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GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Achievement Guide

Guide By: Tubby 94
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 622
- Online: 378
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 20-25 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (2 recommended)
- Number of missable achievements: None (Can use level select to revisit levels)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No! (see below for list)
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
- Glitchy achievements: None!
- Unobtainable achievements: None!
- Extra equipment needed? Mic (if boosting online)

007:Goldeneye Reloaded is the latest installment of the James Bond gaming franchise. The game is good and if you are a die-hard Bond fan you’ll enjoy this even more. It's not a updated version from the N64 version but it has it's nostalgic moments. If you’re an average gamer, you’ll find the game fun,and with a bit of boosting this title becomes a very easy 1000. It has been rated a 6/10 because completing the game on 007 Classic difficulty can have some very painful moments and could take some time to complete. Also there are a few difficult speed-run achievements but other than that you are looking at a relatively easy 1000

Step 1 – Story on operative Difficulty + Janus Emblems + Weapon Kills
This is a good place to start off because you will get the Janus Emblems out of the way as well as getting a kill with every weapon and any level related achievements. It is also a good note to pay attention as to where enemies are so you can prepare better for your 007 classic run.

Step 2 – Story on 007 Classic Difficulty
Assuming you have been following the roadmap, then at this point you should have only a handful of campaign achievements left. For this step, you should start a new game on 007 classic difficulty. As long as you try to be as stealthy as possible and make good use of body amour for run and gun sequences you shouldn't really have a hard time with this. For tips on the final boss battle see "Classic" for more info. By the end of this playthrough you should obtain the rest of the campaign achievements well....... except for the speed runs of course.

Step 3 – Level Speed Runs
By now you should have every campaign achievement except for the level achievements which require speed runs. These actually aren't hard at all and if you follow the videos you should have no problems bagging these achievements on your first few tries. Just remember to kill only what is necessary and run from everything. be sure to be on the the difficulty corresponding to the achievement.

Step 4 – Online Achievements
This is where a good chunk of time will be invested if you decide to do these legit . The online population is worse than a run down ghost town so boosting will be key. once you have 5 other people to boost with start trading off achievements with one another. Overall the online achievements are easy as pie if you boost them all and could very well be completed in a few hours.

[x360a would like to thank Tubby 94 for this Roadmap]

MI6 Ops Recruit10
Earn 10 stars in MI6 Ops.   (3) 

Refer to M16 Ops Elite.

MI6 Ops Specialist25
Earn 25 stars in MI6 Ops.   

Refer to M16 Ops Elite.

MI6 Ops Elite45
Earn 44 stars in MI6 Ops.   (26) 

The easiest way to obtain all three spec ops achievements in a matter of minutes is to go to the extras menu and select the cheats menu and input the code "Quimbecile" Once you put in the cheat go to MI6 Spec Ops and play and complete the very first map. Upon completing it all 3 achievements will unlock.

Complete all objectives for every mission on Operative difficulty.     (3) 

Refer to Classic.

Complete all objectives for every mission on Agent difficulty.     (5) 

Refer to Classic.

Complete all objectives for every mission on 007 difficulty.     

Refer to Classic.

Complete all objectives for every mission on 007 Classic difficulty.     (22) 

This is the difficulty you should be playing on from the beginning. It really isn't all that hard and if you be smart about the situations you are faced with in game you could potentially complete the game without alerting any guards other than the ones you have to deal with. Be sure to make use of any body armor you come across as it is essential for your survival.

The very last boss may be an absolute pain for some people here are some tips and a video walkthrough to help you out:

  • Right before the battle be sure to take the Terralite III and the PT9 Interdictus that are hidden in the weapon boxes. 
  • Don't forget the body armor on the floor! 
  • As soon as the battle starts run to the right behind the metal railing and shoot 006 until he drops down.
  • Once he drops run all the way around to where he was and camp outside in the corner and wait for the enemies to come to you. Once you clear out most of them start shooting 006 again.
  • Once the helicopter comes quickly run inside and then back out because the helicopter will dissapear from that location.
  • When you do enough damage to 006 run like hell for the elevator and get ready for one last quick time event. As soon as it is completed you will be rewarded with every difficulty achievement.

