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Guide By: botafogo007
There are 16 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3
-Offline: 16/16
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15 to 20 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (+ most likely some mop-up)
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements? N/A


Welcome to my Roadmap for The Golden Compass. As like most games based off movies, the achievements typically come easy. I gave it a 3 rating only because there are certain tasks that require some patience and very little skill. Getting all of the achievements in one play through is probably possible, but highly unlikely. The camera on this game is extremely frustrating and there are areas that you have to jump through without falling to obtain some of the collectibles in this game. Also, I am pretty sure that there are just enough DECEPTION mini games for the Lyra Silvertongue achievement. I missed three during my playthrough and only obtained the achievement during my mop-up session. I followed the stickied lists for finding the Alethiometer symbol meanings and obtaining all the Alethiometer questions and still ended up needing about 2 hours of mop-up. This is mainly because the stickied guides on the forum are incomplete and in some places incorrect. Below are links to some revised lists that I created. All contributors have been cited. Once you complete the game you can return to any level to obtain an Alethiometer symbol meaning or Alethiometer question that you are missing. You can also return to any area to obtain more SUCCESS ratings on the deception mini-games. I will talk more about these later. Finally, the achievement popping is slow going and you will not see much until a good ways into it, so have patience.


To limit how much you have to replay – I would suggest that you print out both my revised Alethiometer Question List and my Alethiometer Symbol Meaning List. Keep them handy and always be ready for what question or symbol meaning are coming next in the game. Start a new game and begin your playthrough. You can access your journal anytime by pausing the game. Here you will find what Alethiometer questions you have and they will have a line through them if you have answered them. They are sorted by level. This is where you can also see what symbol meanings you have and with the printed out list the symbol meanings you are missing. In the journal the symbol meanings are listed under their respective symbol. There are 36 symbols and three meanings for each, hence a total of a 108 symbol meanings to find.


I looked everywhere and there are no FREE guides or walkthroughs on the internet for this game. The game is not that hard and pretty linear, but a guide would have been nice. There is also a restart from checkpoint option that you may use. This will allow you to restart an area as some of the symbols are obtained for getting through an area without dying, falling, being caught, etc. These are almost always secret objectives so you will not know unless you look at the list. Nine (9) of the achievements are story related so they will unlock as you progress through the game. The following seven (7 achievements need some attention to detail. They will unlock in this approximate order:

Symbol Apprentice – Collect at least 50 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings:
You will get this no problem by following the list you printed out. It will probably be the second achievement you receive and you will most likely get it in Trollesund or shortly after in The Showdown.

Alechemist – Find at least 3 Elixirs of the Witch:
When you are controlling Iorek who is carrying Lyra just after reaching the North Camp, you are able to stop at caves and go inside without him as the guide explains. What the guide does not say is that there are a lot of these caves. You are going to have to explore them all to get the symbol meanings anyway, so just make sure explore every cave thoroughly. I searched every cave in detail and I am sure I only picked up two ELIXIRS, one before the main cave (#2) and one just before you fight the witch queen (#11), just after you pass the crashed Zeppelin. There is speculation that you get the third one from killing the witch queen, as you get this achievement once you defeat her. If you do not get it, then replay the level once you complete your first playthrough and it will pop after picking the very first Elixir.

Symbol Adept – Collect at least 80 Alethiometer Symbol meanings:
Again you will get this no problem by following the list you printed out.

***The following ones you most likely will complete during your mop-op session:

Inquisitive – Answer at least 30 Alethiometer Questions:
There is more to this than may you think. You must first perform certain actions to obtain the question, such as complete a level, win decpetion games, etc. Then you have to find the symbols in order to answer the question. After that you must play the Alethiometer mini-game to actually answer the question. The mini game is easy, but doing it 48 or even 30 times gets monotonous. During your playthrough you have to answer a handful of questions to progress in the game and these are really the only times that you can use the Alethiometer as you are supposed to keep it hidden. If you want you can answer other questions during this time which may break the monotony. However, I waited until the game was over as you can answer them in the Extras section. Once in the extras section just go into your journal and answer the questions.

Symbol Master: Collect all 108 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings.
Hopefully the list you printed out was helpful enough and you are only missing a couple of Symbol Meanings by the time you are finished with your playthrough. If so just look at the list again to see what level you must replay.

Lyra Silvertongue – Completed at least 25 Deception Games with a “Success” rating.
Almost every conversation with someone in the game involves the deception mini-game. You have the opportunity to collect items throughout the game that will assist you in the deception mini-games. These itema are all over the place and some of them slow time, make the games easier, or allow you to repeat the same mini-game throughout the process. I honestly think I missed three chances for "Success" throughout my playthrough, but had to do about 8 more during my mop-up session in order for this to achievement to pop. There is no place to track how many you had succes on. I suggest you replay the college level once you are done. There are several opportunities to play the deception mini game and the level is short.

Lyra Belacqua – Answer all 48 Alethiometer Questions:
Once you have obtained all the questions and symbols meanings you can now answer all the questions. Do so in the extras section. *NOTE: You do not need all of the symbols to be revealed underneath the question in your journal in order to answer it. If you have obtained the question and want to answer it you can look at the list you printed out and just choose the correct symbols when playing the Alethiometer mini-game. You will most likely have all the symbold meanings by now, but I answered a couple during the game using the list.


