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Go Go Break Steady Achievement Guide

Guide By: Seankichu
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

All City Champ20
Complete the "All City Tournament". 
Simply complete all 30 levels of “All City Tournament” mode. This only needs to be done on one of the three difficulties so you don’t have to do medium and hard, just focus on easy (you can cycle between difficulties with the triggers). For the purposes of this achievement, earning high scores, ranks, or prizes isn’t necessary, just completing each level with the bare minimum of effort will be sufficient. However it is suggested you ignore this achievement and work on “All City All Star” instead as you will receive both achievements upon completion of “All City All Star”

Tournament structure:

The 30 levels are grouped into rows of 5. Each row is specific to a unique player character and is also colour coded. They are as follows:
Hydro (Blue) - Easiest group
Slim (Green) - Slightly harder
Sparx (Pink) - Slightly harder
Coco (Purple) - Slightly harder
Mighty Mite (Red) - Introduces two circles of Beatniks instead of one (unique to this group)
G Mamma (Orange) - Introduces two button prompts into dance sequences (unique to this group)

General game strategy:

A round of Go! Go! Breaksteady is divided into two gameplay styles. The dance sequences are performed via traditional rhythm-game button prompts and are all about timing. They generally fit with the beat of the song playing so if you have any expertise at all with games such as Boom Boom Rocket or Guitar Hero, these moments shouldn’t be a problem.

Successfully completing these segments will take you into the “puzzle” part of the gameplay, with up to 3 beatniks to fire depending on your accuracy during the prior sequence. From here on you’ll be using your available beatnik ammunition to complete combinations of the same colour (three or more, as in most puzzle games of this nature) to decrease the size of the beatnik circle that surrounds your player. If the circle grows to completely encircle your dancer, you lose.

The circle of beatniks behave in a similar way to a game like Zuma in that clearing a chunk of beatniks causes the gap to close and both sides slam together. Any same colours that make contact at this point are also cleared causing combos that will continue as long as same colours keep coming in contact. This is, of course, the key to hitting the big scores and clearing out bigger chunks of screen real-estate at once. Essentially, if you’re not dropping beatniks to clear out some space or set off combos, you should be strategically placing colours to set up combos for later.

The popular basic tactic is to aim for patterns of twos -


As you can see from that example, clearing the blues in the centre by dropping in just one more will cause a collapsing chain of clearances as same colours fall inward into each other. Remember you only need three to come into contact so it can in fact look like this -


Working in twos as in the first example is preferable however as it’s just that much easier for your brain to process visually when making out your patterns. The more colours you can build on the ends of this the bigger the combo when you wipe the middle, but try not to get overeager as you’ll fail the round if too many beatniks build up and make a complete circle. Ultimately it’s about surviving the round that matters, not the final score.
The Collector20
Win all the prizes in the "All City Tournament". 
Each of the 30 levels in “All City Tournament” has a “prize” associated with it. To win a levels prize you need to collect the three coins that appear during that level before it ends. Coins look like a circle with a star on it and they appear on a random beatnik during the round and blink for a while before disappearing. Only three will appear before the end of the round so if you miss one just restart and try again. To collect them just clear the beatnik that the coin is resting on, all three coins must be collected in one run.

After playing for a while you should get a feel for roughly how long it takes through a song for each coin to appear but generally the level time limit is generous enough that you don’t need to rush and can take a moment to scan for coins fairly regularly. The coins also tend to hang around long enough for you to have three or four chances to get them, with the only unknown factor being that occasionally you’ll be unlucky and the game just won’t give you the colours you need before it disappears (this is more of an occurrence on levels with lots of colours in play but is still a rare issue).

Also keep in mind that Mighty Mite’s five levels (red row) adds a second circle of surrounding beatniks and the coins can appear in either lane. This can make it far trickier to spot the coins when things get busy but once again, not rushing and taking the time to scan makes all the difference.
Mr. Perfecto5
Get a "+10" score multiplier. 
Just keep getting perfect hits during the dance sequences to build up your multiplier, you can see where your multiplier is at on the meter in the bottom left of the screen. Doing it on easy is preferable and any mode will do, although Endurance mode should make it easier to reach as the game doesn’t end until you die so you won’t accidentally beat the level before you reach it. Since the criteria for unlocking this award is essentially the same as the “Dance Master” achievement, you will likely get them fairly close together. It is suggested that you leave both for last as you will likely reach both awards while attempting “All City All Star” or any of the 3 endurance achievements. Unlocks instantly.
Beatnik Smash5
Crush 10 or more beatniks. 
Beatniks are the colourful faces that surround your dancer and are basically the puzzle pieces that need clearing in this game. Aligning three or more will “crush” them meaning a couple of successful moves should guarantee this achievement in no time at all. In fact, you should get this long before the end of your first match. Unlocks instantly.
Dance Master15
Fill the move progress bar with all perfects.  
The move progress bar is located top middle of the screen. As you nail the button prompts during the rhythm sequences, the sections that make up this bar will fill with colour and the sequences will get harder. Getting “perfect” will colour a section an orange/gold colour, so fill the entire progress bar this colour for this achievement. Getting a “good” or “ok” rating for a sequence (by missing a few prompts) will colour the section a silver/grey colour instead so it’s easy to keep track of how well you’re going. Restarting if you get anything less than perfect will speed things up. Once again, easy is preferable and it is best to tackle “All City All Star” or the endurance achievements first as you will probably get them there. Either way, this will likely unlock while going for the “Mr. Perfecto” achievement or vice versa. Unlocks instantly.
Double Dog15
Survive 10 minutes in online coop endurance. 
Must be done online in coop endurance. Make it to 10 minutes before dying. Communication will make things far smoother as both players share responsibility of laying beatniks. Both players perform the same dance sequences at the same time and both have to get perfect to get the full benefit when laying beatniks. The honour of laying the beatniks allocated for the combined dancing effort alternates between players after each button sequence. Remember that even if it’s your buddy that’s up next to lay some beatniks, any stuff ups during your part of the dance will affect your partner and give him less beatniks to use so do your best at all times.