Arkhangelsk Dossier40
Complete all objectives in Arkhangelsk on 007 difficulty or higher.    (12) 

Make sure the difficulty is on 007 or 007 Classic and to complete all primary and secondary objectives or you won't get credit for this achievement. There are three parts to this mission:

  • Dam
  • Facility
  • Airfeild
Barcelona Dossier15
Complete all objectives in Barcelona on 007 difficulty or higher.    (2) 

Make sure the difficulty is on 007 or 007 Classic and to complete all primary and secondary objectives or you won't get credit for this achievement. There is only one mission in Barcelona. As soon as you finish Nightclub, the achievement will unlock.

Dubai Dossier15
Complete all objectives in Dubai on 007 difficulty or higher.    (1) 

Make sure the difficulty is on 007 or 007 Classic and to complete all primary and secondary objectives or you won't get credit for this achievement. There is only one mission in Dubai. As soon as you finish Carrier, the achievement will unlock.

Severnaya Dossier30
Complete all objectives in Severnaya on 007 difficulty or higher.    (4) 

Make sure the difficulty is on 007 or 007 Classic and to complete all primary and secondary objectives or you won't get credit for this achievement. There are two parts to this mission:

  • Outpost
  • Bunker
St. Petersburg Dossier40
Complete all objectives in St. Petersburg on 007 difficulty or higher.    (5) 

Make sure the difficulty is on 007 or 007 Classic and to complete all primary and secondary objectives or you won't get credit for this achievement. There are four parts to this mission:

  • Archives
  • Tank
  • Station
  • Memorial
Nigeria Dossier40
Complete all objectives in Nigeria on 007 difficulty or higher.    (1) 

Make sure the difficulty is on 007 or 007 Classic and to complete all primary and secondary objectives or you won't get credit for this achievement. There are 3 parts to this mission:

  • Jungle
  • Solar
  • Cradle
Phone a Friend15
Get 20 kills with hacked drone guns in 'Jungle'.   (3) 

During the mission "Jungle" there is an objective to hack all the drone guns on the level. There are nine drone guns that can be hacked during this mission. Take the mission slow and be stealthy at all times when you get close enough to the drone gun take out your smart phone by pressing and hold to hack it. It should then kill every Soldier nearby. Rinse and repeat until the achievement unlocks.

Bullet Dance20
Get 40 kills with the Wolfe .44 in 'Nightclub'.   (7) 

This is done during the mission "Nightclub". I suggest doing this on Recruit difficulty as you take more damage and you can run through the mission quickly.

There are 3 caches of ammo for the Wolfe .44 for a total of 54 rounds (3x18).  You can first pick up the gun in Zukovsky's office on the coffee table, run back in once you are able to use guns. The first ammo cache is in the toilet area after the breach, second cubicle on the right and the second ammo cache is in the upstairs area before the final nightclub section. Rather than entering the club from behind the bar, there is a vent nearby which will lead you upstairs. The final ammo cache is on a table before you enter the nightclub.

Emblem Hunter5
Single Player: Find and destroy a Janus emblem.   (3) 

Refer to Emblem Elite.

Emblem Marksman10
Single Player: Find and destroy 20 Janus emblems.   (4) 

Refer to Emblem Elite.

Emblem Elite15
Single Player: Find and destroy 50 Janus emblems.   (9) 

Each mission will have three or four Janus emblems to destroy and they are in well hidden places I strongly suggest using either this written guide or the videos below for help. There are 50 emblems in total.

Single Player: Complete any mission without taking any damage.   (19) 

This is best done on the mission "Facility". Play it smart and use takedowns and silenced weapons to get past the entire mission without being detected. you might want to pair this with Dressed to Kill to kill two birds with one stone so put it on 007 Classic and don't pick up any body armor.

Dressed to Kill20
Single Player: Complete any mission without collecting any body armor on 007 Classic difficulty.    (5) 

Refer to I am INVINCIBLE!

Going Dark15
Get to master engineering in 'Facility' without reinforcements getting called in.   (6) 

 This is done during the mission "Facility" the name of the game is stealth. you are going to want to make sure to kill every enemy and do so with either the silenced P99, the silenced sniper rifle, the silenced sigmus, or stealth take downs (which are performed by going behind an enemy undetected and pressing the button.)

You can reload checkpoints if enemies are alerted or if the alarm goes off . When faced with two enemies next to each other, perform a headshot on the first then take down the second quickly with 3-4 bullets to the torso. Do not shoot cameras if guards are near by as it will alert them wait for them to move before taking a shot at cameras. Refer to this video for further assistance:

Choppers Down15
Shoot down 15 helicopters in 'Tank'.   (2) 

During the mission "Tank" you will frequently come across helicopters trying to destroy your tank. To shoot down a helicopter hold down to lock on to the helicopter and then press to fire a homing missile.