Hopefully this roadmap was helpful. Again, once you have completed the game feel free to replay any level to get missing Alethiometer symbols meanings and Alethiometer questions. As well as the “SUCCESS” ratings on the deception mini-game. Enjoy mopping up bird poop.
[x360a would like to thank big red marino for this road map]

Child Of Destiny250
Complete the game.    (2) 
Complete the game to earn this achievement. Specific instructions for defeating the bosses will be listed below. You don’t have to answer a certain number of Alethiometer questions or get a certain number of symbols to get this achievement - just complete the story.
Find at least 3 Elixers of the Witch.    (1) 
On "The North" stage you’ll leave camp with Iorek and end up fighting witches. As you make your way toward the witch queen there will be a number of caves that Lyra can enter but Iorek can’t (they’ll have a green glowing spot next to them) along the path. You’ll find 3 of these elixirs in the caves as you explore them for collectibles and Bloodmoss for Iorek. The achievement will unlock after you defeat Queen Vala.
Reach the North Camp    
Story related. After "The Showdown" level you’ll unlock this achievement as part of the storyline.
Symbol Apprentice20
Collect at least 50 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings    
See "Symbol Master"
Symbol Adept50
Collect at least 80 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings    
See "Symbol Master"
Symbol Master150
Collect all 108 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings.   
Click HERE for a list of where to find the symbol meanings. You obtain these in various ways throughout the game. Many are found using Pan’s Ermine Insight ability to scan either objects or drawings on walls or other surfaces. Others are found during the levels and look like golden orbs, and still others are unlocked when you complete the secret task for each level.
Shaman Suppressor10
Defeat the Shaman Boss    
Story related. You’ll gain this achievement during the Prelude level right at the beginning of the game. You’ll be prompted on how to defeat the Shaman, but basically you just use Iorek’s slashes to break the platform he’s on and then attack him. Don’t worry about the spirit wolves he summons - just go after him.
Tank Destroyer30
Defeat the Tranq Tank Boss    
Story related. At the end of "The Showdown" Iorek will have to fight a tank. Wait until the tank is not glowing blue and run up to it. Use Y to push it over and then slash at its underside until it rights itself. You have to do this about 4 times.
Witch Dominator30
Defeat Queen Vala    
Story related. You’ll fight Queen Vala on "The North" level. Make sure you either dodge her arrows or use A to block them or she can take you down. I found the easiest way to attack her was to do a running attack (just press X while running toward her), slash her with  a couple times, then use  to do the Witch Slam move.
Samoyed Ruler30
Defeat the Samoyed Hunter Boss    
Story related. You’ll fight the Samoyed leader on the "Camp Ambush" level. Avoid his wolverine when you can and try to stay close to him. When the ice moves him use a running attack to get within range and then just slash at him until he moves again. You’ll also want to block his charged arrow attack (when you see him glowing yellow) but make sure you stay close because he can fire off arrows very quickly.
Fire King30
Defeat the Flame Thrower Boss    
Story related. You’ll fight the Flame Thrower Boss at the end of "The Rescue." Avoid him while the timer is running but try to take out the other soldiers around him. When the timer runs out Lyra will have a snowball ready for you. You can then jump over the fire, hurl the snowball at him to put out his flame, and hack at him for a few seconds until he lights up again. You’ll probably have to do this 3 or 4 times to defeat him.
King Of Svalbard30
Defeat King Ragnar    
Story related. Iorek will fight King Ragnar on the "Svalbard Courtyard" level. He’s actually very easy. Just get the button sequences right when you’re grappling with him and you’ll be able to attack (if you miss them you’ll have to defend). Follow the prompts for how to attack him - you can use high, medium, or low attacks or a slam. As far as I can tell it doesn’t matter what you use. After a few grapple sequences you’ll take him down.
Zeppelin Champion30
Defeat the Zeppelin    
Story related. On "Zeppelin Assault" you’ll eventually get to the part where you help a couple bears load and prepare the fire hurler catapult. Defeat the men and witches who attack while the other bear is getting the hurler ready, then press Y to load and fire it. The first rock you toss will take out some witches; the next will bring down the Zeppelin and unlock this achievement as well as the "Child of Destiny" achievement.
Answer at least 30 Alethiometer Questions   
See "Lyra Belacqua"
Lyra Belacqua100
Answer all 48 Alethiometer Questions   
Use the alethiometer to answer the questions from your journal. These will become easier to answer as you get more symbols, so check the symbol guide if you're unsure on a symbol's meaning and don't have it. You can answer these questions as you progress through the story, but the quickest way is to go to ‘Extras’ on the game’s main menu, select journal, and answer them that way.

Many of these questions are story related, and you should get the majority of them while progressing through the game if you talk to people, examine documents on desks, etc. Some, however, won’t unlock unless you perform certain actions in the game. See this thread for a list of all questions, which chapter they're unlocked in, and instructions for unlocking the trickier ones. Thanks to Quito Santana for compiling the list!

Also, several questions unlock during the end credits.
Lyra Silvertongue50
Complete at least 25 Deception Games with "Success" rating.   (1) 
Completing a deception game with a success rating means the meter is green when you finish deceiving someone. You’ll get a green meter by completing one of several mini games during the conversation, and if you’re successful the meter will be green when the conversation is finished, indicating you’ve completely fooled the person. If you don’t get this on your first playthrough you can go back and repeat levels to deceive people again.

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