Try to follow the general strategy outlined in the “All City Champ” section to set up combos for your partner but mindful of the size of the beatnik circle as you get close to the 10 minute mark as it’s easy to get greedy with the combos and let it get away from you. Especially since the circle will grow a little faster with time and the dance sequences may get tricky to the point where you keep getting stuck with only one beatnik to lay down which may not be enough to do the kind of damage you need. Bombs can be a godsend if you’re lucky but remind yourself: survival, not score. Get those beatniks cleared!
Last in endurance mode for ten minutes. 
Same as the “Double Dog” achievement except a lot easier since you don’t have to relying on somebody else not screwing up. Otherwise just focus on building neat little combos to help clear the screen of large chunks at a time. Must be done solo.
All City All Star35
Complete the "All City Tournament" with a grade of A+. 
dentical to the “All City Champ” achievement except you need an A+ on every level when you beat it. The main thing to keep in mind is that the number ranking has nothing to do with your score, it is tied to your performance during the dance sequences. Hitting all button prompts perfect during a level will guarantee an A+ rank upon completion, in fact, in terms of achievements the numbered score actually doesn’t amount to anything and can be safely ignored. This should relax you up enough that you can tackle the actual wiping of the beatniks any way you like as long as you’re nailing those moves. Generally though, better setting up of combos will speed up the clearing of a stage faster which equals less time to screw up a dance sequence.

If you are going for this achievement DO NOT simply play through levels with a mind to go back and better your ranking later. A common trap that people are falling into involves the way the game records your progress, namely not registering your improved rank in the statistics to the right of the level select. This is because although the score isn’t important in completing the game or getting all the achievements, only the statistics from the run through with the highest score gets recorded for the level. So if you complete a level having missed a couple of button prompts during the dancing, and only get an A or B for example, when you come back to get the A+ you will be forced to beat your own numbered score in order to overwrite the rank for your dancing. If you happened to have fluked a really high score for that level, good luck playing it over 20 times just to lock in the A+ you could’ve had the first time through. To avoid this trap, just hit restart as soon as you miss a prompt and go for perfect the first time through a level.

Making sure to pick up the 3 coins each time as well for the “The Collector” achievement will see you tear through the game in no time. Just like “All City Champ”, you only have to do this on easy and you're done.
Online Heavy Weight20
Win 10 ranked versus games online. 
If you master the strategies for building combos and clearing huge chunks at once this shouldn’t take too long if you can find somebody playing. Boosting is greatly preferable as you can simply have your partner quit right at the start and it will count as your win. Once somebody quits you should get the post game screen declaring your win.
Break Steady Domination25
Win five consecutive ranked games online. 
As mentioned in the “Online Heavy Weight” achievement, just get your boosting partner to quit on you 5 times in a row and you’ll rack up the wins. Otherwise I hope you’re lucky enough to find anyone playing, and skilled enough to win consecutively.
Puzzle Master10
Win a challenge game by destroying green Beatniks only by combos or bombs. 
Simply set up a challenge mode round on Easy with any character and on a song you think is the simplest (usually the first one). Actually pretty easy to do, just make it a point to avoid shooting any green beatniks into positions that will clear other greens. Bombs are random so you can’t exactly rely on them but if you just put your greens on either side of other colours they should get rid of themselves once combos start going of from removing the other colours. Worst case scenario is that you accidentally end up with nothing but a couple of greens left and you have no choice but to clear them.
Coop Marathon15
Last 10 minutes in coop endurance. 
Identical to “Double Dog” except with a second controller instead of online. Must be done in local coop but otherwise follow the strategy for “Double Dog” exactly.

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Little Boy Games


US July 23, 2008

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