There are more than 15 helicopters in the level so don't worry if you miss one.

Invisible Descent15
Get to the server room in 'Bunker' without reinforcements getting called in.   (11) 

This is done during the mission "Bunker". make good use of the silenced P99 and the silenced Strata SV-400. Take it slow and always go for the headshot.

If you get detected you can reload to your last checkpoint and still be awarded the achievement. Make use of that if you get spotted. Refer to the video below for further assistance.

Secret Servers10
Destroy all the servers in 'Archives' within 40 secs of the first being damaged.   (2) 

During the mission "Archives" you will eventually come across the server room. You will know you are in the right room because there will be rows and rows of servers that blink green and red. The goal here is to destroy every one within 40 seconds of damaging the first one. I recommend using the shotgun and a sub-machine gun. Try not to reload, switch to your second primary instead. There are also a few secret servers you must locate by jumping on a table and going through a vent. Refer to the video below for further assistance.


Haven't Got Nine Minutes15
Complete 'Airfield' in under 4:35 (007 Classic difficulty).    (10) 

This is obtained during he mission "Airfeild" on 007 Classic Difficulty only!. As soon as the mission starts pick up the Ak-47 and run. Grab the shotgun from the enemy on the stairs after going down the big ramp, it's a guaranteed one-shot kill at close range and will come in handy.

The only thing you have to worry about is destroying the helicopter. Ignore all additional objectives and ignore all enemies not directly in your path.

Below are the body armor locations in the level you will need them if you even want a chance at this achievement:

  • Body armor #1 - In the storage area below the first rocket tower.
  • Body armor #2 - In the room directly opposite to you after you go down the big ramp.
  • Body armor #3 - Next to the console of the second rocket tower.
Made you feel it, did he?10
Single Player: Silently subdue 30 enemies.   (5) 

his should come naturally while playing single player because most of the game is based on stealth. To unlock this achievement you have to go behind an enemy while you are undetected and press the button to silently take out the guard. Rinse and repeat 29 more times to unlock the achievement.

If by some reason you didn't unlock this by just playing the game, load up the level Facility. It is a good place to farm stealth kills.

Master at Arms10
Single Player: Make a kill with every weapon.   (9) 

This should come naturally as long as you pick up the weapons off the guards you killed because you either start off a mission with some of these weapons or guards carry specific weapons during each mission throughout the game. Every time you get a kill with a weapon I suggest crossing it off the list below. There are a total of 26 weapons in the game.


  • P99
  • Torka T3
  • Hawksman M5A
  • Kunara V
  • Wolfe .44

Submachine Guns

  • Sigmus
  • Sigmus 9
  • Stauger UA1
  • Vargen FH7
  • Strata SV400


  • SLY 2020
  • SEGS 550
  • PT9 Interdictus
  • Drumhead Type 12
  • Masterton M557


  • AK-47
  • Kallos TT9
  • Terralite III
  • Anova DP3
  • Ivana Spec-R

Sniper Rifles

  • Pavlov ASR
  • Toros AV-400
  • AS15 MK12
  • WA2000
  • Gambit CP-208


  • MJR-409
Get to the Chopper15
Complete 'Carrier' in under 11:00 (007 difficulty or higher).    (2) 

Another timed achievement this one is obtained on the level Carrier. Don't worry about any of the secondary objectives, just concentrate on completing the primary objective. If your feeling risky you can run past a few enemies during the first few minutes of the mission but it may be easier to take them out. Follow this  video guide below for additional help:

Russian Escape15
Complete ‘Archives’ in under 15:10 (Agent difficulty or higher).    (3) 

This is the easiest timed achievement because you can put it on agent difficulty and walk in guns blazing. Don't worry about any secondary objectives, just try to run through the mission as quick as possible.

Solar Agitated15
Complete ‘Solar’ in under 13:00 (007 Classic difficulty).    (4) 

This is the hardest timed achievement. It will be much easier if you try to stay undetected as much as possible. You will need to utilize body armor, so here are the locations for them in this level:

  • At the very start, there's a room with one guy, then two and then a room with one guy walking in and a camera. The armor is in the corner on the other side of the camera.
  • When you first go outside and shoot three guys after going up some stairs there's a weapon stash after this. The armor is on the left side.
  • The next is located next to the mines that you pick up during your first outside descent.
  • The next is just after you've placed the charges, on a ledge directly opposite the double-doors that house the lift.
  • The next one is located after you first enter direct combat (the last section). It's in a small alcove to the right hand side.
  • The last body armor is after you've crossed the small bridge (after collecting the first body armor) and to the right. You'll know you're in the right place as a lone guardsman will be cowering behind a large wooden box. It's just to the right of this large box.

