Combat Soldier class door has a computer panel on it, use Duke or another combat class character to open it.

Nimble Access10
Gain access to a Commando Class Ability door (P1 only)   

See "Code Cracker."

The Commando class door is the blue door that has a round vent opening above it that a commando class character can climb up through.

Lost Keys10
Gain access to a Heavy Class Ability door (P1 only)   

See "Code Cracker."

The Heavy class door is a blue door that appears broken/malfunctioning. Easily fixed since the Heavy class character blows it up with C4.

Turret Syndrome20
Operate the turret in every vehicle in the game (P1 only)   

See "Gimme The Keys."

Double Barrel Roll10
Perform 10 barrel rolls in unison in any level in co-op (P1 only)   (1) 

You need two controllers for this. On both controllers, at the same time push the  any direction on both controllers. Now at the same time, hit . Easier with a friend.

Hardcore G.I. JOE50
Complete every Mission on Hardcore Difficulty (P1 only)    

This is obviously easier said than done, like most achievements involving the hardest difficulty. The Best advice for this would be to not be greedy, take your time and pick off enemies, one by one. Use cover.

If you have someone to help have them help you. If you are getting low on health with 1 character, playing by yourself, switch to the other character and the computer will heal you. Another tip is to use Backblast, his weapon is insanely powerful. He has a flamethrower shotgun for short range that shoots mortars at long range. All of which do tremendous damage.

Higher Score10
Replay a mission and earn a higher score (P1 only)   

Can be done on any mission and on any difficulty, Casual probably being the preferred one though. Play through the mission the first time without picking up any point multipliers, point orbs, and skip some enemies. After completing it, play it again. Kill everything, break all the crates, collect/shoot all point orbs, pick up all point multipliers.

Launch Money10
Launch 50 enemies into the air and kill them (P1 only)   (1) 

This works on nearly all ground troops. Charge up your melee attack by pressing and holding . Joe's arm will glow gold, that tells you that you are good to go. Run up to any ground troop enemy while still holding down that charged up melee and release.

That will launch then into the air. Immediately after, shoot them using the . Don't worry, your character will automatically lock onto the airborne enemy. And then just continue shooting till they are dead. Your shots will keep them suspended in the air until either they die or your shots get interrupted. As a bonus, for every hit on the enemy while in the air, you get an additional 10 points. Repeat this 50 times.

Acceleration Celebration10
Activate the Accelerator Suit three times in any mission (P1 only)   

There is a gold meter at the top and in the middle of the screen that fills up as you kill enemies. Once fully charged it will blink. Just activate the suit 3 times in a level.

Accomplished Mission25
Gain the highest Mission Ranking (P1 only)   

Achieve the "G.I. Joe" rank on any mission. This has to be done on at least Advanced difficulty since Casual will not allow you to attain this rank. Each level has a set amount of points you need obtain to get that rank. Pick up all multipliers, point orbs, kill all enemies, don't die.

It Takes Two10
Complete any mission in 2 player co-op (P1 only)   

There are two ways of doing this. Either just play through a mission with a friend. Or play through a mission and right at the end, hit start on a second controller.

Secret Achievements
Purchase all COBRA characters (P1 only)   

Buy all 4 Cobra characters. This requires you to unlock them. See "Storm Shattered" on how to unlock Storm Shadow. After beating the game there is a bonus mission, beat that mission and you are able to buy Destro, Baroness, and Firefly. That is a total of 60 bp, 15 bp each.

Arishikage Attack10
Complete any mission using Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow (P1 only)   

See "Storm Shattered" on how to unlock Storm Shadow. Beat the bonus Arctic mission Arctic Ooze: Bonus Alpha to unlock Snake Eyes. Buy them and then complete a mission using both at the same time.

Lovers' Quarrel 10
Complete any mission using Baroness and Duke (P1 only)   

You have Duke from the start. "See Cobraaaa!!!" on how to unlock Baroness. Just beat a mission using these 2 at the same time.

The Tables Have Turned10
Complete any Arctic, Desert, or Jungle mission using any COBRA character (P1 only)   

Beat a mission using either Storm Shadow, Baroness, Destro, or Firefly. You don't need to have two Cobra characters in the team you only pick one.

Side Mission Completist20
Complete all Sub-operation Missions (P1 only)   

Side missions are the bonus missions unlocked by finding certain Intel pieces in the levels around each themed area (one per, Arctic, Desert, Jungle). They appear as a gold shield at the bottom of the map. Beat those 3 then after beating the game there is 1 more that unlocks in the Tundra area. Once you have done all 4 the achievement unlocks.

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