Refer to this video for further assistance:

Orbis Non Sufficit15
Public Match: Complete a match on every map.   (19) 

This must be done in a public match and is accumulated across all game modes There are 14 maps in total and they must be played from the very start of the match to finish to count. They are:

  • Archives
  • Docks
  • Facility
  • Industrial
  • Jungle
  • Memorial
  • Nightclub
  • Outpost
  • Sewer
  • Station
  • Solar
  • Plant
  • Carrier
  • Peak

If you want to boost this or any other multiplayer achievement, visit the Achievement Trading Thread.

Butter Hook15
Public Match: As Tee Hee, get the most kills with a melee strike (min 3 melee kills).   (10) 

This achievement has to be done in the classic conflict game mode in a public match. You will need to be rank 35 in multiplayer OR enter the cheat "pa1ntth3townr3d" to unlock him. once you have him make to sure to select him in on one of your loadouts so you can play as him in a public match.

Once in a game of classic conflict run up to people and try to melee kill them with it may take more than one hit to kill an enemy. An easy tip is to sneak up on people that are in a close gunfight with each other and try to take them both down. The achievement will unlock at the end of the match if you have the most melee kills.

Public Match: Achieve 79 kills with the Golden Gun in Golden Gun mode.   (34) 

This is done in the Golden gun game mode and can only be obtained in a public match. The goal of this game is to find the golden gun or kill the man who has it and pick it up. After you have it camp in a good spot and start racking up kills. The achievement will unlock as soon as you hit 79 kills and is accumulated across all games.
Public Match: Achieve 64 melee kills with the KL-033 Mk2.   (11) 

The KL-033 Mk2 is unlocked at level 31 and is under the 'Specials' section of the primary weapons in the loadouts. As of now, no codes are known to unlock the weapon any sooner, so you'll need to get to level 31. Once unlocked, go melee crazy with the weapon in public matches. The 64 melee kills are cumulative across all public game modes.

It is possible to boost this if someone in your party is already 31. Just kill them during a match and pick it up when they die. Doing so will allow you to use the gun and get melee kills without even having the gun unlocked. If you choose to boost this, I recommend going in a game mode that has relatively low activity.

Hat Trick20
Public Match: In one life, make three kills with Oddjob's hat.   (15) 

This has to be done in classic conflict. if you don't feel like leveling up enter the cheat code "pa1ntth3townr3d" to unlock the game mode and all characters. While playing as Oddjob your grenades will be replaced with his razor sharp hat. Press to throw the hat and kill someone.

The hat is an insta-kill weapon no matter where you hit your enemies. To unlock the achievement you need to get 3 kills in one life.

Braced for Impact15
Public Match: As Jaws, survive a shot to the head which would otherwise have killed you.   (4) 

This achievement is done online in a classic conflict match. if you haven't unlocked the game mode enter the code "pa1ntth3townr3d" to unlock the game mode and all characters. When you play as Jaws you will always survive a head shot that would of killed you. Just keep playing as him and eventually this one will unlock.

The Man Who Cannot Die15
Public Match: As Baron Samedi, survive a bullet which would otherwise have killed you.   (4) 

Simillar to Brace for Impact, this must be done in a classic conflict match and you must be playing as Baron Samedi. He has 25% more health than most characters and all you have to do is get shot enough times to barely survive and the achievement will unlock. There have been reports where people are getting the achievement right after their first death, so you may get lucky here.

Console Compliancy30
Public Match: Capture and defend the most consoles in one match of GoldenEye mode.   (11) 

Start up a match on the game mode "Goldeneye". To get the achievement you must hack the most consoles by going up to them and holding you must must also defend the most consoles. To do this wait, until an enemy is hacking a console and kill them. The achievement will unlock at the end of the match.

For England, Alec20
Public Match: As Bond, kill 006 with an explosive device.   (18) 

This achievement can only be done on the game mode Heroes. You must be on the MI6 team to play as Bond. 006 will also only spawn on Station, Memorial, Carrier, and Sewers. Once you get in a game where you are bond and 006 is on the opposing team, chase after 006 and throw proximity mines at him by pressing . It will take more than one mine to kill him, so keep throwing them until he dies.

The Other Cheek20
Public Match: As Bond, kill Zukovsky with a melee strike.   (14) 

This is very similar to For England, Alec except this time you must melee kill Zukovsky. Zukovsky will only appear on Nightclub, Docks, Solar, and Plant. Once you get in a match where you are Bond and Zukovsky is on the opposing team run up to him and beat him down with . Once he is dead the achievement will unlock.

Full Deck15
Public Match: Play at least one complete match of Classic Conflict with every character.   (10) 

simply play as every available character in classic conflict. If you don't have this game mode unlocked enter the code "pa1ntth3townr3d" to unlock the game mode and all characters. You must play a full game from start to finish for it to count. The characters are as follows:

  • Jaws
  • Odd Job
  • Blofeld
  • Scaramanga
  • Dr. No
  • Baron Samedi
  • Rosa Klebb
  • Red Grant
  • Dr.Kananga
  • Goldfinger
  • Tee Hee
  • Max Zorin
Boys with Toys50
Public Match: Kill 50 enemies with Proximity Mines.   (11) 

Proximity mines are unlocked at level 42 and are under the 'Gadget 1' section in the loadouts. Another option is to play the Heroes game mode because whenever you are Bond he will always have proximity mines in his arsenal. The 50 kills is cumulative across all game modes.

Lucky Seven40
Public Match: Defuse a planted bomb which has exactly 0:07 seconds remaining on its fuse.   (18) 

This is done in the online game mode "Bomb Defuser". The bomb takes 7 seconds to defuse. Once the enemies plants the bomb on your defending target wait until it says 0:14. Then go up to the bomb and hold to defuse it.

Boxing Clever30
Public Match: Earn all accolades specific to Black Box.   (12) 

This achievement is done in the "Black Box" game mode. There are only three accolades specific to this game mode and they are as follows:

  • If you are downloading, you need to download the most data from the black box.
  • If you are destroying, you need to kill the most people holding the black box
  • If you are destroying, do the most damage to the black box.
Had Your Six30
Public Match: Kill six enemies with the Wolfe .44 or Gold Plated Revolver without reloading.   (11) 

This achievement is gained in public matches and there are three ways to use the guns:

  1. Level up to 47 to unlock the Wolfe .44
  2. Get to specialization rank five to unlock gold plated revolvers.
  3. Use the cheat code "pa1ntth3townr3d" to unlock classic conflict and every character. Use Goldfinger - he has gold plated revolver as a secondary weapon.

Once you get your hands on one of the above weapons use it and aim for headshots and try to get 6 kills without reloading. I recommend boosting this in classic conflict because if you use Goldfinger he has 7 bullets in his gold plated revolver and there is room for error. Also make sure none of your boosting partners are using Jaws or anyone with a health boost to ensure that the head shot will be a one hit kill.

Secret Achievements
Rocket Man15
Kill an enemy with the RPG in 'Dam'.   (8) 

After photographing the EMP Hardened Helicopter during the level "Dam" a couple of guards will come through the big gate below the stairs. Once you take care of them go through where they came and turn left. Keep walking down the dam until you come across a tower, the RPG should be at the top of it. Once you have it simply kill a guard to unlock the achievement.

Royal Flush2
In 'Facility', successfully kill the enemy in the toilet cubicle without any shots being fired.   (13) 

This is done at the very beginning of the level "Facility." Once you come to the bathroom you will hear a guard doing his buisness. He is in the thirrd stall and all you have to do is walk up to the open grating and hold the button. Enjoy the cool cinematic and make sure to complete the quick time event. Once it is done the achievement will pop.

Dance Commander5
Surrender to the music in 'Nightclub'.   (9) 

During the mission "Nightclub" you will be confronted by a waitress telling you that there is a one bottle minimum. After this confrontation go down the stairs to the left and stand on the dance floor, don't move until the achievement pops it should only take about 30 seconds. You will know you are standing in the correct place when your aiming reticule starts to sway in a dance like fashion.

Welcome to Russia5
Make the initial rendezvous with 006 in 'Dam'.   (2) 

This is story-related and can't be missed.

Public Match: Get killed the most times by Oddjob's hat (min 3 deaths).   (111) 

You will need to get this achievement in an online classic conflict match and you will need to have the most deaths by the hat. The deaths don't need to be all by the same person just as long as you were killed a minimum of three times and killed the most times.

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US November 01, 2011
Europe November 04, 2011

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